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How to Design a Perfect App Logo

Every business wants to take their mobile app to the top of app stores. For this they do lots of App Store optimization (ASO) and optimize their mobile app for all major ranking factors. One interesting thing to be noted is that visuals of the app is also a major ranking factor and it play an important role in the overall performance of your app in the marketplace. Actually the quality of the visuals you have displayed on your app page is the main reason users happily download or ignore your amazing mobile app. As per a study, more than 90% users say visual elements impact their buying decisions the most when it comes to choosing various products and more than 50% of the users find their desired app through the app store only where they first see the visual elements of the app.
Hence during Mobile App Development process, you should work in this direction and try to make each visual element of your app page to be highly attractive. These visual elements include your app icon, app screenshots, and introductory videos. The most important of these visual elements is your app icon and therefore you should do proper research while designing it. Your app icon represents the whole existence of your business on the app store as users see it first when they open your page. If you don’t not pay proper attention to it then few number of users will download your app while if you build it to be stunning and attractive, then users tend to believe that this app is a quality app and they feel more motivated to download it and use it. That means your app icon should be unique, easily recognizable and should also represent the core message and functionality of your app. Now we will tell you about some of the tips which you can use to make your app icon more attractive and successful in the app store.

Make Your App Icon Stand Out in the Crowd

If you want to make your app stand out in the crowd of millions of other apps in the App store, then you have to really work hard for that. First of all, you have to choose a catchy color scheme for your app logo and then design it in such a way that it stands out in the crowd and it is recognizable as well as fully expressing the objective of your app. You have to maintain a balance and should not add extra elements to your app icon. For example, when you search for a clock app on the app store, you will get hundreds or even thousands of app icons but you will choose the one which is attractive as well as simple in design.

Make The Design as Simple as Possible

During the logo design you need not to add too many elements to your app icon and you have to design it as simple as possible so that each single element count and conveys your message. For better results, it is advised to keep your app icon color palette filled with just 2 or maximum 3 colors.  Generally, app icons with complex design that doesn’t convey what the app does should be avoided. Hence just try to design an app icon that conveys your core message to your users using as minimum elements as possible.

Make Logo Design Which is Consistent with Branding

Branding of anything means the users are physically and emotionally attached to that particular thing. If you design your app logo with similar objective, then not only most of your users will feel satisfied and stay with your app but they will also make your app a success in the long term. For this your app icon must go with your existing brand. If you haven’t built a brand yet, then you should keep the color scheme of your app same as of your website to emotionally connect with your users. If the users find a connection, then it will be easier for them to select you every single time instead of trying your competitors anytime in future.

Make Your App Logo to Be Scalable

It is actually the job of the App Developer to build a perfect mobile app and its logo. When you submit your app at the app store then it is shown on the app store at various places and in different sizes. Hence your app should be designed in such a way that it looks great in all shapes and sizes. Some designers fill the app logo with too many elements which are not understandable when the app icon is very small. Therefore, your app icon should be scalable and it should look great wherever it is placed.

Make Sure Your App Logo Looks Good with Different Backgrounds

Many users change their phone wallpapers and themes from time to time. Hence you should test your app logo for different possible backgrounds and should choose a color scheme that goes well with all the colors. You should test your final app design properly to make sure there are no issues with your app’s UX and design.


We have just discussed various important tips for designing an attractive and successful app logo which stands out in the crowd of millions of apps on the app store. Your app logo is a small representation of your whole business. Hence you should design it keeping in mind what kind of users you are looking for and how the app logo can be remembered by them for the long time. Your app logo should have to capability to convince the users to download it and try it. The tips we have given above will help you to design and build such an app logo.

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