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Xicom Technologies – The Most Recommended Company over Elance

Xicom technologies is one of the most prestigious web development service providers operating from New Delhi, the capital of India. It is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified web development company with many more quality assurance certifications that ensure the level of solutions delivered by this organization. Xicom is known for delivering world class solutions to a client list that is as diverse as it can be.

Elance is a well known website for posting and picking projects. Clients can post their requirement and service providers can bid on the projects that they want to work on. Xicom Technologies has a strong and impressive presence over Elance with more than 600 successfully completed projects to its name. Xicom is the only company over Elance with a 5 star rating and 100% recommendation from its clients. It is the most recommended web development company on Elance.

Xicom has always believed in the principles of honesty, integrity and hard work. It is known for delivering client satisfaction and this why clients recommend it without any hesitation. Xicom’s share of return business is a proof of its client oriented services. It is now among the top earning web development service providers on Elance. The company has acquired a client list of more than 500 elite clients which includes clients from fortune 1000 companies.

Clients have always been more than appreciative of the services offered by Xicom. A casual glance at the testimonials written by clients over Elane is enough to know the level of client satisfaction delivered by the company. Mentioned below is a testimonial written by a client for Xicom technologies on its Elance profile..

“Excellent work by Xicom on an extremely complex project. Xicom clearly have some of the industry’s best skilled developers, project managers, designers etc. Most teams wouldn’t have been able deliver on this large project. It has not been smooth sailing all along (mostly due to the complex nature of this project) – but Xicom have continued working tirelessly – and added more resources when deadlines were in danger of not being met. During this project we actually visited the Xicom headquarters in New Delhi – so had a chance to meet everyone in person (including the CEO, CTO etc), something I can highly recommend for larger projects – as it helps during discussions on a detailed level. We’re going to continue to use Xicom for future upgrades, projects and more.”


See more Xicom’s client reviews on Xicom Elance Profile here : https://www.elance.com/s/-xicom-/job-history/?t=1

Xicom technologies provides highly robust web solutions that are aimed at completing the specific requirements of clients. The major services offered by Xicom are:

The services offered by Xicom are powered by a strong team of more than 250 skilled professionals with expertise in various domains. The Company has a very strict hiring criterion which requires a minimum 2 years of experience to be eligible for recruitment. The success of the company lies in the fact that the vision of the company, an urge to deliver client satisfaction, is equally shared by each and every employee of the organization.

Magento: Top 10 Free Magento Extensions


Magento is the best open source Web Development platform available for E-commerce development. The platform is supported by a very wide range of extensions that further enhance the capabilities of this platform. Mentioned below are top ten Magento extensions available for free on the internet. All of these extensions have been there for a while now therefore they have been adequately tested. Having them will be most beneficial while working on Magento.


Top 10 Free Magento Extensions:

