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Why prefer Custom Software Development: Benefits

Advantages Of Hiring Custom Software Development Firms

Why the need of Custom Software Development arises? The trend to get more productive is on the rise in the corporate world as none has got time to adjust and adapt to the things that they don’t even need! Yes. For instance, you are on the floor 3 of the building and you want to reach to floor 8, going through the lift and passing other floors may completely look like a sheer wastage of time. Isn’t it so? Similar issue arises when we buy an off the shelf software for the company or an organisation. You pay for the features you don’t even need and you still remain in the dearth of the most important and useful features that you may have expected from the software prior to buying it at a hefty price! The truth is that there are so many advantages of hiring a company for custom software development services that it can easily overshadow all the money spent on the hiring of a company to get custom software development from the professionals! Why consider outsourcing the software development services? 1. Tailor-made Solutions: As we already mentioned in the earlier paragraph that custom software has many advantages over proprietary software. The first advantage is the tailor-made solutions. When every idea is different and unique in itself, why go for pre-designed software which are being used by millions around the world. To get a place in the heart of the customers around the world, it is imperative to

Ghost – A New Open Source Blogging Platform

  If there is one news which has caught the fancy of all and sundry in the world of blogging and online publishing, it is the buzz surrounding the development and the release of Ghost. Just a blogging platform, as actively touted by the developers, the final stages in the development of this platform was expedited by the Kick starter fundraising campaign, which was welcomed favorably by the online community. What does this open source publishing platform has which has got the backing of some of the most renowned names in the world of Web design and development? Find out below and also discover other little known facts about this particular platform.   The Origin of Ghost The idea of this publishing platform was particularly conceived by John O’Nolan, the famous and adroit designer and developer, who was also the deputy head of the UI Design, WordPress from the year 2009 to 2011. In the past 10 years, WordPress has enjoyed an amazingly successful run and it is difficult for any publishing platform to replicate its success story. However, O’Nolan realized that the platform is losing the essence of the simple blog publishing which it was initially supposed to do. That, and the quest for a rather feature rich and user centric and easy to use blogging platform gave rise to Ghost. The idea behind Ghost is to take away any complexities, improve the back-end techniques as much as possible and allow the bloggers to concentrate on their core area, which

Secret Revealed: Talisman to Outsource Your App Development

Looking to take your app idea off the ground? Don’t stroll in the precarious path without working out a proper strategy for application developed. First and foremost, try to sketch a draft. The earlier the better, as it would allow you to overlap the development of the application with the development of the design. If you are not good at programming, then try to outsource app development. You can hire an app developer from number of good places such as, odesk or skill pages and other vocation facilitating websites. Once you have a list of developers, short listing and finalizing the best one is a perplexing activity. Nevertheless, here are few tips and tricks to help you outsource app development. Try to get as much bids you can: Always collect a handful of bids as it will provide an edge to bargain with the developer. Yes! Quality should always precede price, yet, to have a couple of choices in hand is always good. Shortlist developers who have hands-on experience in similar applications to the one you desire. They must have worked on common programming applications. Do cross check their work uploaded on their portfolios. Steer away from developers without any portfolio. Connect with more than an email with your developer. Try to have a face-to-face interview session. In case, it’s a distant possibility, try to create visual connection for better interaction quotient. Prepare some questions beforehand so that you can focus on the answers of the developer rather than

The Most Applauded Software Development Trends of 2012

It is almost time to bid adieu to the year 2012. The year has been quite crucial, especially for the software development industry. There have been several breakthroughs. Some technologies have been shelved while several new technologies have emerged. Those who have been associated with a software development company you are probably aware of the numerous ups and downs that the industry has faced through the year. Talking about the technologies that trended in 2012, the list is quite long, but some technologies have left a mark like none other. These can be referred to as the trend setters of the software development arena that took the development processes to a higher plane. This post discusses the top five software development trends of 2012 that were accepted by the community with arms wide spread: 1.) Cloud Security: After the introduction of cloud technology in 2011, there weren’t many takers of the technology at the initial stages. In 2012, however, there was a sudden surge in the popularity of cloud. Several cloud operators forayed into the limelight and launched their solutions. Most IT consumers have either started using cloud or are planning to migrate to cloud in the near future. Accessing, managing and storing data in cloud has taken special precedence. 2.) Data Analytics: The need of using analytics and gathering the right form of data was not felt until very recent. With social media emerging as a strong online marketing tool, marketers are now realizing the importance of using analytics

Xicom Offerings Expert Web Developers For Hire

Xicom is a highly reputed CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified web development company offering top-notch software solutions and web solutions to businesses and organizations spread all over the globe and functioning in diverse business verticals. As a web developers company, Xicom offers some of the industry’s most experienced and capable web developers for hire. With more than 250 expert web developers having an average of 5+ years of experience, Xicom holds a very strong and awe-inspiring position in the web development industry. Since last 8 years, Xicom has held the position of the top rated service provider and web developers company over Elance. Benefits of hiring web developers from Xicom: You get access to a wide-range of PHP experts having diverse skills and good experience in relevant technologies. An associate project manager is appointed to you without charging anything extra for it. State of the art IT infrastructure having latest technologies and modern equipments. It is armed with best facilities that includes staging server, project management system, SVN and network support. Capable web developers for hire are available and could be staged up and functioning in less than 24 hours. You have complete control over the team structure, including involvement and replacement. You are engaged with a web developers company which offers transparent engagement process and comprehensive reporting procedures. You get to exercise complete control over your projects flow. Agile software development strategy ensures that you see your project being developed in real-time. Complete intellectual property protection is

