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Is Android An Up And Coming Development Trend Or Another Fad?

Undoubtedly Android is holding the position of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the current development world.

Talking about the global market share it hold a whooping 80% of share. Device Independence is one of the main reason what makes this platform such a widely used one. This implies that you do not need a proprietary hardware to access this particular operating system unlike it competitor such as iOS.


It is an open source software that can be installed on numerous devices of developed by different manufacturers and models. Though this might be quite a challenging task for those who develop application for this platform . The reason being is the varied range of devices due to which the developers need to make sure that the devices and all its functionalities are in accordance to the and are can function well on all the devices.


Further we know that the mobile market is also a volatile market which means that the trends quickly come and go. We up with new device every now and then and this is the reason why we consider the mobile market as a volatile market. This is one of the main reason why it is quite a task for the developers to match pace with the trends.




As per the statistic we know that smartphones have a global market share captured by mobile operating systems since 2009 and as recorded in 2014 is considerably rising. Talking about individual market share we have Symbian that holds a share of 46.9 percent back then in 2009.

With this there were about 296.65 million smartphones purchased by users in 2010. However, as per the first quarter of 2012, Android took the control and had a market share of 56.1 percent among all the smartphones.



According to current statistics we can say that Android sure has a gleaming future, but this ever-changing technology you never know what future has in its store. In this blog we will take a look at all the feature of Android app development that can help the developers to face the future.



According to Google, the complete Android ecosystem has seen a great change after the introduction of Android Lollipop. Apart from this there are numerous wearable devices that can allow you to the operating system keeping the base. Apart form this we have Android Studio that has worked in order to considerably improve the way people work in using traditional IDE – Eclipse.



Apart from this we have automation tools are also introduced from Google. It greatly helps programmers to fragment their mobile apps into different fragments and assign configuration settings for improving the speed. Material design is also growing in its popularity with the fame of Lollipop, this design has also been incorporated into the UI of Lollipop operating system as well.

This design has completely redefined the user experience. Apart from this smart watches were also introduce that have proved to be a watershed for the development. This has considerably improved the way people now program and have improved the way they now program. When it comes to evolution we are well aware of the fact that wearables are going to be the next stage of mobile app development.

All in all!

The past statistics we know that the Android has become one of the most up and coming operating system in the development world. Apart from this there are ample lot of avenues for programmers such as wearables that are shaping up the new level of development. This implies that Android certainly has a gleaming future and is not just another fad.

How Business can harness the power of Mobile Apps

In recent years, it has been noticed that a vast number of retailers and businesses have started focusing more on mobile apps than the native web. Many companies are found to be chilling with the burgeoning usage of a smartphone with 3G and 4G data options and Wi-Fi access. Few of the America’s top retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy are gaining maximum profits through mobile traffic.

In a recent survey, it was found that 85.9 million prefer to shop online from mobile applications. Once the customer downloads an app, s/he will always be logged in. This will allow the brand to collect user-specific data such as repeated purchases, time duration of browsing, a preferred platform to share information, etc.

Chris Dixon, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, shared some interesting stats in a post last year:


This data is itself alarming! One can easily see the steep rise in the usage of mobile apps. Are you still not convinced?

Here are some of the ways businesses may harness the power of mobile applications.

Be Visible to Customers at All Times

The best thing about the mobile application is that it gives ample opportunities for companies to engage with their customers in real-time, by location. It also provides the complete information about the user.

Creates Strong Brand Image

A strong brand image is critical for every business these days. Nowadays people are constantly available on social media. Almost every app includes social sharing capabilities, allowing consumers to share anything with friends on social networks. This leads to build a good brand image in the mind of the customers which further lead to customer locality.

A brand that does not have a mobile app appears outdated and isolated from modern day trends. A lack of mobile app leaves a not-so-good impression about a brand on potential customers. This indirectly affects a brand’s current business performance and prospects.

Introducing new product/ services or schemes

Mobile apps help the businesses to introduce your products /services or any offers that you want to float. Whether you are selling bakery goods or a spa owner, you need to reach your customers frequently. Thus, having an application can help the owners to communicate with your target customers. For example, instead of calling a restaurant for a table, you can book it with less than five clicks on their platform via a mobile app.

Through push notifications, you’re getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can quickly remind customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense. This may also help the businesses to enter into some new markets to sell out the products and to announce your schemes or offers loudly.

