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Why Do People Say Mobile App Development Is A Money Making Business ?

Since the of smart phones and tablets popularity of Android applications has increased Hundreds of new and advanced applications feature in the app store, adding flexibility to the lives of the people. The applications are made by researching the needs of the people or for entertainment. Regardless of the use, these apps provide a comprehensive service with the help of android platform.

In the times, when android devices are in the days of glory, investing in android app development is the choice of the wise. Mobile application developers have already understood the potential of the market and are creating applications. For a Mobile application development company, who plans on entering the app development business, here is a list of facts to ensure that it is a good deal

Flexible And Versatile Development Procedure

Android development provides great flexibility to the app developers. The fact that the android platform can be customized to ground level gives freedom of development. Web integrations are easy in Android and changes can be made with ease. The Android platform is versatile. Which means that a developer can make any kinds of changes without much restrictions.

Android Apps Are Low Budget Projects

For new firms, that take up the app development, it comes as a surprise. The cost to develop android based applications are nominal. This is because the SDK, or the software development kit for android can be availed from the internet, without any costs. Tools required for app development can be simply downloaded without spending a dime. The only reasonable charges are associated with the fee of the developer. And by hiring any offshore developer, the costs can be further reduced.

Mobile application development services

Play Store Is A Flourishing Market

Google Play Store is the busiest digital market in the world with thousands of app downloads taking place every minute. It has become the common man’s store to get the best apps. Google Play Store is the chief host for android applications.

Google Play Store has a never ending process of android device users coming in and picking the desired applications. This makes the android apps more reachable to the potential audience.

Unbelievable Graphics Support

Graphics play a major role in targeting the audience. A good user interface of an app works as an eye candy that attracts the users towards it. Android platform has built-in features for graphics in 2 dimensions as well as 3 dimensions. This is important to encourage more people to download the app.

Adaptable Platform For Future Modifications

Java is used for android app development, which is the basic programming language. Hence, any developer who has sound knowledge of Java can make android apps. In future, if the app reports bugs of any kinds, you do not need to reach the same developer who wrote the codes.

Any developer who has experience in Java programming can resolve the issues and even create the latest versions of the existing app.


The Android operating system is the leading OS for new age Smartphones that have already taken the market by sweep.The android devices are the future because the price-to-features ratio is remarkable. So it is reasonable, in every aspect, to get into the app development business and create breathtaking apps.

What is .NET Web Development And Its Benefits!


Microsoft has built an entirely new platform for development. This platform was written from the ground up to master many of the problems common in application development. Namely: inability to change applications quickly, long development times, ease of deployment and high total cost of ownership of software.

Different Types of Applications you Can design with .NET

It is imperative to know some of the applications that you can create with .NET, before jumping into the real benefits of .NET web development and that’s why we have curated a list of the types of applications that can be created using the .NET platform.

– Warehousing applications using hand-held devices
– Accounting applications
– XML Web services
– Value chain/supply management
– Customer relationship management Product/inventory applications
– Websites
– Integration with partners through the Internet
– PDA (hand-held) applications

There are a plenty of benefits of using .NET for web development. Some of which are :

Cross Platform

With .NET developers you can develop an application that can run on browsers, desktops and also on smartphones and tablets. Even your designers can re-use a lot of the same code for those requests. Also, they can use the same development environment and the paradigm for development.


Many organizations started with small infrastructure but grew into a giant. When it happens, there’s a big burden on the existing IT infrastructure and the applications that run on it. But .NET was designed with scalability in mind so that when your company grows, your web existence can scale and support the additional load. Hence, less time is spent on re-working and re-developing applications.


Reducing the total cost of control of software is crucial. It’s clear that the initial up-front cost savings of an application aren’t of any value if the maintenance costs surpass those savings. It’s why .NET applications are very maintainable because of the configuration settings that you can modify without re-writing the code. It ensures the maintenance quicker and easier, thus lowering the total cost of ownership.