Effective Custom PHP Development from Xicom Technologies

Web application development and website development are now a necessity for all businesses and organizations. It is important for businesses to have a strong and impressive online presence in order to survive in this tough competitive business environment. PHP has been one of the most prominent and widely used web development frameworks used by web development companies all over the world for developing web solutions and deploying them to their clients. Most clients hire a PHP development company from offshore locations such as India, Bangladesh, etc and get their solutions built from them. Xicom Technologies is a CMMI level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified PHP development company offering a wide range of solutions based on custom PHP development for online portals, e commerce websites, corporate websites, web applications, business blogs, content management systems, business applications and many more. Since last 10 years, Xicom has been offering highly reliable, effective and robust Custom PHP development solutions to more than 500 clients including clients from fortune 1000 companies spread across diverse business verticals. Xicom Technologies offers effective custom PHP development solutions that are built around the exact business requirements of the clients and allow them to extract most out of the solutions for their businesses. The web development services are offered from three fully equipped state of the art development centers located in New Delhi, the capital of India. Further, Xicom is among the top web development service providers over Elance with 100% recommendation from its users, something that is not enjoyed

Xicom Technologies: Delivering Impeccable iPhone Applications

iPhone applications are the most in-demand mobile application development solutions today. The attractive features, sleek design and high prices have made iPhone a status symbol that everyone wants to flash around. Xicom offers highly attractive and impeccable iPhone applications designed around the specific requirements of the client. These applications further enhance the capabilities of iPhone mobiles. Xicom aims at providing futuristic iPhone & iPad application development services to its clients that are really effective in their business activities. Xicom utilizes latest cutting edge technologies to create highly innovative and robust applications for iPhones and iPads and thus actualizes client’s ideas into real world entities. Various tools and technologies used expertly at Xicom technologies are: Xcode iPhone SDK (software development kit) Cocoa Touch Objective C Other normally used tools for designing and development Xicom boosts of an impressive and awe inspiring presence of more than 10 years in the web development and mobile application development industry. Moreover, Xicom Elance profile clearly shows that it is the only web development company over Elance with 100% recommendation from clients and a 5 start rating. This makes Xicom the number one web development service provider with only a very few others that stand anywhere close to it.

Some Basic Rules While Programming With Java

Java has its own features and advantages that are not easily possible with other languages. Xicom technologies offers some of the most capable Java developers to their international clients for successfully completing their Java software development projects. Xicom has been involved in Java programming and Java development since last 10 years. Each and every minute detail is given equal attention at the software development centers of Xicom technology. The java development company , Xicom have advanced knowledge and experience of Java programming but they always stay rooted to the basics as mostly developers end up with fatal errors because they neglect the basic aspects of Java programming. Some of the basic rules of Java programming are mentioned below: If a class extends the other with a defined method then the method can be overridden and given the same name in the final list. A method that is to be defined in the base class must stay visible. Failing to do so may even get the method treated like normal methods. If the name of the methods and argument list are being used then the same must be used for overriding and overridden methods. The exceptions for the definer class must be in the same or one of its sub-classes. There are many more rules that must be followed but the mentioned points are some of the most essential and easily forgotten points. Xicom has delivered numerous Java applications to its global clients who have always been more than appreciative of the

Xicom: Among the top 100 best places for work in India

  As of 10th December 2011, we have been informed that an independent group of global software organizations has placed us among the top 100 companies for work in India. In an independent survey conducted by the group, Xicom technologies secured a position in the list of top 100 companies where local and international clients can outsource their software projects. Xicom was placed in the list based on the following reasons: Client Satisfaction: Xicom strives to deliver complete client satisfaction in all its endeavors and has succeeded in doing so till now. It is our prime aim to deliver satisfying solutions that are feasible and useful for our clients. Management Skills: Xicom in-houses highly talented and experienced project managers who make sure that each project is given equal priority and clients are provided smooth and comfortable services. Our engagement models are designed to provide clients with maximum value for their money. We follow some of the most popular and proven management skills in all our departments. Employee Satisfaction: At Xicom technologies, each employee is a family member and we have the best interest for each member of our family. Employees are provided a comfortable and highly motivating environment to work in with a close watch on the performance of each. Required personals are given training and sessions until they are ready for their best performance. Performance bonus and timely increments are offered to keep them motivated. Company Growth: Xicom has grown from a modest beginning to the top web development

Xicom Technologies: The Best Solution for Offshore Software Development

Xicom Technologies is a world renowned offshore software development company, providing business centric software solutions to its global clients since last 10 years. Working in an offshore engagement model can be very hard and troublesome if you don’t have proper expertise, resources, infrastructure and management skills. Xicom technologies possesses extensive expertise and experience of deploying well managed offshore software development services to clients spread across diverse business verticals. The services and solutions offered by Xicom come along with the quality assurance of CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Why to use Xicom for offshore software development projects: Skilled Resources: Xicom is powered by a strong team of more than 250 skilled professionals with each having a minimum 2 years of relevant experience in their respective domains. Regular training sessions are conducted to keep their skills sharp and updated. Moreover, new technologies are immediately provided to these professionals to keep them in tune with the latest technologies. State of the Art Infrastructure: Headquartered in the capital city of India, New Delhi; Xicom owns multiple state of the art software development centers equipped with latest IT infrastructure including modern technologies and equipments. We try our best to provide the most suitable environment for software research and development to our resources. Proven Procedures and Quality Management: Xicom follows proven software development processes and procedures while developing solutions for its clients. The smooth and timely delivery of solutions is assured by our skilled project managers with each having a minimum 6 years of