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How to Hire a Right Dedicated Development Team For Your Next Project?

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Planning to develop a mobile app? If yes, then the next question clicks to your mind is, whether you should hire a freelancer, offshore dedicated development team(DDT), or go for an in-house development team for your next app development project…

Well deciding between these three options can be a serious concern for every business whether they are a starter or an entrepreneur. However, outsourcing the best mobile app development company can be an expensive choice but the unmatched product quality can easily cover up the initial cost. 
If you are still in doubt whether you should outsource your app development needs to a dedicated development team, then you need to know about these benefits of collaborating with app development companies.

What Businesses Can Expect While Hiring Offshore DDT Model?

Dedicated offshore development services come with great advantages. Still, we will take a deeper look to understand why enterprises and startups should choose the DDT model.

Strong Back of Skilled Engineers: Reputed software development companies are backed by a highly-skilled, experienced, and certified team of developers holding the ability to develop business-growing applications and bridging a gap between your goals and success. 

Cost-Efficient Solution: The biggest benefit of outsourcing the app development services is you can easily save a cost in terms of infrastructure and overhead expenses that are usually associated with the in-house development team. Moreover, the average cost of working with an in-house development team is approx $70 per hour whereas the average cost to hire app developer is approx 35 dollars per hour. You may find the vendor that isn’t that cheaper, but they sure do offer the efficiency that you couldn’t expect from your in-house team. 

Increase Your Focus: Handing the development work to the external app development company can increase your ability to focus on core strategies and services. 

Reduce the Burden of Recruitment: The DDT team is a pool of professionals that has all the skills that you may be looking for in your development team that fit your company principles best from the shortlist. Collaborating with the professional development company means hiring the complete development team in a single go. Therefore, it includes minor efforts from your end to set up a team.

Shorter Development Cycle: In contrast to putting an in-house development team in place and explaining your goals, technologies, and methodologies required for the development project, a dedicated development team can easily analyze your project needs and be able to customize the product under a limited timeframe. 

Less Management Rick: Since DDTs are expertise in handling multiple projects at the time, therefore they better know how to manage the operating process and remain committed to the delivery deadlines. 
Let’s assume that you are ready to hire software developer for your project, after knowing these benefits. However, now the central question is, with 23.9 million software developers all across the world, “how will you decide the best DDT team for your project needs”?

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Here are the principles of hiring the dedicated development team for the project:

Let’s get into the deep to understand each parameter in detail

What is DDT Model and What Is It Made Up Of?

These days software outsourcing has become a very common solution, but sometimes you need to hire a team that dedicatedly works on your project and takes care of everything right from planning to the final launch of the project. DDT models refer to the team of dedicated programmers and experts that can handle the complexity of the project and are able to manage it flawlessly. Businesses can get a competitive edge by hiring dedicated teams as they can develop, test, and deploy solutions by leveraging their dedicated infrastructures and core teams. 

Let’s understand what exactly DDT model comprise of

Project Manager: The main coordinator of your project who will take care of your project requirements and get it executed through the development team you hire. In addition, you won’t be required to explain your requirements to the developers individually as the project coordinator is there to handle everything right from executing your project requirements to providing project progress reports. 

Dedicated Developers: The actual driving force of your development team. They basically include front-end, back-end, and full-tech stack developers who will turn your app design into practical products through coding. 

QA Engineers: Launching your app without testing or final quality check is the biggest mistake that most businesses make. That’s where an app tester deeply analyses and checks your product to identify bugs and make it fixed before it is launched. 

UX/UI Designers: App design is an important factor, therefore, these experts deeply analyze your business requirement, understand your targeted audience, and then create User Interface (UI) of the app. The UX/UI designers make sure your product is visually attractive and appealing that can easily attract the attention of the users and also simple to navigate.  

Basic Working Principles of Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated development teams are working on such principles that they strictly adhere to, which includes:

  • Sign an NDA closure with clients to ensure project security. 
  • Inspecting project progress reports monthly and integrates the best methodologies to drive excellent project results. 
  • Building a strong client relationship is the simple success mantra of DDT models, therefore, they make sure to have facetime with clients through skype or get connected with them through chats to avoid a communication gap. 
  • Establish proper communication procedures with clients and provide weekly project progress reports. 
  • Provide a typical explanation of the specific project to guide clients what exactly goes best for the project and company.
  • Explain specific metrics and measures of the project to provide a clear picture of project development. 