The .NET Framework is an incredibly strong and efficient engine in application’s production. .NET has various built-in balances and checks that ensure your online presence stays up and running throughout its time on the internet. It makes sense as you don’t want your e-commerce sites or applications failing or seeing any downtime.

Services-Oriented Architecture

Today, Web services and integrating with their customers is a common talk among users and .Net is one of the leaders who has made that possible. It has a Services-Oriented Architecture to develop small reusable services to use and re-use from many different applications. It allows your company to publish a specification that will enable your suppliers to communicate with you in a much more effective manner than the traditional methods.


.Net Framework has a well-designed security system to reduce as much vulnerability of your web presence as possible. Because its developers know that even one security loophole can give a hacker the advantage of getting into a website and sabotage howsoever wanted, there is no such flaw exist in .NET.

Wrapping it up :

Many organizations have already selected .NET and are on their track to an efficient organization. Companies such as Barnes, Noble, Levi Strauss and many others have either deployed or are deploying .NET applications. You too can start and avail the benefits.

Efficiency Of PHP Developers And How To Hire Them!

In this growing technology-driven world, firms have access to optimal means to take their sales to a greater height and achieve superior profitability. Out of many ways, one is the developing a user-friendly and fully-functional site. How would that be possible? By taking help of professional assistance and experienced, full of expertise PHP developer. As mentioned above, PHP development is in high demand and have paved the path for creating beautiful websites. Thus, there remains a huge demand for PHP developers in this domain by companies of all sizes.

Role of a PHP Developer in Shaping your Business

Shaping your website’s ideas into reality is the principal component of a fruitful and vigorous business strategy, and that’s why it becomes a constraint to PHP Developer as only professional developers can accomplish that for you in quick time and at a reasonable cost. Irrespective of the size of your business, fitting infrastructure for hosting your website is required necessarily. Though, it is necessary once the site is developed entirely which is possible only once you have a PHP web programming expert by your side.


Luckily, there are various experts involved in PHP development in India and abroad. The number keeps on regularly increasing because of the high demand of PHP developers & the versatility of this robust framework. As per W3tech, PHP is the most used language on the internet with more than 80% of the total websites using it as their platform. This astounding standing tells us that it is the high time to consider PHP development and hiring a good PHP developer is the foremost thing to do so.

Aspects to Consider While Hiring a PHP Developer

Hiring the best PHP developers for your project may seem like a daunting task sometimes. Few things that you can use are as:


We can classify PHP developers into three groups by technical proficiency, i.e. beginner, mid-level and advanced. A beginner has just entered the industry so you can avoid and move to a mid-level developer who has some experience in PHP development. You can rely on them and advanced level designers. Keep in mind that the higher level developers will be of high cost. The reason we mentioned not to look at beginners because most of them work under senior developers. So, why not hire seniors, directly!

Source for Hiring

Once you know the level of skills you require for your project, you should look at the correct source to hire PHP developers. First of all, consider taking suggestions from people who are close to you like business colleagues and friends. If they don’t have any suggestions, look in online portals like Google, Freelancers, Upwork, etc. There are a lot of options available in today’s date. Make sure that you search all options and when you find the developers you think are right for your project, review each of them on forums. A better option would be hiring developers from a renowned web development company.

Model-based Hiring

You can also consider the idea of hiring a developer on a model or at a fixed cost. Under a model, you need to pay according to the hours invested in developing your project. With a fixed cost, you just have to pay the set cost of a developer. Choosing a model will ensure that you pay for what you’re getting. It’s why a mode-based hiring is always advisable.

Why Everyone Is Gaining Interest In Developing iPhone Apps

The iPhone, developed by Apple Inc, is an enormous achievement of the Smartphone industry. With more businesses understanding the value of winning consumers with the help of charming mobile applications, the need for iPhone app designers is growing, too. iPhone applications development is in such great demand because iPhones are capable of supporting different type of mobile apps within the single platform.

The Success of iPhones

The raised bid for iPhone apps is directly attributable to the success of iPhones. If you check the Apps Store, you’ll see that the number of iPhone apps submitted have reached to the millions, starting from just a small number of hundred. iPhone users all over the world download apps from this online store.

