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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 from Xicom Technologies!!!

As Santa gets all geared up to envelope us all with the Christmas cheer,  Xicom Technologies would like to take this chance to wish our clients, collaborators and employees a

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

2014 has been a very busy year for us – a year that produced extraordinary opportunities, bigger challenges, and even better outcomes. While we grabbed the opportunities and turned them into instruments for a winning strategy, the challenges were taken head on. The positive outcomes have laid a solid foundation for 2015 to build upon them and power Xicom to take stronger leaps from one wave of technology to another.



Essentials to Creating an Unfailing Enterprise Mobile App Strategy

Enterprise mobile apps are the order of the day. Businesses, all and sundry, have been leaning towards creating a mobile presence. The reason is simple enough – to reach out to a much wider customer base.

It would be an overstatement of sorts to say that the Internet audience is of-late more bent towards the mobile devices when it comes to accessing the Internet. The agenda is to be on the move while you are connected with your friends, or buying something from the web, and nothing tops highly intuitive and fully functional web apps when it comes to a wonderful user experience. This is why you have the biggest players out there consistently churning out enterprise mobile apps that adhere to this growing traction towards mobiles.



But all said and done, there is also an overwhelming inconsistency to the enterprise mobile apps are strategized and then developed. The app development professionals are yet to master the art of customer satisfaction – and you can pin it on the newness associated with this platform that is yet to sink in with the development individuals. Moreover, the demand for the mobile apps is increasing at a breakneck rate, so keeping up becomes an arduous job. In such a scenario, there is hardly any time for strategize and gauge what factors are decisive in capturing the users’ attention and leveraging the most out of it.

Keeping in loop the same, here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you take the plunge and invest in the development of enterprise mobile app:

  • Know Your Target Audience

At the end of it all, it is your buyers who form the most important part of the value chain, and keeping them in sync is the single most aspect of app development. So, before you sit down and start curating an app, be clear in your head what they want.

To begin with, identify the band of folks who would be accessing your app. You can categorize them in terms of their demographics, age, gender, industry-wide interests, etc. Based on the same you will include the requisite information and what devices they use to access your app. at the same time, you need to determine if your app needs to be accessible offline.

  • Don’t Flood the App With Information

Yes, app has to be a true representation of your business, but it doesn’t have to be a mirror image of your website. So, avoid the temptation of reproducing all the information that exists on your website on the mobile app you are created. The simplest reason for the same is that unlike the users of desktops and laptops, the mobile users are not all that keen to navigate across your website in depth. The smaller screen size compels them to use websites that offer information in a manner most crisp and straightforward, and that’s how your mobile app should be developed.

  • User Interface that is User-Friendly

If you haven’t received the memo yet, user interface is the key to user experience. If your app is equipped with a poor user interface, it is likely to take a major hit on your prospects and prove to be a hindrance in your endeavor to expand your business. So, make sure that typing and swipes are facilitated on the app in the manner that user isn’t likely to make too many errors. Clean user interface is the key here.

  • Keep Upgrading

Staying ahead of the curve is what powers you to capture the attention in a manner most formidable. So, keep launching updates on your mobile app so that it keeps reinventing itself and stays in-line or dictates new trends, consistently so.

In few years, mobiles will have their stamp all over the Internet. Thus, it’s time to put all the doubts and niggles aside, and adapt.


Zend for Reliably Exceptional Results in Web Development

A concoction of exceptional features and an unequalled developer-friendliness, PHP gives the whole exercise of developing web applications a velvet touch. Placing developers securely on top of the projects that are uninhibitedly versatile, PHP holds its ground amazingly well in the most unsettling of software environment. And, among the suite of incredibly resourceful and valuable frameworks, Zend has surfaced as one tour de force of a framework that propels the skill-sets of developers to new levels.

Spiked by its propulsive toolboxes and intuitive code structure, Zend glides past the other programming frameworks with a wondrous elan. The developer community has been more than keen to seize the Zend framework development advantages, for it fuels them to create applications that are ingenious, incisive, and totally in-the-character.

Let’s get more specific; what really makes Zend the choicest framework:

Forbearing Towards Typical Development Errors

If you are a skilled programmer, there is only a slight chance that you would make a wrong move. And trust Zend to give you your first chance more than once. The overall architecture is designed in a flexible manner, giving you enough scope and room to make changes on the fly. Be it certain mistakes that might have crept into your development process or certain requirement variations, it is not hard to go back to the code and alter the code as per the new order. That said, as a hiring manager, hire Zend developers who do not make you go back to the drawing board.

