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Creating a Mobile Friendly Responsive website with PHP

Mobile and digital technology had seen lots of advancements recently. Also, the desire for responsive web development has gone up too. Responsive websites have become important for businesses which want to have an online presence as they want to offer the best experience to visitors and customers. Some of the important elements in responsive websites are effortless navigation, easily readable content and seamless responsiveness on different devices such as PCs, Laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Now, most of the businesses and developers are aware of the benefits of PHP development, millions of websites have been built by this amazing platform including the most popular social networking sites like Facebook.

PHP developers

Due to its success now PHP Programming is becoming more and more popular to build the sites. Hence if someone is thinking of a web development project then getting a responsive website using PHP is like doing the most pertinent thing. We are presenting before you the important things that need to be considered for a responsive web development in PHP.

  • Excellent and Smooth Navigation

Special emphasis must be on the viewing design and following instructions on the website. An attractive, clean and well-ordered navigation is important to make sure that the visitors get more interested to explore more and more on the website and to go ahead from a page to next, and check contents from the image icons. For better surfing experience you have to put content and images in the proper places. You should also use vibrant and catchy colors, related symbols, quality visuals and more information with few clicks.

  • People like Well Structured Webpage Layout

For a PHP Developer who is creating responsive websites, it is important to create well-organized layouts. For responsive websites, the developers should decide a structure and organize elements in the pages in a way that they are automatically put at the right place as per the screen size of the browser. Developers of the responsive site either use modular GUI design or structured page layout for perfectly organized pages.

  • Adaptable Adjustments to Screen Sixes

There are many devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations and many of them are even capable of switching from landscape to portrait modes on user’s wish. Hence you need to create a website that is adaptive to all of these situations. You should design pages for both landscape and portrait views and you also need to enable different orientations for the instant switch to different modes.

  • Responsive and Flexible Images

For responsive websites, the images should be flexible and they should be adaptive to any type and size of the screen. The best technique for responsive images is setting the maximum image width to 100% of the browser or screen. Using flexible images will let the browser to resize images itself instead of mentioning particular height or width in code.

  • Simple Source Code

It is important to have a simple source code in responsive PHP development which assures dynamic output. You can also add some amazing features including animators or floating widgets on the site.

  • Flexible Content Appearance

One of the important parts of responsive websites is its ability to shrink content and rearrange them to make everything fit for all types of screens. It is not easy to make the content which is on a large screen viewable on small screen. Hence content management flexibility is important and for that you can use CMS based software interfaces and content editors.

  • Conclusion

We have discussed the important aspects of a responsive website. Also, the developers or website owners should test a responsive site on various screen resolutions to make it a perfect fit. There is no doubt that using PHP with other open source technologies, businesses and organizations can make a perfectly responsive website which is optimized for all types and sizes of desktops and mobiles devices.

Things to Know About the iOS 11.0.3 Update

On 11 Oct 2017, Apple released the third update of iOS 11 i.e. iOS 11.0.3. Although it doesn’t bring major changes or new features but has many improvements. This update serves iPhone 5 and above models, iPad Air and above, iPad mini 2 and above. This update also works well with iPod Touch 6. Notifications have been sent to all the compatible devices automatically. But if you somehow didn’t get the notification to update, you can trigger it manually by going to the Settings > General > Software Update. Take a proper backup of your device before updating it in order to avoid a situation when something goes wrong. The size of the update varies from device to device. Generally, this point release is about 300 MB and would be bit heavier for bigger devices and lighter for smaller devices.

iOS app Development

The iOS app Development companies were waiting for some new features but as iOS 11.0.3 is a minor release hence there are minor issues fixed only. The iOS 11.0.3 mainly resolves the issues related to audio and haptic feedback for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It has even resolved the issue of unresponsive displays with iPhone 6s. This also goes for the iPhone devices which were not serviced with genuine parts.

This new update tries to offer fixes to the issues which are there since the launch of iOS 11 but this issue doesn’t resolve the other peripheral issues faced by iPhone users like the major issue related to shorter battery life and the issue of getting so many notifications at the time of reboot of iPhone. Hence it looks like this new update focuses more on the low issues and there has nothing been done to fix issues which are harder comparatively. We can expect the solution to these issues in the future update of iOS by Apple.

