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Detailed Guide to Create A Quick Commerce App

Quick Commerce App

Deciding to create a quick commerce app in 2024 can be a perfect approach for businesses looking to enter into the e-commerce industry. It can be an innovative and rewarding way to expand your e-commerce business. 

Wondering why there is a need for “Quick Commerce Business” when you are already managing sales with an e-commerce app?

There is a transforming rise of e-commerce platforms where people are rapidly changing their shopping preferences and shifting to a convenience and lightening delivery model, that too will be delivered in minutes to a few hours. As Quick Commerce is making a mark on the industry by simplifying customers’ lives with 10 minutes of product delivery, it is worth investing in the Quick Commerce app. 

But the question is how to get started with quick commerce and what are the market insights?

If you are looking to build or get started with a quick commerce business, then you’ll need to hire a top mobile app development company in Dallas, USA! This is where Xicom can be your strategic partner for unlocking business opportunities. 

Rise of Quick Commerce in the USA Market: A Big Game Changer in Retail

Quick commerce is quickly becoming a trendsetter in the USA market but you need to be aligned with your target market as this model doesn’t fit all types of products and services. So while looking to make a way into the quick commerce business, make sure you classify your market and audience. You will need to determine what product and services you want to sell online with the 10-minute delivery model.

Now the question is whether customers need and are willing to pay for these premium services.

To make this model work, you can consider partnering with the local hubs and retailers at various locations to meet the closest proximity time of delivery. Moreover, you can broaden the spectrum of products and services to your Q-commerce app to increase your customer base. 

Let’s crunch some facts and figures:

Why Should You Invest In Quick Commerce Business?

  • It is expected that quick commerce sales will grow 10-15x in the next five years as 80% of customers prefer same-day delivery, whereas 63% of them demand contactless delivery between 1 to 3 hours.
  • Minimizing the delivery time from same day to “1 to 2 hours” has made Amazon Prime intensify their customer needs and impact gross sales. 
  • By the end of 2024, the Quick Commerce business is predicted to be poised to surpass an impressive revenue of $170.80 billion which is already 6.6% higher than the last year. 

This is what Quick Commerce has taken note of and started delivering the products within 10 minutes to 1 hour. And in the USA market, Costco, Amazon, and Walmart are the few adopters of this business model. 

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Quick Commerce App?

Estimating the cost to create a Quick Commerce app is quite challenging especially when you are not sure what exactly to include in the app. Still, here we have tried categorizing the cost structure based on the app’s complexities. 

Type of AppExample AppsTimelineCostFeatures
Simple App
Local Grocery Apps4-6 months
$30,000 – $35,000+
– Basic delivery functionality
– Limited selection of products
– Simple UI
Complex App

Walmart, Costco6-10 months

$40,000 – $75,000+

– A wide selection of products
– Sophisticated UI
– Order from multiple stores
– Track orders in real-time
Online payments
Highly Complex App

Amazon10-15 months


– Voice ordering or Augmented Reality
– Constantly evolving UI
– Integration of food delivery or ride-hailing
– Personaalized recommendations

How Can You Make Money From Quick Commerce App?

Whether you are a startup or a leading entrepreneur, developing an app’s primary concern is making money from the business. The quick commerce business model involves multiple revenue streams and each one is designed to maximize profitability while providing value to customers and partners. 

Subscription Model:

Take advantage of subscription plans where customers are privileged with unlimited or discounted quick commerce deliveries by paying recurring fees.

Transactional Fees:

Generate revenue by charging a commission or fees on every merchant selling or listing on your portal.

Delivery Fees:

This business model offers premium product delivery services, so anyone using these apps is willing to pay higher fees for quick delivery. All you have to do is to structure the tiered delivery fee structure based on factors like orders, distance, weight, or delivery speed. 

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Future Aspects and Challenges Aligned With Quick Commerce App

With early adopters like Amazon, Walmart, or Costco, it is clear that Quick Commerce will continue to stay strong shortly. It presents a promising future, but good things always come up with their share of challenges.

So before you look for the top mobile app development company in Los Angeles to integrate Quick Commerce into the e-commerce business, let’s understand the primary challenges associated with Quick Commerce…

Challenge #1: Ensuring the Last-Mile Logistics

Last-mile delivery is the core feature of the Quick Commerce business model and the biggest challenge is this only that how will ensure quick delivery in densely populated urban areas with congested traffic. 

The simple solution to this challenge:

  • Make use of route optimization algorithms
  • Look for real-time tracking systems
  • Look for local delivery partners
  • Using advanced logistics technologies

Challenge #2: Quality Control

Maintaining product quality and freshness during transit is the most important for customer satisfaction. Quick Commerce companies like Amazon use robust quality control systems to maintain quality standards and prevent issues like leakage or product damage. 

