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Google Chrome Tighter Web Security HTTP will be marked as Not Secure

Google Chrome https Update

If we go by the stats that Google revealed, we can get to know about the scenario of web development.

According to Google:

Only 81 out of the top 100 websites around the web uses HTTPS secure connection by default.

To further add to the facts:

On an average, 70% of the traffic on Chrome, Mac, Android and Windows flows over HTTPS secure connection.

This is not a sad sight at all because the awareness of keeping a website safe with SSL encryption is on the peak. Every web development company creating websites for the clients is making sure that the websites of their clients are completely encrypted with SSL security certificate.

When is this new update rolling out in Chrome?
It is being rolled out by Google in July in Chrome 68 version. It is also stated by Google team that there will be tools for the webmasters who are into web development or E-commerce web development that will help them to convert the HTTP websites into HTTPS seamlessly in a hassle-free manner.

There will be nothing wrong to say that Google is leveraging the power of Chrome in the market to switch to SSL secured websites labeled with https:// rather than the unsecured http://. This is the result of the Google’s advanced steps to keep the website users safe from the hackers and miscreants always looking into taking advantage of the loopholes in the security of the web development.

Xicom Technologies Ltd. is a web development company which develops cutting-edge solutions for their clients. These flexible and versatile web solutions are always in compliance with the latest updates by the industry giants in the web development market.

This update is a concrete step in the direction where an echo of tight web security can be heard.

Have you lost your developer?

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Prefer Custom PHP Development for Stunning Websites

With the rapid-growing technology, websites can be created with so many ways. WordPress, no doubt is one of the most famous website development platforms, but it has its own limitations and restrictions. You may need to think of very flexible and versatile website development solutions with which you can get your website created with most interactive features and eye-catchy designs/ layouts.

offshore PHP development

That’s why PHP programming language is the most sought-after scripting language and the most favorite for all the developers across the world. Offshore PHP development has given a golden opportunity to the PHP developers to create client requirement specific websites for best results. The websites created are focused on increasing the ROI of any business.

Let’s get to know about PHP language:
PHP means preprocessor hypertext language. Custom PHP development means versatile and flexible creation of websites and also, which lends programmers a power to create customized websites which are customer-focused, interactive, top-notch designs, dynamic and robust functionalities that can instantly catch the attention of the audience and push them to visit the website again and again.

Benefits of investing into offshore PHP development:
PHP is a server-side scripting language which is one of the most popular programming language around the world. There are endless possibilities of creating stunning PHP websites.

Free and Open-source website development:
As we mentioned earlier that PHP is free of cost and one can start with creation of websites very easily. It is open-source which means websites can be developed in combination of other programming languages like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and other databases. Thus, this versatility is liked by the developers across the world.

Affordable and time-saving:
Developing websites with PHP is extremely time-saving as well as money-saving. Getting websites created with PHP is very economical since a large pool of talented PHP developers is available worldwide. The strict competition means the prices for custom PHP development are the lowest. You can hire the experts at very nominal costs!

Multi-browser support:
The websites created in PHP framework have multi-browser support. Web browsers like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems are very much supported by the websites created with PHP agile technologies. The developers can create websites which can be integrated with WordPress, Zen Cart, Magento and Joomla! etc.

It means any type of website can be created with PHP framework according to the client requirement:

  • Info website (Brand building)
  • E-commerce website
  • Photography website
  • Blogging (web log)
  • Dynamic website
  • Static website
  • Affiliate website
  • Crowdfunding website
  • Gallery website
  • Personal website
  • News site


These are just a few examples of getting a website built with PHP. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on the expertise of the PHP developer how he creates websites with creativity and uniqueness all the way.

  • Make sure that the offshore PHP development company you choose is professional and have a great track record of the past work.
  • They must be able to show you the portfolio. You should check from the portfolio that they have created some amazing websites in the past.
  • Client recommendations and feedbacks matter a lot! See that the reviews are genuine and authentic.
  • Check out the reputation of the company from the social media where real users tell their real experience with the companies.

Why hire Magento Developer for your dynamic eCommerce Website?

Ecommerce development is witnessing a high boom in the web development industry. With the increase in the demand of products and services to be bought online in the comfort of home, businesses are heading to online shopping portals. Almost every entrepreneur looks forward to create a very solid presence online and sell products digitally.

