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Hire mobile developers to Spruce up your business idea with a pro tracking app!

With the rising technologies and trends in the digital market, one can’t win over the visitors and impress them easily. It is all about the unique concepts and functionalities as well as features of an app that play an important role in making a mark in this world of cut-throat competition among the brands globally. A website, no doubt gives you a platform to get connected with the audience out there around the world. But, it is a mobile app that truly helps you retain the customers when they are able to immerse into an app.

Location Tracking App Development For Real-time GPS

Moreover, an app is always there in a smartphone so the chances of keeping the people busy with some amazing and unusual features like GPS tracking, 3D features, AR & VR are currently the most in trend followed by every mobile app development company out there.


Who can deploy GPS tracking feature in the apps?
Well, to start with, it’s all about taking the mobile app idea to another level. Initially, one can think that there is no need to add this location-based GPS tracking feature into an app! But, if the development of the app is strategized in a creative manner, this feature can be used in the app niches like:


Some of the ideas for location-based apps are:

  •  One of the most important and common idea of incorporating this feature by any mobile app development company is definitely a transportation app like- Uber, Ola and more…
  • Games are just a big Yes! With this feature since the time of Pokemon Go. If you also want to do something as creative and entertaining as Pokemon Go, go for this feature.
  • Any niche that involves the movement from one place to another must inculcate real-time GPS tracking feature. This is because the coming of apps like TripAdvisor and so have made people to expect apps like this with only advanced features with real-time tracking.
  • Navigation apps are based on real-time GPS Tracking only. If you have some other ideas in addition to what Google Maps has already in store for the people around the world from so many years.
  • Social networking apps like Instagram and Facebook have already imbibed the location-based features so that the users can have more fun time with the apps. Make sure that you hire mobile developers with enough experience of creating such apps.


Key Features of a location-based tracking app:
We are going to discuss some features that are particular for a location-based transportation app like Uber. Let’s begin:

1. Automatic assigning of rides to the drivers:   When any user of the app books a ride, the back-end of the app is such that the drivers are assigned automatically. Only those drivers are assigned the rides and orders who are currently free or their ride is nearing an end. It is based on the nearest location.

2. Live tracking of the route of the ride:    The best thing about this type of app is that anyone with ride details and link can track the route of the ride for safety and security. This is possible by GPS Tracking. The vehicle tracking by the admin is always taken care of by the live-tracking GPS system so that the drivers don’t sit idle. This is important for the efficiency in the system.

3. Notifications to drivers on new rides:   When the existing user of the app books a ride, the driver of the cab is instantly notified and he can reach the location of the user by tracking their pin. It cuts down a lot of time on reaching to the user who has booked the ride. Along with this, the driver as well as the rider can give feedbacks to each other.

4. Instant Notifications to the riders:  Once the cab is booked by the app user, he should get an instant notification that the cab with the details is arriving at their location and they can track them on the map too. This makes it extremely convenient for the app users to be updated all the time.

5. Customer Support System:   This type of an app has a dedication option of Customer support. Support is available 24/7 and the queries of the users should be heeded at the earliest. The options for the issues faced with choices to choose from makes the things much more faster.


So, if you have already made your mind to get a dynamic app with location-based features, always choose to hire mobile developers or an professional mobile app development company with amazing portfolio of the similar apps for your business.

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