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Culling the Apt CMS for Your Next Online Venture with Xicom

In the wake of open source era, businesses are exceedingly switching from their old school websites to highly responsive CMS based websites. CMS or content management systems are modern-day web management arsenals that have taken over the role of dedicated developers and programmers. They have simplified the painstaking process of web content management, and given the control back into user’s hand- your hand. However, before you don the boss’ hat and switch you business site to an open source CMS platform, you must address a few crucial concerns. Firstly, how do you determine which CMS is right for you? Secondly, of all the available content systems in the marketplace, which one is the best?

Well, choosing the right CMS can be a tough grind. You need to ensure that you rely upon a platform that renders a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality. After all, these are two defining pillars of an enticing online presence. When in a fix, it is best to consult an expert. Xicom has an in-house team of adept strategists who analyze your business requisitions and thus suggest CMS solutions that can heighten the growth of your online business venture.

Which CMS Will Work Wonders For You?

Before you start winnowing the right CMS for your business site, there are handfuls of things you must be mindful about. These are things that you must seek in the new platform that you are about to choose. Here is an overview of some must-have features of an adept content managing system.

1. The CMS must be easy to use and install.
2. The admin interface should be user-friendly. Steer clear from geek-friendly CMS.
3. CMS must be highly flexible so that you can incorporate any new feature and functionality at any time.
4. Template manipulation must be simplistic. If customizing the template happens to be painstaking, you might need to hire experts.
5. The support of a helpful user community helps you in comprehending the functionality of the CMS in a better manner. Thus, it becomes necessary.

Although, there are many things that you must consider before plunging onto any particular platform, but the aforementioned pointers are the most important.

From the Array of Options, Which CMS You May Choose?

The web marketplace has an array of choices when it comes to CMS, but it is wise to stick to those, which users across the globe use most frequently. Amongst all, four CMS have emerged as the most favored choices amongst both developers and end users, which are enlisted below:

1. WordPress: Over the years, WordPress has come out of its image of a blogging platform and successfully emerged as a highly robust and scalable CMS. With features like intuitive backend and WYSIWYG editor, WordPress has become an ideal platform for developers across globe. If you wish to adapt this CMS as the support system of your blog, WordPress development services at Xicom help you in doing the same. Expert WordPress developers at Xicom render impeccable solutions such as website development, theme customization, and blog development and migration services.

2. Joomla: Joomla happens to be the most popular CMS available in the marketplace. Based on MySQL and PHP, this platform is famous for a relatively simple backend and dropdown menu. If you wish to leverage the benefits of Joomla to your business portal, Joomla development services from Xicom will serve the purpose. At Xicom, you can avail an array of Joomla services including components development, template development, theme customization and maintenance and support.

3. Drupal: Drupal is the most functional CMS available today. It comes laden with enticing features that let you edit content directly on the web page. Moreover, the best part is that you can extend the core of the CMS in a hassle-free manner through easily available extensions and plugins. In order to harness the maximum potential of this platform, Xicom renders Drupal development services that facilitate development of highly functional web portals.

4. Magento: This effective content management system leverages features such as virtue cart to your e-commerce portal. If you are planning to set up a new online store, then Magento is a one-stop solution. Magento development services rendered by Xicom include solutions like extensions development, template customization, e-commerce development, theme development and data migration.

Content Management Systems are serving as the lifeline of emerging web businesses. These open source wonders are leveraging impeccable features to business portals, enhancing their functionality as well as visibility over the web. So, if you are planning to launch a new web venture, choose a suitable CMS and make the intelligent move.

Top 5 Reasons to use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management system for web development purposes. It is used by almost every web development company for creating blogs and websites.

The top 5 reasons to use WordPress as a content management system are:

User Interface: The most significant feature of WordPress is its user interface that makes content management a very easy task. Users with limited technical knowledge can also work on WordPress and manage their blogs and websites. It is the best CMS for everyday user.

Plug-ins: There are numerous plug-ins available in WordPress. Almost any functionality can be achieved through these plug-ins. Further, if you think that there is no plug-in for a particular function then you can get a custom built plug-in for yourself.

Great Themes Available: A WordPress theme controls the look and design of the website. These themes are available at very low cost over internet. Users can select a suitable theme from thousands of themes available online and implement it on their website.

Support: WordPress has one of the largest online communities that is very loyal to it. You can always find help and solutions for problems that you may face while developing websites over WordPress. Just search for it and you will get access to numerous forums and websites that provide help to such users.

It Is Free: WordPress is an open source technology therefore it is available for free. This attracts a lot of developers and clients to this Platform.

Creating a blog or website on WordPress is very easy but for high quality solutions clients should hire a web development company and get their solutions built by them. Xicom technologies is a highly reputed web development company and offers world class solutions on all major web development platforms and technologies.


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