Benefits of developing iPhone Apps

Small and big companies are involving in development apps because third party apps are conveniently supported by the phone, making it one of the most well-liked brands amongst smartphones. The iPhone uses advanced, user-friendly and fast technology to support maximum functionality.

Exposure: A good mobile app developer works with both complex and simple projects so that he can develop dynamic and creative apps. They also ensure a more user-friendly app.

Technical Knowledge: Expert iPhone Development service provider will always possess strong technical knowledge about the design of iPhone apps. With latest iPhone software development kits to make creative applications, experienced developers of iPhone development companies will provide you with exactly what you wish in your app.

Flexibility: An experienced developer will provide various flexible models that one can choose from according to the business needs.

Communication: A good developer will always value the clients and knows the importance of maintaining a healthy relation with them, which could be possible only with a constant support.

Mobile application development services

Scalability: A good developer’s expertise provides dedicated services with full control over project and resources, thus a scalable end-product.

What Can an iPhone App Developer Do?

There is a hike in need for mobile app developers as businesses don’t want to let go of the chance to hit the iPhone users and reach out with their sales message. The iPhone application developers keep in mind the user’s requirements as well as the client’s price range. A developer who is seasoned and has a complete knowledge of the technology is in a better position to develop powerful apps for iPhones.

Cost Factor

Thus, the demand for iPhones has significantly given an increase to the iPhone applications development industry and has lead in more jobs for app developers. The reduced price for iPhones and appealing discount offers has attracted more and more individuals to buy the phones for business as well as personal purpose. As iPhones have become cost-effective, iPhone applications development have become cost-effective, too.

Attractive Attributes

With 3G and 4G spectrum’s used by telecommunications services all around the world, utilizing iPhones for business purposes has obtained a reputation. The easily customizable attributes of the iPhone have also begun to more iPhone app developers playing around with its features. Also, the capability to play exciting games, including 3D variations, make it the most approved phone and its app developers the most inquired after programmers.

Benefits of PHP in App development


Today, PHP is the hottest scripting language used over the web. It is the secret ingredient to create an interactive and dynamic web application. Many great websites like Facebook, WordPress and Wikipedia have been designed on PHP framework. PHP application development is an investment that turns out to be a quick and stable money maker.

PHP is an open source web application that gives freedom of design state of the art applications. It provides unmatched flexibility and speed from any other scripting languages. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from an ocean of options to create an application. Here are a few tips that will let you explore the world of PHP application development and help you hand pick the building blocks to develop a dynamic and eye striking application using PHP.

Have a ‘SOLID’ design approach

SOLID means: single responsibility, open-closed, Liskov substitution, interface segregation and dependency inversion. This is the acronym used for the first five principles of design. It provides a framework to refactor the source code of the software to remove code smells. SOLID includes all the important design aspects like Grasp, Yagni, Package Principles, Kiss and Dry.

The lesser the codes, the better

Many developers flaunt their coding skills by writing the entire code for the application by themselves. But it is just not required. Thankfully, the vast PHP community has already solved the coding issues and the solutions are available on the internet, for FREE. Instead of creating codes for routing, data abstraction or unit conversion, it can be directly downloaded.

Use Composer while coding for an application. It creates a list of codes that would be required to develop the app and downloads the codes.

Drop the ‘ELSE’& ‘NESTED’ Statements

This method can be applied immediately in the codes of the application. Maintain a single level of coding as it is simple and easier to maintain. More levels of notch means more attention and complex code structures. Avoid ‘Else’ statements in multiple return statements. Nested Loops also makes it difficult to follow the codes.

Use the latest version of PHP

Make it a habit of using the upgraded versions of PHP for creating the application. This not only lets you avail the latest available upgrades , but also enhance speed and security. Memory usage is also significantly reduced with latest upgrades.

Use the latest versions of PHP and its extensions to avail all of its features and reduce the maintenance of the application.

