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The Role Of Product Design Team In App Development Process

Role Of Product Design Team In App Development Process

It’s not less than any natural instinct that you want your project a roaring success. While, it is also important that you build the best without breaking your budget. But, saving money by cutting-down on product design process actually proves to be a false economy in the coming years.

Undeniably, product design methodology is a real demur and a demanding landscape. At the bottom of the funnel it is all about problem solving, but doing it effectively is what is defined as a “Team Effort”.

The expert believes creating a great product requires a team effort. But, amid discussing the role of the product team, the important question is “Which Team”?

The proficient developers from the ideal mobile app development company is probably the first ingredient that comes to mind, but along with visual developers, UX designers, UX researchers adds many feathers to the product team and to the product development.

You might be thinking why I took UX researchers?

Simply, UX research can gratify essential customer insights about the target users. But, on the same note don’t forget about the usability test either. The design workshops and prototyping helps in improving the communication within the team members and helps in crafting an agile environment and the best part is they are great at problem solving.

So, here in this post we will cover:

  • What makes the best product design team?    
  • What are the 3 most important ingredients?

Starting With “What Is A Product Team”?

What Is A Product Team

Let’s start from the beginning. A product design team is what gets you from the first-phase of creating product ideation to accomplish a working and useful product. Especially useful from the users’ point of view.

To be clear “Product design” is the course of putting one’s finger on the latest market opportunity, crafting a niche and describing the concerns that needs to be solved, following by developing a solution to that problem and validating the solution with real users. While, the solution being the digital product.

However, a product design team usually uses out-of-the-box design thinking methods to craft the product designing and take it to its most desirable state.

Here in this article, we will be talking about the role of the product designer in the app development process to help you turn your idea step out from the cocoon of your imagination in an alluring design.

The foremost is “UX Vs UI Design”

Aligning with the best design firm to hire mobile app developer that are experienced with the subtle difference between UX and UI is the foundation to deliver great designs for your mobile and web apps.

Still not sure about UX and UI? Let’s do a quick revision.

UX Design

UX stands for the User Experience with an aim to make the interface understandable and easy to navigate through for the users. And, the quality of a UX design is measured by the scale of convenience, intuitive interface, detailed research, analyzing the best practices with UX patterns adhering to solve the client’s unique needs.

UI Design

The UI design, or better to define it as User Interface, is all about the aesthetics and usability. So, when the development is on the progress, it’s essential to keep the emotional bond the first priority – the emotional connection between user and application. 

Even, some designers may choose eye-catching colors, graphics, pictures, and topography to make it exceptionally beautiful, one of its own. 

The Role Of The Product Team In The App Development

The Role Of The Product Team In The App Development

In our previous articles, we have talked about the phases of the software development process:

  • Negotiation    
  • Discovery    
  • Development    
  • Post-release Launch

Step 1: Discovery Phase

With the commencement of the discovery phase, it’s time to bring your rough sketch into reality.

The proficient developer starts by conducting detailed UX and UI research. They start by carefully analyzing the project requirements, innovative approaches to solve the critical design challenges, and take into account the ways that provide a lending hand to implement the specific design.

While the research phase, the experts proffer the following deliverables:

  • UI Mood Board

The UI Mood Board is basically set up to help the designer capture the outlook and feel of the client’s product, it’s visual outlook, and it’s tone of voice.

Conventionally, a mood board contains images and colors that are related with the app development and design.

  • User Flows

User flows are the first test-based Wireframe for the project. This approach allows the designers to keep user in the flow of the application and determine if the conceptual model agrees with the user defined model.

  • UI Concepts

At the time of concepts, the designers are free and creative as winds to create the first concept screens for the respective project to feel for the project. All thanks to the conception stage, this gives the first-ever glimpse of how the app would look and work in Ideal conditions.

1. “The Architecture”

The first concept is all done, and the designer is sure they match the footstep with being on the same page as the client. Now, it’s time to turn the table with all new designed apps!

So, wireframing is a phase that nurtures clarity to every small and big precision in the designing process. Wireframes proffers a visual interpretation of the user and business needs for any specific feature. They are a schematic representation of the application that personifies how the interface elements will appear on the page.

