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Features of “Fuse” for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of almost every business specially which are trying to make their mark in the digital marketplace. It is vital that the app should be launched not only for iOS or Android or any particular platform only. The apps need to be cross-platform if you want to reach the most number of audience across the world.


Why choose cross-platform mobile app development?

There are many reasons to go for android development and iPhone development because of the exclusive benefits that these platforms give. That is why, every business owner wants to get the best from both the worlds! Isn’t it? In this situation, what comes handy is that the mobile app creator uses tools like Flutter and Fuse.

In an article in the past, we discussed about an ultimate fast and blazing tool for mobile app development called “Flutter”.

In this article, we will discuss about “Fuse” that is another extraordinary mobile app development tool to build dynamic cross platform mobile app development with JavaScript and UX Markup for your business. The best part about this app is the ease of collaboration with the designers and other team members of the project.



Top 3 Features of “Fuse” app development tool:
1. XML Language-based Tool
2. Fuse Plugins for Installation
3. Multiple Desktop Preview


How about the performance of this tool by the way?

As the Fuse team itself boasts with these words…you can actually be sure about the dynamic performance!

The developers in mobile app development can:

“Bypass traditional design & development efforts with technology that brings predictability and cost reductions at scale.”

As the UX Markup of Fuse is compiled to the native UI, its speed matches to the mainstream tools that are used by the developers in iOS development as well as Android development all around the world.

The best thing about the Fuse tool is that the transitions, animations, and effects are all defined in the markup itself.  It lets the mobile app developers to easily organize instructions such as what steps are to be taken before and after pressing any particular button or option. Thus, we can easily say that Fuse tool is definitely a game changer in the mobile app development scenario.



Is Fuse a great tool for Mobile game development?

There is no doubt about the fact that games are becoming the hot favorite among the users. So, developers can make use of Fuse to create games for smartphones in a very easy manner and those game apps would be cross-platform in every way!

Different animations and effects can be incorporated into the apps without affecting the speed of the app as well as the UX of the remains intact. Thus, it is a great platform for sure!


Code: Fuse is definitely the game changer!:
As the building blocks behind Fuse is XML-based language, the UX Markup of Fuse allows to create dynamic animations and the best ways that the users can interact with the apps very easily in a seamless and smooth manner. There are code snippets available for fuse tool. One we are mentioning below lets the developer create a button which can increase in size when it is being pressed by the user.

The transition length is being taken care automatically by Fuse even if it is not specified. Here is the code snippet…

<Rectangle Width=”150″ Height=”50″ Fill=”#bada55″ Margin=”10″ CornerRadius=”4″>
<Scale Factor=”3″ />


Fuse makes collaboration extremely easy!:
Fuse has this ability to make the designers feel light by providing them the UX markup so that not only the developers but the designers can also understand the UX markup easily. It makes the collaboration and teamwork quite easy on their part.


High level of Extend-ability:
A great tool for mobile app development always lets the developers create apps and extend them as and when required. In this, a developer can easily extend the native UI components so that the targeted platforms. Fuse helps in easy integration of all the components in a flawless and seamless manner.


It is a worthy tool for sure and made to reduce the efforts on the part of the developers and mobile app designers. However it is yet to gear up and is a new company. It is mostly preferred by the enterprises with a large budget and so not preferred much by individual app designers. So, it will make a great choice for the mobile app development companies for sure.

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