If you are using iOS 10 then you can see lots of new things but if you are upgrading from iOS 11 to iOS 11.0.3 then you won’t find many changes as even the security features remain the same.


In conclusion, we can say that there are small changes for the users from the update point of view but there is not much for the iOS app developers as it won’t make any difference on the development front. We expect the major release of iOS 11.1 will bring major changes and updates in the development process including updates related to security and utility. It looks like iOS 11.1 will be a fresh start for iOS 11 and will offer new features for users as well as for the developers.

Rising Mobile App Development Trends to Catch Momentum in 2018

Mobile app developers

New and fashionable apps are ruling every smartphone in the world. With so many people getting into the mobile app development and mushrooming of a mobile app development company in such a large number, one can easily witness the growing trend of the mobile apps which is here to stay.

“The competition in the mobile app development arena is absolutely getting tough. To emerge successful in the future app industry, it is indispensable to follow the mobile app development trends which are seen getting popular with the people around the world!”

With the awareness of the kind of apps which get popular among the people, entrepreneurs are very much cautious of what will work and what will not, each mobile app development company is trying to grab attention by keeping up with the latest trends on the floor.

You have to decide first which kind of app will suit your business- a hybrid app or a native app or still, a web app. Accordingly, HTML, CSS, JS can be used to develop apps of your choice.

Let’s discuss which app trends rocked the app industry in 2017 that will continue to rock in 2018.

Mobile e-commerce apps- The Next Big Thing:

A striking trend which is gaining a fast boost in the mobile application development industry is the online shopping trend. Its popularity is on the rise because of the increase in the spending limits of the people these days. People are more leaning towards buying online because of safe and secure payment gateways and transactions. Ease of navigation and one step checkout in the apps is making the online shopping experience fast and easier than ever!

Cloud Technology- A Revolutionary Sweep!

Cloud technology has taken the web app development world by storm and it has taken a huge leap in 2017 which will continue to rise in future because of the vast potential. Why this technology gained so much hype? It’s because of the fact that cloud technology helps make lives simpler and faster. Cloud technology is easy to implement and fast to use. Some of the great instances are- Google Drive, DropBox etc. We think that people are going to hire mobile developers to build these kinds of apps in upcoming years.

Some more trends are:

– Virtual Reality apps and Augmented Reality apps.
-In-app purchasing feature is on the rise because the iOS app owners are cashing in on due to the very best features are premium features.
-Geo apps or location-based apps are continually on the rise. Instances of this kind of apps are very commonly used by the people like Uber and Ola apps are completely based on location.

Final Words:

Mobile UI business trends are to be followed by each and every mobile application development company in every manner possible. Not just 2018, but the following mobile app trends are in their initial stages set to boost the app industry for many upcoming years. Investing into mobile app development is a compulsion that will only bring positive changes to the business growth and revenue. The best mobile application development company will always ensure that your business goals are achieved with the investment into building an app.

Why businesses should Outsource PHP Website Development Projects?

PHP Developers

PHP is one of the oldest and reliable platforms for website development and has so many advanced features which other languages don’t offer. PHP is dynamic, robust and powerful. PHP is the foundation on which server-side code of most of the websites is written. PHP is equally beneficial for a start-up company as well as a for a large multinational organization.

If you also want to go for PHP development for your website then outsourcing your project will be very economical for you without sacrificing on the quality. There are numerous software outsourcing companies in India, China, and other countries.

Now we will list some of the benefits of outsourcing PHP website development projects:-

  • Expert in latest Technology

The outsourcing companies mostly have expert technical professionals who have deep knowledge and experience of handling vast PHP based projects. You can select the best company to outsource your PHP website development project after doing thorough research. You can find ISO certified organization which follows international standards and processes for website development. Looking at their portfolio and reading their reviews, you can trust them and hire them to develop your PHP website.