Magento Developer

Invest in E-commerce Development to cut out business costs:
This is a very simple process without any need of brick and mortar store building at the owner’s end. It is just the website that acts like a store for the owner. Whatever investment is needed is completely for website development apart from the products and services that would require money and time at your end.
The best ecommerce solution is definitely Magento platform from among the many platforms available today in the market. You can even hire Magento developer very easily if you have already decided upon building a robust online shopping website to give an unforgettable experience to your customers in terms of UI and functionality of your ecommerce website.


Benefits of Magento website development from a Magento developer are as following: 
The list of advantages a business owner gets from having created a website created are endless. Amazing websites with stunning UI and matchless dynamic functionalities is what Magento website development offers to its users as well as any Magento developer can easily develop customized and unique websites for a vast number of clients and customers from any kind of niches.

1. Awesome UI of the Magento Websites: 
As we know that the aim of every website is to generate more and more revenue, the website should be stunning enough with awesome graphics so that the website visitors shouldn’t leave the website without buying your products or services. Moreover, the aim should be that the customers should return to the website to buy the product again impressed with the ease of purchasing and smooth payment gateway functionality.

2. Magento Offers Multi-Store Functionality:
In order to handle multiple ecommerce websites, you should always choose a Magento developer to build your website. A common dashboard to handle all your websites in one go with a common graph showing all your website statistics thus saving you a lot of time. As a business owner, you will find that time much precious to do the marketing for your ecommerce website yourself. Thus, this is another benefit of using Magento eCommerce as the platform for getting your shopping website made.

3. An Open-Source Development Free of Cost:
As Magento is an ecommerce website development platform which has a completely free community edition which is free for any web developer. The only cost that is incurred by the client is just to hire Magento developer. This is also very affordable as there are many developers available these days so one can choose according to the capability and the affordability.

4. Tools for Website Promotion are in Plenty:
There are a plenty of  Promotional tools available on Magento ecommerce development. If you hire a very experienced Magento developer for your website, you will come to know about the use of these promotion and marketing tools very easily. The options to use discount coupons, providing exclusive deals to the customers easily and on special days will definitely help you reach the maximum possible customers.

iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018

In today’s digital age, the market for smartphones especially Apple’s iPhone is expanding quite rapidly. The huge demand for iPhones is due to the fact that Apple uses cutting edge technology to develop the iPhone. Also there has been several latest trends in iOS App Development which create amazingly useful iOS apps. Apple has launched lots of dynamic changes in the year 2017 thus the iOS developer also needs to make some changes in their development strategies. To adjust itself to the latest market trends, Apple has made a lots of changes in it’s standards and processes.

iOS Development Company

If you are an iOS App Development Company then you should carefully go through these latest trends and use them while developing iOS apps. In this article we have listed some of the recent trends in iOS App development which will be prevalent in 2018.

  • Augmented Reality

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has been talking about Augmented reality since the start of last year. Hence it is expected that along with GPS this will be a hot trend in 2018 and in the years to come. This technology is fast changing the entire landscape of the gaming industry and now starts entering into other industries as well such as travel, retail and the service industry. Apple has launched the ARKit which is aimed at bringing the most advanced AR experience to iPhone and iPad. Using the new features like embedded systems, processor, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors and others, the next generation mobile apps will show the compelling and attractive virtual content in the actual world.

  • Improved Security Features

If you are an iOS Development Company then you must have realized till now how much important are the security features for the iOS apps. The security of the iOS Apps, the data and the iPhones have become the biggest concern in the recent past. Although the smartphone users still don’t take security aspect as more seriously, the app developers should actually provide the inbuilt security features for the users. App Transport Security (ATS) has made it necessary for the iOS applications to prove their security features. Apple is providing inbuilt security features of iPhones with each of its new update. The iOS developers and the future apps need to remain in line with the standards and processes of Apple to remain most secure.

  • iWearables

In 2017, there has been a high increase in the number of iWatches which has given a go ahead for such wearable in the future. The demand and development of such devices like smart glasses and other wearable applications is on the rise. With the demand for mobile e-commerce the concern of security remains. Hence the iOS developers need to provide required security features in the apps. As the cost of feature rich wearables is decreasing, it will boost their demand in 2018.

  • Cloud Computing

Creation of apps based on Cloud computing is one of the latest trends in both Android as well as iPhone apps. The apps in future need to efficiently utilize the handheld app features along with cloud incorporation. The cloud based apps will reduce the size of the application and uplift the memory limit in the gadgets. These kind of apps are popular among individual as well as among large organizations as using cloud  technology they can provide better customer and employee satisfaction.

