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Top 10 Costly Mistakes People Make While Building Food Delivery Apps

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Are you in the middle of watching your favorite series and suddenly felt the cravings of having a choco lava cake? Now you don’t have to compromise with your food cravings as food delivery apps have streamlined the entire food delivery process.

Either you are watching your favorite show, reading a book or having a gala time with your friends, you can have your choice of freshly cooked food in just one tap on your mobile screen without even leaving the comfort of your home. With the online food delivery apps, your special dish is available at the fingertips.

At one side, online food delivery apps are increasing choices and convenience and allowing customers to order their food from the wide range of restaurants in a single click, on the other side, these applications are changing the traditional face of the food market.

While millions of users are turning to online food delivery apps, the revenue of the food delivery market is portrayed to touch $12.53 billion by 2023, according to DataLabs by Inc42.

In this era, people access apps for their every single need! And, the excessive use of smartphones has led to the expansion of the food delivery market with skyrocket. So are you also thinking to join the league?

Yes, it is a right time to give a tough competition to the leading food delivery apps like Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato and more, by having a food app that offers a wide range of restaurants and cuisines options with a click of a button.

Hold on! Have you been in the dilemma of where to start your journey, what points you need to keep in mind and what challenges you should avoid? Don’t worry! We have listed answers to all your queries related to food delivery apps…

Here is the table of contents of this blog

  • Is it Worth to Get an Online Food Delivery Apps?
  • What Things You Need To Avoid While Developing an Online Food App like Swiggy, UberEats, Foodpanda, etc.

Let’s dig deep in each point to understand the big picture of food delivery market…

Is it Worth To Invest in Online Food Delivery App?

Undoubtedly with the increasing use of mobile applications, many customers have started maintaining a distance to visit hotels and restaurants. This scenario has ultimately raised the demand for online food delivery apps for almost every small and big size restaurant. 

While there are several clear benefits of having a tailor-made food app, but still many restaurant owners believe that switching your business to the application will end the customer interaction. Well, this is more of a mistake and myth than anything else.

Being restaurateur, you need to own application to cater to the needs of a large section of society in terms of food. While the revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is expected to touch $156,819 by 2023 and 70% of the total internet traffic comes on the mobile application, having a food app is essential for your business.

invest in app

Well, when it comes to developing a food delivery app, there are a plethora of things to keep in mind. Some people believe that only partnering with the best software development company is the perfect solution to all your problems. However, Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric Says” An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”.

So instead just depending on the services of a mobile app development company, let’s learn what costly mistakes you should avoid while building an online food delivery app.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing an Online Food Delivery App

1. Not Understanding the Needs and Targeting the Wrong Audience

targeting 2

If you have just started with your development process without doing the needed analysis, then it is more like serving the hams to vegans which is nobody is like to eat it!

According to Kevin Stirtz, “Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet”. 

No matter how amazing your app idea is and how much money you spend into its development, it will not work until you are not addressing it to the right audience and meeting the end need of the customers. Whenever the big investments are involved, it is always worth to take things slowly.

To capture the large segment of the market and to give fierce competition to the leaders, you must carry out the in-depth market research and conduct surveys to get real insights into the market.

To build an application like zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, and more, you must understand what features do the users need in an application and accordingly draft a roadmap to a thriving food app.

2. Including the Massive Range of Features

Yes, it is only the features of the app that make it successful, but you should be familiar What to Add and What Not.

Adding the numerous features in a mobile application is an awful practice. Still, some developers assume that they can be benefited with high user appreciation if they bombard them with multiple features. Instead of making it look too fancy and feature-rich, keep the things straightforward and simple. 

Keep in mind; the extensive list of features make your application bulky and heavy. And, And, there is nothing else more irritating than using an app that takes too long to load things.

3. Picking Up The Mobile App Development Company Without Any Research

select company2

The choice of app development partners can make a big difference in your app performance. 

As there are several categories of mobile apps- education, eCommerce, on-demand, healthcare, etc, hence, there are categories of specialised mobile app development companies also. 
Before deciding upon any android app development company or a team of developers, make sure they have expertise in the specific domain. Apart, you need to fix the budget, the platform, the complexity and specific features you want in your application.