  • You can Concentrate on your Core Business without worrying about Technical Aspect of Website

This is one of the best benefits of outsourcing your PHP website development work to a professional PHP developer or to a professional organization. While they will develop your website from scratch based on your requirements and specifications, you can concentrate on your core business and how to grow it by implementing marketing strategies. With the development, part is done by the professionals you will get enough time to spend on your core business.

  • Outsourcing will save Lots of Development Cost for you

Nowadays the businesses are looking for value addition and services which are cost effective. Offshore services for PHP website development are cost effective and you can select the one which best suits your requirements. You will get advanced and better services within the given time frame and within your budget and help you to create and implement a smart strategy for your business so that it can get maximum benefit out of the high demand in the market for your product or services. Ultimately your business will expand, sales will rise and profit will zoom.

  • Saving lots of your time

When you will outsource your PHP website development work then in this process you will ultimately save lots of your time. As the team is expert in PHP development hence they will use their experience and latest technologies to develop a website for your business. They have a complete team of project managers, designers, developers, testers hence your project will be developed using best software development lifecycle model and they will deliver your project within the specified time. In case one of the developers is not able to continue working on your project, they can easily replace him with another developer and your PHP website development work will not hamper.


Nowadays most of the people want to develop their website using PHP using outsourced services as by this way they get best quality website within their budget. There is no harm in this process rather there are several benefits which you will get and we have discussed above. Whether your project is small or big, easier or complex, you can find a suitable company to work on your project. This is the reason why most businesses and companies in US nowadays outsource some part of their software development work as a strategy to cut cost and provide cheaper and better services to their customers.

Cost Estimation to develop a Restaurant App like Zomato?

Mobile development Company

Zomato is a popular social mobile application which connects food lovers and restaurant. Now Zomato doesn’t need an introduction as it has spread to 24 countries already. Zomato is an app which allows you to find nearby restaurants, check its menu and prices, check reviews and ratings given by users, view images and much more. Zomato was launched in 2008 and now it has become one of the most popular restaurant app. While Zomato grew in features and size but its core features remain the same, i.e. Discovery of restaurants and user reviews and ratings. Using the huge user base Zomato also provides sponsored content across the platform. Now Zomato has spread to over 10,000 cities across the world and is currently being used by more than 50 million people.

You can contact a professional mobile app development company if you want to build a mobile app similar to Zomato. Now Lets discuss about what makes Zomato so popular.

  • Search every restaurant in the city

When you open the app you will have all the details about each and every restaurant on your phone.

  • Restaurant which provides home delivery

Zomato app provides information about the restaurant which provides home delivery alongwith their charges.

  • Get Reviews

If you hire mobile developers then they can provide this feature of getting reviews. Zomato allows it users to give their reviews and feedback about the restaurant for their taste, quality and service. Hence users can check the reviews before stepping into any restaurant.

  • Booking a Table from app

Using Zomato you can book a table in the restaurants hence you won’t need to wait in the queue.

  • Get directions

After choosing the restaurant you can select the map view to know how to reach there.

  • Get more information

You can also get more information like the menu, prices, pictures, contact numbers, food delivery etc.


You can do a specific search in Zomato about a specific food or specific restaurant.

Some of the more features you can incorporate in your mobile app are:-

  • Payment integration within app
  • Geo-targeting with iBeacons
  • Reserve with cab booking option

All of the above features can be included in the mobile app which you want to develop. Zomato can be the ideal example for you to follow.

When we are talking about building a complete Zomato like app then it requires to create four separate solutions:-

  • Web Service
  • Restaurant finder app
  • On-demand food delivery app

The business app which allows restaurant owners to manage their presence and listings.

Hence before you go for development, you have to decide which functionality your mobile app should have.

Zomata has login and signup options which offer social media integration options and offer users to import their contacts from Facebook/Google+ as Zomato puts a lots of emphasis on the social component. Actually it’s a community of food lovers and not just a app to discover nearby restaurants. You can also offer Instagram integration which will allow users to share their food pics along with reviews.

Final Cost Estimation:-

As we have just discussed, the costing of any mobile app depends upon the features which you want to integrate into the app.