2. “The Composition”

The next comes designing high-fidelity wireframes. The designers especially concentrate on refining the spacing, graphics, and layouts to the finest version to get a more precise and clean vision of the end product.

At this stage, the expert designer start implementing the basic elements of the app.

Step 2: The Development

1. “The Visual Design”

Now, the time approaches to fill colour in your final copy of a sketch, or better to say wireframes. So, here is the most significant moment – the visual design of the product.

And, this is the focal point where all knowledge about the product comes to use. All the information from research, negotiations, UI Mood boards, and even the UI concepts are clutched together to create an exceptional app design that bonds an emotional connect with the users.

2. “Design Implementations”

Aligning with the best development company provides you with long-term collaboration without having a shared vision and being included in the project’s ideas. A designer is an imperative throughout the entire process of app development, not just the design stage.

Thus, by diving deeply, a designer turns into a product designer. While, you are proceeding with the designing implementations, it’s mandatory to update the design specifications in a timeline.

Even, in case of change requests, a designer goes through research and provides a detailed estimation of the alterations to all areas that will be affected.

3. “Usability Testing”

Without any doubt, testing is a hard job. Even, the experienced offshore software development company carries out the best practice to find the flaws in the designing process.

However, sometimes it’s even considered as more helpful to do five minutes testing. It’s an excellent way to check the essential parts of a ready-to-use design or wireframes directly on users.

Besides testing the operative part of the app, the proficient also pay attention to the app’s usability. Moreover, they share their issues and concerns about usability issues with designers, who try to improvise the usability as per the feedback.

4. “Delivery”

As this is the final stage, a dedicated team works with the development team to make sure the things jell well with the specifications that are precise, understandable, and implemented as intended.

So, before the official launch, sometimes the product is launched in a limited segment, popularly known as beta testing and tested in the real challenging business ambience.

The latter is known as UAT or User Acceptance Testing. While beta testing and user acceptance testing, users usually try out the apps and share their feedback. Afterwards, designers make the changes accordingly to the feedback and come up with the updated version of the app design.

The Last Comes The Post-Launch Support

Placed in the last, but an unskippable part is the post-launch support.

One will never know exactly how the app works under conditions that you can’t predict. That’s the core objective of why the experts offer the premium yet reliable service to hire software developers that provides post-release product support.

Along with this service, you can quickly make alterations to an app even after the successful completion of the initial stage and launch. Also, in the case, if some designer reworks on the app’s UX or add a new extensive feature to prevent any shadow character from breaching.

Or somehow, you start getting feedback from the user with suggestions for improving the app. Let’s take an example when the client starts complaining about a complicated UI/UX design; the designer will quickly try to ease out things without any whim of losing the user.

Many among us are able to come up with an exciting and innovative way to enhance your app. Along with the post-release support, you can define the scope of work and funnel down to the design. This approach doesn’t affect the workflow, as it remains the same during the entire development process – conducting research, developing wireframes, coming up with visual design, and then delivering it to the development team.

The Abiding Thoughts Are “The Underlying Philosophy Behind The Product Design”

In the era of such rapid growth, there is an immense urge for the high-quality offshore app development company that provides an unparalleled product designing experience. 

So, if you have heard about this notion for the first time, or are sitting on the fence to hire the product designer in the app development process of the designing traits, we are just a scroll away from the quick revision to hire the experts.

As thinking a fresh, dynamic, yet elegant design in this modern era development process is the core that is yet to be discovered. This term was coined by Tim Brown and David Kelley, who step ahead to take the creation of an image of a product to a new level.Their approach drifts the focus from the traditional design phase to the end-to-end product designing providing with a “helicopter view” on all devices. Following this philosophy let teams from the leading software development company to craft high-quality apps and software that find their applications in multiple fields.

As the thumb rule of designing, it works on the 5 crucial stages, which can be decoded as follows:

  • Emphasizing — Spotting the problem.    
  • Defining – Clarifying it and conducting thorough market research.    
  • Ideation – Developing an idea for a product image that is expected to solve the problem from the user as well as clients perspective.    
  • Prototyping – Building a prototype.    
  • Testing-Testing a prototype with the target audience.

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