Conclusion: When you are working with the dedicated development team, then the group of tech pros solely and completely works on your project. By outsourcing your project to the dedicated development team, you can have better control over your workflow and be able to focus on the high-level tasks. 

Now the central question is “how to choose the best mobile app development company?”…

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Understanding the DDT Hire Model: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Hiring the team of mobile app developers is similar to hiring an employee for your organization. Usually it includes 4 simple steps to get partnered with the dedicated development team. Let’s get started with the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Analyze Your Business Needs and Goals

What exactly are you expecting from the development team? To find the right group of experts, you must know what exactly your software development project needs…

To make your hiring process simple and straightforward, it is worth to take out some time to understand your project requirements and outline these few things before you get started with the DDT model:

  • What are you trying to achieve through this development project?
  • What are your business and tech stack requirements?
  • How much you can spend on the development project?
  • What level of skills and expertise are you looking for in the development team?

Step 2: Verify Vendor’s Experience, Portfolio, and Reputation

The next step is to dig deep and check the background of the outsourcing company to determine how closely they fit your project needs or business requirements. You are advised to pay attention to the number of projects, types of services, geolocation and domain of clients, expertise in tech stack, and company size. 

Moreover, you can check how trained or experienced they are in handling specifically your type of project and how the entire development project is managed. 

Also check whether the vendor is providing additional services including business support, business analysis, or marketing analysis. 

Step 3: Assuring Project Security and Quality

Outsourcing your project development needs to the DDT is the biggest decision as you need to share important information with the vendor. This is why it is crucial to check what measures they take to keep your business info secure and safe with their team and how smooth their communication process will be. 

To check this, firstly make sure that the app development company must sign an NDA form with you to ensure project security. Secondly, they must have a dedicated infrastructure where the entire process, right from software coding to testing will be done in-house only. 

Further, for project quality and transparency, you can ask these further questions:

  • Will their team be available in different time zones?
  • What tech stacks and programming language team will use?
  • What communication channels and tools will you use for further communication?
  • Who will be responsible for project handling or providing progress reports?

Step 4: Ask for the Project Estimation 

If there is one thing that we all are majorly concerned about is its development cost and time. Considering the fact that the app development project takes time and expensive investment, still everyone is curious to know whether it fits their budget and timeframe. 

In addition, the success of the project is not just depending upon the vendor and its development team, but also on the various factors including working flexibility on the project, fair estimation, process, streamline development phases and their timelines, etc. 

Additional Aspects of Hiring the DDT Model

Outsourcing the developers is one thing but hiring the DDT model involves some legal aspects to maintain the proper security and transparency of the project. They are the following:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): While working with the dedicated team, sometimes you need to provide them sensitive internal information of your businesses, but signing an NDA form can ensure you that your information will remain confidential with the vendor. 
  • Statement of Work (SOW): This legal document will clearly specify the complete workflow of the project including its deliveries, development schedules, quality standards, and other terms and conditions of the project. 
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA): MSA defines the mutual settlement of clients with vendors in terms of payment, product rights, and dispute resolution. It is important to sign while starting working with the DDT model as it states that you hold the copyright to all the work done by the team of external software development companies.

What Are The Best Platforms to Hire Dedicated Development Team?

Now after reading all the ins and outs of hiring DDT Model, you must be searching for the platforms to find the best developers for your project. Undoubtedly, finding the list of app developers on the search engine is one of the simplest and easiest ways to narrow down your search. However, when it comes to hiring the dedicated team to handle your tech projects, then it is worth going through such reputed platforms that conduct a deep research before listing the name of vendors on the site. We recommend going through the leading B2B portals like:


Hiring the best-dedicated app development company is one of the nerve-wracking tasks for the businesses especially when they are looking for a pro team backed by dedicated infrastructure and skills. So we have tried to draft this guide on dedicated app development teams with all the necessary information that you may need on this topic.

If you still have a doubt or question in mind about the DDT model, then our experts are glad to answer it. And, if you like to assemble the pro-development team for your project, then feel free to get connected with our experts.

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