The best way to hire the right ios app development company is to ask some questions:

Can I have your portfolio link?

Can you provide me with some of your client references?

What is your app development approach?

How early will the project be delivered?

These kinds of questions will give you detailed insights into the company and the expertise of handling the projects.

4. Building an App With Poor Interface

One of the most common mistakes that people make is building an app with poor user-interface. UI or User interface is the face of your application which is responsible for delivering the very first impression to the users and make them decide whether they like your app or not. 

While there are hundreds of applications are one tap away on the online app store, users are very impatient to decide what application they should keep in their mobile device. On the other hand, application build with useful UI can quickly secure the space in the user’s device longer.

5. Building An App With Multiple Platforms Initially

multiple platform

It is difficult to control the curiosity to build an application for all the possible platform to cover the vast section of users. Adding too many features and multiple platforms work in the same way- will quickly skyrocket the initial development cost of the application. 

The best way to go is to conduct the market research, then deciding upon the one platform out of Android, iOS and Windows. Launch the app on a particular platform and recording the customer feedback is the way to go. 
Also, you can get the mobile app development solutions from the reputed company so you can a perfect value to your business.

6. Lack the Flexibility For Regular Upgrade

As technology is revolutionizing at a fast pace; therefore, there is no use of building an app that doesn’t have the flexibility to upgrade regularly. In this changing scenario of the market, upgrading your application is vital to hold the position in the increasingly competitive market.

Whether you are hiring an android app developers or iOS app developer, investing in the dynamic application building process is always a worth. Although users prefer to install those applications that initiate auto upgrading in the application after all everyone wants the access of latest features in their app.

7. Launch an App Without Testing

without testing

Being a user, having an app with clutch-free performance means everything for the users. The users have carefully examined the performance of the application since from the day it is launched. And it is imperative to build an app that can deliver a flawless experience.

It becomes crucial to go beyond the necessary testing of the application and test it over a range of devices to analyze the performance of the food delivery app. Or you can hire mobile app developers to know the best testing strategies to release the complete version of your app.

8. Underestimating the Development Cost of Your Application

Are you assuming that launching an app is a one-day game? You are mistaken at this point as app development eat up a huge budget.

Building an app is a long process, and multiple things need to be evaluated. Before getting into the process, you need to understand what all the resources it would take to build an application. The significant resources do not just consist of money, but also the development hours, materials, spaes, overheads, operational team and more. While all these resources will directly translate into capital investment, so it is worth hiring mobile app developers to get the right app development estimation.

9. Not Paying Attention to the Backend of the Application

backend 2

The biggest and most costly mistake is to start your app development process with the myth that the mobile app is the only product that only consists of the screens that a user can interact with through their device. The user interaction is the most prominent element of your application. Still, you need to dig deeper into various components to make it function in a way that your users want. 

The CMS for mobile provides configuration and content services that ultimately contribute to creating the highest quality app experience. CMS is an integral part of your food app as it allows for everything from settings menu details to text content to the application.

While developing an app, if you are generating every single element from scratch, then it is best to leave the job with outsourcing software companies.

10. Forget To Implement Third-Party Integrations

Hey, don’t get confused here!

As social media platforms are becoming a significant part of everyone’s life today, so the businesses under the sun planning to develop a food delivery must integrate social media in your app.

Well, the problem does not lie in acknowledging the need for it, but in knowing how you will do that?

Instead, understanding the long process of interacting the third-party integrations to your app, it is worth to get in touch with the best app development company to get it done with perfection.

Let’s Wrap It!

These are the few warning points that you should understand before digging your toes in the online food delivery app development. Once you know your market, needs of customers, and competitors, you can easily alter the structure of your mobile app as per the need of the hour. 

The list of common mistakes of food app development process can help you develop a high standard application that delivers excellent user experience and fuel your business growth. 

If you are still in doubt about how to deliver an app with flawless performance, then shake your hands with Xicom Technologies and hire mobile app developers excelled in the domain of developing on-demand applications.
For more details, you can check our Portfolio and Contact our team for further assistance and project estimation!


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