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List of Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know

js framework

There are many tech giants now which are supporting and sponsoring their own JavaScript frameworks for e.g. Google backing Angular and Facebook backing React, and these now come among the most popular JavaScript frameworks of today. This is due to the fact that all of the recent reports suggest that JavaScript remains one of the most prominent web technologies which is dominating the development world these days. This trend has been continuing for the past many years. You can check this report by Statista which also says that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers as of early 2019.


JavaScript is indeed a highly versatile programming language which is used for building many types of applications like Client-side, server side, mobile applications, desktop applications etc. It can be used to design interactive user-interfaces and apps with amazing features and functionalities.

Hence to make the work of developers easier, many JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries were launched. Some of these frameworks have become highly popular over time and are right now widely used to build many kinds of web and mobile applications. Businesses which are looking to build their applications always prefer the framework which is reliable, secure and brings in high performance in the application. Developers look for a framework which is feature rich, easy to learn and offer excellent performance.

However, choosing these kinds of best JavaScript frameworks from the so many available frameworks is not an easy task, and it is actually a challenge given the options in the market. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you with a top JavaScript frameworks list 2019 which you can use to find out the top and best JavaScript framework for you which you can use in your next project. But first, let’s talk what a JS Framework is all about?

What is a JS Framework?

Before heading further to discuss about best JavaScript frameworks, let’s take a pause here and first understand what a ‘JavaScript Framework’ is. Actually, JavaScript framework refers to an application framework which is written in JavaScript. It helps the developers to alter the functions according to the need of the website design. JavaScript frameworks are highly used by mobile app developers and web developers to build powerful, secure, feature rich and high performing applications.

Although there is a difference between JavaScript Frameworks and JavaScript Libraries but in general, we use the single term JavaScript Framework to refer to both of these. As you know, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of World wide web along with HTML & CSS. Today most of the websites and applications which are being built actually use JavaScript Frameworks only as their core. There are many JavaScript Frameworks which have been used by developers, but only a few of them have become highly popular.

Benefits of JavaScript Frameworks

  • JavaScript Frameworks are highly efficient, and they have well-structured prebuilt modules, functions and libraries.
  • Using them you can develop high-end mobile and web applications and interfaces within a few weeks or even days.
  • JavaScript Frameworks offer safety and security to the applications which are built using them.
  • They have large communities where developers and other users interact, help each other and provide support for these frameworks.
  • Most of the JavaScript frameworks are open source and free to use. Hence they enable developers to build cost-effective and powerful custom applications.

If you are a business looking to build your website or even from a developer’s perspective, it will be good to know and learn more about some of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks in the market. That’s why we are discussing about these in this article. Let’s start.

Top JavaScript Frameworks List of 2019



AngularJS is one of the top JavaScript frameworks for building single page applications. It is available as an open source and is supported by Google. It is designed specifically for building dynamic web applications. It is a powerful front end solution and used to build web applications and also for hybrid mobile application development. It provides a powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It enables developers to use HTML as their template language. Developers can also extend their HTML syntaxes as per the requirements.

This framework is featured with components like overlays, sidebars, switches and accurately positioned navigation bars which incorporate dynamic functionality into the applications. This framework enables faster development with clean, understandable and error-free code.

Some of the top companies which use AngularJS are LinkedIn, PayPal, Freelancer, Hopscotch and Lego.



React.js was created by Facebook and was released in 2013. Although it was a new framework but soon it became popular and when we create a list of JavaScript frameworks then React JS comes on top of it. If you like the user interface of Facebook and Instagram, then you will like React.js too as React.js framework is used to build these two social giants.

React JS is actually an open source collection of popular JavaScript libraries which are used for developing user interfaces of single page applications. It also allows you to handle view layers for web and mobile apps. Using it, developers can build large web applications that can update data without reloading the pages. Facebook has designed React JS to be highly scalable, fast and easy to use.

Some of the top companies which are using React JS are BBC, Netflix, Paypal, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Coursera, Yahoo etc.



Vue.js is an open source and one of the most used JavaScript Framework designed to simplify and streamline user interface design. It was released in 2016 and has a comparatively easier learning curve. This framework is considered the ideal mix of Angular and React, and it is known as the best choice for developing a lightweight and two-way data binding application. Vue.js was the most popular JavaScript Framework on GitHub having 118 thousand stars.

Vue.js is considered an ideal JavaScript Framework for software development. Within a few years of its launch so many large enterprises have started using Vue.js for building their applications. Vue.js is the fastest emerging framework and is a top choice for quickly developing cross-platform solutions.

Some of the top companies which use Vue.js are Adobe, Grammarly, Behance, Alibaba and Xiomi.


