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Find and Hire Right App Developers In India – Things To Consider

App Developers In India

A groundbreaking app idea is nothing less than brainstorming. But, not as arduous as finding the right talent to hire app developers for your project. According to Evans Data Corporation, 23 million individuals are working as app developers for mobile, web and desktop globally.

So, if you put the finger on any of them without putting too much thought into it, you are for sure harm your business. This article covers useful tips on how to find the ideal app developers in India for your seamless project development.

Presently, mobile apps have become a constant form of digital interactions. And, with the growing number of internet users, having a mobile app for your business offers unique ability to ensure reaching them efficiently and quickly.


So, if you are running a business and have finally made up mind to create a mobile app, a question instantly strikes on your mind.

How to find and hire the right resource for your app development?

It’s a bit lengthy, but promise will be worth it especially towards the last few pointers which may be surprising to you or come across anywhere else.

Step 1: Outline Your Business Requirements

Before you step ahead and start searching for developers, start by asking yourself a set of few questions.

Q1. What Roadblocks will be solved?

There are three scenarios usually encountered: You have already decided with an in-house team but are in the lookout for experts. Depending on the potential of the project, you can hire an in-house expert, or an expert through an outstaffing agency. If you are new to “outstaffing” term, then it is time you look to rent a specialist from another company for a specific interval of time.

You want to integrate the technology you have never used before. For example, you want to develop a website to React to technology. You can wait till your developers ace the technology, or hire a specialist from an outsourcing firm. You look to create a project from scratch. This scenario is common for both – established firms and startups. SMEs owner usually has a financial constraint and want to enter the selected niche instantly, so they opt for outsourcing.

Existing businesses looking to automate business processes, make the wise decision between hiring an in-house or a dedicated team of professionals.

Q2. Should You Be Outsourcing Development or Partner With an In-House Team?

As the thumb rule, business owners want to launch a new app soon and that too without much big investment. And, for sure, this app needs to be excellent and of an unparalleled quality. And, sitting at the fence, the question arises of whether it’s worth-the-investment to hire an in-house team or outsource your team.

To make a wiser decision, the pros and cons of both option are listed below, let’s have a look.

In-House Team

An in-house team is a group of professional developers that work with you in the same office. This specific team offers you the following advantages over conventional approaches:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of your product, your firm, and your professional ethics and culture.
  2. Hassle-free communication and instant responses for queries answered.

But this choice comes along with several stumbling blocks:

  1. You need to offer a full-time salary that makes you pay them even if they have no assigned task or are on vacation or leave.
  2. You need to take more care of workspaces, office supplies, equipment and so on.

An on-site team does not assure the effectiveness and efficiency of work and responses. Establishing a business process is as vital as hiring the right app development company. So, your project does not run behind the deadline and meets the final expectations. Along, you also hire someone to manage development, eventually leading to additional employees and increasing spending. Pay special attention while hiring an in-house team. Your list of candidates is confined to the experts living in your city or are ready to relocate.

Outsourced Development

Earlier the firms were little sceptical about outsourcing, but now the conventions have changed. Nowadays, it’s common to practise in the business world to outsource from another company or an independent contractor. The big perks offered by this approach are listed below:

  1. While outsourcing, you can plan to partner with excellent coders across the globe, so it saves your time exponentially.
  2. You can quickly add team members and swap developers, offering you flexibility and enabling kick-start development.
  3. You invest once, and there is no more need to spend frequently on the development process.
  4. Moreover, you can hire the right talent dwelling with exclusive experience in the specific domain, leading to the highest quality of your final product.

Lacking in face-to-face communication is the biggest demur of outsourcing. Your partner development team might be in another different time zone, or if you have decided to hire individual developers, it may be daunting to communicate with the team. But, communication software like Pidgin, Slack and project tracking software comes in the big picture.

Also, you can opt for the choice to automate processes or create an app that solves complex to common digital concerns in the industry. For a long-term perspective, ongoing tech support, some trusted mobile app development service provider offer post-release support choices.

Should You Hire A Freelancer or Step Ahead With A Firm?

The answer to this question relies on management skills and the degree to which you can lead the project on your side. If you encounter some severe technical roadblocks, it’s pretty tedious to hire mobile app developer, since managing people located away from your arm’s stretch is extremely difficult.

