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Top Xamarin Development Tools for Xamarin app development

Increasing number of app developers are resorting to the use of Xamarin development and design tools. Thanks to the cross platform app development that Xamarin facilitates and developers are able to create iOS apps as well as Android apps without worrying much about the code modification, thus saving a lot of time and highly dynamic apps are delivered to the clients according to their business requirements.

Why choose Xamarin over other development platforms?

Before we move on to discussing the design tools to create amazing and high-end mobile apps with this technology, it is important to be familiar with the Integrated Development Environment for Xamarin app development. A very popular one among the app developers, it helps develop hassle-free Android, iOS as well as Windows-based apps which involves using C# as well as Visual Studio.

Code sharing and compiling becomes very easy with Xamarin. Why Xamarin is preferred is because of the fact that the apps built in this platform have best UI, amazing performance of that of a native app and best features.

It will be awesome if you can read a “Get Started” guide before jumping straight into the nuances of this development platform. If you are a new developer, it would be beneficial to read about the tools that we are going to mention below:


Compatible Integrated Development Environments of Xamarin

1. Modern and Sophisticated Visual Studio

This integrated development tool helps the Xamarin developer to create cross-platform apps with a lots of features that are dynamic and latest. Not only mobile applications, but web applications can also be developed with Visual Studio. The programming languages which can be integrated are .NET-based Android, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps, Mac desktop apps, ASP.NET Core web applications, .NET Core applications, and cross-platform Unity games.

2. Dynamic and Productive XCode for development

XCode is a very dynamic IDE which lets the iOS developers to create dynamic and robust iOS apps to give amazing user-experience to the iPhone users. User interface with some extraordinary features is the USP of any iOS device and they are popular for that amazing looks and feel. A developer can create a variety of apps for various devices such as Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. How can a developer create apps with this? A Xamarin developer would need a Windows machine with Xamarin on Visual Studio.

Tools every Xamarin developer should know about

  • NuGet: Open-source Package Manager:  If there is one essential tool that is a must-have for any developer in Xamarin app development then it is NuGet. It is a free and open-source packet manager which helps the developers remain worry-free as they create and share the code snippets.
  • Xamarin Inspector: Interactive Execution: It is an interactive development tool which lets the Xamarin developers use C# console. The main function of the Inspector tool is to integrate with the IDE of the app debugging workflow. It also serves as a diagnostic or debugging help when there is an inspection of the app that is being run on the smartphone.
  • Prism: Maintainable and Testable: An implementation of design collection patterns is provided by Prism tool which is highly maintainable as well as testable. Writing maintainable and well-structured XAML applications is a cakewalk with Prism tool and this includes all the technicalities also.
  • MFractor: Create Xamarin apps faster: Why are we including MFractor tool in the list of best Xamarin development tools is because it comprises XAML IntelliSense which is not so common. There are so many dynamic features such as XAML inspections and refactorings, image tooling, etc. It makes the process much easier and simpler for the Xamarin developer. To supercharge the development process, there is enhanced XAML editor to do the coding and debugging thing very fast.

Tools for Designing the best Xamarin app development

1. InVision: A dynamic design tool

A great designing tool can make or break an app so it is very important to choose a reputed design tool for the app development and design. With this tool, you are able to design files as well as add gestures, robust animations as well as excellent transitions which will completely transform the way how the app looks.

2. Sketch: Vector-based tool

If you are looking for a design tool that is vector-based for the Mac (iOS app designing), then it is a great tool for the best screen designs. Websites, icons, and user interfaces for mobile and desktop devices can be designed easily in Xamarin app development process.


We discussed about the importance of Xamarin app development and how any Xamarin developer can take the app development process to a level where clients will be delivered the best app!

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Aman Malhotra

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