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Key Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile Apps

Its good if you have a groundbreaking idea in your mind and you want to implement it. You must be looking to build a mobile app based on that and want to make it a huge success. Mobile apps have become highly popular these days and are the best ways to gain digital and mobile presence in the world. Therefore, you should come up with a highly interactive and scalable mobile application that creates a huge impact in the market and provides you with an edge against your competitors.

Mobile app no doubt is an excellent platform and hiring a Mobile Application Development Company to build it is a good idea as it can give shape to new and exciting business ideas. But the challenge is to follow the right approach. Developers should innovate to come up with unique and feature rich mobile apps which meet the expectations of the customers.  They should use the latest cutting edge tools and technologies to build amazing mobile apps. But if they lack one single thing during the app development then it can lead to big trouble and prove to be a major loss of time and money and that one thing is perfection. Yes, with this huge competition in the mobile app market in the App store, your app can’t succeed if it is not perfect in every sense. If you want to develop a successful mobile app then you should avoid some mistakes. In this article, I am going to discuss about those mistakes which the developers and businesses should avoid while developing a mobile app.

Not Doing Thorough Market Research About the Need

You have a great app idea and you want to put your money and efforts into its development but if you haven’t done thorough market research then it is not going to succeed. If you are investing so much into your mobile app then it is better to proceed slow and steady and it is necessary to test the market and conduct surveys about what features do the users need in the app. That would validate your idea and provide you with a confidence to go ahead as so many users want an app with these features. Doing proper market research is essential for app success and you can’t avoid this route.

Selecting a Mobile App Development Company Without Enough Research

When you are looking to Hire Mobile App Developer then you should remember certain things. There are many categories of mobile apps for example Educational apps, Gaming apps, Ecommerce apps, Financial Apps, Food Delivery Apps etc. Similarly, there are different categories of mobile app developers also. All of these developers are not good or best fit or suitable for your mobile app development work. Firstly, before deciding upon a mobile app development team, you need to fix the budget, the platforms, the features and the domain of your app. After that you should do research and find out about the app development companies who fit into the criteria of your mobile app. Finally, you should test them on many factors and questions to reach a final decision. If you choose the wrong company to develop your app then there is no way that it can lead to the success of your app.

Not considering making an MVP

Making an MVP or Minimum Viable Product is an important step which can save your mobile app from a failure. An MVP presents you with a chance to test your product in real market conditions and with daily users to evaluate your app’s performance. In MVP stage your app has only the necessary features and it allows you to launch the app in the market before going through with the entire development process. Releasing an MVP in the initial stage reduces the app’s time and cost. Hence by this you can fasten the development process of your app, release the basic version, get feedback from the market, make the required changes to your app and improve the final product. This is a good strategy.

Building a Poor User Interface (UI)

One of the biggest mistake which developers do while developing an app is to not pay close attention to the UI of the app. User Interface is the face of your app and it creates the first and everlasting impression of your app. Hence you should avoid this common mistake. There are already numerous apps available in the app store similar to yours and users take quick decision while selecting the app. A good UI is key for user retention hence you can’t ignore it. During the development of UI always pay attention to the resolution, avoid making animations into it, make it faster to load and use things which can keep the users engaged.

Developing Your Mobile App for Too Many Platforms Initially

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when developing an app is to build and launch your mobile app for all the platforms at once. Adding too many features and adding too many platforms may prove to be highly risky as they will increase your initial costs of app development. Hence the best way is to focus on one platform initially, do market research to Select Android, iOS or Windows, launch the app on that platform and pay attention to the customer’s feedback. Once you are sure about the success of your app on one platform then you can extend it for other platforms also and that too in a phased manner. Morale is, it is very important to select a single platform for your app in the beginning.

Not Doing Enough Testing of Your App

This is one of the most common mistake which has to be avoided at any cost. Every user wants a bug free app especially in the initial days of the app release and if you want to retain the users then your app should give flawless performance. Your app should also be tested over various devices to ensure it works fine on all of them so that it can give good first impression to users. Also it is important to note that testing is a professional job and it should be done with expert software and mobile app testing professionals to make it bug free before its final release on the app store.

Not Giving Due Importance to Feedback

We all know the importance of feedback in every business. Similar is the case with mobile apps. Ignoring feedback is also one of the common mistake which mobile app developers should avoid. The app is developed for the app users and if you don’t give due importance to what they say about your app then your app is bound to get doomed. You should rather follow the multiple iterations in the feedback process and should incorporate the important changes into your app as per the suggestions and feedback given by the app users.

Not Doing Proper Planning for the App Market Launch

One of the most common mistakes in mobile app development is committed during the market launch of the app. People generalize the entire market and don’t focus on their target audience which is key while planning the app release. You can’t make everyone in the market happy and satisfied with your app. Hence you should develop it for a target audience and promote it among those at the time of launch and make a app launch strategy and follow it.


We have just discussed the common mistakes in mobile app development and how they can be avoided at the highest priority basis. If you understand them and follow and implement them properly then there are higher chances for your mobile app to become highly successful in the market. Simply you should do thorough research about your app features, app development company and market launch strategy, build an innovative user interface, do thorough testing of your app and give due importance to the feedback and you will see your mobile app becoming favorite and popular in very less time.

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