Unit testing for feedback

Unit testing is the best way of getting the feedback of the codes of the application. Small tests are written in PHP that runs fast and assures that the code is running precisely.

Unit testing is very useful to get important design feedback of the application. Some of the mail unit testing tools are Snaptest, PHPUnit and Codeception.

PHP application development is a great platform to generate revenue for businesses but it is equally important to be updated with the latest technology and trends in PHP application development to make the most of it.

5 “MUST HAVE” Skills In An iPhone App Developer

Apple iPhone has, without a doubt, become the people’s platform. The incredible apps have made the digital technology cheap and accessible. Although Apple entertains every app submitted to it, there are a certain rules of the game set by them. If your app meets all the technical and security aspects of Apple, it can show up on the App Store in a month. An iPhone app is made with a perfect blend of knowledge and creativity of a developer. An ideal iPhone developer should be proficient in technical skills and someone who can think out of the box at the same time. If you are running a mobile app development company and want to hire an iPhone app developer, or wish to make a career as an iPhone app Developer, here is a check list that will come handy:

Proficiency in Objective-C

This is a must have skill if you wish to hire an iPhone developer. Objective-C is used in writing codes and programs of the apps. So, it is a necessary skill to look for in a developer. An ideal developer writes clean codes. This helps him to go back again and again to the program and make relevant changes. Now, with the introduction of SWIFT,(programming language to interchange objective-C) a developer should be proficient in it as well.

Technically sound

The developer should be proficient with hands on experience in iPhone SDK, multitouch, Cocoa framework, GPS posting, Xcode, QuickTime, IMPS, web service integration and accelerometer. He should also have knowledge of adding third party libraries and dealing with API’s.

These are the building blocks of any iPhone application. So a developer must have experience on all these platforms.

ios android app development delhi

 An Innovative thinker

Apart from being a technical savvy, a developer must understand the user interface perspective of the app. This means that the developer should make sure that there is a great UI and UX experience. People like a clean and beautiful app. It becomes a responsibility of the app developer to deliver one.

Developers with knowledge of HTML5 are capable of creating apps which are both productive and elegant.

Should understand device compatibility

A developer should also know that the apps will run on all kinds of versions of ios. With Apple being unbiased to its new and older customers, an app should come up neat on older iPhone operating systems.

Calm and active decision maker

If Apple finds bugs and faults in the app, the app does not show up in the App Store and ultimately, the app is rejected. An iPhone developer should keep his nerves in these moments and resubmit the app after resolving the issues. Since the app can be submitted any number of times, the developer should make all efforts to satisfy Apple and make it to the App Store.

A good iPhone app developer learns from his mistakes, and grows his skills to achieve success. As a developer, it is important to learn the latest technologies and understand the market trends. When a developer is able to transform the ideas into reality, great apps are created.

For A Fully-Functional Mobile App Hire A Reliable App Development Company

In the past couple of years, their has been a steep rise in the mobile applications because of the overnight boom in the sale of smartphones and tablets. The increased usage of these smartphones has further enhanced the development of different types of mobile apps. For instance, Apple’s app store features apps that will only run on devices that are installed with iOS similarly Google’s Android and Windows have their respective app stores and operating systems.
The Android app store which is also known as Google Play features a collection of over a million apps. These applications are divided into different categories like entertainment, games, shopping, travel, social media, personalization and much more. Thanks to the Android powered smartphones Android Application Development has gained immense popularity across the globe.
Given below are the few advantages of hiring an app development company which is essential for building a feature-rich and fully-functional app:

mobile application development services

1. Open Source SDK:
The Android OS is based on the Linux Kernal and uses object-oriented JAVA as its primary code development language. Android comes with an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) that consists of an extensive range of inbuilt libraries and API’s that assist in designing & developing feature-rich mobile applications. These open-source SDK’s are readily available to the developers.
2. Low on budget and high on returns:
If you own a recently started business and planning to create a mobile app to reach out to the huge amount of consumers, it’s best that you hire the services of an Android app development firm. You can also outsource your app development project which will help you save both time and money. By outsourcing your work to an Android Development Company, your can easily get high returns on your investment.
3. Intuitive Design:
To further enhance their performance the Android applications use core functionalities of the hardware. The apps developed using the Android SDK are quite user-friendly, have intuitive controls and navigation panels which make an app easy to use.
4. On-time Delivery:
All the professional app development firms understand the importance of delivering the projects on time. It will be good that you hire an app developer who is known for on-time delivery of apps. Before you officially launch your app make sure you test it properly and eliminate all the errors and bugs so that you can provide your users with an app which is free from any form of technical glitches.
5. Skilled and experienced team of technology experts:
It will be good that you hire a team of experienced developers who have complete knowledge about the ongoing and upcoming market trends. Make sure the company which you are hiring offers customized services, best ideation and uses professional development tools and technologies to develop an app as per the requirements of the clients.
If you want to take your business beyond geographical boundaries, then a mobile app is a perfect tool for doing so. You will reap multiple benefits by hiring the services of an app development company. Make sure you are hiring professional developers who procure proper skills and tools that are necessary for the development of a perfect mobile app.

Few tools that will help you in PHP web development


Today you can easily find plenty of PHP development tools on the internet. With the help of these tools, you can easily build and manage your business portal. These next generation PHP development tools give a web developer enormous power to render innovative and fully-functional features in the websites.

With each passing day, several development tools are added on the web. These tools are not only easy to use but also add unique methodologies to the business models which smoothens the process for the streamlined use. In case you don’t have much technical know-how then you can opt for the PHP web development services that will surely provide you with the desired portal. The best thing about these tools is that a person with little knowledge of PHP development or web designing can use these tools to build their portal in a hassle-free manner.

It will be good that you look out for a reliable and light-weight tool that offers cross-platform support and above all, it should be affordable too. Given below is the list of few PHP development tools that will ease the task of website creation.

PhpDesigner 8: This is the best tool for those developers who want to improve their coding skills. PhpDesigner 8 supports PHP, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and is known as one of the most powerful IDE Editor. It is an all in one website editor that will speed up your coding process and will provide you with tonnes of features and functionalities.

NuSphere: This tool is suitable for those developers who are using PHP, HTML, Perl, JScript and CSS to build a website. NuSphere comes loaded with an editor, debugger, SQL profiler, PostrgeSQL database support. Moreover, you can also find plenty of tutorials and webinars related to this tool. This is a great tool which can use any MVC framework for development.

PHP-CPP: This tool is a library of developing PHP extensions. It’s easy to use classes can be used to build native extensions for the PHP. You can quickly switch from PHP to C++. Moreover, the comparison function is automatically called when you try to compare objects in PHP scripts.

Directus: A free to use PHP MySQL development tool which offers an open-source MySQL database GUI that makes the content management process easy and hassle-free. This tool is quite easy to use and doesn’t require any extra skills for the PHP development and editing.

SublimeText: This tool has a text editor for code, markup and prose. SublimeText’s amazing features and excellent design makes it stand apart from all the other PHP development tools. With just a few keystrokes you can search whatever you are looking for and that too without making any changes in the menu.


In this article, you will read about few amazing PHP development tools which are commonly used by the web development companies. You can take help of internet for learning several tips and tricks that you will help you excel in website development and management.

How to Excel in Android App Development

Android app development businesses seek for higher profits and promising future. The demand for Android smartphones has triggered the demand for hiring professional Android developers in recent years. It has also boosted the developers interest into Android programming. Android OS provides great freedom to developers and access to an ever-growing user base to the app owner.

Android has helped many professionals/ enterprises to develop business apps. As it is one of the most popular platforms across the globe, it gives the app owner an enormous user base. Although burgeoning, Android App development process comes with few major challenges. It can be Software/ Hardware Fragmentation, several carriers, the security issue, patent issue, etc.

So, here are few tricks that will help you in Android App development if you are new in this field.

