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UX App Design: 5 Common Mistakes and How Mobile App Creator Avoid Them

Developing and designing an app for your clients may become a difficult task at hand to accomplish if certain approaches and fundamentals of app development are not taken into consideration in the earlier stages of development. App development involves designing the screens and wireframe of an app to get an idea of how the UX of the app will appear to the users of the app. It is a very important step when it comes to professional app development.

UX App Design: 5 Common Mistakes and How Mobile App Creator Avoid Them

What is UX and why should it not be ignored at all?
We have been talking about the importance of a good UI or a good UX on the app. You might be thinking what can be taken into account when we talk about UX. It’s a visual design or the interface which the app users see when they first open the app as well as whenever they browse through the app every time.


UX App Design: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Easily:
Let’s straight get onto the mistakes and how a mobile app creator can make the best apps ever by solving these issues.


1. UX is not considered as a common goal:
Every person has a different perception of a design. Whether it be a design of an app or anything else. A person may have a good view of the design that he has made and it can turn out completely different altogether when asked by someone else. The UI is completely visual or graphic.

Instead of having an individualistic view of the UX of the app, whole team should contribute their perceptions about the design of the app to get best results.

2. Only making efforts in UX Design at the start:
Most of the app developers or designers or the teams don’t understand that you can’t decide the app’s UX destiny in just one go! Iterations on expert advices as well as on users’ feedback is a part and parcel of the design of the app to keep the things always on point. There is a common myth and a set behaviour to finalise the things too easily too early. It will never lead to anything much concrete and conducive.

An openness to new ideas from the successful designers as well as the experts is always helpful. Iterate from the user feedback.

3. Not able to leave an impression on the users:
A smartphone app may not be able to receive good response from the users who have downloaded the app may be because of the reason that the app confused them! Yes, it’s not a surprising fact when it comes to post-launch period. It may be a setback for the client as well as an app creator.

So, we would advise you to hire mobile developer who asks you about your business goals, how you want to communicate with your app users and what solution are you offering to your app users at the end.

4. Separate personal and user likes and dislikes:
It may often come as a hindrance in creating the apps. Some app designers or developers who are not as professional or those ones who can’t segregate their own choices from the UX preferences of the clients may come to face problems when it’s time for the app delivery. Remember, the app needs to be user-centric, it’s not even about the developer choice or the client choice.
Hire mobile developer who has the potential to focus on the user’s’ preferences in every possible way out!

5. Copying ideas from the app references:
It’s completely fine if your client has shown you some apps that they like, especially the UX/ UI. It is not difficult for the end users to make comparisons when it comes to the designs and colors of the apps. It doesn’t matter much if you have changed the functionalities at the back-end, the first impression will be of a copycat. You don’t want to frustrate your client as well the app users, do you?

An app creator should put down genuine and innovative ideas so that the users of the app are very much impressed and it will surely help to create a mind blowing first impression on the app users as far as UX of the app is concerned.


The mistakes that we have discussed in this post are very common but can be easily avoided by an app creator taking care of some tips we gave above.

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Aman Malhotra

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