Let’s look at how much it will cost to design and develop an app. Mobile apps can be classified into three types:-

Basic mobile app – $ 1000 -5000

Moderated mobile app – $ 5000 – $ 15000

Complex mobile app – It depends on various factors

A rough estimation for restaurant app like Zomato would be around $ 15000- 25000 which can vary based upon the features and complexities involved. Normally this type of app can take anywhere between 16-20 weeks to complete. In this type of app, the ad engine and the elaborate backend are the most expensive features.

Features of Apple iOS 11 which are Game Changer for iPhone users

IOS Development

Apple’s iOS11 has been released to the public, for iPhone and iPad users on 19th Sept 2017. This is a major update which has brought so many new features like Better maps, multi-lingual Siri, Easy Wi-Fi sharing, Redesigned control center, Do Not Disturb While Driving, a new Lock Screen, new App Store, new Files app and much more. iOS 11 has a major focus for iPad with new ways to share data and multitask with Drag and Drop, upgraded Split View and a new Dock. In this article, I will write about some of the new features in iOS 11. Most of the iOS devices which run iOS 10 can upgrade to iOS 11 for free. The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X come with preinstalled iOS 11 and have some unique features to take full advantage of the improved hardware. An iOS 11 starts a 64 bit only software era.

With this release of new iOS 11 OS, the iOS App Development companies need to upgrade their developer’s skills which will ultimately give more power to iPhone developers to build more powerful apps. There is a link to some best quality iOS development work here. You can contact them if you like their work.
If you want to upgrade to iOS 11 then go to open Settings > General > Software Update. Also either you should be plugged in or have at least 50% battery power for the update process to start.

What’s new in iOS 11?

iOS 11 offers many new features for iOS users with a special focus on iPad with more way to multitask and use iOS on the big screen. There are many things which are common to both iPhone and iPad.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

With iOS 11 release, iOS developers got more power to build AR apps. Google and Amazon have been doing lots of research in AR. With iOS11 Apple will also not be lagged behind rather with the AR toolkit lined up in iOS 11 Apple will surpass both Google and Amazon. Actually, AR is a technology which avails the partial reality experience. The best example of AR is the game Pokemon Go. But Pokemon Go is also just a start while Apple is trying to expand the boundaries and taking it to next level by making it available for third-party developers. AR toolkit will unlock the powers of millions of iOS developers to have the AR experience smoothly. iOS 11 will help in integrating digital objects along with the information on your surrounding and taking your app out of the screen to allow them to connect with the real world in amazing ways. 3D model can be build up of the user’s surroundings and then the app will put up virtual objects on the display of the iOS device.

  • Apple Pay – You can pay someone through iMessage

Apply Pay was already super convenient but with iOS 11, iPhone users can send money to each other through iMessage, using credit or debit cards in their virtual wallet. This is quite useful. The thing of this situation, you and your friend did dinner together and you don’t have change and you want to pay to your friend. You just have to tap the icon, enter the amount, sync with Touch ID and you are done.

  • No more searching for passwords – share WiFi access with ease

iOS 11 will spare you the tedious process of hunting for their network password each time you want to grant access to your friends. You can press an iPhone or iPad running iOS11 against another device which is already logged in and a request for access is sent to the logged in user. Then they can easily send the WiFi password to the new device with a single tap. There is no need to scrabble behind the router.

  • Control Center customization

In iOS 11, the control center is getting a new look with extra functionality. You can customize the screen to your needs with extra widgets and buttons. For e.g. A home control which dims the lights or a button for Apple TV. Now you can make it like pretty busy and you also have the option to keep it clean and simple if you like.

  • With iOS 11, Siri is smarter

Siri is getting a more natural sounding voice with iOS 11 update. To make Siri sound like an AI from the future, Apple gave it a way to say the same word with different tones. Siri is also boosting its contextual learning. Siri is on more than 375 million devices and is in more languages than any other personal assistant. Apple is using deep learning for a quick translation. If you want to order an authentic dish in Chinese then Siri can say it for you.


iOS 11 is another eagerly waited and very much welcomed free update for iPhone and iPad user base. Although the big features are reserved for iPad only but there are many things which we have discussed above are for all iOS users. Overall, iOS 11 is a great update for iPhone and a fantastic one for iPad with so many new features to boost productivity.