Convenience Through On-the-go Services

A mobile application is one of the best way of replacing conventional business models. It has enhanced the user experience. With an app, customers can do everything from searching for suitable products to actually purchasing them. Anywhere, anytime availability of apps will help an enterprise to deliver products in a timely and effective manner. This brings sales to businesses and improves there profitability quotient.

Collect feedback about customer behavior

Obtaining feedback from about your customers behavior is crucial for your business growth. If you want to learn how frequently customers are using your products and services and what do they prefer to buy or anything related to customer information, a mobile app can be a simple method for collecting this sort of information. With a well-designed app, one can learn more about their customers. This data could be useful when you’re tailoring communications and potential offers to them.

May help to increase website traffic

If you have an application neatly connected to your website, and the app has over a thousand downloads, it can facilitate an increase in website traffic. Many times people are likely to discover your website to find more about an app. For example, Instagram is known for its amazing photo-editing mobile app. However, people usually search for it using Google and visit the website using a laptop or desktop computer.

These were the some significant benefits of mobile apps to any business organization. So, be the first in your neighborhood to offer a mobile app to your customers. Happy Apping!

Digitizing Your Value Chain For Enterprise Apps Development Process

Digitization deals with a clear impact on how each and every organization and individual manages to perform their daily activity processes by enabling businesses as well as governments to operate in an enhanced manner with greater transparency level by achieving higher efficiency rates. Digitization further efficiently boosts up every individual access to everything, starting right from highly innovative products to public services by enabling highly optimized results.


  • Digitizing Your Value Chain

Efficiently drives and boosts up your future business growth by modifying the way we look business matters.


Infrastructure, Procurement, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources


New Product Development Phase Sourcing Manufacturing Marketing Distribution After-Sales Services


Further Product Improvement Process


Business Leader Concerns about Value Chain Digitization Methods

In the USA a year ago, almost around 200 associations from industry, government, and the professional community joined in supporting the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute to progress a computerized reconciliation process in the assembling economy. Every one of these organizations has sworn of about $200 million in backing of the project notwithstanding the stipend of $70 million by the Federal government. While activities like these are picking up force in the USA, back in India, the new NDA administration has started the Digital India battle. Albeit corporate pioneers have communicated backing proces as well towards such activities, so it’s a matter of few concerns for us. At the point when administrators of organizations taking an interest in the foundation were connected with whom they want to communicate by accompanying real concerns.

  • CEOs rate digitization activities to be a basic driver of aggressiveness
  • CEOs rate there to achieve advanced abilities as high as possible
  • CEOs feel a genuine deficiency of abilities in PC supported configuration (CAD), undertaking asset arranging (ERP) and producing execution frameworks (MES)

Indeed a developing concern among them was that the current wicker bin of advances were too difficult to learn and involved high preparing expenses, were moderate to advance and adjust and on occasion to costly for miniaturized scale little and medium ventures. A few frameworks are additionally moderate and don’t encourage the correspondence between machines. Subsequently the expansive motivation from business application improvement is premises on three variables:

  • Openness
  • Interoperability
  • Ease of use

Challenges and Customer Centric Innovation to Offer Solutions

Beyond any doubt, versatile application advancement administrations are not freethinker of stage. Designers need to value that there is no single size that can fit everyone. Application advancement administrations offered by organizations need to track the intended interest group, the expense of improvement, the planned time before the application is propelled. This is the place it is fiscally judicious as well as deliberately astute to incline toward the specialized skill and business bits of knowledge of a seaward improvement administrations supplier. Client driven development holds the key and insignificant specialized advancement won’t do.

Major Reasons Behind The Increase in Need For Mobile Optimized Sites

The use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet has increased to an extent – that brands wanting to expand their web presence can’t afford to ignore a mobile optimized site. Most importantly, having a mobile-optimized site is crucial for ranking higher in the Google search results.

But, if you are marketing professional and facing difficulty in explaining the significance of having a mobile site to someone, you’ll certainly need some assistance. This article will help you learn about some of the biggest benefits of a mobile website.

1. Enhanced UX (User Experience)

We often get links in a text message or email by friends or known people, but as soon as we click on it via a mobile device, we are presented with a load of messy and unorganized content. Now just imagine what happens when your visitor tries opening any of your site links via their phone? Needless to say, they might decide not to re-visit your site on seeing unnecessary bloat.

