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Why Hire App Developer for Professional Diet and Nutrition App?

The world is getting digitised and it has surely made an impact on the lifestyle of the people around the world. This is the reason why more and more smartphone users are looking for the apps that has unique functionalities and features to keep them fit and fine. This is possible by using an app built by a professional app development company only.


Diet and Nutrition App Development_ Must Have Features & Cost Estimation

If any unprofessional mobile app creator are hired for building a nutrition and diet app, then the app creator will not be much liked by the smartphone users at all! Health is taking a backseat in the lives of the people these days and it is the apps that the people expect to use in the times of busy schedules. Therefore, these diet and nutrition apps are getting popular among the smartphone users.

No doubt about the fact that it is exercise and gymming that are really efficient in achieving body goals really fast. But, without maintaining healthy diet and nutrition in the food that we eat, it is almost impossible to see the benefits of gymming. After all, it is the most important thing that will only multiply the benefits of exercise routine.


General Features of a diet and nutrition app are as following

When a diet and nutrition app is built by an expert mobile app creator, it should have certain features that are as following. These are actually the generalised features that must be there in every app.

  • Diet chart and other important nutrition related lists can be made.
  • Suggestions and advice to take healthy food and healthy DIY food ideas.
  • Amount of water consumed per day.
  • Healthy DIY breakfast ideas.
  • Tracking fat and carbohydrate intake in the day.
  • Monitoring gymming and exercise.
  • Tracking kilometers run in the jogging.
  • Saving or making notes of grocery items.

So, before you hire app developer, make sure that he is expert enough in handling the technicalities of nutrition and diet app development steps and phases. Also, you have to ask about the estimated cost of the app as you would never want to get shocked and surprised at the end of the development phase at all.


These features must be included into the diet app

Almost all the developers who are well experienced in creating nutrition and diet app know it well that the below mentioned features are mandatory for any diet and nutrition app. So, one should only hire app developer who has all the basic as well as advanced knowledge of the same.

A dynamic registration page

A great registration page is the first impression of the app to the users of the app. The form should ask those things which are necessary for you to take note and thus, show the information based on the details sent by the app user. The details would be of course related to the health and physical body as well as lifestyle so these details will basically be included in the app registration page- the age, gender, height, weight and eating habits etc. Other things that can be included into the registration page is asking the user about their eating patterns, binge eating, fat consumption, alcohol intake as well as smoking addiction.

Now, when all the important details are given by the app user, the app database will be able to show the best suggestions for food as well as other necessary diet-related things.

Diet Recommendations

This is the most significant feature of almost every app. As,the users of the diet and nutrition app are most dependent on the application, they must be given right diet recommendations as well as interesting ideas. Then, in the context of this, the mobile app creator must provide a proposal page with a spectrum of options related to diet plans to choose from. The choice should be made in accordance with body weight and food preferences.

Accessibility with wearable devices

Users will be able to track the amount of calories burned per day.
You can also control other important health parameters, such as heart rate, distance traveled on foot, jogging or cycling, etc. The technology is getting advanced, even you should be smart enough to adjust to the pace. This can be done by connecting the application to third-party devices and portable devices, such as Apple Watch, Android Wear or Fitbit, etc.

App Analytics for goal tracking

What is the most crucial factor of the app that every app user wants to know is in the numbers. A great app development company with a lots of experience would always include this feature in the app so that the users know how much weight they have lost in kgs or pounds as well as how many kilometers they have walked and what is the calorie intake in the day.

Pie-charts and graphs would be most graphical representations of the data which would help the users understand everything easily!

There are some other elements of the app that must be integrated into the app and if you hire app developer who has right kind of expertise and reputation of developing nutrition and diet apps, these features as well as live chat feature, great UX/ UI as well as timely suggestions will be there which is otherwise not possible without an experienced app developer.

Cost Estimation of Diet and nutrition app

It is always difficult to determine the real cost of any application, since the calculation depends on a number of factors. You know very well that most application development companies charge an hourly rate, and each segment takes different time to fully develop these segments in the app. In addition, the price of the application will also depend on the geographic location of the application development agency.

For example, the cost of developing applications is the highest in the US. Where it ranges between $ 50 and $ 250 per hour. On the other hand, Indian markets are more reasonable when the rate is 20 to 80 dollars.


Applications based on diet and nutrition are gaining momentum slowly and steadily as more people become healthy and fit for exercise. Every experienced mobile app creator knows how to create an interesting application for users according to the functions listed above. People want to stay on a good balanced diet that keeps their weight under control, and also checks other vital body parameters. Diet applications do just that, encouraging people to eat a fresh, nutritious and healthy diet.


About Author
Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra

Aman is a business consultant and strategic leader bridging the gap between technology and client satisfaction. With 15+ years of knowledge, innovation and hands-on experience in providing consultations to startups, agencies, SME's and large enterprises who need dedicated development and technology partners. He has also lead to the delivery of countless web development and mobile app development projects with 100% client satisfaction.

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