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How does Augmented Reality boosts business with mobile app development?

Probably, Augmented Reality (AR) in the arena of mobile app development has quickly seeped than any other technology that we have witnessed in the app development sphere. The young generation is obviously attracted to using apps which have attractive AR features and gives a complete new experience to the user of the app.

What is Augmented Reality (AR) and how it’s integrated into the apps?

Augmented reality or Expanded reality is generally introduced into the apps to give a third dimension to the app. In this, it is generally the added reality or a kind of digital information on the top of the reality- hence the name augmented or added reality, meaning something extra added to reality to make it interesting and more exciting. We are quite sure that this technology has attracted so many consumers at the very onset and there is unmatchable growth in the demand of the AR inclusive Mobile App Development services.

Why AR technology is sure to become popular with mobile apps?

If we have a look at another related technology, VR technology that needs special VR headsets that becomes a hassle for the consumers to buy as well as it is expensive. Therefore, most of the people tend to avoid the expenses that come from buying VR headsets. One doesn’t need to buy AR or any special devices to use AR sets only smartphones are enough to enjoy the special features of AR technology being integrated into the mobile apps. The users get real-time exciting experience which is the only aim of the AR apps. Not only startups are looking to get attractive and unique AR apps for the clients but the entrepreneurs are opting for these apps just to give a special boost to the business.

Sometimes, the entrepreneurs think that their business may not be the right match for investing into expensive AR apps. But, it is quite a wrong notion that needs to be cleared on the onset of any type of business. The best time to get an app created with latest techniques and AR technology is especially the start of any business. Most business owners tend to ignore this fact or avoid extra expenses because of the limited budget for which they have to regret later on.

Let’s look at some of the great ideas of Augmented Reality

1. Dynamic AR ecommerce application

If you have trouble buying furniture, an application to buy furniture will be great for you. This explains how the furniture fits the interior of the home where that furniture will be kept. That’s why many people hire designers to understand the general situation.

With AR, you can put your furniture in the home without moving it yourself. When an AR application created by a app development company is launched, the user of the app is able to visualize the looks. You can also change the color by zooming so you can choose the perfect sofa for your living room.

2. Using AR Technology into Sports mobile application

It is the most popular application, and focusing and passion are the two companions in any kind of sport. Some want to play games at the stadium or cheer up their favorite team, others prefer watching the game on the screen while experiencing the best moments themselves. With AR you can get statistics and check the ball in the trajectory.

3. Data visualization apps to create more efficient products

Visualization is an important part of any project. AR is about making things visual and allowing users to see them from all angles. AR can give its engineers the ability to place their prototype on a board table so that everyone can understand the subject. Similarly, with AR you can walk through a construction site and see the sections, colored to indicate when each phase will be completed. This would help engineers bring their vision to other people’s heads, which would make the interaction more productive and clear.

4. Pharmaceutical use

The Pharma app is currently a trend, it is a popular app compatible to smartphone features. AR can provide more opportunities for the users of medical mobile applications. The doctor can talk to the patient and see the 3D image of MRI while analyzing their movements.

5. Use of AR technology in educational apps for learners

Imagine how interesting these lessons would be when a teacher used AR to explain past events.

How boring topics can show them how exciting their life is?

The school is digitized and the course uses computers and mobile applications. Think about what you can do with AR. For example, students can see 3D galaxies or human cells on a smartphone or tablet screen. Science, History, Biology: With AR, everything can be explained so easily!

6. AR technology integration in a Dating App

Today, dating is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet. Every day, millions of people are looking for their soulmate and are only looking for those who can go with them. This trend has become very popular. Every day millions of people search for their soulmates and search for only people with whom they can hang out. And, Augmented Reality is something new for dating, so you have all the possibilities of using it creatively to help people find each other.

7. Interesting Tourism apps with AR

AR can provide more information about all the places you want to visit, and maps combined with an AR guide can give you great experience in exploring the city. Museums can also put this technology to their advantage, telling their visitors more about the items they see and give them life. Also, this technology can be put into use by creating apps when a mobile app development company integrates AR technology very creatively into a mobile app for them.

8. Marketing program

The added reality offers many marketing opportunities that can bring more commitment and loyalty to the brand and its products. Marketing through AR can provide customers with more efficient and interesting services. There are more interesting alternatives to children’s AR marketing, you can convert a mall into an amusement park where you can win something there and interact with virtual characters.


The possibilities of AR are almost endless. They will enter into almost all areas of our life starting with social networks and ending with electronic commerce. However, it will go much further than that, and soon we will see many surprising applications of AR. Moreover, it has a bright future in the world of business and will revolutionize how you interact with the world.
So, if you are planning of AR mobile app development but unable to decide where to outsource your project then don’t worry about it.

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