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Top 12+ Mobile App Plug-Ins That Will Make Your App Successful in 2021

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Believe it or not but our lives have become so dependent on mobile apps that imagining a day without it would seem barbaric and abrupt. Starting from locating a cafe in a nearby place, to communicating with our loved ones at far places – the mobile app has become an integral part of our lives.

A research done by Statista shows some most popular categories on the Apple App Store by share of availability.

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These numbers clearly tell us that the average time a person spends on their phone has been rising as the time is passing by. Thus, why not grab this opportunity and bring out a good fortune in your vanity. 


Well, obviously by constructing a solid mobile app that provides the user with all the facilities and the vital things that are needed in the journey.

One of those is plugins. Mobile App Plugins will not only save hard-earned money of yours, but it would also help you to construct an app efficiently if you are not trained or technically skilled. Therefore, by no doubt, mobile plugin apps will be the most cost-effective and excellent option to go for.

Hence, here are some of the most important and Top Mobile App Plug-Ins that would help you make your app successful.

What are the Advantages of Using Plugins in the Very First Place?

Before we dig into the topmost plugins you would love to know why you should use them at the very first place:

  • It is easy to use as the user does not require any kind of prior technical knowledge.
  • The plugin will easily scan all the content of your website and then it would help in providing it in an app layout
  • The user would also get notifications and good offers with promotions.

Top 12 Plugins that would help in Constructing your App

Here are some of the most desired plugins that the user should use while constructing their mobile app:

1. Swing2Ap

One of the quickest and fastest plugins for building an app has to be Swing2App. This plugin not only helps the non-coders to build up their own app but it also helps them to construct and check their own app for 24 hours in a day (or maybe 365 days a year)

The plugin is available for all platforms operating with various platform support. They tend to provide users with various tools for App production even after launching the app. Tools like push sending membership management. The user has the authority to check their app in real-time and provide multiple tools for app production.

Why choose Swing2Ap?

  • The mobile app development company can customize the menu and they can also use many functions for free.
  • They can operate their app operations anytime and anywhere.
  • They can construct their own app by the help of various functions to the app production tool 

2. PhoneGap Builder

PhoneGap builder is one of those setups that involve a user-defined plugin library manager. It allows the user to add, edit, or delete any type of publicly available 3rd party platform. Not only this if the user has included any kind of a large number of plugins that are within the User Defined PhoneGap Plugin Library, but they may also find it helpful to use the list filter that would manage the plugin definitions. 

The best part about this plugin is that it is an open-source distribution of Cordova that helps in providing the advantage of technology that makes a mobile faster.

Why choose PhoneGap Builder?

  • The plugin helps the user to develop the app locally then instantly see the modification on the connected mobile device without the need to re-sign, re-compile, or reinstall.
  • This is one of the platforms that help the development company to support multiple platforms.
  • It lets the app to use all kinds of native devices that have the capabilities that are beyond pure web apps.

3. Scriptcase

This is the kind of plugin that helps the user with the web arrangements in a quick and imaginative manner. It manages to empower, configure, create, and then exquisite the base that is driven via the applications utilizing just the internet browser. The best part about this plugin is that it helps to construct applications, it helps in finishing up of the web systems, and also does the job in advancing reports with business intelligence concepts using the database PHP code generator.

Not only this but the user also has the authority and the ability to connect one or more databases with a simple and secure interface. They can connect on-premises or in the cloud, and start with their app construction.

Why Choose Scriptcase?

  • The plugin helps the user to personalize their applications with the help of ready-made and editable themes, in association with Google Fonts and Vector Icon Library.
  • The best part about Scriptcase is that it helps to integrate with several APIs. APIs like E-Mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Social Networks, Payment platforms, and many more.

4. Goodbarber App Developer

GoodBarber App Developer helps to make innovation accessible on both mobile and web platforms. It lets the user design and constructs an eCommerce app with some of the most advanced mobile technologies. Therefore it not only helps to create a mobile shopping app but it also helps the user to offer a quality user experience.

With the help of GoodBarber, even if the user has a different type of content they want to deliver, the user can access it from a native mobile app for iOS and Android, or from a Progressive Web App.

Why choose Goodbarber?

  • It helped the iOS app development company  with iOS native app, developed in Objective-C, and also help the Android native app to develop in java.
  • It allows the user with a single management interface, and also help in creating the app without technical knowledge.
  • It provides the user with full assistance. It presents them with a team that presents architecture used to run the app smoothly on a regular basis.

5. CKEditor

This is one of the plugins that helped the user with collaborative editing and additions. The plugin is a solid proven, enterprise-grade HTML editor that includes browsers and its compatibility. Not only this but the plugin is a modern JavaScript rich text editor that has absolutely excellent architecture. It provides the user with UI and features that are next to perfect WYSIWYG UX and yes it also constructs semantic content.

The plugin has launched various versions of it. With the help of these versions, the user gets the best online collaboration software. This platform gives the user a boost in productivity with faster delivery. The best part about this platform is that it gives the user a flexible image upload and file management tools that involve responsive images, videos, or PDF files to the content that you are using.

Why should you use CKEditor?

  • The plugin tends to easily generate a PDF or maybe a Word file from the. It then presents the user with styles of the original content that will help in maintaining the exported file.
  • The plugin tends to offer the user with free development plans, support models, and licensing systems.
  • It also presents the app development company with outstanding software and technical support.

