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What are the latest iOS App Development Trends for Developers in 2017?

IOS App developers

Importance of mobile application is gaining as their use and applications have been found in our everyday life. Apple is witnessing many dynamic changes as it is evolving itself for the changing market demands, embracing a more open source outlook and incorporating many cutting-edge technologies. Apple is applying new technologies in iPhone and iPad. For e.g. iBeacon is a device which is using IoT for making more better apps. There are many retailers using the iBeacon devices and growing their business. Apple is continuously trying to provide its users something new while keeping it simple and secure.

Now we will look into some of the iOS app development trends which will be prevalent in 2017 and can be considered by the developers.

  • Demand for iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is a proprietary technology of Apple but can be used by Android devices also. You can use Beacons and iBeacons across your customer base. The retailers are getting huge benefits using the Beacon technology in the retail market. Many of the Apple iOS apps have launched Beacon app for the retail industry and have great success. 85% of US retailers have already deployed Beacon having a total sale of $4 Billion.

  •  Cloud Technology

With the application of new technology like Cloud computing in iPhone app development, businesses want to hire iOS developers who have deep knowledge of these concepts. App development has limits as per the user demands. Users want to access the app everywhere. The cloud-based applications allow mobile access to corporate data using iPhone. The businesses and companies can use the cloud computing feature to keep a connection with the employees and customers from a distant location. You can offer options to employees to work on travel, freelancing or from remote locations and enjoy greater employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Use of Swift Programming Language

Objective-C was used to create iOS apps since many years. Swift is an innovative programming language developed by Apple especially to create iOS apps which can co-exist with Objective-C but Swift is much better. The iOS app developers should learn Swift if they want to develop iOS apps in future. Swift will help developers to create better apps for iPhone, Mac and iPad users. Swift is faster to code and easier to test. Swift is designed to replace Objective-C for Apple apps and is more powerful and feature-rich language than Python. Hence Swift is one of the most promising trends in iOS app development in 2017.

  • Security Features will get more attention

Now in this time, mobile business is growing at a tremendous rate. Many of the mobile users have doubts regarding the security when they are purchasing a product or service or making a business deal using mobile apps. Now is the time iPhone app developers have to add high-end security features in the iPhone apps. With more security, the app users will trust more the app and the mobile business will grow even faster.

  • Wearable and IoT Technologies

Wearable Technology is bringing revolution in the way you do many tasks. The wearable technology application can smartly help you for the betterment of your business or tasks you do daily. IoT is also evolving fast from the interference of wireless technologies, microdevices, micro-electronic system and their connection to the internet. This convergence has been very helpful and removed the barrier between operational technology and IT which allows machine-generated data to be analyzed. Hence IoT and wearable technologies are the new trends to be watched out for in iOS app development in 2017.

  • More focus on Mobile Commerce

First, there was a trend for E-commerce and now this new trend is for M-Commerce. Each of the E-commerce websites will ultimately have a mobile app as a number of mobile users has reached to all-time high and most of them use their mobile to do business transactions online. The wallet and beacons technologies are gaining more popularity as users are more likely to purchase if checkout and payment process is more simple and secure. The iPhone developers can follow this trend in iOS app development to improve the iPhone app.


By looking at these above latest trends in iPhone app development in 2017, we expect to see major technological changes in design and development process of iPhone apps in coming future. If the developers will apply these trends while creating iPhone apps then not only they will gain more knowledge about latest technology but it will also present before iPhone users a more secure, technologically advanced and user-friendly user experience.

What are the various aspects of Mobile ASP.NET Development?

In today’s highly competitive world, creating a website for any business has been an integral part of its strategy to expand worldwide. The website acts as an online identity for the business and helps it to expand beyond boundaries. A Website helps a business to gain more customers from around the world. A Website helps the business to receive quick and accurate feedback about their product and services which the business if offering in the market. This way the business can improve the quality of its existing products and services by carefully analyzing the customer’s feedback. If you want to develop your website then you have many options of platforms like ASP.NET, PHP, J2EE etc.

.Net development company

To create your business website, you can go for .NET MVC development as it is one of the best processes to develop quality websites and it offers so many benefits to the developers as well as to the website visitors.

Also in the modern world, usage of smartphones has reached to an all time high. This generation is no doubt a smart one and using smart phones to do so many of their daily tasks. Right now more than 6 out of 10 people in the world is using smartphones. The people who are using normal mobile phones are also slowly moving towards using smartphones.