  • IoT app Integration

Although it is taking little time but the IoT industry is in the middle of a major boom. IoT refers to the internet of things which involves data transfers and communication between devices using internet. The number of IoT developers is increasing at very fast rate and in the year 2018 their number is going to go even further up. With the growth in the advanced technology, the iOS app development for IoT devices will evolve a lot. Such integration require the use of complex mobile platform and strong back-end infrastructure that can communicate as well as share data between devices. Also the efficient use of data analytics is key in this process.


We have just discussed the major trends in iOS app development which will lead the market in 2018 and in coming years. The mobile commerce and other mobile apps are set to come into the mainstream with new features. Security will remain the key while apps related to AI, IoT, AR, VR will be on the rise. Contact any professional iOS app development company if you want an iOS app with latest features and trends.

Top Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Services

The modern era is constantly changing and we can witness the twists and turns in the technology. With the cut-throat competition in the online business arena, it becomes imperative to use the best ever technologies and methodologies to execute the project in the most excellent manner.

Web Development

With the increasing demand of web development services across the world, it becomes clear that world is turning to setting up the online presence.

Therefore, more and more companies rendering web designing services are mushrooming with each passing day. It means that they are minting a lot of money with this and the clients are also benefiting from the websites they build. A website should always be dynamic and attractive to look at.

  • It demands that the company should be expert and professional.
  • The web development outsourcing companies are dedicated, innovative with world class IT infrastructure.
  • This means that the websites developed will have robust and dynamic features and functionalities along with super awesome UI to give mind blowing experience to the users.

Here are some of the most important factors that would draw your awareness on the things that push web application development companies to outsource their work.

  • Money-saving and Low Investment Needed by the Clients:

As there are so many web development companies across the world to cater to the different client needs from any field, the competition becomes high and thus, there is a shocking reduction in the prices being charged by the companies in competition with each other. This cutting-edge competition is the reason why most of the clients are heading to get a website built for their business.

  • Expert and Dedicated Services of Web Developers to get the most flawless apps developed:

We know that there are a lot of companies who are rendering their services to build websites. It is a pro that the companies have expert and professional developers and we can leverage their expert services at such low prices. They are skilled and well-versed in the agile technologies.

  • Flawless and dynamic websites means great results from the users:

When a client receives a website from the company which has build their website, it is obvious that their work will be flawless since its build by the experts. A flawless website means it will have more reach and it would have super awesome features and functionalities and a great design!

  • High quality website development from certified web application development companies in a very less span of time:

Sometimes, clients need to have their website in a very less time frame and then they should move to the web development company who has a strong record of delivering top-notch websites to the clients across the world. This can be a good signal that your project is in right hands.

  • To Conclude:

It is always a best decision to get a website developed from the companies outsourcing web development services. The websites are flawless as well as are built with affordable budgets.

Top Mobile app development trends not to ignore in 2018

Investing in mobile app development has become a necessity which shouldn’t be ignored at all if you want your business to reach the heights of success. Mobile application development is one of the effective marketing tools which can be built at very affordable prices.

The mobile application development sector is growing like wildfire and thus, we can see the importance of getting an app developed!

Mobile app development is not a consistent sector. The trends keep on changing with time. The advancements in the technological world keep on influencing the mobile application development services also.

mobile app development

Apps are divided into various categories namely:

  • Lifestyle applications
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping and Ecommerce
  • Productivity apps
  • Gaming and many other categories are there.

Here are the topmost factors that push every other company to get a mobile app created:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding Identity
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Interaction with awesome GUI

However, it’s not too much easy to attain success and gain revenue if the trends of the mobile application development are not followed.

1. World is getting smarter with IOT:

Connectivity is everything in today’s world. If the smartphones are not connected with the things around us in our home or the appliances and electronics near us, what is the use of apps to make our life much easier? So the idea of making everything more smarter like home, city, retail and health sector will be very popular in 2018. IOT apps are very popular. To our surprise, Google launched Android Things specially for iOT apps.

2. Things are Getting Easier with Location-based apps:

Be it real estates sector, healthcare or education, travel or retail, Geo-based apps are getting on the trend of 2018. Travel apps are really getting popular. Thanks to the location-based Beacon technology that can create amazing and miraculous apps for the clients and businesses. This trend is not going to stop any soon because travel apps are insanely famous.