Android 8 Oreo : What are new features in Google’s New Android OS?

So many Android developers and Android mobile phone users were waiting for the release of Oreo 8 Android OS. Android Oreo OS has finally released on 21st August 2017 to the public with new features and updates by Google.

We are giving here the key features you should look forward to from Android Oreo when it will be rolled out to your smartphones.

  • Picture-in-Picture


If you are looking for Android App Development then make sure the developer makes full use of the new features in Android Oreo like this one feature “Picture-in-Picture”. Google has introduced new picture-in-picture functionality which is one of the most useful changes. This new feature will allow users to continue watching videos on a small virtual screen while getting stuff done within other apps. Google says that apps will be able to put themselves in picture-in-picture mode. The idea is to make you able to watch a YouTube video while you are sending emails in the Gmail app.

  • Background limits

For smartphone users, battery life is always a big concern that’s why Google keep on making improvements with the new Android OS. In latest version of Android Oreo also Google has increased the automatic limits on what apps can do in the background in many key areas like background services, location updates, broadcasts etc. Google blog post says, “These changes will make it easier to create apps that have minimal impact on a user’s device and battery. Background limits represent a significant change in Android, so we want every developer to get familiar with them”.

  • Amazing Text Selection features

Android app developer


If you want to develop an Android app and want to incorporate this new feature then you can hire Android developers which are expert and can use this feature. Actually Google has been innovating continuously to improve the text selection feature. In Android Oreo, a text selection is more sensitive now. How you will get the benefit? If you sele ct the text which is an address then it will begin to give you direction while if it is a phone number then it will redirect to dial a call.

  • Notification Channels and dots

Google plans to group notifications into channels to give more control to the users over their app notification categories.

Google says, “Users can block or change the behaviour of each channel individually, rather than managing all of the apps’ notification together”.

Google is making it possible to snooze individual notifications which is very useful. You can snooze notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour.

Another new feature is notification dots which are visual indicators on app icons which will show if you have any notifications which is waiting.

  • Autofill APIs

Google wants to save your time by Autofill APIs. This will allow your favorite password manager apps to work with the Android OS so that you can access them just like you would a third party keyboard.

  • Better keyboard navigation

A big change in Android Oreo is the improvement of keyboard navigation. Google says that more users are navigating to apps using a physical keyboard due to the arrival of the Play Store on the Google Chrome OS. Google says, “In Android O, we are focused on building a more reliable, predictable model for arrow and tab navigation that aids both developers and end users”.

  • Camera app improvements

Google is spending more time reworking the camera app and now in Android Oreo, Google offers a new double-tap feature which lets you quickly get to 50% zoom. There is also a new dedicated button which lets you switch between photo and video modes. In Earlier version, users were forced to swipe which as per some users was not intuitive.

  • Better Audio

Google is adding Sony’s LDAC codec which was donated to Android by Sony. This will improve upon the Bluetooth A2DP protocol which is currently being used. Google is also introducing AAudio which will result in improved low latency audio. Google says that it is a “New native API that’s designed specifically for apps that require high-performance, low-latency audio”.


With these new features and updates in Android 8 Oreo OS, Google intends to make Android more intuitive, user friendly and powerful. This way Google’s Android is going to give more competition to the Apple iOS which is also popular among some category of smartphone users.

What are the latest iOS App Development Trends for Developers in 2017?

IOS App developers

Importance of mobile application is gaining as their use and applications have been found in our everyday life. Apple is witnessing many dynamic changes as it is evolving itself for the changing market demands, embracing a more open source outlook and incorporating many cutting-edge technologies. Apple is applying new technologies in iPhone and iPad. For e.g. iBeacon is a device which is using IoT for making more better apps. There are many retailers using the iBeacon devices and growing their business. Apple is continuously trying to provide its users something new while keeping it simple and secure.

