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Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Startups and SME’s in 2019

innovative mobile app ideas | app ideas for startups | best app ideas for SME's

To become successful in today’s world what you need is an app idea and an ability to build a mobile app around it. Mobile apps are already highly popular and you just need to cash in on this opportunity with a promising idea. You can think about the success of mobile apps from this statista report which says that worldwide mobile app revenue will reach $189 billion in 2020 from a mere $69 Billion in 2015. So many businesses and entrepreneurs have already built and launched their mobile apps. Right now as per this statista report the number of apps available in Google Play Store is 2.1 million and that in Apple App Store is 1.8 million. This figure is rising each day as more businesses are launching their mobile apps after realizing their increased importance in today’s digital and smartphone powered world. By this way they can reach larger audience and target more potential customers. Moreover, a mobile app builds the brand of the companies.

Hence you only need to have innovative app ideas and you can take the plunge. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss about some of the most creative and best app ideas for startups and SME’s which you can use to build your app and launch your business quickly in the market.

Best Tech and Simple Mobile App Ideas for Startups & SME’s

Cab Booking App

cab booking

Cab booking is one of the top idea among innovative mobile applications ideas for startups. In past few years, many cab booking apps were launched like Uber, Lyft and Taxify. These apps have really revolutionized commuting and travelling in cities. Anyone can now book a cab from their smartphone by using any of these app and save lots of time and money. Although these big companies have major share in the market but developing a cab booking app is still a promising mobile app idea. You can build such an app which carries the common features plus some more features like ways for more safety of passengers as well as drivers to make your app more popular and successful.

Food Delivery App

food delivery

This is one of the best app ideas for small businesses in the market. Each one of us likes the tasty food and at so many times we prefer to order the food from outside. This trend is perfectly tapped by some of the popular food delivery apps of today like UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, Doordash, Swiggy etc. These apps are expanding each day and there is no possibility in sight in near future when they will cool down. Hence you too can build a similar food delivery app to deliver food immediately or at the scheduled time later in the day or the week. These apps save lots of time of users as they don’t have to visit restaurants to eat tasty food and the food is also under their budget. Good thing is that they can order any food, anytime, from anywhere and from choice of so many restaurants.

Tours & Travels App

This is also one of the most simple app ideas for agencies in the market. So many people around the world go regularly for tours and travels. Many times it happens that they are unable to find proper information about some places and also they don’t know how to plan and book their travel. Therefore, it is a hot idea to start a mobile app based startup. You can build a best travel app and provide complete information about how to travel to a particular place or foreign land. You can provide them travel packages and also pinpoint all the famous tourist spots, restaurants and other popular things to try in that location so that the travelers can maximum enjoy that place.

tour and travels app ideas | travels app ideas | best application ideas

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Shopping App

Almost every person loves to shop and online shopping is the new trend in the market. Earlier E-commerce becomes popular but now m-commerce is taking its place where apps like Amazon and eBay are making millions of profits each day and carries potential to reach billions of people through smartphone based apps. You can build a similar app and offer various popular products and brands for sale. These products can anything from clothing, food, electronic items, home equipment, smartphones to laptops and desktop computers. Through app notifications you can easily inform the users about best deals, discounts and upcoming flash sales. Such kind of app startups have potential to succeed in 2019.

Fitness App

fitness app ideas | best fitness ideas | innovative app ideas

Becoming fit and healthy is becoming one of the top priority of modern day people who are very busy with their professional and personal lives. Hence there is a room for Fitness apps which can encourage people to remain fit and healthy. This kind of app will help people to reach their desired level of fitness. This app should analyze what is the current fitness level of users, any injury they have and then recommend them about their ideal exercise schedule and how many days per week and how many hours per day they should exercise. This app can also recommend the users about daily water and protein intake. This app owner can easily monetize this app by offering premium exercise and diet plans.

Social Networking App

Social networking apps are yet another group of apps which has got huge potential to succeed and become popular in the market. These apps nowadays are not only medium to interact with our family and friends but they also provide a platform for businesses to give ads about them. Through such an app, you not only can target the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram audience but you can also take care of the business network like LinkendIn. These apps are important for companies that rely heavily on customer engagement. Thus you can build a single-point app that covers all of features or other such popular apps.

Grocery App

This is also one of the top mobile apps ideas for startups in the market. All people on earth do grocery shopping at some or the other day of the month. Most of the people tend to buy things in the first and the second week of the month after they get their salaries. Hence you can develop an app that can help them to add products to their cart any time of the month and schedule it to reach their home on a set date. This kind of app can really become very popular among people worldwide. Right now also there are many such apps in the market. Hence to stand out you need to add some extra features into your app for example more cashback on every purchase, zero cancellation charge, no minimum order value etc.

Instant Messaging App

This can be the best tech startup mobile app ideas for tech companies around the world. This is a hot area as billions of people everyday use instant messaging app. Some of the most popular instant messaging apps in the market are WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Duo. But the market has not saturated yet and there is still a lot of scope for this idea. Right now we are witnessing a huge growth of mobile apps market with billions of people using smartphones. Hence free instant messaging apps are becoming a better and cheaper alternative to messaging via SMS or MMS which are almost out of fashion today. Using these instant messaging apps, users can easily chat, send and receive photos, audios and videos with other users. If you become successful in building an amazing instant messaging app then there are high chances of its success in the market.

Car Parking App

Driving in heavy traffic on the roads and finding a parking spot at any particular place have become a tough job especially during the rush hours. You can build a mobile app around this idea. This Car parking app will show all the nearby parking spots according to GPS and help the users to find a parking spot quickly. You can even provide the directions to quickly reach that parking area and spot. Looking at the current situation of roads and parking spaces it seems this can turn to be an amazing app idea.


In today’s world, chatbots are the need of the hour. That’s why about 30% of the Ecommerce companies have already integrated chatbots into their websites. It is also a high growth area in mobile apps market too. With the help of AI and machine learning, you can build chatbots which are smart, efficient and available 24*7 at a much lesser cost than hiring humans for the same job. Trends say that in future every business is going to make use of chatbot app to do day to day activities and to answers so many repeated queries of their customers. Chatbots keep on learning about the customers’ likes and dislikes and can help businesses by predicting and anticipating customers’ preferences in advance. Thus Chatbots can be used to provide excellent customer service and you can build an app around it.


We have just discussed about some of the best and innovative mobile app ideas which startups can use to build and launch their mobile apps and get best chance to succeed in 2019. After you select your app idea, the next step is to find a reputed mobile app development company which can build an amazing app for you. Else you can also hire expert mobile app developer or outsource your app idea to a team of developers who can build a stunning app for you.

Xicom is a premier organization which offers quality mobile app development services for Android as well as iOS platforms for its clients across the world. It has a team of over 300 IT professionals whose dedicated services make this possible. Hence you can hire Android app developers or iOS/iPhone developers from Xicom as per your requirements and witness success of your mobile app around your brilliant idea.

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