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Why is it Worth to Hire Potent .NET Developer in 2020?

Hire Potent .Net Developer

Hundreds of software frameworks come and go, but .NET is always remaining the backbone of Web Development. As Dot Net is the baby of Microsoft, it can support many programming languages from C#, F# to C++.Net and more. 

That not all, since its first release in 2002, it was continuously growing in popularity and expected to have the same foothold in 2020 as well…WHY?

No doubt, we are a few days away from being entering in 2020, there must be a pool of new technologies and frameworks that may surprise you. But, with the extensive class library and access to a wide choice of programming languages, I’m sure that no framework can replace the rich-features of Dot Net software frameworks. 
Today, the application development sector has the number of platforms to build web pages and applications. However, still, 34% of internet users are leveraging the .net platform for developing dynamic web pages and websites. And, all credit goes to highly-skilled .net developer who has those skills to use features of this platform to the fullest.

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Before jumping to the reasons to hire .NET developers, let’s understand why you should pick .NET platform for the application development…

Advantages of Using .NET For Business Application Development

Advantages of Using .NET For Business Application Development

The success and failure of any development project majorly depend on the choice of the platform. And undoubtedly, .NET is feature-rich and can be used to millions of business apps in diverse fields from complex web apps to create simple websites. As .NET architecture carries out a consistent, scalable and dependable environment, therefore it becomes highly popular one and relatively easy platform for the .NET Developers to create compelling business web apps. 

According to the study, approximately 17,911,080 websites are using .NET web development, and there are 10,406,741 unique domains already present for this. 

Let’s get started with the key advantages of using .Net Framework for business application development.

1. Highly Robust and Reliable Platform

Today, millions of millions of people are opting for .NET development services, not just because it is easy and straightforward to use, but also a reliable and scalable platform to develop commercial applications. 

Since its inception, .NET web development platform has been widely used by small, medium and large scale companies as this framework provides the perfect access to develop technical organizational strategies that add tremendous growth.

2. Smooth Execution and Deployment of Codes

The code execution environment of the .NET framework makes the deployment more accessible and provides a safe code execution. With the features like private component, controlled code sharing, side-by-side updations, partially trusted code, a .NET developer can reduce the risk of facing conflicts in software deployment and versioning.

3. High Security

High Security

.NET Framework might be launched in 2002, but it can offer you enhanced application security as web applications developed in the latest versions of the .NET framework that has Windows confirmation and configuration. Besides, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) managing and execution of codes in any language are far more straightforward. With a CLR, the development of Microsoft applications facilitates the secure integration of scalable applications.

4. Flexible and Versatile Framework

When it comes to developing complex mobile applications, .NET web development provides you with a more flexible and versatile mobile app development solutions. In fact, with the large community of .NET web development, it’s simple to create the projects that foster the interaction between mobile devices and websites. 

With the extensive flexibility and versatility, Web Development Companies can offer you incredible user experiences and helping companies to increase the demand for their product and services.

5. Easy Maintenance

Web pages and applications built with .NET Framework are straightforward to write and maintain. As this Framework provides both source code and HTML together, the developers can create a more powerful and flexible web pages. Performing and managing the projects developed with .NET is extremely simple and straightforward.

However, only knowing the benefits of the .NET Framework or hiring software developers is not enough to develop a business application. See what experts have to say about this:

According to Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Frameworks are white boxes to those that make use of them. Application developers must be able to quickly understand the structure of a framework, and how to write code that will fit into the Framework. Frameworks are reusable designs as well as reusable codes”.
There are various benefits associated with .NET Framework, from reliability, safety to profitability that encourages you to build a fantastic commercial application. But do you know how to reuse, expand and scale these coding’s? Do you have any idea about the execution of the coding’s in .NET Framework? Don’t worry, the outsourcing software company is the perfect option for you.

That’s not all! We want you to know something beyond than the basic features of .NET Framework in the below image

.Net Schedule

The above rising graph of .NET Framework is clearly saying that no one should have any doubt about the future of .NET technology. As .NET or .NET core is powered by Microsoft and the most popular open-source community; hence, it will be the emerging technology of 2020.

If you are still in a dilemma, whether you should hire .NET web developers for your next project? Here are a few reasons that you should understand…

Reasons to Hire Dedicated .NET Developers From Offshore Software Development Company In 2020

1. On-Time Project Delivery

In today’s highly competitive scenario, time is everything for the businesses. In fact, some of the successful companies believe, “Good leader does not take on all the work themselves; neither do they take all the credit.” 

As.NET developers are having a great experience, though they build fast, secure and scalable, bug-free applications in the right time frame. Customers obtain custiing-edge web application solutions that considerably minimize project cost. Offshore development companies are backed by skilled developers experienced in a broad spectrum of business domains that empower them to deliver a project in a perfect time frame.

2. Committed to Deliver Quality

Committed to Deliver Quality

Instead of relying on the paper commitments offered by many software development companies, get partnered with the dedicated .NET developer that hook their clients with their quality of work. With a little bit of research on the web, you can easily find the antecedents of the .NET development company. While third party companies always survive in the industry only because of their quality work, therefore, you can have the most talented and professional employees working on the project with outsourcing.

3. Affordable Development Cost

The most significant reason for hiring remote developers is that you can get your application developed at the lowest cost. Various professional .NET development companies follow multiple models to make their passionate team available to client at a reasonable price. Such reputed companies like Xicom Technologies, have a team of .NET developers, working with them, hence they provide development services that most suitable to their client’s needs. 

4. Everything Is Documented

No verbal communications and commitments will work while getting your development project done by the industry best .NET developers. While shaking hands with the most reputed .NET development companies, you have to follow a standard procedure of their working. Usually, they signing up with a client that includes standard lease or contract, legal formalities and more, which bound the company to complete the deal as they committed to their client at the initial stage.

5. Integrate Best Practice

With the growing trend of outsourcing the development services to third-party companies, many organizations have understood this fact that offshore web development companies can open up better working opportunities for the clients. As they invest significant money, time and effort in R&D, to keep themselves keep themselves in a row of the updated technologies. Outsourcing to such offshore companies means that your project will proceed by using the latest technology as well as cutting-edge frameworks that add core value to your business. 

6. No Hassle Of Recruitment

If you are those non-techies, then hiring dedicated developers for your company can be a big hassle for you. However, you can easily cut-down this trouble by simply availing the .NET development services from a reputed company. As specialized .NET outsourcing companies use detailed recruitment process to verify the skills, experience and knowledge of the developers, hence there is no hassle to manage resources and other HR issues while working with the offer development companies.

Where Can You Hire Best .NET Developers in 2020?

Where Can You Hire Best .NET Developers in 2020

Hiring ASP.NET Development Company is an essential for your business if you are serious about holding the footprints in the competitive market. WHY?

The .NET developers are skilled to leverage Microsoft tools to build premier-cross-functional web and mobile applications. They have skills to make the best use of this framework and help you get the best robust, scalable and reliable applications.

With the increasing number of .NET developers, finding or hiring web developers is one of the troubling tasks. We all know, a little bit of research on a search engine can help you get the list of top service providers, but do you have that much time to hunt .NET freelance talent? Can you spare that much time to fill out the questionnaire on multiple sites to hire the best talent?

I guess no one is that much free!

Rather go through the list of common companies, a certified and accredited web development company – Xicom Technologies is here to offer you carefully crafted .NET development services at the budget price. Since 2002 they have roots in design and development; therefore, they hold expertise and experience in providing development solutions that add core value to your business and put your brand first in the competition.

You don’t need to take our words, check the Portfolio right here! Or you can Contact the experts to get the right project estimation.

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