Due to these reasons, the demand for the mobile website has increased in recent years. Mobile websites are customized to fit the screen size of a phone. It is designed in such a say that it can be easily accessed on a mobile phone by users. Mobile websites can also turn the visitors into real customers at a much faster rate than by desktop websites as a mobile phone user looks for some information urgently as if he wants to buy it right now. ASP.NET is mostly used to create amazing and fast websites. .NET Web development is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. .NET Framework is a software development platform which is used in the process of developing mobile websites. If you want to create a mobile website then you can easily use the ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio. The performance of the mobile website depends on how the developer has developed the mobile site and using which technologies and platforms. These websites need the responsive technology so that these websites are displayed the same way on both desktop computers as well as on mobiles. These websites use the standard complaint markup coding. Some of the mobile websites may not work well on mobile phone. For e.g. Some features of a website may not get displayed correctly on the smart phone.

A skilled developer who is expert in creating mobile websites can fix these issues easily using a style sheet in the development process. Mobile style sheets can be utilized in the development of mobile websites which are sent to every website visitor but applies only on the mobile devices. Nowadays most of the web developers use this approach. They take special care as the same website has to work on all mobiles and desktops. They can work so that the mobile phones and web browser can easily display the content published on the websites. Some of the web browsers on mobile don’t support CSS hence for them it can be a problem to display accurately the web page on mobile.

Developers can also develop more than one website or a sub-site in which they can include a number of websites. This is one of the ways which is adopted for mobile website development. In this way, a different website will be displayed for different platforms like mobile phones and desktops. Although it can increase the cost of the project a bit it has many advantages. It is the job of the website developer to develop a website in a way so that all of its features are well displayed on mobile platforms.

If you have any requirement then you can hire a .NET developer who can develop a superb website suitable for both business and personal use. .NET Framework is one of the best software development platforms which is widely used in the process of mobile website development. If you want to create a screen friendly website then it is best to use ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Magento Vs PrestaShop: Which E-Commerce platform is best for you?

You need to choose the right and the best E-Commerce platform for your business. There are many options available in the market which you can compare. If we start by first selecting open source platforms as they provide you all the source code which you can customize the Magento and PrestaShop could be the top choice for you. You can compare the two and can have the better idea of which one fits your needs the most. In this article, we will help you compare Magento and PrestaShop so that you can select the one which is best suited for you.

Magento and PrestaShop

Both of these are open source platforms hence they can be customized in many ways. PrestaShop provides you with lots of features, allows easy website management, SEO benefits and gives users power of analytics and reporting. Right now more than 1,25,000 online stores are based on PrestaShop.

Magento developer

Magento is a well-accepted leader in E-commerce solutions market. You can easily hire Magento Developer as it is widely used the platform. It provides lots of features, tools, and options for customization. Magento also provides improved SEO benefits with targeted promotion and merchandising. Magento also allows multiple payment and shipping options. Right now most of the large businesses have built their e-commerce store using Magento. If we talk in figures then more than 2,35,000 online stores are powered by Magento right now.

Benefits of Magento

Magento is a flexible, open source E-commerce solution and provides lots of features. You will be in full control of Magento and you can easily change the look, content and its functionality. Magento provides features for search engine optimization and you can even use it as a tool for catalog management.

Magento was launched in 2001 and it carries lots of success stories on its shoulders. If you have zeroed on the Magento CMS then you can find the best Magento development company in the market which can help you to develop your e-commerce website using Magento platform. Magento has a strong online community which can answer all of your queries and a new initiative with eBay will make the system even more powerful and will add many new developers to the strong already strong community.

Magento provides users with all kinds of modules, features and extensions. Technical support provided by Magento’s developer is one of the best. Due to so many benefits, Magento is termed as the best platform for professional online stores and it performs great for running any kind of online business.

Magento developers

Benefits of PrestaShop

PrestaShop is also open source e-commerce solution with lots of features. You can use the basic set up of PrestaShop for free but you may need to purchase the templates, modules, and themes if you want to use the advanced version. PrestaShop was launched in 2007 and is best for small to medium businesses looking for an online presence.
PrestaShop supports 40 languages. It doesn’t offer official technical support but you can resolve your queries from the PrestaShop forum which has lots of developers and users as participants. You just need PHP 5.2, MySQL 5, Linux Unix or Windows OS to develop e-commerce site based on PrestaShop

Therefore both Magento and PrestaShop are great choices as they both have their benefits and drawbacks. Hence it is important to know in detail which CMS is best for you. Now let’s discuss them on the basis of following factors and parameters and lets see which one is best for you:-

Features and Capabilities

In terms of features, Magento tops the list. Magento is a highly focused platform which provides the user with all that is required to build an online store with powerful features and capabilities.