  1. Fontis WYSIWYG Editor: Magento does not have an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor therefore this extension is a must have for everyone. This extension allows developers to use either TinyMCE or FCKeditor but developers can upload images through FCK only.
  2. Direct Resize: E-commerce websites usually have a lot of images to showcase their products and collections. A lot of working on images is required for this purpose. Fortunately, the direct resize extension allows the developers to handle this very easily. They can specify the height, width as well as the ratio value and mange their images very easily.
  3. Delete Orders: Those who work on the Magento platform know very well that you cannot delete orders. It gets really frustrating sometimes. With this magical extension, Direct Orders you can now easily delete cancelled orders.
  4. Invoicera Magento Extension: This Magento Extension has been developed to provide manual invoice sending functionality to online store owners who don’t have any other alternative. Invoices can be generated and sent in the real time when customers purchase anything on the Magento store. This extension is a big relief for online store owners as it makes the whole invoicing process much faster and easier.
  5. Exploded Menu: Ecommerce websites generally have multiple categories. It becomes unmanageable in cases where the no of categories is very large. If you are a store owner then you will surely like to showcase all your categories and products in the best possible manner. This can be achieved by Exploded Menu extension. It allows the user to replace their website’s single column dropdown menu into multi column menu. This also includes functionality for 2nd level and 3rd level menu categories. This extension is very useful if you have a wide range of products and want to present them in the most simple and easy method.
  6. Featured products: You can now manage your featured products with complete ease. The frontend has a separate interface where you can list all your products. The featured products are your most important products therefore it is very important that you properly place them on your website and present them to your visitors.
  7. Magento Easylightbox: It is the best way to improve the appearance and functionality of your Magento site. Moreover, it is free therefore it is the best option. It takes only five minutes to install and configure Magento EasyLightbox and no coding is required to operate it.
  8. Checkout Newsletter: This extension allows the website owners to add a “sign up for newsletter” option on the checkout page. With this option your customers can sign up for your company’s newsletter and be informed of any new products that you bring.
  9. IW PayPal Standard Currencies: PayPal is the most commonly used online payment method. The IW PayPal standard currencies extension allows the store owners to choose the PayPal supported currency for transactions on their website. They can also add new currencies in their shop’s admin panel.
  10. Ticketing System: This is a great application that can save your time by taking care of your workflow. It allows the store owners to keep track of their buyer service investigation.

Xicom Technologies: Rockstar of Elance

Elance is one of the most popular online hotspot for posting and acquiring projects & jobs. Xicom Technologies is a major provider of web application development, web development services and mobile application development services over Elance. It enjoys a strong presence over Elance with around 600 successfully completed jobs to its name. Xicom Technologies has been providing highly robust and business centric solutions to its clients since the last 10 years. In its impressive presence of 10 years over Elance, Xicom technologies has been able to acquire a client list of around 400 satisfied clients including clients from fortune 1000 companies.

Xicom technologies has also been able to acquire CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certification, along with various other certifications, which assures the quality level of services delivered by it. Xicom is the only service provider with 5 star rating over Elance and also boasts of 100% recommendation from its clients. It enjoys a very high position on Elance as it is among the highest earning software development service providers. Xicom technologies is known for delivering total customer satisfaction and its share of return business on Elance is a live proof of it. It is among the maximum return business generating companies over Elance.

Xicom Technologies is currently providing following services over Elance:

The success of the company is a direct consequence of the dedication and efforts put in by the employees of the company. The project managers play a critical role in successful delivery of the projects. They act as a bridge between the development team and the client. Moreover, they make sure that the exact vision of the client is shared by the development team and shaped into a highly flexible solution.

Offshore clients are always skeptical and have very high expectations from the service providers. It is not easy to maintain the faith of the client and deliver according to their expectations. Xicom Technologies has done an exceptional job in both sections and has been rewarded respectively. The profile page of Xicom on Elance showcases numerous testimonials which are filled with great compliments for the services offered by this company

A testimonial from one of the clients from Xicom’s Elance Profile is quoted below.

Having worked with Xicom for more than 8 months I am once again more than satisfied with their work. Very professional team, great work ethic, highly recommendable.”

Project: iPhone Application & Website for Shoemocracy

Client Name: Patrick Seiler


The Xicom clients have always been more than appreciative of the services offered by Xicom. They trust the services of the company and know that their projects are safe in their hands. The company however does not undertake many projects at the same time (it’s a luxury that not many can afford). It chooses the best projects from all the available projects and concentrates on them. This allows them to deliver highest quality of solutions to their clients as the developers can concentrate on projects and come up with exceptional solutions for the same.

It is due to the above mentioned factors that Xicom holds a strong position among the top web development companies over Elance.

Xicom Technologies Launched Online marketing Services

Xicom Technologies Launched Online MarketingWe at Xicom Technologies, a leading web development and mobile application development company, are now providing online marketing and SEO services also. After conquering the arena of web development and Mobile application development we decided to venture and conquer the world of online marketing and search engine optimization. Xicom Technologies is a CMMI level-3 organization having a strong presence in web development services & software development world since last ten years. Being the only company with a 5 star rating over Elance, we have the luxury of picking projects that we want to work on. This provides us the control of the inflow of projects and their quality.

