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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Fitness App

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Fitness App

“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia

The endurance, the sweat, the satisfaction –  we all know how alluring it is when you complete a workout that is full of gratification and dedication. And with the flourishing of the mobile development industry, the measurement of how well you are performing on your fitness regime has not only been made easy, but it has become a constant source of income for many users out there. 

According to stats by Statista, an average percentage of the U.S. population engaged in sports and exercise per day is rising as the years are passing by.

(Image Source: Statista)

This clearly indicates that the prominence of fitness and Gym applications is on the prime. Nowadays the audience is turning out to be really conscious about their health. Hence, the app development industries can take advantage of this and build a fitness application for the people out there.  

As indicated by Coherent Market Insights, the worldwide fitness and wellness applications market is anticipated to show a huge CAGR of 20.4 percent from 2019 to 2027.

Therefore, the question goes down to how much does it cost to make a fitness app? How can it be developed with different features, how can you make it or how to create a fitness app?

Let’s begin

Different Types of Fitness App that you Can Develop

There are different types of fitness apps that the audience look for. Here are some of the fitness apps that your customers would love and on what makes a good fitness app.

  • Diet and Nutrition App: This is the type of app that the user can use for counting down their calories and see how many they are consuming on a daily basis. If you need to construct a fitness application of this sort, you have to realize that these applications ordinarily have a standardized identification scanner which is incredibly useful when a client is shopping. It helps them to scan the calories of the items they are buying. 
  • Trainer and Fitness Expert App: This is one of those apps that tends to provide the audience with experts and trainers that guide them with the workout. Some of them work well with the organizer, where the customer can book and cancel anytime. Online streaming is one of the most suitable features of this app 
  • Tracking your Activity: One of the widely used apps that the user always looks for is the activity is a tracking app. Users, are more into running and jogging always want to track down their Kms and calories they are burning.
  • Exercise Apps: A research done by Flurry Analytics uncovers that exercise and weight reduction applications represent 73 percent of all fitness based apps. This kind of fitness coach application gives a lot of activities to the clients and lets them adjust to a preparation plan. These applications gather clients’ wellbeing and action related information to give them customized data.
  • Meditation App: Meditation and yoga is one of the ways in which people try to be focused and healthy in their day to day life. These apps tend to have sessions with the trainers that help with the process and the journey. This only means that these apps tend to have  high retention rates. Not only this but many apps tend to have reminder options too.

Some of the Features that you should include in your Fitness App

According to a research done by Statista billions of US Dollars are spent on wearable and this business will continue to rise till the year 2024.

pasted image 0
(Image Source: Statisca)

Therefore, the user needs to concentrate well on the features that they would be using while they work on their apps. Here are some of the features that the user can include in the process, and hire App developer accordingly:

1. Sign up, Login or Account Creation

Setting up of accounts has to be one of the most vital things that the app developer needs to do. This helps the user to store up information and personalize their profile as they wish to. Therefore while setting up the account the user should be given an option to do it with the help of a social platform. Like facebook, twitter or google account. You need to make sure that the sign up should not be too complicated otherwise the user might get annoyed and leave the process in the middle.

2. Connectivity and Geolocation

Nearly everybody today is operating with the wearable gadget to follow their fitness. So it is significantly important for your app to be in sync with the information and data. Thus the client needs to have consistent connectivity and strong data with regards to apps that would work well with the wearable and their mobile phone. It’s significant for a fit application to be viable with as many trackers as the user would like. Your application must have the option to interface with.

With the help of the app the user has the authority to construct a walking route and also track the current position of the user that is using it.

3. Notifications

Workout and Fitness is a thing of consistency. A few missed workouts and you might lose on your perfect body. That is the reason why the user needs a reminder in the journey of development of the app. Not only this but the app developer needs to give an option to the user to mute the notification too. Not all the users need to receive the notifications. So the user needs the authority to change the settings too.

