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Why Magento 2.3.4 is the Right Choice of Entrepreneurs in 2020

Magento 2.3.4 is the Right Choice of Entrepreneurs in 2020

The total size of the global e-commerce market has increased dramatically in the past decade. Here, we saw not only copious new solutions that make life easier for merchants, customers, eCommerce web developers and vendors but we also continually evolve existing systems like Magento. After the release of the second version, various new updates are gradually changing the standard algorithm for online sales. And then we traverse the latest version of this popular platform: Magento 2.3.4.

All latest releases & updates of Magento are always in the news because it is one of the most popular eCommerce web development platforms after WooCommerce & Shopify

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While not the most customer-centric update, Magento 2.3.4 offers tons of vital enhancements targeting all types of merchants as well as the way they treat the visitors of their store. First of all, all eCommerce users can take benefit of the latest accomplishments in the field of content creation with Page Builder. This eCommerce web development tool has significantly grown so that Magento users can expedite their ability to provide customers with better content.

In this blog post, we’ll look at various updates of the new Magento version and various features of Magento that make it quite popular among merchants. Due to these features now more merchants are looking to hire Magento developer in India for their project. So, let’s begin:

Magento 2.3.4 Security

One of the reasons following Magento’s increasing prevalence is its advanced security. The core team of Magento, as well as the large community of e-commerce enthusiasts and expert developers, invest in enhancing the product and removing any deficiencies as quickly as possible.

The company adheres to a security-first approach. Each update brings notable improvements and fixes, and Magento 2.3.4 has not become an anomaly. The new version of this tool includes more than 220 minor and vital fixes, as well as more than 30 prominent security improvements.

To guard online stores running on the Magento platform, and the privacy of customers who shop on this platform, some potential vulnerabilities in remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) are removed. Although there have been no cases of misapplication of these vulnerabilities to gain access to client information or take over administration sessions, Magento is disquieted with avoiding all potentially exploitable security issues beforehand.

Custom design updates are removed to eradicate the possibility of Remote Code Execution (RCE). In the latest Magento 2.3.4 version, the Custom Layout Update field has been replaced entirely to a selector on the various pages like Product Edit, CMS Page Edit, and Category Edit. Now to manage a design update, you require to create a file with the update needed to follow specific conventions and then choose it.

Content template features can now only include whitelisted variables. In previous versions of Magento, there were cases where administrator-defined templates had involved variables called PHP functions directly on objects that caused problems.

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Magento 2.3.4 Upgrades

The new version of this platform features a plethora of updates that enhance Magento’s overall security and help increase compliance for the payment card industry (PCI).

  • Magento 2.3.4 is congruous with the latest version of RabbitMQ v3.8.
  • MariaDB 10.2 has been improved. System integrators can now operate the declarative schema with MariaDB and MySQL after the values ​​have normalized and the command configuration error: the update has been fixed.
  • Page session caching and storage has been updated and tested in Redis v5.0.6.

Magento 2.3.4 Performance Enhancements

The following amendments to Magento 2.3.4 result in a remarkable increase in system performance:

  • The banner cache logic has been updated, and the refactoring of the client section mechanism no longer produces redundant requests to the server.
  • Refactoring of PHTML files has enhanced grouping mechanism compatibility analysis. The revised grouping mechanism recognizes all JS dependencies.
  • Disabling the collection of statistical information for the Reports module is now available by default. In addition, there is a new setting in System Settings> General> Reports> General Options that enables users to turn Magento Reports off and on.

Also, the Magento Commerce 2.3.4 version enhances the page generator with the subsequent characteristics:

  • The updated product carousel. Now, Page Builder allows online store owners to choose one of the predefined options in the Products content type in order to decide how this product will be displayed to a user.
  • The next level of product distribution is realized in the latest version. Ranking by-product position is now available in SKU or product category, as well as by well-defined parameters.
  • Page Builder content is optimized to perform on the front of a store using the Venia theme. Furthermore, HTML content is also converted to structured data that works in React and PWA Studio.

Magento 2.3.4 Inventory Management

The inventory management of Magento platform has received particular attention in this release. The following improvements were made in the Magento 2.3.4 version to enhance the usability of the platform:

  • In previous versions of the Magento platform, there was a performance issue that caused raised loads on the database server when using a shopping cart. In Magento 2.3.4 this intricacy was solved.
  • To minimise memory usage when trying to find needing reservations and compensate for them in large catalogues, the inventory reservations CLI command of the Magento platform was updated.
  • A group of different quality issues were resolved, including those related to bundled products and credit notes.

Magento 2.3.4 GraphQL Improvements

Magento also raised GraphQL coverage for cart, search and layered exploration functionality. With this version of Magento, you get the below mentioned:

  • If needed, you merged guest and customer carts by transferring the contents of the guest cart to a cart of a registered user.
  • Opportunity to process an order over multiple devices. With the CustomerCart, merchants can obtain the cart ID for a customer who is logged in.
  • Layered navigation with a custom filter. The product query filter characteristic requires the ProductAttributeFilterInput object: define whether a custom filter or a predefined filter. Consequently, with layered navigation, you can filter the essential qualities.
  • Search categories by URL key, name and identification. The classification list replaces the deprecated category query.
  • ProductInterface supports fixed product taxes like WEEE. To find out if the store supports this, you can use the query storeconfig.
  • The cart includes information about discounts and promotions at the cart levels and online.