Xicom Technologies announced our SEO services a couple of months ago and received our first client on the very next day of announcing our services. The client was an existing client for whom we had done some web development work in the past. We have acquired more than 15 SEO projects till now. Most of the projects are from our existing clients. Our clients trust our services as they have experienced the level of commitment and dedication that we put into each and every project. We believe in the principles of honesty, integrity and hard work and give our total commitment to each and every project that we take. Our clients told us that they received highly professional services during their previous projects therefore they believed that same will be delivered again.

Our CEO, Mr. Rahul Mahajan, explains “We always wanted Xicom Technologies to be a one stop solution for our clients where all their online requirements could be fulfilled. We have now stepped in the online marketing segment with an aim to better serve our clients and touch another milestone in the process.” Right now we are focusing on search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media optimization services. This is a new territory for us and we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

A whole new department with latest infrastructure and equipments has been setup for the SEO services. We have already assembled a strong team of SEO experts with each personal having a minimum experience of 2 years. We have deployed some of our best business analysts and project managers to the SEO department to make sure that nothing goes wrong and the clients are provided most professional services. The CEO is constantly in touch with the managers who report back even the smallest details to him. Weak spots and areas of improvement are being constantly searched and identified. Intense training and strategic planning is going on to make sure that we achieve success in our new venture.

However, online marketing/SEO is a tricky business with no sureties. There can be negative effects if excessive or unethical practices are followed. Therefore, it is important to make sure that a balance is maintained. We are working with full dedication to make sure that only top quality white hat SEO services are delivered. Xicom Technologies have always delivered total customer satisfaction, it is our priority, and hope we can deliver complete satisfaction to our SEO clients as well .

Development Journey: Shoemocracy.com

Xicom Technologies is one of the most prominent IT solution provider with clients spread all over the globe. Customer satisfaction has always been our primary aim followed by honesty, integrity and hard work. Today we would like to tell you all about a project which went live.

Recently, we made live one of our largest projects that we started around 5 months ago. The project was a full fledged social networking platform where all the discussions and activities revolve around shoes. The website was hosted a few weeks ago with the URL www.shoemocracy.com. It is a social networking platform specifically designed for shoe lovers. The client, Patrick Seiler, picked us after researching for a long time over the internet. We started with the project by clearly understanding the unique idea that Patrick had conceived. After a result oriented discussions, worthy researches, debates and meetings we started with the project.

Soon Patrick himself came to India from Switzerland so that he can clearly explain us his idea. He stayed for around 20 days and visited our head office everyday to make sure that we were conceiving exactly what he desired for. For 20 days he visited our office, not as a client but more like an expert employee (he came and left according to the office timings), and worked with us on his project. He left after 20 days completely satisfied by our working methodology and our employees. We recently completed the project and launched the website around a month ago. Patrick asked us to develop an iPhone application for the same website just a few days after that. We had done development and testing for the website in the most professional manner therefore he considered us the most suitable candidate for the iPhone application development.

Recently, three weeks ago, Patrick again visited us for making some changes in the website and to see the progress of the iPhone application development project for his website. Currently we are working on the project Using Xcode and objective C to create the application. Patrick stayed here for another 15 days this time and before leaving for Switzerland he offered us the Android application development project for the same website. This time we did not ask him why, obviously he had clearly understood that we adhered very strictly to our principles.


A lot many clients have visited us from various different countries in the past but Patrick has an extreme passion for his vision. Our clients are most welcome, in-fact we insist them, to visit our head office in New Delhi and discuss their projects at lengths with our project managers, developers and programmers. The reason for our constantly increasing client base and repeat business is simply customer satisfaction. Everybody knows this but only a very few can achieve it. We are proud of our employees who constantly deliver the best to our clients.