PrestaShop provides many features but not as much as Magento does. PrestaShop has hundreds of templates, easy website builder and lots of payment gateway solutions and it gives Magento a good competition.
Although both the platform provides the basic functionalities of an e-commerce store in terms of a number of features no one can compete with Magento. Hence, if you are looking for best features and tools to power your e-store then Magento is the best while if you want to build a basic online shop easily then PrestaShop is best for you.

Speed and Performance

Magento has seen speed and performance issues as users reported. Users and developers of Magento have often complained about slower website due to slowing down of the Magento backend. Magento developers tried to answer these issues and tried to make Magento as fast as possible.

With PrestaShop, performance and speed is not much of a concern. PrestaShop doesn’t slow down your website as it doesn’t have the problem of heavy CMS like Magento.

Although there are some issues related to performance and speed of Magento while PrestaShop provides a slightly better and smooth experience to e-store owners and its customers.

Technical Support

For open source platform, users can easily get support mostly through free documentation, communities, and forums around the world. With both, Magento as well as PrestaShop, you can get a large community of users who can easily help you out to resolve most of your issues and problems regarding their use and development. You can even take help from the official documentation which is available for both the platforms.

Magento CMS is more popular and has a much bigger community of users and developers. Due to its huge user base, Magento allows you to resolve your issues more easily than in the case with PrestaShop. Magento was launched in 2001 while PrestaShop was launched in 2007. Hence it can be said that Magento must be having a huge user base and easy support system.
Moreover, PrestaShop doesn’t provide an official technical support and you just have to depend on users and documentation while in case of Magento, if you purchase the paid version, you will get official technical support for each of the issue you may face while using and developing Magento e-store.


PrestaShop and Magento, both are designed and developed to provide your e-store with proper and robust security. The issue of security has been addressed well and measures to implement tight security are taken with PrestaShop, Magento and most of the other popular CMS. They both try best so that there is no vulnerability left which can be exploited. But still Magento has more security related powerful plugins which you can use to even enhance further the security of your e-commerce site.

Ease of Installation and Use

Magento is not easy for a beginner and if someone with no knowledge or experience of using any CMS tries using it, he can find it little difficult to use. Installing Magento is also not an easy while PrestaShop is easy to install and doesn’t need you to have an expert knowledge of the platform. Magento is not easy to use even after its installation. Magento requires you to have some knowledge and experience of using the platform or you have to hire a Magento developer to help you. If you are looking for factors like installation and ease of use then PrestaShop can be a good bet for you.

Cost and Pricing

Both the platforms are open source and are free to use which means they will be liked by most of the customers due to their zero price. Although nothing is free in this world both of these platforms and CMS don’t follow this quote as both are free of cost but then still you have to spend money to implement and run a successful business. The basic version of both platforms is free and you can easily create a basic e-store but if you want to get full advantage of these platforms then you will have to buy the paid versions. When you have finally decided to buy anyway then Magento’s Enterprise edition comes at top of the list of best e-commerce solutions which provides you with an enormous amount of features, functionalities, and benefits.


In the end, we can say that both of these platforms i.e. Magento and PrestaShop are the best choice to use as platforms to develop e-commerce stores. Hence you can choose the one which best fulfills your requirements. If the requirement is just for a basic online shop of small to medium size then You can use PrestaShop while if you want to grow continuously each quarter or year after year then Magento is the best choice for you as it provides greater functionality for scaling up. If we compare both platforms in terms of all of the factors which we have discussed above then Magento comes out to be the real winner as it is easy to scale up, provides you professional technical support and also has powerful features.

Benefits of Android App Development for your Business

Android is right now the most famous mobile operating system which has a market share of around 64% while iOS has 32% market share. The reason for so much popularity of Android is that it is an open source mobile OS and have an easy mobile app development process. More and more businesses taking benefits of Android and creating custom mobile apps which are solving customer’s problems and increasing value for their businesses. Here we are explaining the benefits the businesses will get by doing Android Application development.