3. Faster is always better with AMP:

In this fast paced world, no one has the time to wait for the pages to load. So, it has become important that the pages should be accelerated as AMP technology is made to make the things faster. Google has launched this feature and it is bound to make this trend more famous. Match with the past-faced world so that you are not left behind.

4. VR and AR: The trend to rock on the charts!

It’s not just the gaming industry that is flooded with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but the mobile app development sector sees huge potential in these 2 features. It is forecasted that VR will reach another side of the mobile app world with this entering into travel, shopping online, food ordering online and even other daily activities.

It is a sure thing that these kind of apps are made to revolutionize the App Store and the Play Store apps. They can now be used to diversify the app categories.

5. Devices with Wearable Technology:

Wearable Technology is getting more popular these days and devices are also being invented to use these apps. Whether its fashion, fitness or medical, textile and eCommerce. Options are increasing at the endless speed. All over the world, devices are also being invented so that these types of apps are used by the users across the world.

6. Animated designs which are self-descriptive:

Dynamic app is the way to a successful business because static apps are a thing of past. Motion designing helps to give a very engaging and robust visual appeal to an app which is liked by every type of bonus. Everyone likes to see something in motion in an app so that they can get influenced by it and the audience is converted into a lead.

To conclude:

Whether it’s an iOS application development or Android application development, getting an app created for your business is sure to bring you more customers and thus, increase more sales.

Top Reasons to go for Android Development for Ultimate Apps


It is a true blue fact that Android development is the most popular OS right now followed by iOS. So, there arises every chance that almost every business should have an Android application built from expert Android developers. You can skip getting a website built for your brand if you have a very dynamic and robust app for your business.

Why go for Android development and get an app created rather than investing in website?

● Apps engage the user easily and if they like the user-interface of the app, they get addicted to it easily.

● If the app is dynamic enough, the users will stick to the app and more leads will be created easily.

● An app if created by expert Android developers, gives you every reason to earn huge revenue so that you can earn high ROI than you invested.

● An Android app is not very hard to get crated when it comes to budget required.

● It is now very easy to get a custom-made app built for your business.

● Flexibility in the creation of Android OS apps means you can literally convert every idea of yours into an app.

● There are a very few restrictions when it comes to the creation of Android apps and getting them accepted in the Google Play store is easier too.

This is a very thing when we compare it to the iOS app development. No doubt, most of the smartphones are Android OS powered and thus arises the need to get Android app development company do the work for you!


Why is Android app development easier and popular among the developers?

● Android app development is open-source and SDK is completely free for use.

● It is a completely customizable platform which means any type of app can be developed by the Android developers. It doesn’t matter what type of app is to be created.

● Simple and complex- both types of apps can be created with ease.

● It is not difficult to learn SDK from Android because there are numerous resources offline and online.

● The product is from Google, so there is a huge community of developers and if one developer gets stuck at any stage, they get help easily.

● There is a high reliability on Android OS because they are product of Google.

Apart from the above mentioned points that are a delight for the Android developers, we are sure that the entrepreneurs would like to hire the developers for getting an app created. But there are a few things which should be considered before hiring an Android app development company:

Portfolio Check of the Company:

A company should have an awesome portfolio so that the examples can be seen to check the style of the developers.

Client Recommendations:

The past clients can tell you a lot about the attitude of the developers. You should check the reviews on the social media also.

To conclude, Android app development is very popular and a business must think of it to take the business to new heights!

Top 7 things to consider before hiring iPhone app developers

iPhone has taken the world by storm and with it, the role of an iOS developer is being recognized day by day. No doubt, the apps for iPhone being developed these days are awesomely addictive and engaging.

It is this interest and the engagement of the iOS apps that is pulling the interest of the people as well as the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to create amazing apps for their business.

It is a big challenge to develop a successful iOS app in this highly competitive world so it becomes indispensable to hire iOS app developers who are experts at creating iOS apps. Make sure that the apps created by them have received a good response from the iPhone users.

iPhone App Developer

An iOS developer who is expert at Swift programming language with years of experience in their hands should only be hired to execute your project in the best possible manner.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits of iPhone app development:

  • iPhone users are dedicated and they keep track of what is being launched on the App Store and when? So, there is a high chance that your app will be discovered by many users who are always on the lookout of finding something new.
  • If your app gets downloaded by most of the users on the App Store, you can earn high revenue as compared to Android applications development.
  • When you launch an iOS app for your business, you create a brand identity for the audience.
  • It gives an amazing impression on the people because investing into an iOS app is no easy thing.
  • It takes a lot of effort on the part of an iOS developer to create the best ever app free of bugs and issues.