The Add-Ons

At the end of the day, it is the accompanying extensions of a programming language that that let its capability stretch beyond the written word. And that’s what you find with Zend, as it is fuelled by a powerful herd of library scripts and extensions to power the ambitious developers to go all the way, and help the tunnel-visioned ones to aim for a higher, more fertile land. With an impressive line of add-ons, you are also spared writing those extra lines of code as and when certain feature has to be embedded in the code. Just scroll through few extensions and you might just realize it’s available off-the-rack.

Vested with the MVC Advantage

With the introduction of Model View Controller capabilities to Zend, it has only become better, bigger and much more applicable. The inclusion of MVC makes sure that every feature is defined in the most abstract manner, keeping the details at bay during implementation time. What user sees is what he is meant to see and understand, skimping on the complications that happen behind the creaking doors of the code structure. The data is collected cleanly from the user and the whole process is wrapped in a firm package that renders a sense of structure to how to the application works and performs. So, while you make the interface comprehensible to the user, you aren’t made to unnecessarily flutter with the database.

No Dearth of Analytical Minds and Helping Hands

On this date, PHP is the pillar of programming. Orchestrating the trends in web development from over a decade, PHP has created opportunities abound when it comes to making a career in programming. Acknowledging this is the cluster of developers constantly working to make the PHP realm a better place to apply their analytical minds and break new grounds in web development. Whenever you need an extra head to work on your project, you can reach out to numerous PHP communities where the Zend Developers of diversified skills and experience are more than eager to lend a helping hand.

Zend is a framework characterized by potency, and a lot of untapped potential. The flaws are overlooked because they are convoyed with an ambition to go full-throttle.

What Pitches Xicom as an Unwaveringly Best Service Provider

Wrapping its offerings in ideation that contains not a shred of banality, Xicom Technologies is consistently reshaping the software environment. Gaining an advantage in the IT realm and taking a leap from one wave of technology to the other means taking on the competition that already fits the adjective, cut-throat. And that’s where you need to condition yourself for superiority.

Click on Images to Enlarge

On this date, Xicom ranks among the best service providers in IT and application development services. The claim goes beyond reciting homilies, and bearing testimony to it is the fact that on Upwork, one of the biggest online staffing platforms in the world, Xicom Technologies is perched right at top of the list of service providers sought-after the most by software application development service- seekers.

The ‘Client above Selling’ Approach

Xicom has gained a reputation of putting its customer’s needs before the standard profit-churning machinery. It is the pool of exceptionally skilled and dedicated teams which make sure that with every attempt to break new grounds, Xicom swiftly makes a move from a wobbly footing to a concreted ground. With each new project and every new client, our teams go back to the drawing board to chart out a roadmap that dictates the course of project management.

The Unflinching Drive to Deliver Quality

The level of confidence and assurance Xicom draws from its workforce gives it the wherewithal to uncork the key value levers and click into the top gear to race through the market populated with quality competition.

A common deception that Xicom hasn’t indulged in is being visible, yet very inaccessible to the clientele.  There is an array of big brands out there which are very visible, but their visibility passes off erroneously as their accessibility. The degree of accessibility and assurance exists in greater proportions with us.

While some few sparse strands of frail performance drivers manage to creep in on rare occasions, we make certain that they are driven out before they interfere with the customer experience. The reliable sleight of hand of our programmers while developing applications fuels innovation and makes the most of the state-of-the-art technology at our behest.

Robust, insightful and intuitive hiring procedures ensure our suite of services has a hard-won wisdom. At Xicom Technologies, we have an unquenchable thirst of innovation and a drive to be ahead of the curve, which fuels us to launch products and offerings that emanate from the coming-of-age cannon.


Case Study/Real Estate: How We Helped Auction.com Sell and Serve Better

A frontrunner in the real estate realm, Auction.com has achieved a long-standing reputation in creating a holistic platform where buyers and sellers collaborate with greater degree of assurance and trust between them. The web portal has succeeded in altering the very nature of the way residential and commercial properties are advertised among the potential buyers, and are eventually sold.

