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Where, When And How To Choose A Mobile App Development Company For Your Business


Using mobile apps is the in-thing in today’s corporate world.

It is needless to say; businesses go hand-in-hand with the emerging technologies and the internet. Across the globe, business scenarios are continually evolving and have turned client-oriented. Indeed, companies are striving hard to match up client’s expectations and retain a competitive edge over their adversary.  

With worldly goods, your business needs a rooted and future-ready growth strategy to thrive in the market. 

So, if by anyhow, you concluded: “You have a website, and that is enough.”

Stop and think again. 
Presently, the spotlight in the business era is to observe the dynamically changing trends and step ahead in partnering with the app development firm for your business unmountable success. So, before you delve and start the search for the best mobile app development company on Google, let us draw your attention to some unskippable aspects.

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The Decisive Stats

If your business core motive is to reach a significant client base, only a mobile app can help you do that. Indeed, it’s an undeniable fact that mobile apps have become primitive to businesses today. 


First and foremost, remember more and more people are switching to mobile from setting an alarm to booking a reservation, everything is possible with just a matter of touch.


Image Source

The above stats gives a clear picture of the increasing number of mobile apps in the Google play store from December 2019 to June 2020. Recently, the number of mobile apps in the Google play store was placed at 2.96 million apps, after overshadowing 1 million apps in July 2013. Besides, Apple’s app store in the 1st quarter of 2020 proves to be a bottleneck competition with capturing the second largest marketplace for app downloads with 1.85 million apps.  

Since 2008, Google Play and Apple store for iOS adheres to offer customers an exclusive range of applications and digital media including music, magazines, books, TV and entertainment. Even, in recent times, the number of mobile app downloads has outgrown to reach 258.2 million apps by 2022

It solely means the popularity of mobile apps is emerging exponentially. Because over 80 per cent of everyone’s time is spent on mobile apps, it’s right to say any business can benefit from mobile app development solutions that represent them. 

Still, there are two things that give goosebumps to business owners and board of directors:

  • The cost involved for mobile app development
  • The shortcomings in hiring the right app development technology partner

While the expenditure aspect varies according to the initial requirements, unique pre-requisite, need of the business and expected result, our experts decided to help you in the process of selecting the right fit to take your business to the next level.   
Of course, there are numerous things to keep in mind before rushing into any decision. Myriad firms offer their services in mobile app development, but you need to find what you are looking for, i.e. hire app developers. And, to achieve that, I have pocketed some useful pieces of information explained in simple terms.

#Tip 1: The Right Choice Of The Platform

You must be thinking what difference does the platform make? 

Choosing the right mobile app platform is imperative for a successful mobile app because of its scalability. And, the usability of these respective operating systems allows businesses to scale and modify their products without any hassle.

In clear words, iOS and Android together represent the lion’s share of 99 per cent of the mobile operating market.  Both the platforms cater to three distinctive types of applications that are nowadays in. They include different approaches and cater several purposes.

A. The Native Apps

They are created using Swift or Java and have the best-optimized performance. Typically developed and designed for a specific device and its OS, they use opportunities offered by each device.

Below are some benefits offered by the native apps

  • A wide array of functionalities and easier user flow,
  • Enriching user experience, as apps are created to use the full potential of the device. 
  • Reviews, feedbacks and quality assurance through rating applications stores of each operating system. 

Whereas, on the contrary, the cross-platform app development is time consuming and towards an expensive side. Because, it needs multiple teams to be hired to brace apps for iOS and Android. 

B. Web-Based Apps

They are popularly known as PVA (Progressive Web Applications), developed with the right blend of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, allowing the app to be cross-platform and ubiquitous for all major browsers.  

Casually, web apps are developed to abide by a narrow and specific objective. With numerous advantages, there are some disadvantages too from the perspective of integration and performance (as applications use web view for rendering). 

In this context, Hybrid mobile app development comes to be less expensive in both development and support. The core objective is to have a framework that jell with the mobile operating systems so that developers from the trusted mobile app development company can develop an app regardless of the device end-user will have. 

Presently, most of the apps are hybrid offering below listed benefits

  • Eliminates the need to brace integration with the latest version of OS 
  • Uses an integrated browser to display the dynamic content. 
  • Utilizes one source code with little to no requirements for each of the operating System 

The only challenge is that any framework used to create an app adds the new layer to the app that is not a right choice for its performance and moreover, they don’t allow an “offline mode”. 

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#Tip 2: Device Features With Optimization and Performance

While popular apps and websites rely on mouse and keyboard to navigate and communicate, mobile apps solely rely on touches and taps. And, to stay in the race, modern apps should use this to offer their users elegant and simple solutions. 

Simultaneously, one of the nightmares for clients, leaving them annoyed is a sloth speed app or broken app. If by chance you open the app store and search for negative feedback and reviews, you will observe that big and significant complaints from the clients come from either inability to log in or slow performance. 