The simple solutions to this challenges:

  • Conduct regular product quality inspections
  • Use temperature-controlled storage boxes

Challenge #3: Dealing with Market Competition

The way big giants like Amazon or Walmart are leading the domain, it always seems tough for beginners to compete against such big apps. The intense market competition leads to price wars, shrinks the profit margins, and makes it challenging to establish a brand image.

The simple solution to this challenge:

  • Make a strategic move instead of focusing on developing a replica of the app
  • Focus on targeting the specific areas of the market
  • Offer distinctive features and services
  • Build a strong loyal customer base with excellent services.

But how can you overcome these challenges and get a perfect solution? This is where collaborating with Xicom will be a worthy decision.

How Can Xicom Technologies Mitigating these Challenges?

Whether you are looking to get started with a quick commerce business, or searching for the solution to overcome e-commerce delivery challenges, Xicom is a top mobile app development company in Dallas, USA offering specialized e-commerce solutions. 

Being rooted in mobile app development services for over two decades, they remain at the forefront of customizing e-commerce apps integrated with the latest technologies and trends.

Quick Commerce (Q-commerce) is a next-generation e-commerce model of e-commerce apps, and Xicom’s expertise in e-commerce app development services makes it an exceptional leader.

By harnessing their expertise and technical capabilities, Xicom empowers Quick Commerce platforms to overcome all delivery and logistical hurdles, enabling you to maintain service quality and ensuring satisfaction to customers that ultimately drive business growth and success. 

Here’s how they contribute to Quick Commerce Business Development:

1. Implementing an Innovative Approach to Encounter Last-Minute Logistics Challenges

  • The core tech team at Xicom pays attention to customizing apps with real-time tracking, route optimization, and geolocation features.
  • For advanced business models, they use GPS, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms for enhanced accuracy. 

2. Using Advanced Quality Control Measures

  • To maintain the freshness of the products, apps are developed with features like temperature monitoring and automated quality alerts. 

3. Building Easy Scalable Solutions

  • Quick commerce apps are usually launched with a limited product list. But we build apps that are easily scalable as your business grows and the product catalog increases. 
  • To make it work flawlessly, we build robust backend systems and APIs to handle fluctuating order volumes and able to expand delivery networks.

4. Enhanced UI/UX Designs

  • We don’t just code apps, instead, we deliver experiences by focusing on user research, prototyping, and usability testing for improved customer experience. 

Apart, Xicom Technologies believes in embracing a collaborative app development approach with clients to understand business roadblocks and customize solutions that address the pain areas and ensure success. 

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With this blog guide, you must have an idea about how fast Quick Commerce is reshaping the e-commerce industry and satisfying the urgent customer needs for product delivery. It won’t be wrong to say that Quick Commerce will be the future of e-commerce. Considering all the changing market dynamics, it is worth integrating Quick Commerce into your e-commerce business by hiring a top mobile app development company in California, USA.

The primary reason is, that the professionals have better knowledge of targeting the areas with higher demand for quick commerce. So if you’re all set to take your e-commerce business to new heights but not sure how to get started, then book a 15-minute free call with our experts or contact us for a tailored solution. 


Which Industries Can Adopt Quick Commerce Business Model?

Quick Commerce has the potential to revolutionize various industry verticals, offering swift delivery solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of the customers. From healthcare, medicine,  grocery, Courier, and gifts to packaged and frozen foods can easily adopt the Q-commerce business model. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started With Quick Commerce Business in 2024?

The average cost to get started with Quick Commerce business usually starts from $30,000 to $35,000+ for the basic features and functionalities whereas the advanced hyperlocal delivery app version may take up to $95,000+ as they are integrated with the latest technologies like AI & ML algorithms, Big data analytics and more. 

What Are The Major Factors Affecting the Quick Commerce Business Development Cost?

There are several factors affecting the cost of creating q-commerce apps or Hyperlocal product delivery apps. Majorly it includes the complexity of the app, features and functionalities, UI/UX design of the app, hourly cost of the developers, and more. Depending upon such factors the cost to create a quick commerce app can greatly fluctuate. 

How Can Businesses Integrate Quick Commerce Into Their E-commerce Operations?

The simple way to get started with quick commerce is to invest in the right technology, optimize your product delivery sources, collaborate with locals, or look for local delivery providers. By leveraging these strategies, businesses can easily implement Q-commerce and capitalize on it. 

How Does Q-Commerce Different From Traditional E-commerce Business?

The quick commerce business model depends upon quick delivery services that are around 10 minutes to 1 hour. On the other hand, a traditional e-commerce model will take around 4 to 5 shipping days to deliver the product. 

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