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How mHealth Apps Are Improving the Patient Experience?

How mHealth Apps are Improving the Patient Experience

Till recently, hospitals used to be uncomfortable places for patients as their experience in hospitals regarding treatment options, consulting doctors and running around used to be very stressful. Today with the use of digital solutions in hospitals the situation is improving quite fast. As healthcare industry is focusing on digital solutions, it is not only transforming the patient experience but also improving patient’s medication and the rate of curing any disease.

Healthcare professionals and hospitals are working on various ways to improve the patient experience through various engagement processes in order to meet he expectation of digital-savvy patients.

Actually this is the right time for Android App Developers to jump in and create healthcare mobile apps as Android is the leader in app development market. It is also good time for the healthcare services to extend and improve their digital strategies. The patient experience is one of the top priority for healthcare services providers and also it leads to growth and profitability for these hospital services. For successful patient engagement there should be access to the right tools and technology. Patients now a days spend lots of time on their smart phones and smart devices hence now healthcare initiatives are focusing more on enhancing the patient experience through delivering personalized communication via mobile apps.

No doubt, mobile apps are the future of digital services in the healthcare industry. Patients are looking for simple and user friendly tools from their providers. Mobile apps are effective tools for engaging and informing patients about their patient journey and overall experience.

How Healthcare Mobile Apps Can Improve Patient Experience?

There is no doubt that iOS App creator and Android mobile app developer can build more healthcare apps and revolutionize the healthcare industry. As per a research about 93% of the physicians believe that mHealth apps have the potential to improve patient outcomes and the patient experience. Now we will discuss about how mobile apps can help improve patient engagement and experience:


  • Mobile Apps Provide Transparency and Keep Patient Informed all the Time:
    During the patient journey, mobile apps can guide the patient through every step like from waiting room to checkout process. Especially if the waiting time is available beforehand to patients before they enter the urgent care hospitals then it can have a tremendous positive effect on the patient experience and satisfaction levels. During many studies done by many hospitals it was found that wait time is the big reason for most of the patient dissatisfaction. This studies also found that patients insist on their doctors to keep them informed at all times.  This is where mobile apps can benefit patients a lot. These mHealthcare apps can even allow patients to select the healthcare service which is close to them and has the shortest possible wait time in the case of an emergency situation.
  • Mobile Apps Provide Easy Access to the Vital Information:
    It is the responsibility of the Mobile App Creator to develop such an app which is easy to use and provide vital information to all the stake holders. Patients need many resources but they are not provided efficiently to them all the time if they follow traditional ways. Therefore, patients start searching and reading online about their questions. These sources are not recommended by their doctors. For example, a pregnant lady has many questions and she needs their answers which she doesn’t get easily. This is where a mobile app can be highly useful as it can provide the official answers to most of her questions instantly. This can be the most important factor to achieve higher patient satisfaction level.
  • Mobile Apps Can Overcome the Emotional Gap:
    A beautifully build mHealthcare mobile app can help in overcoming the emotional gap between the patient and the hospital staff. By this way, patients will feel more connected and empowered to take responsibility of their healthcare decisions. Using mobile apps, without investing much extra time and effort these healthcare service providers can improve the way their overall treatment of patients is handled and carried out. Also healthcare goal setting and monitoring by doctors will give patients lots of satisfaction and happiness as they will achieve considerable progress in the process.
  • Mobile Apps Help Patients to Take Control of Their Health:
    One of the most important benefits of healthcare mobile apps is that it can help a lot the seriously ill patients as by using healthcare mobile app these patients can keep track of their own health and also they can connect with their doctors regarding any of their concern. If the app is easy to use, then patients can set their healthcare goals and track their progress as well. Ultimately this will lead to a positive effect on the health of these patients as the doctors are able to address and solve their healthcare problems early on or at right time. Timely meetings with the doctors can help patients understand their illness and treatment options and it will empower them to get healthy as soon as possible.
  • Patients get a Digital Experience:
    Healthcare mobile apps provide ways to improve customers’ experience as using them the healthcare service providers can easily communicate with their patients. Providers can easily send updates such as special discounts, new services and free healthcare camps through the app. They can also send personalized messages directly through the mobile app like birthday discounts or requests for reviews of hospital. A great patient service can be provided through these apps because these apps can let patients to chat with the hospital staff whenever they have some problem. Patients can also give their feedbacks through the app regarding the hospital services.


We have just discussed how mHealthcare apps can improve the patient experience. It looks like in future so many of the tasks will be done digitally. Healthcare apps will schedule appointments, informs patients regarding the time of availability of the doctor, help monitor medications and help them to follow doctor’s treatment advice effectively. These changes will make patients to go for the healthcare plans in new ways. Using mobile healthcare apps, hospitals can have timely access to the patient information and help them in providing amazing healthcare service experience.

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