To add, freelancers work on multiple projects simultaneously, so there are always chances of slip-ups of developers not investing their efforts and time entirely in the project. Also, there is no assurance that a freelancer developer won’t leave the project stranded.

While an app development agency proposes you with project management services in addition to developers, designers, QA specialist, they follow a strategic methodology, established communication channels, quality assurance and a streamlined workflow.

Yet, another big perk of aligning with a company is they document all their development challenges and the approaches they adopt to solve them.

Nevertheless, if you have a small yet complicated task, you can always search for the best freelancer app developers near me that act as a boon for solving your project requirements.

Step 2. Start The Search With Potential IT Vendors

You must have outlined your goals and know exactly what resources you need for your project. Now, it’s time to funnel down the list of candidates! But, first let’s evaluate the vetted candidates on the unskippable parameters.

Define the destination

North America, United Kingdom, India, and Ukraine are the HubSpot for outsourcing the app development requirements. But, among all the listed countries, India is the top-most choice for clients as well as developers.

India is popularly known for outsourcing, because of the concentrated IT Cluster, including the Silicon Valley. According to Evans Data Corporation, by 2023, India will eclipse the USA by a number of developers.

Research Is Crucial

For the ones looking to find an app developer, often start their homework from a freelance site where they can check a candidates profile, a list of clients and their recommendations and completed projects.

Here’s are some choices where you can find the experienced to passionate developers:

  1. Freelance websites: As the name suggests, these sites comes handy when you are looking for a freelance developer. For example, Upwork is the leading name in the hierarchy followed by People Per Hour and Guru.
  2. B2B and B2C platforms: The websites in these array contain list of the firm grouped by their location, specialization, ratings, market size and client’s testimonials. Clutch is one of the hot-picks in this category, boasting advanced searches as well as an extended ratings and review system. Some others to list are LinkedIn, Glassador to vet the firms before partnering with them.
  3. Design Communities: This is eventually a great place for finding the ideal resource keeping in mind the iOS and Android app development services. You can check out Dribble and Behance, probably you will find a great team of designers at these sites.

Step 3. Shortlist The Candidates and Analyze Them

Possibly, by now, you must have met numerous developers that promise to turn your idea into an operational reality. But, it’s time to create a list of the shortlisted IT service providers and carefully analyze them.

Here are the things to consider while choosing the right development team for your project.

Right after the research stage, you should also develop a list of questions that will help you make a wise decision. You can easily find answers to some of the queries by paying attention to the company’s website and asking other questions.

The list may dissent according to your business goals and your project requirements. But, here I have listed the four most important questions that will help you find trusted and skilled developers.

  • What part of the market do they focus on?
  • Do they have a team with relevant experience?
  • What thoughts do their clients carry for them?
  • Will my idea be safe?

If the answer to all the above questions is answered promptly without any delay, then the firm is a trusted choice to step ahead for your project seamless development.

Step 4. No Ado! “Hire the best app developer”!

The very next thing after carefully analyzing all the candidates, it’s high time to make up your mind. Hopefully, you find the top developer for your project. Still, to avoid pitfalls have a look at the piece of advice for you:

Jot down all the findings and essential things. In some scenarios, the list of candidates is quite long, so it turns a little tedious to keep everything in mind. I recommend you to create a table. It possibly acts as a shred of shortlisted candidates and criteria to pay attention to. And, the time you proceed with the second step, make sure to note it.

Don’t jump straight to nutshells. Clear the shadow of doubts, controversial points with your technology partner. Feel free to ask as many questions as needed to define whether the app development company holds the potential to solve your business problems.


The right talent is the most valuable asset for the best app development company. And, as hiring the ideal ones is a time-consuming and expensive process, so better be ready with the armor and adherence to not compromise on quality without searching for shortcuts.

The best talent like Xicom makes sure your job description is on the dot and brands it. And, now breaking decade’s old myth that the right talent is busy and too comfortable to look for new potential clients and you have to hunt them down proactively.

Now, it’s all a matter of your Free Project Estimation. This helps you share your idea with experts, evaluate both the hard and soft skills of the team and interact with everything with complete transparency with the team to make the right hiring decisions.

Yes, it may sound a little tiring, but at the end, it’s all worth the right talent. Or if you consider hiring mobile app developers for your project, the proficient are just a ring away at +1.408.878.3255!

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