Android app development

If you are running a business then you can look for Mobile app development services so that your business also gets a boost due to increased customers from mobile devices through your mobile app.

Android is free and an open source platform built on Linux. Google owns Android and also provides Android Development Studio, the development tool used to build Android apps. If you want to take your business to new heights then you should look for Android app development service from a well established and experienced company.

Demand for Android based smartphones is still growing at fast speed. If your business will get a presence on Android mobile phones then it will definitely be a great push for your business.
Now we will describe some benefits of Android App development:-

Very less Investment

Android involves comparatively less cost to entry. Android provides free software development tools, Android Development Studio for the developer community which reduces the development and other costs for the developer company. The development costs include the application development cost, testing cost and hardware cost for testing and deploying the Android mobile application. Hence using Android you will get less investment cost and high return on investment.

Android is Open Source

Android is open source hence you can interact with huge Android development community for the upcoming versions of the Android mobile application development. There is no licensing fee and royalty free involved in using Android by Android device manufacturers. Hence Android is very attractive for mobile manufacturers which result in faster development of Android based mobile phones and also better chances for developers to earn more.

Android is easy to integrate

If you are looking for complex technical customization and integration of web application or even just smartphone application then Android app is the right solutions for you as the entire Android platform is ready for customization. You can easily integrate and customize the mobile apps as per your business requirements. Android allows you to integrate the apps with existing applications.

Android is based on Java which is very popular

Android applications are written in Java programming language with the help of huge libraries. If you know Java then you can easily build Android applications. So many of Java developers have shifted to Android development as they find it very easy to migrate.

Hence if you are going for mobile app development then you should go for Android app development with which you will get so many benefits. In future, more and more people will start using smartphones based on Android platform which will enable your mobile app to reach much more customers which will ultimately boost your business.

Andorid KitKat – Get Ready for Google’s Latest Android OS

The ardent android community from all over the world was in for another amusing surprise as Google made the name of its latest version of Android Operating System public knowledge. The brand new Android OS is going to be known as – wait for it – not Key Lime Pie but KitKat! Yes the same KitKat which we have loved munching over all of our childhood.

Although it was fervently rumored that the new version will be named Key Lime Pie, but ultimately KitKat got the cake. Sundar Pichai, an executive of Google confirmed the same with the post on the company’s official page on Google Plus. KitKat is a famous wafer chocolate which is owned by Hershey in the U.S. and by Nestle in the rest of the world. Although nothing has been revealed about the partnership between the two brands, it has been divulged though that no money have been exchanged in this process.

Just a sweet tooth obsession or cross platform marketing?

We know it is not just us who have notices the alphabetical succession and sweet tooth dessert obsession of Google in naming the different versions of their Android OS systems, but KitKat merely an addition to Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean or is there something more underneath the skin? While a major chunk of online community is rather amused at the choice of the name, others are able to sense the symbiosis and cross platform marketing of this latest development.

The new KitKat cover carries the green colored android mascot of the latest OS, along with the marketing message to win either a gift card or Google Nexus 7 tablet. This comes in addition to the fact that a new AndroidKitKat statue is now installed in the premises of Google. Pichai confirmed the same in his post as he wrote,

“On my return from Asia, I was also thrilled to find this guy waiting to greet me on the front lawn — love the new #AndroidKitKat statue and can’t wait to release the next version of the platform that is as sweet as the candy bar that’s one of our team’s favorites :).”

Pichai also took this opportunity to announce that the company has surpassed the one billion mark of activating Android Devices.

So what do you feel about this latest buzz in the field of Android OS Development? Are you excited about the new features? What do you think about this name anyway? Let us know your opinions about this update in the comments section below. We await your comments.

Image Source Sundar Pichai/Google+

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5 Essential Ingredients for a Great Website

Even with all the technological developments and improvements in the fields of web services, a great website continues to remain elusive to website seekers. One can have a good website – pretty design, impressive functionalities, but how do we separate the grain from chaff in the world of website design and development when there is presumably no difference between the two?

If you have been confronted queasily by the same conundrum, well worry no more. We are here to discuss about the significant components that makes up for a unique, riveting and a great website. The research has been based on the market research and our own experience as amongst the leading offshore web development company. Please continue reading to discover these 5 elusive secrets for a great website.

