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What are the various aspects of Mobile ASP.NET Development?

In today’s highly competitive world, creating a website for any business has been an integral part of its strategy to expand worldwide. The website acts as an online identity for the business and helps it to expand beyond boundaries. A Website helps a business to gain more customers from around the world. A Website helps the business to receive quick and accurate feedback about their product and services which the business if offering in the market. This way the business can improve the quality of its existing products and services by carefully analyzing the customer’s feedback. If you want to develop your website then you have many options of platforms like ASP.NET, PHP, J2EE etc.

To create your business website, you can go for .NET MVC development as it is one of the best processes to develop quality websites and it offers so many benefits to the developers as well as to the website visitors.

Also in the modern world, usage of smartphones has reached to an all time high. This generation is no doubt a smart one and using smart phones to do so many of their daily tasks. Right now more than 6 out of 10 people in the world is using smartphones. The people who are using normal mobile phones are also slowly moving towards using smartphones.

Due to these reasons, the demand for the mobile website has increased in recent years. Mobile websites are customized to fit the screen size of a phone. It is designed in such a say that it can be easily accessed on a mobile phone by users. Mobile websites can also turn the visitors into real customers at a much faster rate than by desktop websites as a mobile phone user looks for some information urgently as if he wants to buy it right now. ASP.NET is mostly used to create amazing and fast websites. .NET Web development is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. .NET Framework is a software development platform which is used in the process of developing mobile websites. If you want to create a mobile website then you can easily use the ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio. The performance of the mobile website depends on how the developer has developed the mobile site and using which technologies and platforms. These websites need the responsive technology so that these websites are displayed the same way on both desktop computers as well as on mobiles. These websites use the standard complaint markup coding. Some of the mobile websites may not work well on mobile phone. For e.g. Some features of a website may not get displayed correctly on the smart phone.

A skilled developer who is expert in creating mobile websites can fix these issues easily using a style sheet in the development process. Mobile style sheets can be utilized in the development of mobile websites which are sent to every website visitor but applies only on the mobile devices. Nowadays most of the web developers use this approach. They take special care as the same website has to work on all mobiles and desktops. They can work so that the mobile phones and web browser can easily display the content published on the websites. Some of the web browsers on mobile don’t support CSS hence for them it can be a problem to display accurately the web page on mobile.

Developers can also develop more than one website or a sub-site in which they can include a number of websites. This is one of the ways which is adopted for mobile website development. In this way, a different website will be displayed for different platforms like mobile phones and desktops. Although it can increase the cost of the project a bit it has many advantages. It is the job of the website developer to develop a website in a way so that all of its features are well displayed on mobile platforms.

If you have any requirement then you can hire a .NET developer who can develop a superb website suitable for both business and personal use. .NET Framework is one of the best software development platforms which is widely used in the process of mobile website development. If you want to create a screen friendly website then it is best to use ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio.


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Aman Malhotra

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