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What is Augmented Reality and how it affects the Mobile App Development?

In recent years, Augmented Reality established itself as one of the major innovation in the app development world. Hence it is better to learn about its benefit and use it in our mobile apps. Basically, Augmented Reality is the artificial environment which is created by mixing the elements of digital world into the physical world of the user. The AR technology is completely changing the way we interact with the world around us.
In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of AR and how Mobile App Development based on AR can offer benefits to different types of businesses. Since the boom of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality development has gained a lot of attraction in the mobile app development world. Pokemon Go is a smartphone game developed by Nintendo using Augmented Reality (AR) which allows its users to catch Pokemons on the go. You must know the overall impact and the advantages of Augmented Reality development have for businesses.

Augmented Reality is changing how we interact with the World around us, whether it is how we communicate and entertain ourselves or the way we work and solve our real life problems. Before we go much deeper into the benefits of AR development, first let’s discuss what Augmented Reality really is.

What is Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?
If you already know what AR is then you can now Hire Mobile Developers for your own AR app otherwise read on and understand this. Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. The AR uses the existing environment and maps new information on top of it. AR provides its experience through the 3D high definition video and audio. In AR, your users can look around and see the artificial computer generated objects of the layer. AR has many benefits which are highly profitable for businesses.

According to a research report, the AR/VR market will expand to $150 Billion by 2020 with share of AR to be $83 Billion.

Right now there are more than 300 million monthly users who generate content using AR apps. By the end of this year i.e 2018, the users of AR apps would exceed 200 million.

Why Augmented Reality?
Just imagine that you are walking on a road, wearing AR glasses and the glasses are automatically projecting information related to nearby locations. For example, the reviews of the nearest restaurants or if you are passing by an important building, the details about it would pop up in front of you. This is what AR does i.e. It makes the life of the user easier. Although AR is not as broad as VR but is many ways it is better than that. AR gives you a touch of the digital world in your environment but it still lets you retain the originality of your real actual world.

What are the Benefits of Augmented Reality?
The main benefit of business in augmented reality apps development for smartphones is that in near future AR is going to change the shape of commerce completely. In coming years, people will be able to try the clothes without actually wearing it or will check whether the furniture will fit inside the room or not. A company named IKEA has already implemented AR in its mobile app where users can check whether the furniture design will fit or not. AR development offers new and better opportunities for many sectors in market including gaming, education, manufacturing, commerce and travel etc.
Now let’ discuss the benefits of AR development for various sectors:-
Industries Benefiting from Augmented Reality:

  • Gaming:  The gaming sector is making AR more popular. As we have discussed apps like Pokemon Go has already took the market by storm and so many users are using it now. Therefore mobile app developers are now focusing on developing more AR based apps. This is also done to get higher customer retention.
  • Education: Education sector is also benefiting a lot from the arrival of Augmented Reality. The concept and need of using practical exposure to make student learn about the world has been fulfilled by AR only. Studying and teaching has also now become more interesting and more effective. The learning process for students has also now become more interactive hence the students remember the information for a longer time. Also more professionals are now understanding the concept of AR and starting using it. AR helps them to complete their daily tasks with less effort.
  • Healthcare: AR is also improving the level of treatment the patients get from doctors. Now using AR, surgeons can wear the AR glasses and perform the surgeries in more accurate way as they will have all the required information right in front of them.
  • Retail : Retail sector also has many benefits from using AR. Users can use the virtual fitting rooms to see what suits them. This will save lots of the user’s time and efforts. Also using AR, the stores can show more stock virtually without any need for physically showing.
  • Entertainment: In today’s world, users spends lots of their time on mobile phones and most of this time is spent on using mobile apps. That’s why so many mobile app developers have started creating AR based mobile apps with the purpose of giving more entertainment to the users. Hence the apps which simply provide lots of entertainment are becoming more popular now.

Some More Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Apps
Now it is clear that AR apps have become the preferred choice for the users as well a mobile app developers, but why? Why users now prefer AR based apps?

  • AR based apps enhance the interactivity of the user between the digital world and the physical world.
  • The users don’t need to do anything to go out of the way to generate the information.
  • With the use of AR devices, all location based information comes in front of them instantly.


As we have just discussed and constantly observing that almost every industry and sector is getting lots of benefits by using the Augmented Reality based apps. That’s the reason why the Augmented Reality app development is expanding in today’s market at very high rate and it looks like soon AR app development will become the multi-billion dollar industry. Hence whichever sector of market your business belongs to, you should go for AR based mobile app development, get more active customers and power up your business. If you are a user than you will get so many benefits by using AR apps as we have just discussed above.


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