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Important Reasons to Build Your Own Radio Station Mobile App

This article is about why you should develop your own Radio Station mobile app. Therefore, you must be thinking why you need to develop a radio station app when so many of the people have many other ways to get worldwide news, to watch videos and movies and to listen to music both local and international. But the recent trends indicate that radio is far from going out from the picture. Since old time, radio has been used worldwide and so many people still have very good memories listening to it. There was a time when there was no TV or Internet and radio was the only medium for knowing so much information and for entertainment purposes. Whether it was listening to the radio news or the live radio cricket commentary or listening to music people have unique and beautiful memories about it which you can’t compare with anything else including TV. The first radio stations were set up in 1920 and by 1923 there were around 450 radio stations in US alone. As we are living in a digital world so radio stations first went on to go online and then with the advent of mobile applications, they became popular through mobile apps. Now you can tune to a radio station using its particular mobile app.

This is the reason why there has been a sudden surge in the demand for iOS Application Development and Android app development as more number of people are looking to build mobile radio apps. Now let’s discuss about why creating your own radio station app has become a sure way to success in the app market of today.

Check These Statistics:

Radio has recently experienced a resurgence thanks to the success of streaming technology in the music industry. As of 2017, streaming revenue made up 65% of music industry revenue in the US and radio providers have taken advantage of the steaming through online radio offerings. 41% of US adults aged 18 to 49 report to have listened to internet radio within the past month. American adults are tuning to online radio for an average of 13 hours and 40 minutes every week. Forecasts say that 55% of the entire US population and as much as 68% of the US internet users will have become online radio users by 2018. Research report says that 95% of listeners are tuning to stations by mobile apps. That’s why it is a wise decision to start your own radio station mobile app and tap this huge fast growing market.

Mobile Radio App Offers Numerous Choice of Stations

You have to go for Mobile App Development if you want a mobile radio app. Mobile radio applications offer the numerous choice of stations to a listener while a traditional radio set or transistor cannot provide these many due to analogue signaling system which offers limited channels. Through mobile radio app, the users receive high quality audio streaming which enhances the user’s experience while listening to music or any other program. Through mobile radio app the users get more access to your content such as articles, blogs and interviews and more.

With Mobile Radio App You Can Compete Better in the Market

The number of mobile apps have increased a lot in recent past and right now there are millions of apps in the App stores. Hence if you are a mobile app owner then you have to face a stiff competition in the market which is still increasing day by day. Therefore, if you really want to beat your competitors then you have to offer something extraordinary to your users which can draw their attention and by which you can deliver your content better. Launching a mobile radio app brings this opportunity for you to do something amazing.

Mobile Radio App Acts as the Best Promotional Tool

Any good Mobile App Creator can build a mobile radio app for you which you can use for marketing. We know from ages that radio has been one of the most important medium for advertising products and services. Now with a radio app, you can send targeted messages to potential listeners if you want to send any promotional offer or reward or discounts to customers. This message will reach all of the listeners and you don’t have to use any other marketing tool. Another benefit of mobile radio app is that if you want to send your message to a particular geography area then you can do that too.

Generate Higher Revenue from Mobile Radio App

Good thing about mobile radio apps is that businesses who invest in mobile radio applications get higher Return on Investment (ROI), higher revenue and good profits. It has been seen that the revenue of online radio apps has amplified in the recent years. One main reason for this is the app monetization plans and policies. As per a report, the internet radio ads will comprise 20% of all radio industry revenue by 2020. Forbes says that advertisement on internet radios will be the next big thing for the businesses.


Since about 100 years, Radio has been a special medium to listen news, programs and music. Looking into the recent trends it still looks like it will remain special for the worldwide listeners in years to come too as its craze is not going to fade out soon. If you are a business offering some product or services, then you have to match your mobile app with the recent trends and technologies. Hence building a radio station mobile app is one of the best option for you if you want to be successful as there is a bright future of online radio industry. Hence what you are waiting for just tune in to the right radio channel and see your business expanding.

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