Amiable and Impressive Aesthetics

The design aesthetics of your website often prove out to be one of the most critical elements of the same. Design is the first feature a user notices and unconsciously responds to while going through the website. Even with the content and usability and other features being right in place, should the website fail on the aesthetics front, the website would not recover from that blow.

User generally takes 3 seconds before developing a perception about the website, and you cannot capitalize on the same 3 seconds which your website gets as the benefit of doubt, in the absence of a sharp, competitive and cutting edge web design.

Good quality content

Haven’t we all heard in the online world, content is the king? Let us just consider this age old adage of web design and development and ensure that nothing but only the best quality, relevant and meaningful content goes live on our websites. While good quality content is indispensable for to have a great website, the converse also holds true – you may expect the rankings of your website to nose dive into the bottomless abyss, in the absence of good quality content.

And while we are talking about the content of, it is important to ensure that its quality, dialects and style is attuned to the target audiences. Keep the content colloquial and informal if your website is dealing with products and accessories for teenagers. And the content shall be thoroughly professional, formal and sharp while dealing with professional organizations.

Uber Simple Usability

Usability is an attribute of the website which allows the visitors on the web page to easily comprehend and navigate the website. Within the first 5 seconds of clicking on your website, or within the first two clicks on the page, whichever takes less time, the user should be able to get the entire gist of the website.

Various techniques such as a good navigation bar, XML site maps, and a user centric professional design go into ensuring that the website is user centric and easy to comprehend. Thus, you should either organize the contents of your website well, thinking from the point of view of the users, or hire a web development company to do the same for you.

Performance metrics

A website is often developed with certain clear cut and defined objectives right in place. It is not like playing darts in the dark. Hence have thorough objectives against which you would adjudge and administer the performance of your website. Albeit it is important to remain realistic while setting performance goals and objectives for your website, at the same time, the objectives must inspire you or your team of website admins to push off the limits.

Also, get certain analytical tools such a Google analytics etc right in place, to gain significant information about the performance of the website.

Regularly update your website

Lastly, amongst the most essential attributes of a good website is how refreshed and topical the website is? Hence, review the content ever so often, weed out any broken links, and keep it updated with recent and fresh content. A good way to ensure the same is via a weblog on your website.

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Ghost – A New Open Source Blogging Platform


If there is one news which has caught the fancy of all and sundry in the world of blogging and online publishing, it is the buzz surrounding the development and the release of Ghost. Just a blogging platform, as actively touted by the developers, the final stages in the development of this platform was expedited by the Kick starter fundraising campaign, which was welcomed favorably by the online community. What does this open source publishing platform has which has got the backing of some of the most renowned names in the world of Web design and development? Find out below and also discover other little known facts about this particular platform.


The Origin of Ghost

The idea of this publishing platform was particularly conceived by John O’Nolan, the famous and adroit designer and developer, who was also the deputy head of the UI Design, WordPress from the year 2009 to 2011. In the past 10 years, WordPress has enjoyed an amazingly successful run and it is difficult for any publishing platform to replicate its success story. However, O’Nolan realized that the platform is losing the essence of the simple blog publishing which it was initially supposed to do. That, and the quest for a rather feature rich and user centric and easy to use blogging platform gave rise to Ghost.

The idea behind Ghost is to take away any complexities, improve the back-end techniques as much as possible and allow the bloggers to concentrate on their core area, which is publishing.

The New Features of the New Platform:

Given below are the few exciting new features that this platform promises to serve. Read ahead to know more:


  • A JavaScript Based System:

Originally Ghost was supposed to fork off the old WordPress but soon the developers decided against that. The system makes a complete shift from WordPress in the sense that it will be based on Node.js as against the PHP of WP. This development will make Ghost amongst the first ever publishing platforms, which are totally based on JavaScript. And yet there will not be any steep learning curve, should the developers want to make the change from WordPress to Ghost.


  • A User Centric Dashboard:

How many of us actually use the dashboard of WordPress or Blogger? Chances are, if we really are not that tech-savvy, we simply suffer through the various tabs of the dashboard and inevitably end up doing most of the work manually. Ghost takes care of that. It allows the users to effectively control their blog via dashboard and makes available various important information and analytical data regarding the subscriptions and traffic to the blog.


  • A Markdown Editor:

The creative professionals, unless they are trained in technology too, have a certain level of aversion towards backend coding and anything remotely technical. Besides, while writing, we need to know how it appears, whatever that we have typed so far, so that we can plan ahead accordingly. Opting for the preview of the content ever so often wastes a lot of time.

