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Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development in 2021-22


Enterprise Application is one of the most prominent and crucial things in the whole environment of web applications. It is growing and fulfilling every need of enterprises and organizations. And what is the best thing about it? Well, the platform does not only provide cross-platform and open-source facilities to its user, but it also helps in developing modern, cloud-based, and advanced applications. 

The whole setup of Dot NET is specially designed to allow runtime components, with the APIs, in compilers, and also with the languages. And yes! It is operational with macOS, Linux, and Windows on both the .NET Core or .NET Framework.

This magical platform helps in developing high-quality apps. With the facility of modern language constructs that are Language Integrated Query (LINQ), asynchronous programming, and generics which makes the developer’s work productive

Mostly the world is opting for dot NET is because of its versatile functions. There are mainly four major reasons for enterprises to adopt this platform:

  • The whole development tends to enhance productivity and capacity.
  • It manages to withhold the field workers, that is changing the whole nature of the corporate environment with a film adaption of smart devices
  • Helping the users to aid better in their whole journey of business, Enterprise big data, and analytics provides with the smarter app. 

So the question is – can you really acquire the whole ambiance of Dot net for enterprise application development that would help you get a successful picture for your organization?

Well, we gotta see what it has to offer, and Why .Net is the Most used Platform for Enterprise Application Development

Widespread Like a Fire: .NET Standard

From the beginning of 2016, the .NET has been one of the most valuable platforms of all time. It has upgraded with an enormous class library that is called .NET Standard. The reason why it is being adopted by people out there is only because of the reason that it depends on the number of base class libraries that are there for .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin. These are then useful to operate with regular facilities that tend to include delivering the designs, collaboration with the information base, and controls that are there with the XML reports. Not only this but with the adoption of this platform, the job opportunities are increasing day by day. All the more Reasons for choosing .net to develop enterprise applications. A research that is done by the IT Job watch clearly proves that.

graph1 1
(Image Source: IT Job Watch)

Why .NET for Enterprise Application Development?

According to research, .NET was one of the most Loved and Desired Frameworks of 2019 and it is expected to be the same in the coming years.

graph2 1
(Image Source: Dot tutorial)

Here are some of the top reasons that the organization should choose this framework:

1. Platform Independence

.NET for Enterprise Application Development is one of those frameworks that is utilized to develop any type of application on any platform. The best part about the framework is that it is independent and it manages to support all the platforms that the organization desires for. This is the best part because platforms like Android, iOS, and windows are supported with the help of this framework, and apps are constructed in an orderly manner. Thus, it manages to support every possible solution while the user creates an app which makes a good reason on why ASP.Net Core is the best choice to build enterprise web applications

2. Scalability

Believe it or not but .Net is utilized to scale. It is one of the most versatile platforms that help the user to add and maybe remove any class or suite that is of any size or it manages to enhance or decrease in preposition values. This is the framework that has the capability of constructing applications that run anywhere. It manages to set a bar and increase the ever-growing requirements of modern enterprises. All the applications that tend to develop with this framework are fast and jolting .Net presents the enterprise application development with customizable options and manages to hold huge loads that would spike in the future. The best part about the framework is that it removes the needs and also the re-investment in new software as business or helps in department expansion. Yes! It just scales itself to acquire the changing scenarios. 

3. Performance

This is the framework that is remarkable and really fast for the ASP.NET Development Company that want to use every ounce of the platform. This implies that the framework manages to give the apps better computing times and also provides with a withstanding response processing time. Not only this but Stack Overflow serves 5.3M online visits a day on only 9 servers. .NET also manages to perform quicker operation than some other well-known structures.

4. Security

.NET is one of those platforms that tend to provide users with fast and alluring security benefits with the help of its managed runtimes. The services that are presented to the users include the rectifying of basic issues like bad pointer control or other various unauthorized attempts that might be seen while the compilation of the code. Not only this but the user should be aware that Microsoft manages to pay attention to the releases and the updates as soon as they rectify any sort of dangers. The reason is obvious – For organizations, security is non-debatable.

Enterprise applications with features like:

  • Code Access Security (CAS)
  • Character approvals 
  • Code checks 
  • Encryptions

5. Easy to Customize

The best thing about this platform is that it is coordinated in the nature of a Windows worker, that is needed for less establishment and also for the less designing of the other web advancement platforms which must be introduced. Thus making it a good option to Hire .NET Developer.