Simply put, if a user can’t browse your site seamlessly using their mobile device, they will abandon your website. According to a recent report, it was concluded that “61 percent of users do not wait much longer and leaves a site that isn’t optimized for mobile.” But thanks to a mobile site, you can provide your clients with an optimal online experience.

2. Keep Users Engaged

As users are becoming increasingly impatient and need access to everything in a jiffy, a mobile site can help them seek any information on the go. In short, having a website optimized for mobile users will keep them engaged. Moreover, making it easier for visitors to navigate your web pages via any mobile device will help in converting those visitors into potential customers.

3. Faster Page Loading Speed

Speed is among the most important factors that can help a visitor stay or leave your site. In fact, study shows that “users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.” So, it is essential for you to improve the page load time of your site. But, a general website that is not optimized for mobile devices will run slowly than a mobile website.

4. Better SEO

It has become imperative to have a mobile-optimized site, just after the release of Google “mobile-friendly update”. Also, the search engine giant considers responsiveness of a site a great factor to boost SEO ranking. Put it simply, having a mobile website is most likely going to help you rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

5. Helps Gain Competitive Advantage

Lastly, having a mobile website will give you an advantage over the competition. Well, there’s a possibility that some of your competitors might still be planning on creating a web solution to cater to mobile users’ needs. And so, a mobile site will help you stand ahead of those competitors, which eventually will assist in strengthening your market position.

Wrapping Up!

So, if you are confused about explaining to your superiors or other users about how a mobile site will prove beneficial for them, just read out the points mentioned above. This will help them in making an appropriate decision.

The 4 Key Ingredients For Developing a Winning iOS App

There are millions of iOS apps available in the iTunes store, from apps that help create to-do lists, to ones that help monitor health and even senseless gaming apps. Basically, there’s an app for almost everything.

Furthermore, with mobile devices outselling desktop computers, there’s a greater likelihood that audiences will consider and download your app when browsing the web using their mobile devices.

And, as more and more users today spend their digital media time using a mobile app, leveraging iOS app development will indeed prove right for your business growth. However, developing an iOS app can be a lot challenging because of Apple’s strict app approval guidelines.

So, to get the best app solution for your business you should consider bringing on board experienced iPhone App Developers. But, remember that merely hiring a professional is not the end of the road!

In order to get the result-driven solution, it’s imperative for you to be familiar with some of the key ingredients that play a crucial role in the success of an iOS application development project. Let us now talk about the essential elements that can help create a successful app model:

Figure Out What Your Users Want, Before They Do

The best way to create a successful app model is to understand your users exact needs are before they do. To do so, you’ll have to step into your user’s shoes, and see what they desire. This will give you the ability to empathize with your customers, and will let you know if your solution adds some value to users or not. For this purpose, create a checklist of things such as:

Is your app easy to understand?
Does it provide a seamless navigation experience and the exact features as promised?
Is your app providing something unique? And so on.

Make Use of the Software Development KIT (SDK)

Learning to develop an app using the iPhone SDK can play a vital role in developing a successful app. After all, it comprises of some of the most important tools like the Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator for testing the app, frameworks, and many other tools that help in building an efficient app. Only experienced developers utilize the SDK for developing highly innovative apps, using the already available iOS apps on the market. But, how well an app is designed and developed relies on the SDK knowledge a programmer possesses.

Thus, becoming well acquainted with the SDK will not just help an iOS programmer become more recognized but will also save their considerable time – that is spend in app development.

Experience Develops Expertise

Of course, a developer having good years of experience in app development is bound to turn an app idea into reality in relatively less time compared to a beginner. Also, experienced developers most likely keep themselves updated with the current trends in the app industry. And, they can deliver an app solution in a quick turnaround time that helps earn a good ROI. Furthermore, veteran developers not just have the capability of developing visually appealing apps, but also one that helps convey your business message efficiently.

What’s more? The more experience a developer has in application development, the more expertise they’ll gain in offering a broad range of iOS application development services.

Don’t Neglect Testing an App Again and Again

And at last, make sure that your hired developer can test the app quickly and does not mind testing the app time and again. Remember, even seeing a single bug can convince users to delete your downloaded app from their mobile device. And at times, frustrated users can even threaten your market reputation by posting negative reviews. So, ensure your app is tested rigorously before it goes live.


Overall, remember that app that delivers the best user experience is bound to become successful. So, irrespective of whether you’re building a small or large app ensure that it fulfill at least a single (but important) need of your users.