Now we will look into some of the iOS app development trends which will be prevalent in 2017 and can be considered by the developers.

  • Demand for iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is a proprietary technology of Apple but can be used by Android devices also. You can use Beacons and iBeacons across your customer base. The retailers are getting huge benefits using the Beacon technology in the retail market. Many of the Apple iOS apps have launched Beacon app for the retail industry and have great success. 85% of US retailers have already deployed Beacon having a total sale of $4 Billion.

  •  Cloud Technology

With the application of new technology like Cloud computing in iPhone app development, businesses want to hire iOS developers who have deep knowledge of these concepts. App development has limits as per the user demands. Users want to access the app everywhere. The cloud-based applications allow mobile access to corporate data using iPhone. The businesses and companies can use the cloud computing feature to keep a connection with the employees and customers from a distant location. You can offer options to employees to work on travel, freelancing or from remote locations and enjoy greater employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Use of Swift Programming Language

Objective-C was used to create iOS apps since many years. Swift is an innovative programming language developed by Apple especially to create iOS apps which can co-exist with Objective-C but Swift is much better. The iOS app developers should learn Swift if they want to develop iOS apps in future. Swift will help developers to create better apps for iPhone, Mac and iPad users. Swift is faster to code and easier to test. Swift is designed to replace Objective-C for Apple apps and is more powerful and feature-rich language than Python. Hence Swift is one of the most promising trends in iOS app development in 2017.

  • Security Features will get more attention

Now in this time, mobile business is growing at a tremendous rate. Many of the mobile users have doubts regarding the security when they are purchasing a product or service or making a business deal using mobile apps. Now is the time iPhone app developers have to add high-end security features in the iPhone apps. With more security, the app users will trust more the app and the mobile business will grow even faster.

  • Wearable and IoT Technologies

Wearable Technology is bringing revolution in the way you do many tasks. The wearable technology application can smartly help you for the betterment of your business or tasks you do daily. IoT is also evolving fast from the interference of wireless technologies, microdevices, micro-electronic system and their connection to the internet. This convergence has been very helpful and removed the barrier between operational technology and IT which allows machine-generated data to be analyzed. Hence IoT and wearable technologies are the new trends to be watched out for in iOS app development in 2017.

  • More focus on Mobile Commerce

First, there was a trend for E-commerce and now this new trend is for M-Commerce. Each of the E-commerce websites will ultimately have a mobile app as a number of mobile users has reached to all-time high and most of them use their mobile to do business transactions online. The wallet and beacons technologies are gaining more popularity as users are more likely to purchase if checkout and payment process is more simple and secure. The iPhone developers can follow this trend in iOS app development to improve the iPhone app.


By looking at these above latest trends in iPhone app development in 2017, we expect to see major technological changes in design and development process of iPhone apps in coming future. If the developers will apply these trends while creating iPhone apps then not only they will gain more knowledge about latest technology but it will also present before iPhone users a more secure, technologically advanced and user-friendly user experience.

What are the various aspects of Mobile ASP.NET Development?

In today’s highly competitive world, creating a website for any business has been an integral part of its strategy to expand worldwide. The website acts as an online identity for the business and helps it to expand beyond boundaries. A Website helps a business to gain more customers from around the world. A Website helps the business to receive quick and accurate feedback about their product and services which the business if offering in the market. This way the business can improve the quality of its existing products and services by carefully analyzing the customer’s feedback. If you want to develop your website then you have many options of platforms like ASP.NET, PHP, J2EE etc.

.Net development company

To create your business website, you can go for .NET MVC development as it is one of the best processes to develop quality websites and it offers so many benefits to the developers as well as to the website visitors.

Also in the modern world, usage of smartphones has reached to an all time high. This generation is no doubt a smart one and using smart phones to do so many of their daily tasks. Right now more than 6 out of 10 people in the world is using smartphones. The people who are using normal mobile phones are also slowly moving towards using smartphones.