Google vs. The Wireless Industry!

Does Google’s new phone store for the Nexus One threaten the current wireless industry business model? Well, it’s certainly got potential to be a game changer — but whether it is or not is going to solely depend on the success of Android, and how successful they are at wooing manufacturers and carriers into buying into their plan.

What is happening here is that Google has basically opened up their own wireless store — just like thousands of other brick and mortar businesses that sell phones and plans for carriers on commission. Google is so big though that they have leverage over carriers that none of their competition could possibly have.

If executed well, they will basically become a “mega dealer” that will sell phones and plans from any carrier. Now, back to reality. Executing on a plan like this is going to be virtually impossible. A purely online store for mobile phones simply will not work because consumers (for the most part) want to touch and play with devices before they choose to make a big investment like this. At best, Google’s store will be only an option for consumers.

The Right Choice And Decision About The Web Design Company Makes The Difference

Web development and web design companies have come up with customized online solutions for different companies for profit enhancements. Web technologies are now backbone of commerce as use of internet and World Wide Webs indispensible. E-commerce is no more a new concept in nations like India where common people have been highly benefited after its implementation, but now it is the time of initiating better web presence. Selection of the proper website design company and the right web developer indeed matters. Websites are designed and tailored for a specific target audience and it is indeed a good idea to seek advice of the experienced website designers before launching or revamping a site.

Online commerce is the way of attracting consumers across the borders and with clicks of computer mouse now people from all parts of the globe can buy products. While planning for a website it is best to make a comparative analysis with the competitor sites, this actually provides an enhanced idea and planning while seeking service from the website design companies. Though there are expert web design companies and web designers remaining in all parts of India, it is wise to mention that the best of the breed work from Delhi. And Delhi is considered to the ideal destination of web design. The website design companies can even suggest regarding the best suitable solution while anyone wants to launch a site. Selection of the tools, use of the server during hosting and navigability of the site must be analysed and compared with different existing sites.

An attractive interface indeed helps. Usability analysis is a step that most of the web designers follow. The project coordinators keep an eye on the aesthetics and look and feel of each and every site that are under development. There are several aspects that are thoroughly scrutinized by the expert web development professionals. Web development companies played an important role behind popularity of electronic commerce and they involve web designers in a consistent research process.

Actually research helps to be aware of the changing scene and changing use of technologies. There are different web development companies that have come up with alluring templates and in case you are not having ample of Dollars to go for a complete web page developmental process, it is best to select a suitable template.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

Visit us at www.xicom.biz to learn more about our company, services and capabilities.

Professional Web Development – A Competitive Necessity

Making a decision that could affect your marketing plan and your revenues can be a tough call and hence requires due attention be paid while selecting a web development company. Every website is built with a purpose and has its own target audience; therefore it is of utmost importance that your website is designed to serve its main purpose. You can hire a proficient web design company for fulfilling all your requirements including web design, web development, flash design work, php web development India, graphic design etc.

Based on your predilections, they will devise web development concepts that fit into your marketing strategy to showcase your products/services to your targeted audience; after all target audience matters the most. A professional in web design India can help you design a website that focuses on your comparative strengths and advantages.

A web development expert will offer you maximum value-growth through an aggressive growth strategy based on through assessment and understanding the market behavior and corresponding requirements. They perform thorough research, work in partnership with clients to assess the objectives to draft your business strategy, and finally develop feasible and perfect web development solutions for your online business. They will explore your business econometrics to present you a custom-made and beneficial viable result.

You can select any server side scripting languages like ASP.net, PHP etc to design your website. An experienced PHP web development company can help you create fascinating website that will attract your potential clients. With changing technology, PHP web development professionals develop website as per the search engine algorithms, thus the search engines are successful in indexing PHP based or dynamic websites.