3 Tips on Improving Your Mobile App’s Visibility in SERPs

With millions of apps out there — (in the Google Play Store, iTunes and other app stores), you need a strategy that could help your product get easily noticed by your target audience. Of course, an app that appears on the top of SERPs (aka Search Engine Result Pages) can help you get more downloads. However, as a novice, you may find difficulty in improving your app’s SEO.



Below are a few SEO tips that will prove of great help in increasing your mobile app’s visibility on the SERPs:

1. Create an app name that reflects your brand

Having an app name that give users an idea of your brand is more likely to be clicked by mobile users who are interested in – and are already following – your brand. For example, niche brands such as Amazon, eBay and many others have an app with the same name. Also, you should consider including the brand name in your app download page URL.

2. Opt for mobile deep linking

The deep linking technique, basically, makes use of a URI (i.e. uniform resource identifier) that links to any particular location in a mobile application. This means that not just your app will get launched, but also, the location within the app will be displayed, whenever users request a particular page via the search engines.

Since the search engine giant – Google – rate sites on SERPs relying on app indexing and deep linking, an app that the search engine bots will locate and link to a page is bound to rank higher. Remember to make this work, your users will first have to incorporate ‘app indexing’ followed by ‘add deep link’ support.

3. Include a QR link to your desktop site for downloading the app

The chances are that your existing desktop website may be receiving heavy mobile traffic. Wouldn’t it be great if you could trigger app downloads right from your site? After all, there’s a likelihood that most of the users will prefer downloading an app when visiting your site. And, the more your app will be clicked or downloaded, the higher it will rank on the search engine result pages. One great way to let users download an app is by providing a QR link on your desktop site.

Bear in mind to compress the link prior to generating the QR. It is recommended that you should use either a link compression technique or instead just use a QR platform that displays the QR requests made by search engine bots.


So, here you have it! Three great tips to boost your app visibility in Google’s search results.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Xicom Family!

Dashing through the snow
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HEY!!!! Jingle Bell Jingle Bell…

Finally, we are here, another year waiting for Santa for his give gifts.

Before that we would like to thank Santa for a wholesome 2015. This year brought an ample lot of opportunities for our firm and had also proved to be a watershed for our success. This is not just because we expanded luxuriantly and had several contended clients, but we also achieved a technological milestone that will play a kingpin role in the field of IT.

Well, we don’t know what Santa has in store for all of us this year … but we know that we are ready to gorge on relishing cake and cookies.

So this Christmas

Cut creamy cake,
Dance and shake,
Live long life,
Crank the tunes….
Stay hale and hearty!

A merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from Xicom Family!

Development Trends In Vogue: A Ladder To Your Business Growth

Web development and its success needs no introduction. Moreover, it has advanced to new levels and this is reason why bit is considered as the most invasive tool for business development. So without much ado let us discuss about the latest buzz in the field of web development.

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing has emerged as a new standard in the field of software development. As per Gartner, a well-known research firm, unveiled an annual Trend list of Technologies of 2015, and the surprising thing about this is Cloud computing is still in the list for about the sixth consecutive year.

The major reason behind this is the rise of mobile for the rise of this trend, as per this report, cloud computing is termed as “the new standard for application development” for internal as well as external business systems.

We know that there is a considerable rise in terms of mobile internet traffic, but along with that it was also noticed that the trend was inclined towards more device specific search as per users preferences which comprises of smart phones, phablets, tablets, laptops and the latest are the wearables and smart TVs.

Cloud computing applications are also know as Software as a Service (SaaS) is hosted via a central server and is used by users via a web browser, it can be used on any devices which is rendered by an operating system.

A responsive design is helpful for rendering a user experience which is further optimized to deliver incredible experience as per size, orientation and format of the device. Apart from that it is also developed in order to take user input simultaneously via multiple screen.

Their centralized management has made cloud computing applications one of the easiest, fastest and quite affordable thing to update which is demographically dispersed software deployments.

  • No clicking just scrolling

Scrolling web design fosters no clicking and only scrolling precept, as per this all the data about a company and its services are displayed on just a single web page. Though it is quite a good design technique but has not gained much critical acclamation when it comes to search engine optimization and implementation of on page design. Despite of all this, it has continually growing as a large number of firms are having to adopt it.

One page web development helps you to overcome all your worries regarding poor navigation, drop down tabs and other web elements by offering a decent and elegant look to deliver highly user-friendly web pages.