Due to these reasons, the demand for the mobile website has increased in recent years. Mobile websites are customized to fit the screen size of a phone. It is designed in such a say that it can be easily accessed on a mobile phone by users. Mobile websites can also turn the visitors into real customers at a much faster rate than by desktop websites as a mobile phone user looks for some information urgently as if he wants to buy it right now. ASP.NET is mostly used to create amazing and fast websites. .NET Web development is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. .NET Framework is a software development platform which is used in the process of developing mobile websites. If you want to create a mobile website then you can easily use the ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio. The performance of the mobile website depends on how the developer has developed the mobile site and using which technologies and platforms. These websites need the responsive technology so that these websites are displayed the same way on both desktop computers as well as on mobiles. These websites use the standard complaint markup coding. Some of the mobile websites may not work well on mobile phone. For e.g. Some features of a website may not get displayed correctly on the smart phone.

A skilled developer who is expert in creating mobile websites can fix these issues easily using a style sheet in the development process. Mobile style sheets can be utilized in the development of mobile websites which are sent to every website visitor but applies only on the mobile devices. Nowadays most of the web developers use this approach. They take special care as the same website has to work on all mobiles and desktops. They can work so that the mobile phones and web browser can easily display the content published on the websites. Some of the web browsers on mobile don’t support CSS hence for them it can be a problem to display accurately the web page on mobile.

Developers can also develop more than one website or a sub-site in which they can include a number of websites. This is one of the ways which is adopted for mobile website development. In this way, a different website will be displayed for different platforms like mobile phones and desktops. Although it can increase the cost of the project a bit it has many advantages. It is the job of the website developer to develop a website in a way so that all of its features are well displayed on mobile platforms.

If you have any requirement then you can hire a .NET developer who can develop a superb website suitable for both business and personal use. .NET Framework is one of the best software development platforms which is widely used in the process of mobile website development. If you want to create a screen friendly website then it is best to use ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Magento Vs PrestaShop: Which E-Commerce platform is best for you?

You need to choose the right and the best E-Commerce platform for your business. There are many options available in the market which you can compare. If we start by first selecting open source platforms as they provide you all the source code which you can customize the Magento and PrestaShop could be the top choice for you. You can compare the two and can have the better idea of which one fits your needs the most. In this article, we will help you compare Magento and PrestaShop so that you can select the one which is best suited for you.

Magento and PrestaShop

Both of these are open source platforms hence they can be customized in many ways. PrestaShop provides you with lots of features, allows easy website management, SEO benefits and gives users power of analytics and reporting. Right now more than 1,25,000 online stores are based on PrestaShop.

Magento developer

Magento is a well-accepted leader in E-commerce solutions market. You can easily hire Magento Developer as it is widely used the platform. It provides lots of features, tools, and options for customization. Magento also provides improved SEO benefits with targeted promotion and merchandising. Magento also allows multiple payment and shipping options. Right now most of the large businesses have built their e-commerce store using Magento. If we talk in figures then more than 2,35,000 online stores are powered by Magento right now.

Benefits of Magento

Magento is a flexible, open source E-commerce solution and provides lots of features. You will be in full control of Magento and you can easily change the look, content and its functionality. Magento provides features for search engine optimization and you can even use it as a tool for catalog management.

Magento was launched in 2001 and it carries lots of success stories on its shoulders. If you have zeroed on the Magento CMS then you can find the best Magento development company in the market which can help you to develop your e-commerce website using Magento platform. Magento has a strong online community which can answer all of your queries and a new initiative with eBay will make the system even more powerful and will add many new developers to the strong already strong community.

Magento provides users with all kinds of modules, features and extensions. Technical support provided by Magento’s developer is one of the best. Due to so many benefits, Magento is termed as the best platform for professional online stores and it performs great for running any kind of online business.