Also, there is a choice that was used by numerous famous apps. Clients were provided with a beta version of an app in return for their feedback. This eventually reduced the amount of negative feedback and collected all the relevant information about performance and total impression. And, one more thing, while choosing a reliable software development company to ensure to find the one that will help you with the support of the latest 

And while choosing a development company, make sure to find the one that will help you with the support of a newly launched app and will have a plan for optimization.

#Tip 3: Smart Yet Simple Design

In the recent tendencies of zero design, it might appear an alluring idea to cut some corners and eliminate development costs by not hiring a talented and experienced UI/UX designer. And, if somehow you believe that there is no requirement for improving the UX/UI experience, just answer a straightforward question.

“Do you want to make your user’s life easier”? 

The design speaks much before anything else in the online world. It’s all about creating a journey that is for sure to fascinate and simultaneously won’t be just a piece of the puzzle. It means that

  • Easy navigation of the process and helps users find mistakes faster 
  • Minimized amount of information per screen
  • Reduced number of questions users have to ask from the starting, indeed proffer customization through questions. 
  • Authorize autocomplete fields without being annoyed. 

Don’t forget; user experience is everything for the mobile application undefeated success. It should be simple and clear, created around powerful core features.

How To Find The Right Potential Vendor For App Development


Choosing a firm or a team of developers that might change the conventional way of handling your business appears to be an uphill task in the beginning. Any app development company would acclaim they are “leader of the markets” or “the right choice for your project”, and as you know trusting self-advertising is not a good idea, you need something substantial to decide on. 

So, before you start searching for the right mobile app development company, you need to unfurl your business ethics, core objective and what your target audience needs. One simple way to do it is to perform a search or market analysis based on client demographics, their choices of preference like and dislikes. This will eventually help you with a clear understanding of every know-how for who your app would be targeted towards. 

And, once you have successfully found your client persona and their baseline demands, you are all set to hire mobile app developer  that offer best-in-class services and are willing to walk the extra mile in the app development process. 

However, if you find the path coarse to proceed ahead, I would recommend you to ask yourself some relevant questions, the answer to which can be your key to find the right mobile app development company for your business. 

# Question 1: Does the Mobile App Development Company Bring Brand Reputation to the Table?

The thumb rule in the market says “An app company’s credibility and reputation within the market plays a crucial role in setting the right trajectory of your app as well as your business”. Probably, you may require to do some extensive research about every company you have funnelled down in your list to get the best results.  

But, make sure to thoroughly check the company backdrop, go through review and feedback from their previous clients and organizations, and rating provided on trusted B2B platforms like Clutch, Glassdoor and Linkedin to get an overview of how reputed the firm is. 

Moreover, it might help to scoop out previous clients and the portfolios presented on the website to gain an insight into the company. 

# Question 2: What Technology Stack They Work With?

Conventionally, there are two types of approaches to the right mobile app development. First is the traditional way where each app is built right from scratch. Even, negatives include complex iterations, expensive and time-consuming aspects. 

While the second option is low-code, where the technology platform runs automatically, in this, the platform features deep libraries for pre-embellished business modules, a design studio with several designs and pre-connected technology components. 

So, if you want your app to work well with the latest update, align with the firm that holds expertise with the newest technology stack and resolve complications without any much hassle. 

#Question 3: Will The Firm Maintain A Long-Term Bond?

Regardless of all efforts from every included team in the development process, irrespective of iOS and Android app development solutions, this is always long-term cooperation. So, take your time and choose the firm that is open about its project management and methodologies, performance evaluation and modes of communication.   

Many firms, regardless of their size and market capital, might have an in-house team who take care of their website. Still, if you are looking for expansions, a simple website is not just enough.

So, to find the ideal company to hire app developers, adhere to three success mantra

  • A business should have a clear vision of what needs to be done
  • Real and operational expectations of cost and development time
  • The firm should be ready for long-term cooperation with the team

#Question 4: Is Your Firm Ready To Give You A Peace Hearing?

Last but not least is your firm ready to give you a peace hearing? Ready for understanding your dream?

If it’s a NO for any of the above answers, then it’s still the right time to step back. 

You might be wondering why?

Because a mobile app is not just a clone, indeed it represents you, your ethics, your business values. It’s mandatory in the development process to know your target audience, choose the right platform, think of the right content and be real and honest to your developing partner. 

So, make sure while describing your dream app, you have clarified every feature to your technology partner, what section of services are vital for your app, what features can be added in the later updates or eliminated from the popular mobile app. 

The Final Words..

By now, you must have carefully analyzed and evaluated all the candidates, and it’s time to keep a finger on one. Hopefully, you find the ideal app development company like Xicom Technologies for your project’s undefeated success. 

Still leaving no stone unturned in the aisle of mobile app development solutions, here is a bit of final advice for you:

  • Jot down all the findings. 
  • Don’t jump straight away to conclusions.
  • Clear controversial points with your team
  • Don’t shy in asking questions, for contact, click on this Link

If you have a groundbreaking concept and have done your research, you can begin your app development process with Free Project Estimation.

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