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Top Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development For Businesses

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Large enterprises from across the sectors are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity within their organization. Implementing IT solutions and software application in their processes and tasks is one of the most important ways to reduce cost, bring automation, increase efficiency and effectively manage their businesses. That’s why developing software solutions to run their company has become a default thing now a day. However, to get maximum benefits and save cost enterprises prefer to outsource their software development work to a reputed and quality offshore software development company which is located in countries like India, China, Europe or in many other parts of the world. To know more about the best countries to outsource software development you can read this report.

Before we go into more detail, let’s first talk about what is outsourcing software development? Outsourcing your software development simply means that you hire offshore developers from a company which is specialized in software development to fulfill your business software requirements. You pass on these requirements to the software development experts and let them do the work in the best possible way while you concentrate on your business.

Due to many benefits which the outsourcing software development bring, offshore software development market is witnessing a huge boom in the market. As per this statista report, in 2018, the global outsourcing market amounted to 85.6 billion U.S. dollars.

A great software is the result of the coordinated efforts of skilled developers, creative designers and expert testers. Therefore, the businesses looking to outsource software development should always hire the expert, experienced and quality professionals from offshore software development companies if they want to get most benefits.

But this part is not an easy one as there are so many offshore software development companies around the world. Therefore, businesses should do a thorough research while searching for such a company. However, if someone still has some doubts about the benefits of outsourcing software developers, then they can clear them here in this article as we are going to discuss about the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your software development work.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

Costs Savings

Actually, most of the people outsource work just to cut costs. It is one of the top outsourcing software development benefits. Although it is not the only reason but it brings much relief to businesses. Estimates say that outsourcing can reduce development costs by up to 70% compared to an in-house team.

For startups, this could be the difference which makes them successful and sustainable in the market. Actually, outsourcing keeps your costs low while letting you deliver successful products and provide cheaper services to your customers.

Get High Quality Professional Service

In the early days, outsourcing had some risks as there were many new companies in this field with no experience. However, this has changed now, and now you can hire even reputed professional company to do your outsourced work. They are not just there for hiring, but they work like business partners, and they work for your success. Businesses should look for a vendor who understands your business and its requirements.

Avoid hiring a team that doesn’t know about your business and doesn’t care about you. In today’s outsourcing companies, they have a full-fledged team of project managers, designers, developers and testers and they are highly skilled and professional in their service and that at a lower cost.

If you are not convinced about the company, then you can even ask them to first build a test project. This will let you know how the company works and what is the quality of their work, and finally, it will tell you whether the company is a good fit for your project work or not. This way, you will get high quality professional service.

Work with a Managed Team

If you don’t want to outsource your work and instead want to complete it in-house, then you need to hire a proper team and managers. Outsourced companies generally have a team and their own managers to lead and complete your project. That’s why a reputed and trustworthy outsourcing company is important.

Most businesses want that they get constant updates about their projects; hence, great companies keep them up to date about the project’s progress and cost involved by default. This way, they get to know about the overall development of their project easily by continually remaining in touch with project managers of the teams.

Let You Focus on Core Business Operations and Marketing

Today’s technology powered industry is moving quite fast. Hence the companies which are able to launch their product in the market early get some advantage. Although you think that you can easily hire a team and can build your project yourself, but it may take much longer time. When every minute counts, it is not advisable to spend a longer time on the development process.

However, if you choose offshore software development services, then you can build your product in comparatively lesser time and hence you can get time to focus on your core business operations and in doing the marketing of your product. In this time, you can also plan the launch of your product, write blogs about it, inform the influencers and media and do a lot more. Ultimately this will give you a huge head start over your competitors, and your product will have more chances to become successful in the marketplace.

Get Uninterrupted Technical Support and Maintenance Services

Developing software is not a one-time job; rather, it requires constant evaluation, updation, support and maintenance. When you go for outsourced software development, then you get a team to work on your project, and this team is always ready to work on it whenever required or even after the final delivery of the project to you. This team of developers and testers will add new features and fix bugs whenever they are noticed. These things need lots of time, and you alone can’t do it even if you plan to build your software yourself.

Outsourcing is actually a long-term commitment by which you will get a team to maintain your product while you can focus on how to attract more customers. The team which has built your product are the best people to maintain it afterwards. You can focus on getting customer feedback and requirement for new features while your outsourcing team will focus on improving and maintaining your software product.