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Benefits of PrestaShop

PrestaShop is also open source e-commerce solution with lots of features. You can use the basic set up of PrestaShop for free but you may need to purchase the templates, modules, and themes if you want to use the advanced version. PrestaShop was launched in 2007 and is best for small to medium businesses looking for an online presence.
PrestaShop supports 40 languages. It doesn’t offer official technical support but you can resolve your queries from the PrestaShop forum which has lots of developers and users as participants. You just need PHP 5.2, MySQL 5, Linux Unix or Windows OS to develop e-commerce site based on PrestaShop

Therefore both Magento and PrestaShop are great choices as they both have their benefits and drawbacks. Hence it is important to know in detail which CMS is best for you. Now let’s discuss them on the basis of following factors and parameters and lets see which one is best for you:-

Features and Capabilities

In terms of features, Magento tops the list. Magento is a highly focused platform which provides the user with all that is required to build an online store with powerful features and capabilities.

PrestaShop provides many features but not as much as Magento does. PrestaShop has hundreds of templates, easy website builder and lots of payment gateway solutions and it gives Magento a good competition.
Although both the platform provides the basic functionalities of an e-commerce store in terms of a number of features no one can compete with Magento. Hence, if you are looking for best features and tools to power your e-store then Magento is the best while if you want to build a basic online shop easily then PrestaShop is best for you.

Speed and Performance

Magento has seen speed and performance issues as users reported. Users and developers of Magento have often complained about slower website due to slowing down of the Magento backend. Magento developers tried to answer these issues and tried to make Magento as fast as possible.

With PrestaShop, performance and speed is not much of a concern. PrestaShop doesn’t slow down your website as it doesn’t have the problem of heavy CMS like Magento.

Although there are some issues related to performance and speed of Magento while PrestaShop provides a slightly better and smooth experience to e-store owners and its customers.

Technical Support

For open source platform, users can easily get support mostly through free documentation, communities, and forums around the world. With both, Magento as well as PrestaShop, you can get a large community of users who can easily help you out to resolve most of your issues and problems regarding their use and development. You can even take help from the official documentation which is available for both the platforms.

Magento CMS is more popular and has a much bigger community of users and developers. Due to its huge user base, Magento allows you to resolve your issues more easily than in the case with PrestaShop. Magento was launched in 2001 while PrestaShop was launched in 2007. Hence it can be said that Magento must be having a huge user base and easy support system.
Moreover, PrestaShop doesn’t provide an official technical support and you just have to depend on users and documentation while in case of Magento, if you purchase the paid version, you will get official technical support for each of the issue you may face while using and developing Magento e-store.


PrestaShop and Magento, both are designed and developed to provide your e-store with proper and robust security. The issue of security has been addressed well and measures to implement tight security are taken with PrestaShop, Magento and most of the other popular CMS. They both try best so that there is no vulnerability left which can be exploited. But still Magento has more security related powerful plugins which you can use to even enhance further the security of your e-commerce site.

Ease of Installation and Use

Magento is not easy for a beginner and if someone with no knowledge or experience of using any CMS tries using it, he can find it little difficult to use. Installing Magento is also not an easy while PrestaShop is easy to install and doesn’t need you to have an expert knowledge of the platform. Magento is not easy to use even after its installation. Magento requires you to have some knowledge and experience of using the platform or you have to hire a Magento developer to help you. If you are looking for factors like installation and ease of use then PrestaShop can be a good bet for you.

Cost and Pricing

Both the platforms are open source and are free to use which means they will be liked by most of the customers due to their zero price. Although nothing is free in this world both of these platforms and CMS don’t follow this quote as both are free of cost but then still you have to spend money to implement and run a successful business. The basic version of both platforms is free and you can easily create a basic e-store but if you want to get full advantage of these platforms then you will have to buy the paid versions. When you have finally decided to buy anyway then Magento’s Enterprise edition comes at top of the list of best e-commerce solutions which provides you with an enormous amount of features, functionalities, and benefits.


In the end, we can say that both of these platforms i.e. Magento and PrestaShop are the best choice to use as platforms to develop e-commerce stores. Hence you can choose the one which best fulfills your requirements. If the requirement is just for a basic online shop of small to medium size then You can use PrestaShop while if you want to grow continuously each quarter or year after year then Magento is the best choice for you as it provides greater functionality for scaling up. If we compare both platforms in terms of all of the factors which we have discussed above then Magento comes out to be the real winner as it is easy to scale up, provides you professional technical support and also has powerful features.

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