Moreover, it is noticed that users feel less irritated when they just need to scroll through and clicking irritates them. This further makes it the most sought after trend for portraying the interactive storytelling trend prevailing in the business.

  • Delivering a personalized experience

Websites which are rendering a personal touch to their customers are the ones which are considered as successful ones. Casting aside the subtle personalization tech niches offered from websites like eBay that display products as per audiences preference and browsing, even when the content is fluctuating.

In order to stand atoll in the competition firms have begun to showcase and render their brand in an extremely light by including them in their community events and services and sharing their details. Be it big or a small brand but it is important to check a name to a plan and profile that can render services to customers is what which is known as branding.

We are well aware of the fact that there are ample lot of resources and any website is an anonymous supplier of services and products. It is not just the information which a person which users wish to fetch from a source but they seek higher levels of service.

Now we have a new feature in Google search which focuses on geo-focused words then it is also a crucial search factor which helps business to get a good search ranking, therefore website owners are advised to incorporate Geo-focused words in the content of their web page.

Google Maps, local events and back stage events can be shared on the business website. And apart from that we have social media feeds which are to be incorporated and also highlighted. This trend will continually tend to grow as many successful business organizations or communities have adopted them as part of their strategic online marketing.

  • Web has a gleaming future ahead

There are three trends when it comes to specifically about web designing and these trends can make help you truly to achieve

  • Retina display is a technology which offers higher-resolution web browsing on handheld or other devices which renders hi-definition pictures
  • Material design, is a design which amalgamates the flat design and layers along with slight gradients to deliver a richer design effect
  • Personalized experience, so as to deliver a more personalized experience you can use cookies that remembers a visitor’s preferences and loads up a customized UX on their next visit.
  • Creative Web designing is one of the best platform which fosters innovation for business owners to creatively brand their business. The best thing it that the great competition has made the cost very less and it no more prohibits the business owners to delve into the development.

How to measure ROI of a mobile app

Measuring ROI (return on investment) for a mobile app is a crucial step in maintaining your business. While putting money into a mobile app, you need to know whether it’s working or not, and if yes, is it worth continuing?

ROI itself, which is calculated with initial investments and earnings, isn’t the only number to see how profitable your app is. You’ll definitely need to see more metrics. The first step is to choose the ones that are important for your business and to define the return on each metric that will be satisfactory.

For mobile, the basic formula for ROI is:


ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is the average revenue that your app’s users generate over their lifetime.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is the average direct cost to acquire a user that generates the above revenues. Always make sure that your ARPU > CPA.

Among digital marketers worldwide, fewer than 18% said they were very confident in their ability to measure mobile app ROI.

  • 1. User Acquisition Cost (CPA – Cost Per Acquisition)
  • This metric shows how much money you are spending to get a single mobile customer.

    Once you count this metric, compare it with other channels of user acquisition (such as search, PPC, ads, offline promotions, email marketing, and such)
    How to measure CPA? It’s quite simple. You should take the total cost of your mobile app (all the money you’ve spend on creating it, including past and ongoing marketing efforts, support, and more) and divide it by the number of users at a given time point.

    Say, you’ve spent $15,000 on creating the app and promoting it, and you have 5,000 users so far. Your CPA will be $3.

    To improve this metric, you can lower costs on developing and promoting the app, or try to acquire more users.

  • 2. Percent of new leads
  • This metric shows how many leads were generated from your app. It can hint you where to focus your marketing efforts.

    (Total leads from mobile*100)/total leads= Percent of new leads

    Say, your total month lead number is 1000. 350 came from the mobile app.

    To improve this metric, think of how persuasive your app is. How can you urge people to buy more, stimulate to buy again?

  • 3. Retention rate
  • Is your mobile campaign encouraging return customers? Now you can also determine the costs of retaining one customer through mobile.

    Retained customers/customers who downloaded the app= retention rate

    To improve this metric, you need to think of anchors to make your customers return to the app over and over again.

  • 4. Customer lifetime value
  • Customer LTV is the total amount of revenue a single customer will generate over the lifetime of the relationship with a mobile app (from the first contact with the app by downloading it until it’s no longer used).

    This metric is very important, because it also counts in future earnings and lets you roughly predict your revenue. By applying various indexes to LTV, you could also predict revenue taking into account virality, natural growth or fall.

    A basic formula is: take the revenue you earn from a customer, e.g., their average spend in the app, and subtract out the money spent to acquire the customer. Then based on average lifetime sessions, calculate how much money they will spend in your app.