Well, not with Ghost, not anymore! With its brand new Markdown editor, bloggers don’t have to opt for any manual coding, and with simple tags and use of characters, they can easily manipulate the aesthetics of the presentation of the blog.


  • An Easy Mobile Access:

The platform also offers an equally easy to use and feature rich mobile app which allows the bloggers to draft and upload the content while on the go. So, the moment inspiration hits you, get your tablets or smart phones and write your way to glory.

  • Simplified Search and Sharing:

Ghost does not challenge your peace of mind by compelling you to download a host of plugins to share your content and rank high on search engines. Just connect your blog with your social networking account and enjoy good rankings on search engines with this uber simple platform.


  • A non-profit open source initiative:

Perhaps as a measure to avoid any future acquisition, like Yahoo acquired Tumbler recently, O’Nolan has made one of his most ambitious projects as a non-profit endeavor. The money raised by the platform would be used in further enhancing the platform. While this one attribute might not of be much utility to the end term user, they can at least be rest assured that at least the commercial entities now would not get to boss in and change the face of the original platform.

This was all we had about the new and rather hyped blog publishing platform – Ghost. Share your views about the same with us on the comments section below.

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Value Adding Web Application Outsourcing Services by Xicom

We dwell in a day and age where technology changed even before we can take hold of it. Hence, it becomes quite a task for the business owners to manage and maintain the applications, given the rapid changing nature of the present day technology. Owning web applications which add significant value to the business and are well under the budget, have now become quite an overbearing task. However, no having the perfect applications at our disposal would invariably result in needless burden on the core staff, plummet the productivity and shall endanger the quality of the output.

As the leading IT Outsourcing Company in India, it has been one of our ambitious endeavors to provide exceedingly up-to-date and smart web applications, which assist the corporate houses to meet the challenges of their business environment and discover the best of the human productivity and technical excellence.

Below, we shall provide you with the brief snippets of our web application development solutions and capabilities:

Product engineering solutions – we provide our clients with a fine amalgamation of product engineering and global delivery model, which enables them to stay ahead of their competition.

Excellent and much sought after cloud solutions – bringing your business closer to the IT capabilities, we provide fault less cloud computing solutions.

Managed IT solutions – in our enriching existence spanning over 10 years, we have provided our various clients, including the Fortune 1000 companies, with excellent managed IT solutions.

Dedicated teams model – our very own DTM model gives enough liberty for the clients to have various technical resources at their disposal.

Application outsourcing services and Xicom edge!

Being one of the top-notch Web application development companies, we have developed various client servicing models and processes, which allow our clients to completely concentrate on their core business areas while we take full charge of the entire development project, without a glitch. The web application outsourcing services offered by Xicom yield the following advantages to the corporate houses:

Unparalleled technical expertise:– For a successful web application development, the technical expertise assumes the role of paramount importance. At Xicom, we are blessed to have the teams of some of the most excellent and talented application developers, who have mastered various technologies. Having an average experience of over 11 years, our self-driven and passionate developers have mastered various development technologies such as Asp .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, SharePoint, LAMP solution, various open sources and CMS solutions, and mobile application development platforms like Android and iOS etc. With Xicom, you get the team amongst the 150 highly competitive technical experts, who are regarded to be best in the industry.

Engaging and self explanatory user interfaces :– With over 11 years of experience in developing web application for our offshore clients, we almost intuitively come up with well planned user interfaces which only add value to the core management functions. Our designers and developers work hard to provide systematic layout, AJAX based interconnectivity, and self explanatory UI to all of our applications.

Scalable applications:– We at Xicom understand that the needs are subjected to change. With our well laid development models and vision, coupled with a deep routed understanding of the industry, we are able to offer highly flexible and scalable solutions to our clients. Our applications are without a doubt poised for future growth and expansion.

Cost effective solutions :– owing to the geographical location of ours, we are able to offer much advanced IT Outsourcing services at exceedingly competitive prices. Businesses benefit from our moderate pricing, quick turnaround times and unmatched technical expertise.

In a day where web applications are as important to a corporate entity, as neurons to human body, it is highly paramount that you own one, or plenty, to elevate the potential of your enterprise. Get in touch with the Xicom Technologies to receive thoroughly scalable and excellent web application solutions for your business.