1. Understand the Android Market

Android market is bigger than iOS. So, try to focus on a huge number of users accordingly. Being an inexperienced Android App developer, you should use Android device as much as possible. Take part in Android community discussions largely. Google+ is the best example of it. Whether an individual or seeking to become best Android App Development Company in future, participate actively in these kinds of dozens of communities, it will surely help to thrive in this field.

Android Application Development Company

Android developers, Android Studio, Android App Design are few best example for it.

2. Maintain Latest Trends

Seldom, Google releases new updates to its current SDK, which provides as a guideline for Android App developers to produce new ways of developing an Android App. Constant updating your Android application, help you to exist in competition and introduce new features. Users highly praise updated applications. This also helps the users to remain at the top of the standards set by Google.

3. Do not ignore User Input

It is one of the excellent ways to improve your app. Users appreciate the application when developers take their feedback sincerely and apply it to their application/s. If users are happy with the existing feedback system, they will never uninstall your application, which is probably, the best thing. And ultimately, as a fresher in Android App Development, you get access to a huge group of people that acts as a medium for progressing your app. What else you want?

4. Follow Android design Guidelines

As an amateur developer, you should follow the full set of guidelines produced by Google. However, it is found that many Android App developers feel shy to use them as this will be notified on the Facebook. But don’t avoid it. The guidelines will help the users to understand the working of the application intuitively. These are designed to keep apps compatible with another and make Android feel and behave as one.

5. Work for Multiple Devices

The best part of Android App development is that Android runs on a variety of devices that have different screen sizes, unlike iOS. As a developer, it is quite difficult for Android developers to test the Android application on every device. To maintain consistency throughout the variety of devices, Android Developers can use density-independent pixels. Android device will then automatically the pixels in adequate amount, thus leading to more consistency throughout different devices.

So, these were some useful tips for inexperienced Android App developers. Many applications fail because the developers behind them got too greedy. Android communities are quite supportive, take their suggestions seriously and you can produce quality Android Applications.

Xicom Tops the List of Best Android App Development Companies, Worldwide by CrowdReviews.com

CrowdReviews.com has announced the list of Top 10 Android App Development Companies across the world and Xicom Technologies Ltd. has secured the first position with an overall score of 47.3. The survey was conducted by the reviews of the customers they experienced during their work encounter with the companies, and the reviews were based on their comments. Clients gave their full contribution and were forthright while expressing their opinion on these firms.


Crowd Reviews utilizes its proprietary analysis methodology and in-depth research to identify the leading IT companies, which consistently offer high performance software development services. The evaluation was done across a range of five parameters viz. Review Strength, Engagement Strength, Verified Status, Profile Strength and Reviewer Strength.

On this achievement, we asked the take of Xicom’s CEO, Mr. Rahul Mahajan and he said, “It’s an honor that all out clients deem us fit to serve them, and this would not have been possible without the commitment put in by our team, so a big round of applause to them. I would also like to thank CrowdReviews.com on behalf of Xicom to provide such an excellent platform through which we can directly reach out to those who need genuine services.” He continued saying, “We strive hard to provide robust, interactive and dynamic Android App Development services. We are grateful to our loyal clients for writing true reviews to the survey sites like CrowdReviews.com. It builds a close relationship with them.”

When asked about the key ingredients for their success, he added “The Web and mobile development has inflated so much that there is no particular formula, as the requirements of each business are distinct. So in short you need to improve your tensile strength and meet up to their expectations, and the credit goes to our development team that renders competitive solutions to our customers. I would also like to thank our clients for taking out time from their schedule and shower on us their reviews through firms like CrowdReviews.com. This instills us the confidence to keep up the job.”

About CrowdReviews.com

CrowdReviews.com is a reliable US-based platform that helps software consumers in finding the most suitable software vendors worldwide. The platform openly discusses on the quality of the goods and services amongst the buyers and providers and generate unbiased reviews based on the genuine customer feedbacks.

About Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Xicom Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 and IS0:9001 certified software development company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has a strong team of over 300+ highly skilled developers to deliver innovative, reliable and secure IT solutions to SMEs across the world. The company holds the trust of over 500+ clients across diverse business verticals.

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