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Ultimate Guide to the Uses and Benefits of .NET development

An Introduction to .NET

If you have been searching for a reliable and most trusted platform for website or app or even desktop app development, then you have landed at a completely befitting post.

In this write up, you will find everything you need to know about ASP.NET development for getting your business app or website created.

What is ASP.NET framework- Ins and Outs of .NET development!

.NET launched in 2002 by Microsoft a giant industry leader, is a dynamic platform which offers reliability and security level to the clients whose website is to created using ASP.NET framework.

.NET is a completely free and open-source development platform. It is an ultimate cross-platform web development technology which allows its users to take advantage of multiple languages, editors as well as libraries which are helpful in building mobile, web, desktop as well as gaming apps and websites.


VB (Visual Basic), C# and F# are the three main programming basics which are employed in .NET framework for the development of websites as well as apps.

  • First programming language which is a top-notch modern and simple OOP based as well as type-safe language is C#. This is used in the ASP.NET web and app development.
  • Second on the list is F#- an open-source and OOP language, which is functional and cross-platform at the same time is used in this framework.
  • Visual Studio is one of the most needed VB essential for .NET website development. It is an easy and approachable language. OOP, type-safe and functional.

Attractive websites with completely dynamic functionality can be developed using ASP.NET application development only if the .NET development company hired for the process is expert and professional in rendering their services.

To add to this, ASP.NET is a web development framework which is based upon CLR i.e; Common Runtime Language. Not only this, it is also based on Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. Along with the visually attractive websites, what else you get with this framework is robust websites and desktop apps.


Benefits of Cross-platform Feature of .NET technology

Broad Range of App Models

There are many type of apps that can be created within this framework. Even, this is a fact that there is no limit to the type of apps that can be created, native or OS based.

Web App Development

It supports customized web app development with awesome functionalities and features for following platforms:

  • 1. Linux
  • 2. Windows
  • 3. macOS
  • 4. Docker

Mobile App Development

Any kind of dynamic and visually beautiful customized mobile apps can be created like:

  • 1. Native mobile apps for iOS
  • 2. Native mobile apps for Android
  • 3. Mobile apps for Windows.

Gaming: The Latest in Trend Apps

Thinking of getting gaming apps developed and earn huge revenue from the latest and advanced 2D and 3D game? Think nothing but ASP.NET to fulfill this requirement of yours (if you are a client) and your client’s (if you are a .NET developer).

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Speech processing, chatbots etc. are all examples of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This type of technology is one of the most rated and most demanded trend in the app development market.

Internet of Things is the future

With .NET framework, you can get the most interesting and mind blowing apps which are related to IOT. These type of apps are one of the most demanded and popular apps right now.

Benefits of .NET Development

There are a plethora of pros of this technology that a user benefits from, when he chooses this platform over others:

  • Topmost benefit that a .NET developer gets when he is in the process of developing an app or a web app or even a website with .NET application development is that he can mix the use of different programming languages to create completely customized and out-of-the-box solutions for the clients.
  • Enterprise solutions for small as well as bigger apps are possible with .NET development. Easy and economical apps and web apps can be created and managed in a very affordable and timely manner.
  • It is a world-class technology which gives ultimate solutions for diversified clients.Apps which are efficient and dynamic with agile features and functionalities are possible with this platform.
  • Every business is different, so need something creative and unique to establish the USP of the business. Whatever, the client requirements are, it is possible to develop flexible and versatile web and app solutions.
  • Innovative and creative solutions are attainable and approachable with .NET app development. One should never ignore that a business app or site is a reflection of the vision of a business.

Skill Sets of any professional .NET developer

It is always easy to take decisions when you have already gone through the benefits of a certain technology, but what may come as a tricky situation is that you may get lost into the world of millions of companies representing themselves as the most appropriate fit for your project to invest your time and money.

Following 3 tips will let you choose and decide on the best team of developers:

  • 1. The team of developers or a freelancer developer or even a .NET development company you are deciding on to hire should be well-experienced in programming languages like C#, F# and even VB. Certifications of the developers play a major role.
  • 2. Being owned by Microsoft, the reliability level that it offers to the developers as well as the support system is commendable and thus, this framework is the favorite of the developers worldwide to create tailor-made apps for the clients. VB Studio is a skill that developers should be experienced in.
  • 3. One should make sure that the developer you choose is well-experienced and creative in his work. Number of years in the field means he will be able to customize the web app and website with best technology.

Recommended Tip

Checking the portfolio of the .NET development company would ease your process of searching for experts in the field. Like any other professional company would do, we have put our portfolio here to decide on the  choices.


About Author
Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra

Aman is a business consultant and strategic leader bridging the gap between technology and client satisfaction. With 15+ years of knowledge, innovation and hands-on experience in providing consultations to startups, agencies, SME's and large enterprises who need dedicated development and technology partners. He has also lead to the delivery of countless web development and mobile app development projects with 100% client satisfaction.

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