Hire Global Best Talent and Professionals at Cheaper Rates

Hiring in-house developers is great, but it has some limitations. For example, there are chances that you may not find expert developers at your location or they may be too expensive or they don’t have much experience. Also sometimes you may not have the adequate office space, infrastructure or resources to hire an in-house team and the cost of hiring a full-time team or developers many of which may leave your company shortly after joining can be too high. Therefore, more people now go for outsourcing as through internet you can have access to a highly skilled global talent pool at a fraction of the cost.

For example, highly skilled cheaper developers are readily available in India and Eastern Europe. Hence you can outsource your project to a company or team located in these regions or countries. By this way, you will get highly skilled global talent to work on your project at a much cheaper rate. Nowadays, real-time communications are too easy and fast using Skype, phone, email, chat, video call, conferencing and more, and you can connect with your team anytime wherever it is located.

Get Access to the Latest Technology, Tools and Trends

Today’s quality outsourcing companies use the latest cutting edge technologies to build software. Their IT professionals are expert in the latest programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They also follow the latest software development models like Agile development, which results in quality software products.

You don’t have to make the mistake which many companies do, i.e. spending lots of money on unnecessary procuring software, tools or to train their professionals in latest technologies as it is better to outsource your work and hire a team that already has the latest tools, resources and skills to work on your project straight away. This reduces your costs, overhead and startup time dramatically.

Quality and good outsourcing companies spend a lot internally to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, technologies and development strategies. Ultimately this helps in delivering high quality software solutions in much lesser time.

Get Experienced Developers Work on Your Project

Outsourcing companies now think and plan for the long term. Therefore, they want to develop quality products quickly to build up their reputation and to attract more clients. Consequently, they hire experienced developers who are expert in their work. There are many reputed outsourcing companies which have many years of working experience, and they have assisted so many startups by completing their software projects. They understand very well how to do quality work, what things are required, and how to do it quickly and economically.

Although each startup or even big enterprises are different, but experienced outsourcing companies can make crucial recommendations specific to your needs. Quickly, they start understanding your product and its unique requirements. They know its strength and weaknesses and work for your success.

You can even talk their project managers, or even developers face to face or through the internet to clarify your doubts if you have any.

Get a Higher Level of Flexibility and Quick Response Time

Outsourcing companies now understand that you need quality and flexible work in lesser time. Therefore, they provide a higher level of flexibility and quick response time to their clients. They develop your project quickly so that you can launch it early in the market plus they are highly flexible and adaptable to modify or even accommodate any new requirements rapidly.

For whatever requirement you contact them, their response time is very less, which is a maximum of 24 hours in most of the cases. Also, these outsourcing companies provide you with an option, i.e. either you will get a dedicated team of developers to work on your project, or you can even hire them on per hour basis. Hence you can take the decision based on whether you require the developers on a short term or a long term basis. For example, for a long term requirement a dedicated team that stays with you across your projects is the best option.

Get Better Security

As per this report, companies worldwide are expected to spend an estimated $75.2 billion on security. Also, it is more likely that your in-house team is not specialized in expert software development and there are even more chances that they are not much aware of the latest software security aspects and threats in today’s highly vulnerable IT environment. Therefore, if you don’t implement the latest security measures, then your company’s sensitive information will be at risk considering there are so many breaches happening these days on the internet.

Outsourcing software development companies understand the need for software security very much due to their experience in this field; therefore, they will give you better protection against IT security breaches. Their developers will make sure that they follow the latest software development practices and put in place required security measures so that the code and the processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible and when your product goes live there are almost no chances of security breaches and hacking attacks.


Outsourcing is a growing trend, but the good thing is that now you have got many choices in the market. To convince you and to give you more confidence, we have discussed some of the top reasons why you should outsource your software development work. You can hire software developers from these companies on a full time or per hour basis as per your requirements.

The only caution here is when you hire a software development company which is providing outsourced software development you need to do thorough research, and you should always go for a reputed and highly experienced company if you are looking for best results. For example, if you need to develop a new website for your business, then you should hire web developers from such a company which has prior experience of developing similar kind of websites and which has a dedicated team of expert software developers.

In a nutshell, we can say that if you are looking for the benefits like cost saving, time-saving, quality work, scalability, flexibility, higher security and want to use latest technologies and trends to develop your software then outsourcing is the way to go for in today’s market situation.


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