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Top 7 Tips to Outsource Best iPhone/iOS App Development Company in India?

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Looking forward to developing an iOS mobile application but not sure where to start and what things to involve in? Outsourcing the iOS App Development Company in India is the ultimate option, ensuring a smooth development process and exceptional results.

Now the very next question probably pops up to your mind is, how to rent a coder?

What’s the rush…will discuss everything in this blog right from the reasons to tips to hire best app developers.

Let the discussion started…Whether it is worth to hire iOS app developers for enterprises?

Well, the matter of the fact is, more and more companies across the globe are choosing the outsourcing strategy. There are a plethora of reasons behind it, but app development cost-cutting is the prime reason for outsourcing the top app development company in India. Apart you can access a broad talent pool of experts, able to focus on core functionalities of the enterprise, offer round the clock services without appointing technical staff.

Nolan Bushnell says ” A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But Today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. 

Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, outsourcing is the only option that can add a perfect competitive edge to your performance. However, outsourcing an offshore app development company is an active topic to debate.

Let’s our debate get started with some stats and facts to make things more clear!

Now let’s resume to the question that we have put in the starting “How to Rent a Coder”? 

So whether you are a startup or working on a large company’s project, it’s your core responsibility to figure out the best possible ways to develop a perfect iPhone app most efficiently. Since things have revolutionised in a significant way, therefore, you don’t need to have in-house resources to make it possible. A perfect solution is to outsource your mobile app development company to accomplish the task with perfection.

You may think, “Yeah” I’ve done it before, but didn’t work for me! If the truth be told, this mantra didn’t work, because nobody assists you with how to do it in the right way. 

In this technology-driven era, 18% of startup founders noticed inexperience or knowledge gap is the biggest reason for startup failure. 

According to the economist survey report, outsourcing can increase productivity and competitiveness 10-to 100 fold.

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More and more companies are outsourcing iPhone app development services, and we are no exceptions! So let’s understand the criteria of hassle-free hiring iOS app developers in India:

7 Tips to Outsource Best App Developers in India

  • Review The Range of App Development Service Providers Available in the Market
  • Examine and Evaluate the Portfolio of Outsourced App Development Company
  • Learn More About their Domain Expertise
  • Communication is the Key To Success
  • Don’t Afraid to Ask Questions to the iOS App Development Companies in India
  • Set Clear Goals and Timeline for Developers
  • Ask for an App Development Plan

Let’s understand each point in detail…

1. Research and Review The Range of Software Developers

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While millions of software development companies are available to offer you cutting-edge application development services, choosing the best one is the most daunting task for businesses. However, the only solution to this challenge is to Research, Research and Research!

Software development is a complicated process, and there is no single software that fits all different needs. Hence, it is essential to identify whether or not your project is a highly technical solution or a core of your business itself. 

Let’s make it easier for you to decide whether you need in-house developers or should outsource the team? If your business is technology itself- you need in-house developers for sure. If you are offering services including SaaS, products or healthcare customer solutions, it makes sense to research the best development team. Make sure to find the developers with relevant experience in your market and let them handle the job with perfection.

2. Examine and Evaluate the Portfolio of App Development Company

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Do you prefer to hire developers based on the testimonials of the previous clients? If yes, then you need to evaluate the portfolio of the developer.

Because no one will provide an adverse testimonial, so only considering the testimonials to make a final decision is quite risky. 

When it comes to developing an application, several things fade into the background in the development process. The only thing that makes both sides happy is the final output of the product; therefore, clients usually post positive testimonials.

So, if you are not sure of the quality you will get, then it is better not to choose them as your development partner. Inquire more and make an in-depth analysis to find the potential outsourcing software development company. Choose to outsource iOS app development companies or specialised firms, who are backed by a team of experts to offer you efficient results and strategy-focused approach. However, remember that the right Offshore developer can provide you with the most attractive solution for your complex app needs. 

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3. Look For Relevant Experience

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What do you look while hiring any employee? Obviously, his expertise and experience…

Likewise, while hiring app developers, it is worthwhile to examine the domain expertise of the offshore app development company. Did you know that there are 18.2 million software developers worldwide and it quickly rises to 26.4 million by 2019? There is approximately a 45% increase in the Global Developer Population, according to Evans Data. 