Key Challenges

When Auction.com approached Xicom, it set forth on the table the set of challenges it continually faced and the unambiguous goals it wished to achieve. Through its web based platform, it wanted to:

  • Create an all the more penetrating presence in the market
  • Track all the activities real-time, starting from the initial sales pitch to the actual selling between different parties
  • To have an efficient payment reporting system in place
  • Emerge as a brand that not only assures numbers, but also promotes reliability and trust among users.

With an understanding that the web technology canon can transfigure the way it does business, Auction.com trusted Xicom to help it take giant strides towards becoming a technology-empowered enterprise.

Xicom’s Offerings

Xicom, renowned for the inclusivity and certainty of its services, took all the challenges head on. Relying on our in-house experts to anchor the services, we established an online auction platform for the users of auction.com and a CRM solution for the management of auction.com. The CRM was developed with an intention to hand the management with a complete control over tracking of all the activities occurring on their business turf, right from the time a pitch is made to the final transaction taking place. Our comprehensive solutions were essentially divided into five modules, with each module focusing on several critical aspects and real estate portal development requirements:

  1. Property registration module
  2. Auction module
  3. Payment module
  4. Search module
  5. CRM module

The property registration module was an insightful and elaborate arrangement that facilitated storing all the information relevant to a property through the means of official documents and auction terms. The auctions for all the properties under the ownership of Auction.com were conducted online using the auction module, which paved way for carrying out offline auctions as well.

The Payment module was developed to ensure there were no monetary discrepancies as it stored the records of security amounts deposited by the interested parties. The Search module, as the name suggests, aids in looking for the properties. This module adds exclusivity to the search process by allowing users to enter personalized queries. The CRM module encompassed everything; registering a property, advertising and it eventually selling it to the end-customer.

How Auction.com benefited from Xicom’s Solutions

Our solution lent invasiveness to the asset management and real estate procedures of Auction.com, optimizing the entire cycle right from the molecular level. Owing to our resolve to push the envelope and perch Auction.com securely on top, they have sold approx. $12 billion of real estate assets through online auctions. 2011 witnessed more than 35,000 homes being auctioned – a true testimony to the quality and applicability of our solutions.

With our offerings to Auction.com, we ensured

  • Faster time to market
  • Injection of the most avant-garde features that assured sustainability and higher customer retention.
  • Effective deployment of DTM Model features and flexibility to innovate and take the tool capability and effectiveness to a whole new level.

Technologies used

  • Zend Framework (PHP/MySQL) for web applications
  • MVC architecture
  • Dedicated servers to seamlessly manage traffic flow of over 1 Million visitors.


Client Reviews

Xicoms’ creative use of technology solutions is helping us diversify our business model and generate revenue from different sources other than our core services. Their quality-assurance capabilities, excellent internal development processes and around-the-clock support have helped us achieve significant cost savings from our offshore initiative.

John Morrone (Vice President)

Improve App Content Accessibility from Google

Vying to put your business on fast-track while pulling it over all the rough spots, you have to let it explore horizons that are new and sensorially rich. And with a penchant for injecting ingenuity, you might just hit that sweet spot.

Keeping that in loop, a major trend has evolved off-late that dictates building mobile apps in order to make a company’s business reach a broader customer base. This has further crept into the mobile strategies of the respective businesses. Considering its popularity, you may not label it new, but it sure is hitting all the sweet spots. However, there is a challenge, irrespective of the fact that these apps lend users with a far more enriching experience. And that challenge emanates from the fact that these apps are not indexed by the Google search engine. Consequentially, this serves as a major blow to their reach.

In order to combat this, Google has come up with a path-breaking technique that goes by the name of app indexing. Through this technique, Google aims to make apps more crawl-able for its search engines whenever a relevant query is searched on Android.

Let’s elucidate this with the same example as stated by Google: You are searching for a movie on Android. Now, with app indexing already in place, Google will add deep links to apps in the search results. As soon as you tap on “Open in app”, the searched movie page will be displayed by the app.