4. Workouts

With this feature you can give your clients little fitness tips and data to keep them continually up to date and on point. These little exercise tips can assist them in getting fit quickly. These may vary contingent upon the sort of an application that you are developing, and the type you hire mobile app developer. The majority of the following applications permit the user to make their own exercises or pick among offered ones.

5. Sleep Tracker

An activity tracker only tends to help the user to track their calories and the path they are covering. Therefore, there should be a tracker that needs to keep tap on the sleep and rest time too. Because as important as the workout is, sleeping is important for relaxation of the muscles too.

6. Gamification:

Gamification is utilized both to engage and to propel the user to do more in their daily workouts. Accomplishments like those found in computer games are seen when the user or a gamer completes a quest. Similarly the fitness app can do the same. Allow your clients to achieve, get rewards, and contrast results with their companions. In certain applications, clients can even become a part of a charity program by sharing the result on social media.

7. Social Media Integration:

Integration of social media features and platforms to the app tends to not only give free advertising , but it also presents the users with shared results on their social media pages. It is also crucial and vital to be sure that the app has social media pages so the audience can easily look and see what the app is all about while providing engagement.

The Platforms that should be Looked Upon and the Audience to Look After!

In the subsequent process of fitness and exercise application development for App Development India, you need to look for the right platforms and stages. Whether you need to build up a fitness application for Android, iOS or Windows, the user needs to carefully choose their platform for the future success.

Developing a Fitness Apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows is a significant choice, which can straightforwardly affect the application download rate among clients and therefore eventually affect the income. Though, there is a large portion of the individuals in the US that are inclined toward iOS over Android. And the research done by deviceatlas clearly suggests it.

graph2 1 1
(Image Source: DeviceAtlas)

While choosing the stage or a platform, the user needs to clearly look at where the audience or the crowd lies, in this view you need to pick up the correct stage. Realizing the audience is one of the crucial and complex pieces in the process of  application development. The app developer can either make fitness applications straightforward for the customers or, it can bring out major changes for the makers. 

With regards to the audience, the App Development Company needs to discover the age, the monetary status, what they do, and where they live of the audience they are targeting. Investigating your application on these boundaries will allow the user to figure out what explicit highlights you need in your fitness applications for iPhone or Android. 

The most important process that the app developer needs to do is to see how your application will address the necessities of the audience that you are targeting and how you can catch the information and will give the understanding to the clients and mobile application.

Monetization and the Cost that is involved in Building the App 

Now that you know how to build a fitness app you must be wondering how much does it cost to make a fitness app. So let’s see how you can handle it:

There are different fitness apps that are available in the market like Runtastic, Fitbit, Google Fit and there are different app development organizations that charge anyplace between $4,000 to $10,500 per stage for creating fitness applications like them.

Not only this but the app developers also needs to look for specific measure of hours to build up a fitness application, all the more explicitly:

  • Business investigation and determination + structure models: up from 60 hours generally.
  • Planning: up from 80 hours
  • Development stage: up from 400 hours for iOS, up from 480 hours for Android
  • Back-end improvement: 400 hours and maybe beyond
  • Testing stage: up from 80 hours

The Cost of Building Health and Fitness Apps rely generally upon three factors that you should know

  • The multifaceted nature and the size of the application
  • The type of platform on which you need to run your application
  • The Development.

And here is some of the cost that can be seen region wise and according to the hours, for instance: 

  • USA based engineers: $60 to $260 every hour
  • Engineers in Eastern Europe: $40 to $170 every hour
  • Engineers in India: $10 to $70 every hour

In Conclusion

We live in an era where audiences in an increasing number are getting worried over their wellness. The app innovation additionally permits Android App Development Company to make this cycle more viable. So we hope that this article provides you with all the features and information.

If the app development company needs any guidance in this zone then they can contact us with the help of our details. The organization and users that need help can input their details on the free estimation page and get in touch with us.


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