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12 Signs of a Successful Mobile Application

top Signs of a Successful Mobile Application 2

A great and feature-packed mobile application can skyrocket your business. The use of mobile for daily communication has increased drastically over the years all around the globe. As mobile app development technology is advancing at a lightning speed and people are getting addicted to their smart devices, businesses all across the globe (especially the smaller and medium-sized businesses) have started proper utilization of the platform for better & smooth communication. 

Mobile phone devices have changed the way businesses all across the globe work today and the significance of mobile applications in different types of business has ascended the ladder to the top rapidly in recent years. In addition, a business mobile application is making it easier for users to get relevant business information at their fingertips and stay connected to their favourite brands. Let’s have a quick glance over the mobile app stats that foster small business to invest heavily on this tool:

  • Nearly 40% of small businesses active today have a mobile app and 30% of them are planning to have their own in the coming time.
  • Nearly 28% of small businesses have built mobile apps to attract new customers, but the industry experts suggest that there should be more to it.
  • The businesses suggest that the most valuable features on their mobile apps have been mobile payments and customer engagement. 
  • The percentage of mobile apps owned by upcoming small businesses is increasing drastically; making way for a more interactive future.

But, do you know Gartner study reveals that the mobile applications commercial success for 2018 was just 00.01 per cent that is one successful app out of 10,000 apps. The percentage is quite low. Here are some reasons for app failure:

There are many reasons for mobile app failure. But, in this blog post, we will discuss various tips and tricks that can make your mobile application successful. These tips are being followed by many trusted mobile app development company to make their mobile app successful in the app store. I am sure if you follow below mentioned tips you can have your own successful mobile app. So, let’s begin:

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1. Simplicity is the key to engage your target audience

Nowadays, most of the people have short interest periods, and if you make it challenging to switch between your mobile app, they will immediately lose interest. If your customer cannot access his information easily and quickly, he will be frustrated and will do otherwise, perhaps using a competing app. Bright and graceful screens with clear evidence of the next step in the application process and no uncertainty enhance the customer experience and will prompt them to continue practising it.

2. The speed must be as high as possible

Quick download screens are indispensable. Nobody likes to wait, especially when all they have to look at is a screen-load icon, and this disappointment quickly gives way to boredom which leads to the decision to search for something better. Speed ​​means an appropriate set of charts and does not get large tables and databases. Make it fast and straightforward. When you choose an app development company for your project, you can ask them to test your app on various tools to ensure its maximum speed. 

3. Good image resolution

While you need to consider the application speed with accuracy and functionality, you need to make sure that what you have on the screen is detailed enough so that the user experience deserves it. We have excelled graphics times, and today users are expecting high resolution and 16 million colours. Anything less will limit your app sales.

4. The UI/UX design should be engaging and enticing

With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to distinguish between apps. As a result, we rely on our first responses of the user interface design. In fact, many studies show that 94% of first impressions of a mobile application are based on its design. Companies are frequently essential to spend time and resources creating a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

The user interface design attracts users to your mobile application and provides a chance to present your attractive content. The user interface design should be simple to navigate, but the unique features will set you apart from the cut-throat competition. It is crucial to remain consistent with the design throughout the mobile application. Maintaining items such as font set, font size, and consistent colour scheme in the app will increase the visual appearance and help you surmise the content.

5. There should be improved navigation functions

Your mobile app should include an intuitive and simple search and / or navigation function, especially if you have a considerable amount of content. Generally speaking, users will not spend more time exploring for easily accessible content. Incorporating features that clarify your experience will increase user engagement. Navigating your mobile app should be natural and clear to the user.

6. Mobile app flexibility is important

There are three primary mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems– and to achieve the best out of your mobile app, it requires to be available on all of these. Android mobile applications are easy to upload to the Play Store, but iOS needs to be tested by Apple before these mobile apps are allowed on their Store. The coding does not fundamentally need to be modified but you may be administering with different resolutions and screen sizes so you need to make sure to test on both systems before uploading your mobile app.

7. High security to keep data safe

Online security is becoming an increasing problem, and the same is true for your app. With so many mobile apps that store personal and confidential information or debit & credit and card details, security should be unquestionable.

Hackers can try:

  • Place malware on the mobile application and device where you can access your crucial data and steal access codes for lock screen
  • Interception of confidential data transmitted over the network
  • Customer data theft for fraud or identity theft.
  • Get private commercial assets.
  • All of these potential problems mean that the security of the mobile app should be tight, rather than something added as a late event.

8. Search options for improving ease of use

It sounds quite simple, but many mobile apps lose this essential feature since this is something that various users use. The ability to search in the mobile app or the internet is necessary, and although it will not work well with game-based apps, it’s essential for the commercial and social genre.

9. Bright and bold colour schemes to entice your target audience

It will draw basics like glossy colour schemes to your customers. Pay attention to the complementary colours of the colour wheel, and you will end up with an app that looks both professional and stylish.

10. Push notifications to promote your new product or services

It is pretty easier to send than emails and less likely to end up in a spam folder, graphics, text notifications, or a combination of the two can send content that might be useful to users. In addition, related and custom push messages are much better than spam since they are only intended for a specific user and are likely to be of interest to you.

11. User feedback to make certain improvements regularly

Although you like to make the mobile app perfect the first time, there will always be other ways to fix it and satisfy the user more. The best way to assume this is to ask the user. Comments are an ideal way to have your potential customers tell you what they like and filter those comments about what should be removed or added, what can be done with a little work, and what should be ignored. By placing the comment button in the app, it enables the customer to tell them what they consider will improve.

12. Regular updates to enhance its functionalities on the basis of feedback

Once you get your feedback, you can learn how to make your mobile app more relevant to your clients and send updates regularly. Also, it means that you not only end up with a better product; you can respond to various security problems as they arise. In addition, updates keep your mobile app up to date and give the user more than they want. You can also hire mobile app developer, who can update the functionalities of your mobile app based on the feedback of your users.

Let’s Wrap Up

With millions of mobile applications available in the app store, today and the number is increasing every day, the competition is getting stiffer every day. Businesses all across the globe are fighting for their customers’ smartphone real estate. The main goal is to be one of the (on average) 23 most frequently used mobile apps on a user’s smartphone device. 
If you follow above-mentioned tips and tricks, I am sure you will have a successful mobile app with millions of active downloads. One of the most significant features of a successful mobile application is choosing a trusted mobile app development company for your app development project. You can see the portfolio of the company and look at various apps that have been created by the company.

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Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra

Aman is a business consultant and strategic leader bridging the gap between technology and client satisfaction. With 15+ years of knowledge, innovation and hands-on experience in providing consultations to startups, agencies, SME's and large enterprises who need dedicated development and technology partners. He has also lead to the delivery of countless web development and mobile app development projects with 100% client satisfaction.

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