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Now have a look at 8 Irresistible Advantages Of Magento 2 For E-commerce Platform

Advantages Of Magento 2 For E-commerce Platform

1. Open-source eCommerce development platform

Before starting the Magento open-source platform, you must know what open source is before choosing a product in this category. So just go back a little and think about most of the programs that you can bring to your computer. Have you ever discerned how they are specific, what other programs will they work with and which analogues do they match with? An open-source is an unusual approach that involves the idea of ​​not committing yourself to it.

Later, the open-source is simple to work with any platform and can be readily redistributed. When selecting an open-source Magento platform, you are given a great deal of freedom while using it. Because of this, many people feel that there are certain advantages to Magento development and working on this type of program. In addition, this release proves to be the right choice for startups looking to raise their footprint in the e-commerce industry. Provide thousands of opportunities for an online store that makes you stand out from the crowd.

2. Enhanced SEO with Magento Platform

The benefits of Magento e-commerce in online business:

What happens if your eCommerce website launches and you get no response? Without a qualm, hell will collapse on you. Also, a well-defined SEO (search engine optimization) process is crucial to your business, and to your amazement, Magento also added a unique “Magento SEO” brush to your hat.

By working with a competent Magento eCommerce platform, optimizing your website becomes as easy as ABC. Furthermore, you will have a smart experience in approaching page traffic issues and indexing landing pages and website in particular with Magento SEO.

3. Available in three flavours as per your need

Magento for everyone. The software is also accessible in three distinct versions or perhaps “editions” of the online Magento e-commerce store. The expert can choose the version to download according to its specifications.

1. Community Edition

It provides the basic features you need to create and grow a unique online store from scratch. However, if you are among those looking for an all-in-one Magento compatible cloud option, easy to deploy, and at the same time provide enhanced security, consider choosing the community version of Magento.

2. Enterprise Edition

Magneto Enterprise Edition clears the boundaries of what is possible, allowing you to create a bold and innovative shopping experience that will inevitably transform your business.

3. Magento “GO” (hosted solution)

Do you want to relinquish responsibility for managing servers and programs? Magento “GO” is an ideal choice. In addition, it is a hosted SaaS-based service which is specially designed for budding entrepreneurs and merchants who like to get the benefits of using Magento eCommerce and sell online without any kind of complication. It is an economical yet robust eCommerce platform that startups can afford.

4. Manage multiple stores

Are you excited to manage Magento across multiple stores through one platform? Magento successfully presents built-in functionality for managing multiple sites on one platform. Also, it is an ideal option for shop owners who own or operate many Magento facilities and want to relocate them to one platform. Consequently, the combined functionality gives them a single admin panel so as to view and manage these eCommerce websites.

5. Better user experience for maximum customer engagement

Converting your website visitors into loyal customers can be a challenge. But compatibility with the Magento e-commerce platform can make it as easy as walking with its various functions, enabling the user to participate and present an easy-to-use and reasonable approach.

In addition, Magento is today the buzzword everyone talks about, as it surpasses in the profession to please users with impeccable experience and customer satisfaction.

6. The Power of Sophisticated Marketing Tools

Did you know that a web development program can never be finished until it has a promotional system and power of marketing? The main benefits of using Magento enter the big picture when website owners need to grant special promotional codes or even offer discounts to interested customers. As you know, every visitor counts its essence, likes to see one campaign or another running on the website’s home page, trust the qualified Magento development company in India to get the best choice for your online store.

For example, your schedule to display an urgent discount campaign on your website or a large amount of discount in an MRP product. As long as your competitors are not confined to any of these promotional exercises, you will unquestionably have an edge over your competition.

7. Greater scalability

Personalization is a vital part of the Magento e-commerce platform. Because it is a PHP-based solution that gives eCommerce developers an extended hand to expand websites as needed and take them to the highest level for their customers.

8. Highly Secure Platform 

First of all, Magento is free. Additionally, it is a secure approach to use because it keeps the confidential data of your eCommerce shopping safe on its premium system. With improved security breaches, it is inescapable that the web development platform be safe from secondary characters because they do not want anyone else to see their profits and orders.

Let’s Wrap Up

The new Magento 2.3.4 comes with loaded functionalities that make it more suitable for businesses looking for a feature-packed eCommerce site. By choosing Magento eCommerce platform, you will get almost everything you expect from an eCommerce development. In addition to the benefits of using the Magento eCommerce platform, it comes with a flexible approach to various functional issues. So if you are about to be part of getting a very good sum, Magento is a perfect choice.
However, if you do not select the right pros for the Magento ecommerce development platform, it just gets worse. Don’t worry, lean on Magento experts in the software development company in India who always strive to empower your customers with a competitive advantage.

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