Now, for the above procedure to take a formidable shape, there are a number of things to be taken into consideration. And not all would be handled by Google. For the app indexing to come up with the desired results, Google needs to branch out and seek help from websites that must support this feature. Let’s take the above example further to explain why; Now, for the searched movie or the app deep link to be displaying once the query is entered Android search, following things have to be taken care of: In this example, in order for the app deep links to appear in search results,


  • The popular Flixster app should be compatible with deep linking
  • The Rotten Tomatoes or Internet Movie Database (IMDB) should clearly state that the Flixster app page can appear instead of the main page
  • Google has to do some groundwork of its own. It has to make sure that the Flixster app appears prominently in search results
  • You should have the Flixster app installed in your device

With the correct implementation of app indexing, Google can safely claim that it has spruced up the Android search experience of users as they would be able to access the app content through Google.

This is a major poke to the users of Android devices. App indexing is currently undergoing rigorous testing procedures. The US users might soon be able to use this latest tool and see the deep links appear in their search results.

How to get started
For folks looking to enable indexing for their Android app, they can go to developers.google.com/app-indexing for developer guidelines.


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Image Source : http://goo.gl/bVTQa2

Vying to put your business on fast-track while pulling it over all the rough spots, you have to let it explore horizons that are new and sensorially rich. And with a penchant for injecting ingenuity, you might just hit that sweet spot.

Keeping that in loop, a major trend has evolved off-late that dictates building mobile apps in order to make a company’s business reach a broader customer base. This has further crept into the mobile strategies of the respective businesses. Considering its popularity, you may not label it new, but it sure is hitting all the sweet spots.

However, there is a challenge, irrespective of the fact that these apps lend users with a far more enriching experience. And that challenge emanates from the fact that these apps are not indexed by the Google search engine. Consequentially, this serves as a major blow to their reach.

Andorid KitKat – Get Ready for Google’s Latest Android OS

The ardent android community from all over the world was in for another amusing surprise as Google made the name of its latest version of Android Operating System public knowledge. The brand new Android OS is going to be known as – wait for it – not Key Lime Pie but KitKat! Yes the same KitKat which we have loved munching over all of our childhood.

Although it was fervently rumored that the new version will be named Key Lime Pie, but ultimately KitKat got the cake. Sundar Pichai, an executive of Google confirmed the same with the post on the company’s official page on Google Plus. KitKat is a famous wafer chocolate which is owned by Hershey in the U.S. and by Nestle in the rest of the world. Although nothing has been revealed about the partnership between the two brands, it has been divulged though that no money have been exchanged in this process.

Just a sweet tooth obsession or cross platform marketing?

We know it is not just us who have notices the alphabetical succession and sweet tooth dessert obsession of Google in naming the different versions of their Android OS systems, but KitKat merely an addition to Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean or is there something more underneath the skin? While a major chunk of online community is rather amused at the choice of the name, others are able to sense the symbiosis and cross platform marketing of this latest development.

The new KitKat cover carries the green colored android mascot of the latest OS, along with the marketing message to win either a gift card or Google Nexus 7 tablet. This comes in addition to the fact that a new AndroidKitKat statue is now installed in the premises of Google. Pichai confirmed the same in his post as he wrote,

“On my return from Asia, I was also thrilled to find this guy waiting to greet me on the front lawn — love the new #AndroidKitKat statue and can’t wait to release the next version of the platform that is as sweet as the candy bar that’s one of our team’s favorites :).”

Pichai also took this opportunity to announce that the company has surpassed the one billion mark of activating Android Devices.

So what do you feel about this latest buzz in the field of Android OS Development? Are you excited about the new features? What do you think about this name anyway? Let us know your opinions about this update in the comments section below. We await your comments.

Image Source Sundar Pichai/Google+


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5 Essential Ingredients for a Great Website

Even with all the technological developments and improvements in the fields of web services, a great website continues to remain elusive to website seekers. One can have a good website – pretty design, impressive functionalities, but how do we separate the grain from chaff in the world of website design and development when there is presumably no difference between the two?

If you have been confronted queasily by the same conundrum, well worry no more. We are here to discuss about the significant components that makes up for a unique, riveting and a great website. The research has been based on the market research and our own experience as amongst the leading offshore web development company. Please continue reading to discover these 5 elusive secrets for a great website.

Amiable and Impressive Aesthetics

The design aesthetics of your website often prove out to be one of the most critical elements of the same. Design is the first feature a user notices and unconsciously responds to while going through the website. Even with the content and usability and other features being right in place, should the website fail on the aesthetics front, the website would not recover from that blow.