    However, with time you may find that the formula is too simple for you. Feel free to us more complex customer LTV calculators and formulas if there’s a need to introduce more variables.

  • 5. Abandonment rate
  • Abandonment rate is the ratio of transactions annulled to transactions initiated. Transactions may be abandoned due to many reasons, and fixing this bottle neck is a great way to improve revenue not only in mobile.

Other important metrics you should be tracking for your app

  • New users
  • Sessions per user
  • Growth in new users and retention over time
  • Lifetime value of acquired users vs Total revenue from acquired users
  • Number of customers
  • Average monthly value
  • Revenue per customer
  • Transactions per customer
  • Revenue
  • Revenue per transaction
  • Number of transactions

Should you segment you results?
Sure. If you’re struggling to get valuable information from your statistics, try to segment your ROI and other metrics by:

  • Mobile platform
  • Location
  • Source (type of campaigns, organic, viral growth, and such)
  • Gender, age, interests

With segmenting your efficiency metrics, you’ll see details of your performance by each segment, which makes it easier to target your optimization efforts.

Mobile ROI is not a one shot strategy

    ROI numbers shouldn’t be a single argument when it comes to serious business decisions. They tend to be inside a contextual dimension and should be treated keeping in mind other business metrics as well. In other words, quantity is not to be always relied on.

Doubtful mobile ROI metrics

  • App installs and removals
  • To be bold, these numbers only show how many times the app was installed or removed. But you need more: why did people remove your app from the device? How are installs and removals correlating with segments? Are the users engaging with your app?

  • Average session length and interval
  • This is a very simple online KPI, which can’t give you enough info alone. What are people doing during these sessions? Do they repeat their experience? Why are they using the app?

  • App rating
  • This is more a PR metric, and it should be seriously considered only when you see a strong correlation between rating and such metrics as downloads and transactions. But initially five stars don’t necessarily lead to revenue.

A common mistake when measuring mobile app ROI

    A very popular mistake when analyzing mobile metrics is comparing mobile app metrics with online KPIs and making decisions based on that. You should know that mobile app behavior is very much different from online behavior and even mobile or responsive website behavior. So online metrics should be the last source to rely on. If you need references for estimating your numbers, go to mobile app statistics, including niche numbers, but never ever expect your mobile CPA to be the same as on desktop. 

    Which mobile app metrics do you use to calculate your ROI? Share your ideas in comments.

About the Author:
Ksenia is a devoted marketer with special love to blogging. She believes that content with several pinches of SEO and social can be a brilliant daily special. When she’s not working on Amasty updates and blog posts, Ksenia runs a blog on movies and books, enjoys the online feminist community and helps animal shelters.

CRM : Top features that guarantee a positive ROI

An effective CRM system is the core requirement of every business that aims to evolve their customer base while retaining current ones. However as one comes across various CRM suites, they are introduced to multiple new features. This sometimes may puzzle the business owner as he evaluates these features as per his CRM needs.

As businesses have varied needs and scale, an off-the-shelf CRM system may not be the ideal choice for each one of them. As they tread the path of tailor made solutions, they may end up paying for features which look promising on the outside, but might not be profitable in the long run.

This calls for evaluating the CRM product (tailor made or otherwise), in a critical light. The goal should be to have an optimized CRM system, with fewer and simplified features.

We select some features , that we advocate as the “must -haves” for all CRM systems. They build a bedrock upon which one can further build their exclusive CRM approach.

Simple to use
A difficult to use CRM system not only affects adoption, but also kills the team’s motivation to use it. Moreover, it is difficult for a new hire in the CRM team to adapt and the training time is also extended, directly affecting the ROI.

Therefore, though it may sound obvious, but simplicity should be the number one priority one must look for in a CRM system or solution.

Remote access and mobility
Why should your CRM team be restricted to your desk? The CRM system should very well be capable of being accessed from anywhere (and from any device). The major advantage of this is that it allows you to build a team which comprises of at-home agents and on-field CRM staff.

Conventionally, in field operations regarding customer relations and services, multiple data entry is involved. Customer data is entered on pen and paper on site and electronic records are made once the CR staff is in office.

This dual entry can be entirely eliminated from the Field CRM process once remote access to system and Enterprise Mobility approach is implemented.

  • Multichannel support
  • Analytics
  • Campaign management
  • Master data management
  • Lead generation and follow up tracking

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