Enterprises Gear Up For HTML5 Supporting Java 7

The Java based community rejoiced as Oracle finally brought in the latest version of the Java Platform, the EE 7 (EE standing for Enterprise Edition), which endeavors to include support for HTML 5 applications, respond to the enterprise demands and augment the productivity of the developers. The Java EE 7 Software Development Kit (SDK) download of the latest edition is available on Oracle’s website.

(Image Source : Oracle)

The version focused on the enterprises is principally deployed on servers. The new features of EE 7 version include JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which supports the relentless transferring of data and WebSocket communications, and both of them provide for developing HTML 5 based applications. During the Webcast introduction of the latest version Java EE 7, the vice president of development at Oracle, Mr. Cameron Purdy quite confidently said “This is the ultimate platform for building HTML 5 and mobile apps.”

Commenting on the latest features and future prospects of Java Software Development with the latest up gradation, Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC observed

“Java EE 7 brings this widely used enterprise framework to the modern age of HTML5 and also brings significant improvement in developer productivity that will have windfalls in code quality. In this age of the polyglot programmer, Java EE 7 will allow Java to remain one of the most widely deployed technologies for server applications on the planet.”

Talking about the capabilities, Java 7 boasts of the 2.2 capabilities, along with complete markup support for HTML 5. Also, with smart capabilities for batch programming, the tasks requiring longer inputs of time and effort, such as the large enterprise scale applications, can be easily administered by a Java Development Company, and the concurrency utilities render higher throughput to the same.

As for the developers’ productivity, the latest version has introduced APIs which are much simpler to use, such as the Java Message service 2.0, and also the requirement for labyrinthine boilerplate codes is simplified by JMS API. Besides, both NetBeans IDE and Eclipse offer complete support for Java EE 7 tooling.

However, all of these features are going to leave Java developers who are expecting cloud capabilities, high and dry. As of now the cloud capabilities are deferred unless the subsequent release of EE 8. The silver lining in this case is the inclusion of resource definition metadata, which makes the future of introduction of cloud computing into Java, a bit more optimistic.

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Secret Revealed: Talisman to Outsource Your App Development

Looking to take your app idea off the ground? Don’t stroll in the precarious path without working out a proper strategy for application developed. First and foremost, try to sketch a draft. The earlier the better, as it would allow you to overlap the development of the application with the development of the design. If you are not good at programming, then try to outsource app development. You can hire an app developer from number of good places such as elance.com, odesk or skill pages and other vocation facilitating websites. Once you have a list of developers, short listing and finalizing the best one is a perplexing activity.

Nevertheless, here are few tips and tricks to help you outsource app development.

Try to get as much bids you can: Always collect a handful of bids as it will provide an edge to bargain with the developer. Yes! Quality should always precede price, yet, to have a couple of choices in hand is always good.

Shortlist developers who have hands-on experience in similar applications to the one you desire. They must have worked on common programming applications. Do cross check their work uploaded on their portfolios. Steer away from developers without any portfolio.

Connect with more than an email with your developer. Try to have a face-to-face interview session. In case, it’s a distant possibility, try to create visual connection for better interaction quotient. Prepare some questions beforehand so that you can focus on the answers of the developer rather than thinking of which question to ask next. Moreover, virtual or in-person interview facilitates trust building and compatibility.

Set Milestones: In case, you hire an app developer who has worked for hot-shot companies such as Sony, Century Fox, Pixar to name a few, then there are high chances that your work might shift to lowest priority whenever these companies have a new application to be developed by the concerned developer. It is imperative to set milestones and deadlines before signing a contract with any developer.

Always go for proper documentation. Studies have revealed that many people overlook the importance of documentation in application development. Documentation specifies the deliverables and ascertains that the final output will have all prescribed features and codes. It facilitates the developer to have a better understanding of your requirements and provides you with a benchmark to check the developed application.

Maintain regular communication with the developer and demand for a reporting timeframe which can be in hours, days or weeks. Don’t assume that it’s the sole responsibility of the developer to develop the application. Your inputs and suggestion will not only keep the developer in check but would also ensure that any defect in the development process is identified and rectified beforehand, thus, saving your time as well as that of the developer. One must evaluate aspects like interface, testing, bugs as soon as the initial framework is developed.

With these aforementioned tips one can effectively decide to outsource an app developer without any fears of this decision backfiring on you. This might be not the only way but it for sure “highly effective”.

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