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Why JavaFX is the best bet for cross platform app development?

cross-platform app development

In all our articles, we always talk about the updated technologies that come to the IT industry and which affects the processes implemented by the Android app developers and iOS app developers as well. In this article, we have come with an amazing news which helps in cross platform app development for the app developers.

You may now think that what are we going to talk about!

Oracle has sent out a news telling that JavaFX is now available to use by the app developers. Now, one may think what JavaFX is made for and what is the use of this platform?

Just for your information, we want to tell you that it is actually a rich client Java which helps in creating a better UI or UX of the app. Success of the app is mostly based on the UX of the app. If the user is able to connect easily with the app with the help of interactive user interface of the app, then it is certainly possible that the users will retain on your app as they will be able to not only use the app, but also find it easy to retain on the app because of the impressive UX. All that a user wants from the app is certainly the ease of navigating through the app as well as unique and exciting features that can keep them glued to the app.

What’s the news about JavaFX from Oracle?

Amazing news is that Oracle has announced that the JavaFX has gone open-source so that it can be used by the iOS as well as the Android app developers and they will be able to use it for developing apps which are cross-platform compatible.

Why is it little too late for JavaFX to start with iOS compatibility?

If you already didn’t know JavaFX helps the app development process to be more dynamic and robust. So, it’s obviously a great start when it comes to iOS app development using this rich client platform of JavaFX.

There are many alternatives that have come to help the iOS developers create amazing apps and this is definitely a second choice as the developers are now comfortable using other alternatives. They are now successfully using HTML5 for developing amazing apps for desktops. To add to this, we can say that Unity and other platforms are being successfully used to create game apps. As there hasn’t been Java support for iOS from so much long time, it was completely possible that the developers would look for some alternatives that would completely help them without having to wait for the Java support.With HTML5 giving the back to the Mobile Apps Developers are quite much satisfied with it. Moreover, Java will now face competition from the rivals in the industry.

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Benefits of using JavaFX for mobile app development:

But, there is one positive thing that would help JavaFX to thrive in the industry and that is who have used it in the past love to use it for cross platform app development because they are completely aware of the tools and technology of this Java tool. Standard Java development tools help them to get started easily and with much success. If JavaFX is used for the backend then the chances are that the web client saves a lot of time, effort and of course, resources.

Groovy and Scala are some of the popular languages that are integrated flawlessly with JavaFX so this makes it easier to create apps that are made in an awesome way. A WebKit-based component- which is a proper browser component  is also used here. XML format for UI coding can also be used by the app developer to create amazing apps.

Sometimes, it may not be easy to create animated apps, but an amazing thing is that Java helps to create apps with the animation and drawing as we are well-aware of the capabilities of JavaFX in animation and drawing which are undoubtedly impressive. Not only animation but there are other complex graphics as well which can be handled with this rich client of Java. These graphics can be made even more interesting cross-platform app development with the help of JavaFX.

 What opportunities does JavaFX holds for app development?

Oracle launched a discussion of open source JavaFX code in JavaOne 2012. Since then, 543 055 lines of code from 35 different sub-projects have been released for general use in the re-use form. This happens after the demand from the long-term needs of the application developers.

JavaFX is a java library which is used to create GUI Applications and RIA(Rich Internet Applications). Java swing is also used for GUI Application development but JavaFX is a step ahead of java swing. Oracle has clearly stated that JavaFX is replacing swing as new client UI Library for Java SE, though swing will remain the part of Java SE.

Summary of JavaFX features:

  • JavaFX provides a rich set of graphics and media APIs with high-performance hardware-accelerated graphics and media engines to simplify development of immersive visual cross-platform mobile applications.
  • FXML, which like HTML is used only to define the interface of an application, keeping it completely separate from the code logic.
  • An application called ‘Scene builder’ can be integrated with Netbeans or eclipse for creating the FXML document using drag and drop methodology.
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