Node.JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks at present and incorporates the latest JavaScript technologies in the market. Node JS provides a strong platform for application development. It is a server-side JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. You can use this open-source framework to create server-side and networking applications in cross-platform runtime environments. The applications which are built using Node JS can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Node.js is perfect for real-time collaborative and editing type applications as it enables a single threaded event loop to handle multiple requests asynchronously. This framework has one of the widest ecosystems of open-source libraries and the NPM packages. Another good thing is that Node.js apps require no data buffering.

Some of the top companies which use Node.js are Walmart, Uber, Paypal etc.



Aurelia.js is one of the newest JavaScript framework in the market, and it is promoted as the next generation UI framework. It is really very advanced and developer friendly framework and makes the process of site development extremely creative one. It is designed using the latest JS standard, ES6 and has the ability to function on all modern web browsers.

Actually, Aurelia JavaScript framework is basically a collection of open source modern JS modules written in ECMAScript. These huge libraries can be used either in combination or individually as per the requirements and the kind of application being designed. Aurelia is the only framework which helps to develop components using plain TypeScript or JavaScript. Recently, this framework is updated for improvements like user experience development, server-side rendering and state management. Its unique MV* approach removes the need to specify controllers of view models.

Some of the top companies which are using Aurelia.js are Filee, Freska, Questionnaire, NOD Studios and more.

Ember JS

Ember JS open source JavaScript framework was released in 2011, and it was declared the best JavaScript framework for web application development in 2015 itself. Although it is an old one, but it carries all of the benefits of new JavaScript frameworks in the market. It is competing well with the most popular ones like Angular and React. It is one of the best solutions for startups and businesses looking to build complex web applications.

Also, it has a huge online community of developers, and its promoter releases regular updates; therefore, it provides the best user experience. The most famous Apple’s iTunes mobile application of Apple Music was built using Ember. Whether you want to create a single Page application or a large web app, Ember.js is the perfect choice of framework.

Some of the most popular applications built using Ember.js are LinkedIn, Apple Music, Vine, Live and more.



Backbone.js is a very lightweight JavaScript framework and was released in 2010. It is a very flexible framework and it allows its developers to code client-side applications and single page web applications which run in web browsers. It is one of the most popular web development framework for JavaScript developers due to its easy to understand usability modules and an easy learning curve. Actually, it even has the benefits of latest JavaScript frameworks in the market.

Backbone.js provides an excellent support for RESTful APIs, and it allows mapping of models to RESTful endpoints. It provides an MVP network which helps to present your data as Models, and you can easily create, validate, remove or save these models to the server of your app. It enables automatically updating the HTML code for any changes in the model.

Some of the top companies which are using Backbone.js are Sony Entertainment Network, Airbnb, SoundCloud and more.

Meteor JS

Meteor.js is a free full-stack JavaScript framework which is also known as Meteor magic. It was launched in 2012, and since then, this framework has grown in terms of performance, UI designs and more. It is heading towards one of the most used JavaScript frameworks categories. It offers lots of features for backend, frontend development and database management. That’s why it is considered a top rank JavaScript framework today.

This JavaScript framework has an extensive collection of packages and libraries which enable the developers to develop feature-rich applications. It is also very flexible and requires comparatively less coding, which results in fewer bugs and faster development. This framework lets you create cutting edge mobile and web applications in pure JavaScript. It supports the instant transfer of all changes in the database to the UI with no time loss and minimal effort; hence, it delivers high performance. Therefore, Meteor is considered as a one in all package.

Top companies which are using Ember JS are Honeywell, IKEA, Mazda and more.


Tensorflow JS is one of the most popular JavaScript framework which is actually an open source library which you can use to define, train and run machine learning models entirely in the web browser. It only uses JavaScript and a high level layers API. For the JavaScript developers who are new to ML, TensorFlow.js is one of the best ways to begin with.

TensorFlow.js library can be used for developing and training ML models in JavaScript, and deploying in browser or on Node.js. In 2019, Tensorflow.js has become highly useful for all Machine Learning JavaScript projects due to its comprehensive linear algebra and deep learning layers. TensorFlow JS was launched initially by Google Brain team and they kept it open source since then. TensorFlow is available on 64-bit Linux, macOS, Windows, and mobile computing platforms including Android and iOS.

Some of the top companies which are using Tensorflow.js are Google, AirBnb, Ebay, Intel, DropBox, DeepMind, AirBus, CEVA, Snapchat, SAP, Uber, Twitter, and IBM.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that JavaScript is the future of web and mobile app development. Therefore, selecting the right and appropriate JavaScript framework has become even more critical. However, to use any of the above discussed JavaScript frameworks in your project, you need to contact an expert software development company or web development company which has enough experience in using these frameworks.

Xicom has an extensive web development experience and it is fully capable of providing such expert services through its team of 300+ expert software developers; hence, you can hire web developers from us as per your requirements. We can assure you that we will provide you high quality of service and will help you to take your business to new heights.

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