User generally takes 3 seconds before developing a perception about the website, and you cannot capitalize on the same 3 seconds which your website gets as the benefit of doubt, in the absence of a sharp, competitive and cutting edge web design.

Good quality content

Haven’t we all heard in the online world, content is the king? Let us just consider this age old adage of web design and development and ensure that nothing but only the best quality, relevant and meaningful content goes live on our websites. While good quality content is indispensable for to have a great website, the converse also holds true – you may expect the rankings of your website to nose dive into the bottomless abyss, in the absence of good quality content.

And while we are talking about the content of, it is important to ensure that its quality, dialects and style is attuned to the target audiences. Keep the content colloquial and informal if your website is dealing with products and accessories for teenagers. And the content shall be thoroughly professional, formal and sharp while dealing with professional organizations.

Uber Simple Usability

Usability is an attribute of the website which allows the visitors on the web page to easily comprehend and navigate the website. Within the first 5 seconds of clicking on your website, or within the first two clicks on the page, whichever takes less time, the user should be able to get the entire gist of the website.

Various techniques such as a good navigation bar, XML site maps, and a user centric professional design go into ensuring that the website is user centric and easy to comprehend. Thus, you should either organize the contents of your website well, thinking from the point of view of the users, or hire a web development company to do the same for you.

Performance metrics

A website is often developed with certain clear cut and defined objectives right in place. It is not like playing darts in the dark. Hence have thorough objectives against which you would adjudge and administer the performance of your website. Albeit it is important to remain realistic while setting performance goals and objectives for your website, at the same time, the objectives must inspire you or your team of website admins to push off the limits.

Also, get certain analytical tools such a Google analytics etc right in place, to gain significant information about the performance of the website.

Regularly update your website

Lastly, amongst the most essential attributes of a good website is how refreshed and topical the website is? Hence, review the content ever so often, weed out any broken links, and keep it updated with recent and fresh content. A good way to ensure the same is via a weblog on your website.

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Ghost – A New Open Source Blogging Platform


If there is one news which has caught the fancy of all and sundry in the world of blogging and online publishing, it is the buzz surrounding the development and the release of Ghost. Just a blogging platform, as actively touted by the developers, the final stages in the development of this platform was expedited by the Kick starter fundraising campaign, which was welcomed favorably by the online community. What does this open source publishing platform has which has got the backing of some of the most renowned names in the world of Web design and development? Find out below and also discover other little known facts about this particular platform.


The Origin of Ghost

The idea of this publishing platform was particularly conceived by John O’Nolan, the famous and adroit designer and developer, who was also the deputy head of the UI Design, WordPress from the year 2009 to 2011. In the past 10 years, WordPress has enjoyed an amazingly successful run and it is difficult for any publishing platform to replicate its success story. However, O’Nolan realized that the platform is losing the essence of the simple blog publishing which it was initially supposed to do. That, and the quest for a rather feature rich and user centric and easy to use blogging platform gave rise to Ghost.

The idea behind Ghost is to take away any complexities, improve the back-end techniques as much as possible and allow the bloggers to concentrate on their core area, which is publishing.

The New Features of the New Platform:

Given below are the few exciting new features that this platform promises to serve. Read ahead to know more:


  • A JavaScript Based System:

Originally Ghost was supposed to fork off the old WordPress but soon the developers decided against that. The system makes a complete shift from WordPress in the sense that it will be based on Node.js as against the PHP of WP. This development will make Ghost amongst the first ever publishing platforms, which are totally based on JavaScript. And yet there will not be any steep learning curve, should the developers want to make the change from WordPress to Ghost.


  • A User Centric Dashboard:

How many of us actually use the dashboard of WordPress or Blogger? Chances are, if we really are not that tech-savvy, we simply suffer through the various tabs of the dashboard and inevitably end up doing most of the work manually. Ghost takes care of that. It allows the users to effectively control their blog via dashboard and makes available various important information and analytical data regarding the subscriptions and traffic to the blog.


  • A Markdown Editor:

The creative professionals, unless they are trained in technology too, have a certain level of aversion towards backend coding and anything remotely technical. Besides, while writing, we need to know how it appears, whatever that we have typed so far, so that we can plan ahead accordingly. Opting for the preview of the content ever so often wastes a lot of time.

