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Top 10 General Mistakes to Dodge During Mobile App Development

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The invention of mobile phones and smartphones has led to a development of numerous mobile apps that have not only simplified the lives of the users using it, but it has also penetrated a massive demand of consumers. 

Mobile application development is quite a delicate process that requires complete attention in terms of a technical process. Still, many professional app developers tend to make numerous blunders and mistakes to avoid during mobile app development.

Mobile Development involves many things. Things like cost, technicalities, time, resources, and a lot more that is part of the process. 

When these many factors are included in the process, then there are chances that errors mark your way. 
Thus, here are a few of the most frequent mistakes that mobile app development company tends to make and the ones that can be avoided during development process.

Walking the Path of Mobile Development? Here are few Blunders that Can be Avoided!

mobile app dev

Before you get started with your work and hire mobile app developers here are some of the things that you need to make sure.

In mobile app development services, there are some particular mistakes that every developer should avoid to deploy a successful app with more significant user experience. Mistakes like:

1. Unrealistic Deadlines

The first and the most common mistake that the user tends to make before they hire software developers is setting up unrealistic deadlines. Estimating the timelines is a core factor that is directly related to and involved with budget estimation. This means that the deadline estimation is directly linked to hours and days that are spent on the project would ultimately decide your budget. 

If the user mistakenly estimates the deadlines wrong, then it would tend to upset the chain of activities. Thus the developers need to be careful when it comes to deadline estimation. It is required that the user thoroughly reviews the project relates the complexity to analyze final deadlines and the budget estimations as well.

2. Making Mobile apps that are precisely like websites

Giving the same look and feel to the mobile app as you did to websites is one of the most common mistakes that the user tends to make and the software development company which they tend to hire. The enterprise should look for the facility where the mobile users can relate your website with the mobile app. It has to be similar to the colour scheme and theme, yet it should be easily navigable on mobile phones. Understand what your audience needs a mobile app that has the same functionality as their website. 

If they are not able to get this, then the whole purpose of mobile application essentially means that the user might as well visit the website if the app fails to offer anything different.

3. Not Giving Importance to the Target Audience

important of audience

Not able to identify the correct audience is one of the biggest mistakes which the app makers tend to make. Since app development tends to require significant investment both in time and money, thus identifying the audience is necessary. The users need to do some research to understand the target audience and the demographics. Therefore, it would be evident that who wants to comprehend the app and what are the problems that the app would resolve.

Doing a bit of research before promoting your app and opting for an outsourcing software companies is one of the best ways before you develop your app and knowing the problems that your app is facing. Thus providing close attention to the target audience would be helpful for the business as well as the ROI’s

4. Including too many features

It is undeniable that you wish to engage your customers, but that does not mean that you would continue to bombard them with an unnecessary feature that they are rarely going to use. Too many features tend to confuse users. Therefore, it tends to complicate the task for which the user was intended for. On top of it would tend to make the journey of the users complicated. 

Not only this, but it would also make the mobile app heavy and complicated. Before the user hire iOS app developers they need to make sure that they have the right amount of features.  

To combat this mistake, the user needs to construct a roadmap for the app that uses only pure and straightforward functions that can perform tasks for which the applicant intends to. Thus, it is always better to avoid overstuffing and keep a valuable service.

5. User Flow is not Clear

A simple and straightforward user flow tends to add life to the app design. User flow is designed to indicate users they need to perform on the specific actions. This means that a more precise user flow is the key to a successful final operation. If a developer or a professional fails to deliver a transparent user flow, then they would tend to make the biggest mistake that would disrupt the significant goals of the app. It is vital to design a simple and straightforward user flow that tends to direct the users with “what to do easily?” and “how to do?”

Not only this but the user flow is directly linked with the navigational flow that tends to indicate how the users navigate the app. That is why there should be no space for mistakes when it comes to designing the app and the user flow.  Thus, before you hire iphone app developers or Android developer you need to check this point.

6. Poor Technical Requirements

Instead of technical requirements, customers sometimes tend to provide a ready-made design that consists of 10 to 12 main screens thinking that everything else is a clear anyway. Unfortunately, when you hire android app developers they are not telepathic, and they would not be able to manage the right product without detailed technical specifications.