We think that the benefits of iPhone app development we mentioned above are enough to convince you to get an app created.

But is it easy to hire iOS app developers who can get along well with your project?

Probably, you will need to take care of the following factors while choosing the best company or developer for your project:

1. Experience of the iOS app development company:

What matters the most about creating an app is the experience of the company. If the team of the developers you are going to hire are not expert enough in Swift programming language and creating successful apps, don’t invest!

2. Careful Execution of the Project by Project Manager:

If you hire a dedicated team who is really serious about your project execution, the chances are that you will not face any problems in the long run. The project manager should be an expert in handling your project and should communicate with you on all the aspects of the project.

3. 24*7 Customer and Technical Support:

If the team of the iOS application development company can’t give 24*7 support to you, then the chances would be that you can be left at the middle without any help. Whenever you face any problem, the team should be able to communicate with you to solve all the bugs and queries that you may have.

4. Pocket-friendly prices:

Cost is a also an important factor while choosing a company to create your business app. This is because a company which has years of experience will always render their services at  the most affordable prices.

5. Check the portfolio of the company/ developer:

Checking out the portfolio of the company gives you an insight into the style of the iPhone app development company. This gives clues about whether or not that company is suitable to handle your project.

6. Client Feedback’s and Recommendations:

The client feedback’s and recommendations play a vital role in choosing the company that can handle your project in the most efficient manner. People rely on other people’s suggestions a lot!

7. Certified with industry standards:

Make sure that you only hire certified professionals of iPhone app development industry. This would help you to create an app with ultimate UI and thus become the favorite among the people.

Take your Business to the Next Level with iPhone App Development

Apple’s iPhone devices are considered as the best in quality products which have been offering superior user experience since a long time. iPhone has always been a trendsetter and over the years, Apple has introduced several new features and improvements in the device, keeping in mind the change in user requirements and market trends.

Apple has also created the largest mobile application store containing apps of all kinds which are a perfect fit for all kinds of requirements for both, casual as well as business users. For most of the businesses, the iPhone platform provides the ideal environment and platform to take their products and services and present them before the millions of iPhone users around the world. Hence iPhone application development has become the most sensible business decision the companies can take to push their business to next level.


There are so many reasons why expert iPhone Development makes sense for most of the businesses. Lets discuss some of these here:-

  • High Quality

One characteristic that is automatically associated with all of the Apple products is high level of quality. Just like the superior quality of the iPhone, Apple also keeps a strict watch on the mobile applications that are available on the Apple App Store, making it difficult for new applications with stringent quality specifications. Businesses have to spend more time and resources on custom app development to match the Apple’s standards of quality. This has great benefits in long run. As Apple products are of great quality automatically, custom iPhone apps for business are also sure to have that quality and they deliver a rich and memorable user experience for the users and giving benefits to the businesses.

  • Scalability and Reach

One of the main benefit of taking iPhone App Development Services is that you will get scalability features and huge reach to customers. As Custom iPhone apps for businesses are scalable hence they allow for growth and development of the business in future as businesses come in all sizes. The Apple platform is particularly suitable for this as it allows developers to keep adding new features and extensions to the developed apps, making scalability an easy thing to accomplish. Also, developing an iPhone mobile application for business means instant exposure to millions of iPhone users around the world, which increases the target market a lot in very less cost.

  • Security

One of the most important concern for the businesses engaged in mobile application development is data security. All of the businesses have to deal with lots of sensitive data which needs to be protected from hackers and intrusion. iPhone app development is actually known for high level of security with many options for developers to put in crucial security measures to ensure the safety of sensitive data. Apple also allows integrated security measures and data encryption to be effectively used to eliminate threats and risks from hackers and viruses.

  • Customer Relations

Doing expert iPhone mobile application development also allows the businesses to get more close and personal with their customers. With iPhone mobile applications, businesses can keep track of the preferences, choices, likes and needs of each customer, and can offer customized services to cater to the individual requirements. Ultimately it improves the business relations and created a much stronger, intimate bond with customers.


We have just discussed how a decision of a business for iPhone app development can help it to take it to next level of growth, customer service and success. You can find an iPhone app development company to get a dedicated custom iPhone app for your business to get all of the advantages and unleash the full potential of expert iPhone mobile app development.

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