6. Webpushr

Webpushr is one of the most widely used plugins that is used for web push notifications. With the help of this plugin, the user can send push notifications to the site visitors across all browsers and also across apps. The user helps in receiving these notifications even when they are not live on the mobile app

The app developer can configure the plugin to automatically send push notifications. Not only this but the app developers can also intuitively design with multiple methods. The user can also change color, text, and behavior of the notification anytime they want (and yes all languages are supported) 

Why choose Webpushr?

  • This is one of those plugins that have the full support of all the browsers. Web-like Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox.
  • It presents the user with automatic notifications. In other words, it manages to send notifications to the users every time they publish something.
  • One of the best parts about this plugin is that the user can be seen summarizing the dashboard view. The dashboard provides a total subscriber, type of type, and OS type in rate. Thus hire app developer that is able to do justice with this plugin. 
  • This is the plugin that allows the user to divide their audience into various segments. Segments that are based on geo locations, page visits, custom attributes, or maybe custom events.

7. Flurry

Flurry is one of the plugins that help the user to construct products, develop and present apps that are not only user friendly but are also engagement centric. The plugin helps the user to develop apps that are data-driven iteration and also allow the user to boost the user efforts. Not only this but Flurry is Yahoo’s answer to enhance the demand for the app analytics market that you have developed which helps the user to monitor user behavior across all platforms.

This is one of the plugins that help the user in not only professional-grade mobile app analytics but also allows them to have features that surface the insights and also power-ups the app growth.

Why choose Flurry?

  • The plugin helps in free app analytics, provides with the analysis of your events, and segments
  • The plugin is a lightweight SDK that tends to take less than 5 minutes to integrate.
  • Believe it or not but one of the best ways to enhance the audience is by providing retention. If there are new users that are not being converted to loyal users, then you may require Flurry. The plugin is designed to help and understand or improve retention on a regular basis.

8. Modal Survay

One of the most essential and vital plugins that are offered by WordPress has to be Modal Survey that has thousands of users. The plugin tends to present the user with various quizzes, surveys, or maybe a poll. Not only this but the plugin also helps the user to supports the Rest of the API that also supports the 3rd party software.

Hire mobile app developer that is able to construct a quiz with images is so easy with this plugin. With the additional social sharing buttons that are part of the package, this is one of a win-win for the users. One of the best features of this plugin is that the user or the app developer can assign the scores and also with the categories to the answers, and then they can maybe display the results that are based on the category scores. 

Not only this, but the plugin provides the user with tools that help them with the data that are on different graphs or maybe that is on the plain text format. 

Why do you take Modal Survay into consideration?

  • The plugin presents the user with assigned scores and also with the categories to the quiz
  • It helps the user to construct the conditions that are actions based on the answers
  • The best part about this plugin is that it provides with some of the best auto-response and admin notification emails

9. File Manager

This is one of those plugins that would allow the user to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders directly from the backend. Not only this but it would also help the user to manage their important data in one file. They do not need to manage the FTP or move the file, it would be done with the help of the file manager. This has to be one of the most powerful and widely used plugins for app developers. 

Why choose File Manager?

  • The plugin provides many operations on a remote server.
  • The plugin allows the admin to move or copy the files with the Drag and Drop option. Also, that involves the multi-file option.
  • The plugin also has the ability to complete the code reviews and that too before saving up of the files to ensure that the codes are updated.
  • It allows the users to quickly and easily edit all the types of root path directory making it one of the best mobile plug-ings

10. SSL Pinning

One of the most widely used plugins that involve the term HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pinning) has to be SSL. The utilization of SSL in the environment of the Android app is really easy.

Also known as Public Key Pinning, the plugin helps the user to attempt all the kinds of issues, it helps them to ensure that the certificate chain is being used on the app with the help of checking a particular public key or maybe a certificate that appears in it. 

Therefore, the user needs to use any of the three certificates that are involved in the plugin. 

Why go for SSL Pinning?

  • The first certificate that is helping the process is leaf certificates. This certificate helps the user to have a short expiry time like the SSL certificates that are re-issued because of the private key that is being compromised.
  • The next one is the intermediate certificate with its private key. This certificate helps the user to inherit the trustworthiness of a parent.
  • Last but not least the root certificate. These certificates are self-signed that is usually CA issues certificates in a tree format. Root certificates are often utilized to sign the intermediate certificate.

11. Social Media Widget

This is one of those plugins that is also known as a simple sidebar widget. It enables the android app development company to input and integrate their social media website profile URLs and also help with other subscription options to present an icon on the sidebar to that social media site. Not only this but this plugin also helps to open up in a separate browser window.

Why choose Social Media Widgets?

  • This is the plugin that tends to pick from 16 various designs for the social media share icons
  • Not only this but, this plugin helps the user with several actions to one social media share icon
  • The best part about this plugin is that it provides the user with social media icons and also the animation

12. Contact Form Builder

Contact Form builder is one of the most significant modules of any website or app creation. It provides everybody to see the overall usefulness of the Contact us page on the site. Thus, attempted to make the clients simple and easy to understand the module. 

Why use Form Builder?

  • The plugin is easy to use and it works really well with all apps.
  • This app provides with fully responsive contact us page that is responsive with different platforms that can be connected including phone number and email ID.

In the Nutshell

We hope that this article has provided the users with all the necessary inputs that are required to construct a mobile application. The mobile app development company that needs guidance in this zone can contact us with the help of our details. The organization and users that need help can input their details on the free estimation page and get in touch with us. 


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