All the app scenarios and states should be satisfied with the technical specifications and details in the app design. Each of the missing parts is the scenario or the element state that tend to increase the project time and cost.

7. Not able to market the app

If you think that one of the main jobs that the developer needs to do is build an app, then you are wrong. The task does not end here; releasing your app is not going to sell itself. The user needs to market the app and then advertise it to the target audience. If you do not have a marketing app, then the user needs to invest in ads and related things. The user can buy apps from good iPhone App Development Company or Android company, so they don’t need to present the app inside their own. 

Although this strategy is not for everyone because it involves cost, Social Media like facebook, twitter and other apps are a great way to promote the app, so thousands of people can discover. One of the greatest concerns about social media is that you can use it anytime.

8. Xeroxing Other’s Idea

xerox idea

There are mainly two reasons why the user should not copy other apps. First of all, it depends on what content is being copying. It tends to fall under intellectual property theft and plagiarism. Secondly if you one of those organizations that are capable of constructing a better version of any popular app (which is quite tricky) then copying any app would be just a mere waste of time. It is always better to opt for original content and good ideas rather than stealing ideas. Although if you think that a particular app can do better than any other app, then there are chances you can always create a better version of it.

9. Choosing Many or Incorrect Platforms

There is nothing wrong in selecting cross-platform applications, but if you are a startup, then going multiplatform might not be a good idea. Therefore, the approach is to research first and analyze that where do you get most of the users from. Know that iOS is common in the parts of the USA, whereas depending upon the business nature, the user may be able to choose one of the most appropriate approaches.

Not only this, but new developers usually tend to make mistakes because they tend to have insufficient knowledge of mobile app development. For example, some new app developers tend to choose iOS app just because iOS App Development Company tend to monetize from the iOS app, and this it is way easier than the Android platform. This tends to be true for unusual cases and damage for others; there is no generic formula to decide which platform is more reliable than which one.

Many factors tend to decide the development of the app. And as discussed before, one of the most influential factors amongst the target audience. Other factors are the type of app, compatibility, the geographical location of the audience and others. Many factors decide this and developers should always consider this the starting of the app. Other factors are the type of app, compatible devices, location, audience and other things.

10. Not Releasing the Updates


Even if you are confident that your app would tend to do what it is supposed to do, there might be conflicts. There would be an audience who would be unsatisfied with the execution and the features of the app. But here comes the part that is tricky and confusing. The job does not end with the deployment process, it does not end with marketing, and it does not end with the development procedure. It is a part of the job of the user to improve the app according to the user preference and fix any bugs that they would tend to find. There is an ample number of ways with which you would know what the customer is saying.

11. Testing the app

This is one of the most common mistakes that is not taken seriously. A developer job is developing an app instead of testing the app. A developer can test his/her app, as well. All the user needs to do is think out of the box with a fresh mind and help them. However, there are times when the user cannot afford professional testers, so another great and cost-effective way is the usage of using smart logging tools and services.

12. Irregular communication

Team communication is one of the core keys to success in the whole mobile development process. The more the user would communicate with the team, the more they would be able to learn the flaws and the problems that are related to design and development. Some organizations do not wish to collaborate effectively, and therefore the development process gets complicated and time-consuming.

In the Nutshell

The quality requirement of any app is high currently, and thus the development budget can be huge. The development process requires well-coordinated teamwork, attention to analytics and thoughtful decision from the customers. Additionally producing a mobile app is a continuous process. There have to be multiple revisions until the user tends to get to the final app that is ready to launch, and it is all about making things better step by step. Not only this, but when the user has experienced team of developers and has experienced Android App Development Company, then they can reach a successful app faster. 

Before renting a coder, make sure they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business, design, development, expertise and testing practices. One of the things by which you can cross-check the process is by asking about their previous work and check out the reviews and the clients that would tend to tell you how they have been working during the years.

We hope that we were able to provide you with the necessary information. If you wish to ask anything about the above topic you can Contact Us or have a look over our Portfolio. You can comment on the comment section below; our experts would try to answer it as soon as possible.

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