Well, not with Ghost, not anymore! With its brand new Markdown editor, bloggers don’t have to opt for any manual coding, and with simple tags and use of characters, they can easily manipulate the aesthetics of the presentation of the blog.


  • An Easy Mobile Access:

The platform also offers an equally easy to use and feature rich mobile app which allows the bloggers to draft and upload the content while on the go. So, the moment inspiration hits you, get your tablets or smart phones and write your way to glory.

  • Simplified Search and Sharing:

Ghost does not challenge your peace of mind by compelling you to download a host of plugins to share your content and rank high on search engines. Just connect your blog with your social networking account and enjoy good rankings on search engines with this uber simple platform.


  • A non-profit open source initiative:

Perhaps as a measure to avoid any future acquisition, like Yahoo acquired Tumbler recently, O’Nolan has made one of his most ambitious projects as a non-profit endeavor. The money raised by the platform would be used in further enhancing the platform. While this one attribute might not of be much utility to the end term user, they can at least be rest assured that at least the commercial entities now would not get to boss in and change the face of the original platform.

This was all we had about the new and rather hyped blog publishing platform – Ghost. Share your views about the same with us on the comments section below.

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Value Adding Web Application Outsourcing Services by Xicom

We dwell in a day and age where technology changed even before we can take hold of it. Hence, it becomes quite a task for the business owners to manage and maintain the applications, given the rapid changing nature of the present day technology. Owning web applications which add significant value to the business and are well under the budget, have now become quite an overbearing task. However, no having the perfect applications at our disposal would invariably result in needless burden on the core staff, plummet the productivity and shall endanger the quality of the output.

As the leading IT Outsourcing Company in India, it has been one of our ambitious endeavors to provide exceedingly up-to-date and smart web applications, which assist the corporate houses to meet the challenges of their business environment and discover the best of the human productivity and technical excellence.

Below, we shall provide you with the brief snippets of our web application development solutions and capabilities:

Product engineering solutions – we provide our clients with a fine amalgamation of product engineering and global delivery model, which enables them to stay ahead of their competition.

Excellent and much sought after cloud solutions – bringing your business closer to the IT capabilities, we provide fault less cloud computing solutions.

Managed IT solutions – in our enriching existence spanning over 10 years, we have provided our various clients, including the Fortune 1000 companies, with excellent managed IT solutions.

Dedicated teams model – our very own DTM model gives enough liberty for the clients to have various technical resources at their disposal.

Application outsourcing services and Xicom edge!

Being one of the top-notch Web application development companies, we have developed various client servicing models and processes, which allow our clients to completely concentrate on their core business areas while we take full charge of the entire development project, without a glitch. The web application outsourcing services offered by Xicom yield the following advantages to the corporate houses:

Unparalleled technical expertise:– For a successful web application development, the technical expertise assumes the role of paramount importance. At Xicom, we are blessed to have the teams of some of the most excellent and talented application developers, who have mastered various technologies. Having an average experience of over 11 years, our self-driven and passionate developers have mastered various development technologies such as Asp .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, SharePoint, LAMP solution, various open sources and CMS solutions, and mobile application development platforms like Android and iOS etc. With Xicom, you get the team amongst the 150 highly competitive technical experts, who are regarded to be best in the industry.

Engaging and self explanatory user interfaces :– With over 11 years of experience in developing web application for our offshore clients, we almost intuitively come up with well planned user interfaces which only add value to the core management functions. Our designers and developers work hard to provide systematic layout, AJAX based interconnectivity, and self explanatory UI to all of our applications.

Scalable applications:– We at Xicom understand that the needs are subjected to change. With our well laid development models and vision, coupled with a deep routed understanding of the industry, we are able to offer highly flexible and scalable solutions to our clients. Our applications are without a doubt poised for future growth and expansion.

Cost effective solutions :– owing to the geographical location of ours, we are able to offer much advanced IT Outsourcing services at exceedingly competitive prices. Businesses benefit from our moderate pricing, quick turnaround times and unmatched technical expertise.

In a day where web applications are as important to a corporate entity, as neurons to human body, it is highly paramount that you own one, or plenty, to elevate the potential of your enterprise. Get in touch with the Xicom Technologies to receive thoroughly scalable and excellent web application solutions for your business.

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Xicom is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore software development and web application development company with a strong team of 150+ highly skilled IT experts, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SMEs across the world. Let's Work Together!