Not only that, if you specifically want your website to be designed with flash technology, than there are various flash development professionals who will experiment with and achieve various possibilities of effective animations through inbuilt functions. Experts in flash development can create attractive and compelling flash sites that are informative and captivating for the users. Your website should have a perfect balance between its various components and the information it intends to deliver. The site should have enough design elements components like Flash, images, icons to provide a good visual feel to the user but should not get in his way of seeking the information he wants.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.


Visit us at www.xicom.biz to learn more about our company, services and capabilities.

Growth and popularity of Web Design and Web Development

The growth and popularity of the internet and the development of the World Wide Web has created various occupations related to creation of websites such as web design, web development, web programming, etc. The information technology fields have generated employment opportunities to a great extent that require highly trained individuals to be proficient in diverse job functions. The computer specialist includes web designers, programmers, database administrators, and network administrators and so on. More and more occupations are evolving each day that are related to the web design india in some way or the other. New areas of specialization require able and learned individuals to perform sophisticated jobs. Web design and web development has become very popular professional trends and thousands of websites are being created each day. In that respect the web designers are also worth mentioning. The webmasters are accountable for maintaining the performance and integrity of any website by taking care of the technical aspects. Whatever may be the job, it requires both efficiency and proficiency to perform them and achieve best results. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough, good amount of practical knowledge is also required to solve major issues that somebody may have to come across while performing a particular job.

Database administrators are the individuals who have to take care of the integrity and organization of data. In order to manage huge volumes of data and ensure security against any loss or theft of data,database administrators must possess good amount of knowledge of data handling. With new and advanced systems being discovered every day, the database administrators are required to integrate date into the new systems without any error. It is also on the hands of the database administrators to modify data and troubleshoot any problem related to data according to situations. Creating backup systems and coordinating data needs thedatabase administrators to be aware of the functioning of the latest database management system software. Since most of the business concerns follow a distributed architecture, job of network administrators are quite complex and therefore requires good command over that subject. There is wide range of communications starting from that between the rooms of a particular office to multinational organizations that exhibit globally distributed networks. Network administrators are on the threshold of analyzing and developing network models to comply with the area and structure of any network which requires both hardware and software solutions at hand.

Web Programmers play a very important role in building websites as well as application software with advanced features and functionalities. Web programming and web design is a very flourishing profession and requires individuals to be considerably accustomed to all the latest technologies and programming languages. Both for web programming as well as web design, individuals need to have good amount of knowledge along with the power of creativity and innovative ideas. To stay ahead in the competitive atmosphere, the web professionals must keep on enhancing their knowledge and productivity unimpeded.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.


Visit us at www.xicom.biz to learn more about our company, services and capabilities.

Affordable Offshore software development services in India

In today’s world Offshore Software Development is becoming more popular among corporations, who are looking to increase their international business. Frequently sending an offshore software development projects can save money because of its inexpensive development cost. Henceforth, this saving can be used in other software development projects.

A need of systematic approach like analyzing the scope and structure of your services for better co-ordination is must. This eventually will reduce the operating cost of your offshore software development services. Certain elements of software development services require constant attention. Maintaining constant transparency through fine communication channel will increase the performance of your offshore software development services. For effective communication management, ensure to discuss each problem on a daily basis.

Lots of the software development services fail because of cost, budget and presentation targets. Good Professional management skill is required to outsource a project of software development. You must have excellent relationship management in order to successfully deliver your offshore development services to client. By implementing a proper management structure, you will be able to maximize your benefits from outsourcing services. Managing with clear considerate of project guidelines will put you in a position to command and control your outsourcing software development services.

Xicom Technologies is an India based Information Technology offshore web Development Company that specializes in providing web development, offshore software development, programming, database, or Website Development Services to global customers.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

Visit us at www.xicom.biz to learn more about our company, services and capabilities.

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Xicom is a ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company with a strong team of 300+ highly skilled IT experts, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SME's across the world.