All the websites and applications that are bound to work with ASP.NET can be faster and quicker than a website that is operated under PHP, for instance. ASP.NET applications are collected which only means that the code is implemented into object language, which is then executed. 

Although ASP.NET is an open-source stage, all the organizations that are using it can undoubtedly employ the master of Dot Net Developers to construct reliable applications. These applications are not only custom-made to the business, but they are operated truly in any sort of capacity.

6. Wide Horizon of Components

Microsoft’s .NET tends to make series of .NET conditions for application improvement with a scope of segments. Thus, it not only provides opportunities to help the ever-growing and large population, but it also picks from programming dialects, for example, Visual Basic, C#, C++, and JavaScript. 

The best part about this platform is that it gives the designers and software development company an assembly code in the middle of the road condition. Similarly, it promises to use byte codes and cycle that is used for the normal language runtime. 

This then helps in a particular set for accumulating the code and giving the definition to a halfway language (IL) processor, which is dynamic in nature. The substance is characterized through web administrations, information, UI, XML code, and base classes. 

7. Effortlessness

When it comes down to the effortlessness of the platform, .NET has to be one of the most widespread things.

One reason why ASP.NET adoption needs is this factor. The entire system promises to include a dependable MVC design. MVC design that includes Model, View, and Controller. These designs then guide in constructing custom web applications and APIs designs by accomplishing the uniqueness. It, later on, allows the engineers to code, test, or investigate an application in any sort and design. 

The codes that are there in these platforms are reusable in nature and this makes it simpler and easy to look for the programming. It includes a test side, occasion programming model that is easy to keep up. 

8. Cross-Platform Support

Perhaps the best thing about ASP.NET improvement is its cross-platform facility. The whole platform is operated for not just Windows, but various other applications and apparatuses. Different platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux are some which works well with Dot Net. It brings out Visual Studio IDE that allows designers to assemble web applications on any Operating System.

9. Object-Oriented Programing

.NET depends on object-Oriented programming (OOP). OOP is a development model for separating programming into little pieces that are simpler to join. 

OOP compartmentalizes information into objects, i.e., information fields, and depicts articles’ conduct and substance through the statement of classes. 

A particular structure looks after the conduct of their communications without overseeing any sort of object inward characteristics. Thus it streamlines programming by making the code sensible, simpler to test, and react to repeating issues. .NET manages to reuse code and parts, spare time, and hence the expense of advancement.

10. Visual Studio IDE

Yes, you heard it right!

This platform is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). IDE tends to be an essential thing for software engineers that makes application development advancement simpler by giving everything the devices required to compose and test. 

The best part is that Visual Studio is a Microsoft IDE that is utilized for building, troubleshooting, and distributing all kinds of applications. Including platforms like Android and iOS. Visual Studio is coordinated with .NET and provides the highlights of language-explicit conditions for .net development company

The key highlights of the Visual Studio IDE: 

  • It manages to utilize IDE for every .NET application. 
  • The IDE has incorporated and investigated facilities. 
  • It provides a continuous joint effort on the codebase and coordinated code. 
  • The arrangement can be useful for applications that are dependent on code written in various dialects. 
  • Visual Studio manages to take into account a tweaking to all the client inclinations. 

Moreover, Visual Studio Marketplace offers a wide scope of supervisor expansions from Microsoft and different suppliers.

11. Evergrowing Community

.NET has a giant network of engineers. Strangely, it has managed to bring about engineers from a little/medium size, and endeavor a good grade organization. This implies that practically any sort of problem can be settled with the assistance of network individuals. 

Since .NET Core is open source, its libraries, runtime, and compiler are accessible on GitHub and have numerous commitments. 

As per the Stack Overflow 2019 overview, ASP.NET took the fourth spot among the most famous web systems.

The Future of Dot Net

It is quite obvious that all the stats and the surveys that are conducted by dot tutorial indicates that no one should have any doubt about the bright future of the framework. .Net or .Net Core Developer should be happy that this one technology is emerging out in 2020 and further. And when it comes down to the future of Dot Net, the developers do not need to worry. The framework has launched .Net 5 and is expected to do wonders in its coming years.

graph 3

Hence, organizations should seriously start thinking about this whole setup and work down in the expected field. 


We hope that the article has provided you with all the necessary information. If the web development company needs any guidance in this zone then they can contact us with the help of our details. The organization and users that need help can input their details on the free estimation page and get in touch with us.


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