Despite the availability of millions of developers, sometimes appointing the right one becomes a troubling task for the owners.

The simple way to choose the best partner for the app development is to look at their relevant experience to your app development project and their portfolio. Determine whether or not that developer created apps similar to yours in the past?

What if the developer doesn’t have experience working in the same industry as yours? Find out if they have experience designing similar solutions in different markets to check the skills and knowledge of the developer. 

4. Communication is the Key


Have you locked the deal after sharing the few emails? Think again!

Remember, communication means exchanging the information between both the parties either via writing, speaking or using some other medium. A hassle-free conversation is a fast process which enables you to describe your project details and needs comprehensively.

While searching for the right developer to hire, clear communication and responsiveness should be at your top list. Make sure you and your developer are not afraid to ask the questions, clear up any confusions and respond to each other promptly.

If there is any gap between communication, it is challenging to come on the same page as your developer. Ultimately, this will lead to increased mistakes, costs, conflicts and repeat work. 

For instance, in case you are using multiple channels for communication, there will be more chances to communication gap. If you are using both email and team collaboration app, clarify your team when each channel should be used. Should the developer ask questions through an email or the app? 

Another most common issue comprises in front of developers and clients is the lack of proactive communication. Never wait for another person to ask the question, anticipate any potential points of confusion and try to address them before they even have to ask.

Don’t forget that interactive communication is always much more useful than one-way communication. So listen to what your development partners have to say. Make your communication a two-way conversation and treat your developer as a partner instead of the subordinate. 

5. Don’t Hesitate To Ask The Questions

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Outsourcing becomes far more straightforward if you are all set with the essential questions to ask your developer. 

Never be in a rush to hire top software development company , ask the developer anything and everything that gives you all the confidence to work with them. From discussing their experience to analysing their portfolio to review their testimonials, you can ask anything. 

Just remember one thing, you need to hire someone who is responsive and open to communicate. If a developer has no answer to your questions, it’s a red flag for you.

Here is a checklist that may assist you in finding the best developer for your app development needs:

a. Can You Show Me Some Example of your Previous Work?

Take a test drive to get an idea of what they’ve done before. Check whether or not it is aligned with what you are looking for. Make sure the iOS app developers can give you a tour of the apps on their phone or happily provide the app links. 

b. Do you have experience in building the features that I’ve been looking for?

Before begin interviewing the candidates, make sure you create a wish list of what features you have been looking for in the app. Once you prepare the list, ask the developer what functionalities and features they have experience developing.

c. What would be their estimated project cost?

Never choose the team based upon price tag. Just because you are partnering with the top app development company in India, it doesn’t mean they will deliver great results. So make sure to check all the points and keep the price tag a last thing to evaluate while choosing the application development partner.

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6. Set Clear Objectives and Expectations

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When it comes to hiring an offshore development company, you need to set clear expectations, so you both know why you are hiring the developers. Unclear expectations and goals can lead to costly blunders right in the middle of your project like confusion over payment terms, requirements, revisions and more. All this will end up wasting your time and money. 

To avoid these circumstances, make sure that you both decide on the payment terms, set the delivery dates and details of the app on paper before you get started with the app development.

7. Ask for the Development Plan

Okay, you’ve signed a contract, and everyone is all set to start. Now What?

This is where you need to oversee the project details. Some people want to talk or chat on Skype every day for the daily updates. Well, that’s crazy, you are only distracting them. This can make you end up paying for chatting with them and maybe missing deadlines.

The simple solution is, ask your development team to share the overall project progress report daily or weekly. This way you don’t need to worry that you’ve missed something. You need to read the updates, occasionally check the code repository and accordingly react.

This will cut down the risk of delays happen when the development team needs something, and the client forgets to provide the necessary information on time, for instance, API keys.

Final Words

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the points that we have discussed above for selecting the right outsourcing software development company. There are thousands of companies available to outsource in various domains, but you need to be wise and rational while choosing the best one for your dream software.

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