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Why Optimizing Apps To Various Screen Sizes Is Really Essential?

Optimizing the app for screen sizes is really important because the most important thing that a mobile app development company should try to do is definitely to provide a great user-experience to the users of the app. Whether they are using a small palm-sized device or a little big, it is really important for the app owner to hire experts to create an app that is optimized to the screen size of various devices that are being used by the people around the world.

There are new devices that are being added to the list everyday that poses a challenge for the developers to create more advanced apps with such optimization level that the app can be used easily by all the users and not just a few bunch of devices. If you are a business owner having a brand, then it completely makes sense for you to hire a mobile app creator who is well-versed with the issue of bad screen size of the apps and that they are not optimized to the devices.

Increased Popularity of Chromebooks and Chrome OS

Another reason why one must hire mobile app developer is to get a professional app developed which is compatible with the screen sizes whether its a smartphone or a tablet or even a chromebook which is being launched these days. Samsung, Dell and HP have already come up with some great Chromebooks which can be used as touch screen tablets or like a PC with a keyboard. But, there has been a issue with these Chromebooks that the apps doesn’t fit properly into the screens of the these books.

But, with a significant demand and easy supply of these Chromebooks, the app developers of mobile app development company need to know that a business can lose a lot of deal if the users download the app but are not able to use the app in the best possible version.

In this article, we are particularly focusing on the importance of Chrome OS, because more and more Chromebooks are being sold in the market as well as the future of Chromebooks Chrome OS is yet to rise. This calls for more and more apps to fit into the screen sizes of the Chromebooks.

By developing Chrome OS, developers can expand their range of devices and displays. By optimizing the app on different Chrome OS screens, an app opens up the opportunity to more users using the apps and thus the percentage of conversion from the apps also increases. After all, it’s all about the device screen sizes.

Choose a wider range of screen sizes after careful consideration

It is the new ideas and the unique content that is liked by the people when they download apps of their interest. Isn’t it? It also means that the mobile app creator should come up with new ideas and higher optimization levels of the apps to increase the revenue from the apps and not miss out on any of the app users.

Many people use a variety of devices every day, and the boundary between the desktop and the mobile experience is unclear. Today, consumers need diversity. People can pay attention to devices with wider and larger screens, and they have easy access to where they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Talking about the previous year, Google Pixelbook with Chrome OS won the hearts of the people everywhere because of the high level of performance that this Chromebook promised and gave to the users. With its large screen and performance, Pixel Slate is ideal for mobile applications and has a removable keyboard that gives the user about the feel of a laptop.

Like all other devices supported by the Chrome OS, both devices have become accessible to millions of people using mobile applications on large screens. A mobile app development company can earn more money by making the apps Chrome OS in different ways.

Benefits of optimizing apps according to the Chromebook screen size

Optimized wider screen formatting.

  • Landscape mode.
  • Manage multiple windows.
  • Keyboard, mouse and pen.

In a world where consumers are increasingly demanding, developers need to expand their strategy beyond the mobile phone and provide services for multiple devices. Regardless of the size of your device or monitor, it is important to consider whether the application provides the most impressive experience for all users. This can encourage growth and avoid differences between new new customers and it calls for hiring a mobile app creator who has had experience in creating similar apps.


So, we have mentioned some of the major benefits that any business owner can get after he decides to hire mobile app development company who has complete knowledge on how to make the app optimized for Chromebooks with Chrome OS of course.

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