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Top Reasons Why eCommerce Stores Should Invest In Mobile App Development


There is one of the simplest ways to increase the sale and return on investment of your eCommerce app. Do you want to know what that way? Well, just create a feature-packed mobile app for your online store integrating various latest technology like IoT, AR, VR, and Blockchain. And, the best part is that it is pretty easy to implement. In this blog post, we discuss: Why can’t you avoid mobile app development for your online store? How can you improve the features and productivity of your app? What are the recent stats and facts of the mCommerce industry? How much business can you generate after having your own mCommerce application? Let’s find out the answer to all these questions in this blog Nowadays, a large number of customers are choosing mobile applications to shop their favorite products rather than hit the brick and mortar stores. With online ordering services growing rapidly and becoming popular among the customers, more and more people agree that they save lots of their time and money while doing so.  If you run an online store that allows your potential customers to shop online, there are a plethora of things that you can do in order to improve their overall experience and enhance your overall sales. One of the best things that you can consider doing is creating a feature-packed mobile application for your eCommerce Store that your target customers can use. In the year 2016, the king of the search engine Google published the

Top 10 General Mistakes to Dodge During Mobile App Development

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The invention of mobile phones and smartphones has led to a development of numerous mobile apps that have not only simplified the lives of the users using it, but it has also penetrated a massive demand of consumers.  Mobile application development is quite a delicate process that requires complete attention in terms of a technical process. Still, many professional app developers tend to make numerous blunders and mistakes to avoid during mobile app development. Mobile Development involves many things. Things like cost, technicalities, time, resources, and a lot more that is part of the process.  When these many factors are included in the process, then there are chances that errors mark your way. Thus, here are a few of the most frequent mistakes that mobile app development company tends to make and the ones that can be avoided during development process. Walking the Path of Mobile Development? Here are few Blunders that Can be Avoided! Before you get started with your work and hire mobile app developers here are some of the things that you need to make sure. In mobile app development services, there are some particular mistakes that every developer should avoid to deploy a successful app with more significant user experience. Mistakes like: 1. Unrealistic Deadlines The first and the most common mistake that the user tends to make before they hire software developers is setting up unrealistic deadlines. Estimating the timelines is a core factor that is directly related to and involved with budget estimation. This means

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Software Development?


You may be wondering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is empowering the software development industry? Let’s start with the fact that Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, grow and play an increasingly important role in the software app development space. When it comes to developing innovative as well as more sophisticated applications, the involved technologies continue to play a bigger role. AI and software development has gained worldwide exposure over the years through Hollywood, including the recent blockbuster movies such as Avengers: Infinity War in which AI was used. Nowadays, we are seeing the increasingly advanced application of AI incorporate mainstream computing.  In this blog post, we examine the benefits of AI for web development, as well as some unique integration challenges. Firstly we need to have a look at the AI-powered solution that can have a large impact on your business. You may be wondering why Drupal is the best CMS ( Content Management System ) in the market? how it is associated with AI? The answer is very simple as you know that the web customer interacts mainly with the enterprise through menus, buttons, and text fields. With the beginning of text messaging and social media, the web demographic trends toward the use of free-form text, also known as natural language. In response to the increased use of natural language in online communication, chatbots had currently become a hot topic. The first question that may come to your mind is what is natural Language Learning in AI? What is

Why is it Worth to Hire Potent .NET Developer in 2020?

dot net developer

Hundreds of software frameworks come and go, but .NET is always remaining the backbone of Web Development. As Dot Net is the baby of Microsoft, it can support many programming languages from C#, F# to C++.Net and more.  That not all, since its first release in 2002, it was continuously growing in popularity and expected to have the same foothold in 2020 as well…WHY? No doubt, we are a few days away from being entering in 2020, there must be a pool of new technologies and frameworks that may surprise you. But, with the extensive class library and access to a wide choice of programming languages, I’m sure that no framework can replace the rich-features of Dot Net software frameworks. Today, the application development sector has the number of platforms to build web pages and applications. However, still, 34% of internet users are leveraging the .net platform for developing dynamic web pages and websites. And, all credit goes to highly-skilled .net developer who has those skills to use features of this platform to the fullest. Before jumping to the reasons to hire .NET developers, let’s understand why you should pick .NET platform for the application development… Advantages of Using .NET For Business Application Development The success and failure of any development project majorly depend on the choice of the platform. And undoubtedly, .NET is feature-rich and can be used to millions of business apps in diverse fields from complex web apps to create simple websites. As .NET architecture carries out a

Top 10 Costly Mistakes People Make While Building Food Delivery Apps

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Are you in the middle of watching your favorite series and suddenly felt the cravings of having a choco lava cake? Now you don’t have to compromise with your food cravings as food delivery apps have streamlined the entire food delivery process. Either you are watching your favorite show, reading a book or having a gala time with your friends, you can have your choice of freshly cooked food in just one tap on your mobile screen without even leaving the comfort of your home. With the online food delivery apps, your special dish is available at the fingertips. At one side, online food delivery apps are increasing choices and convenience and allowing customers to order their food from the wide range of restaurants in a single click, on the other side, these applications are changing the traditional face of the food market. While millions of users are turning to online food delivery apps, the revenue of the food delivery market is portrayed to touch $12.53 billion by 2023, according to DataLabs by Inc42. In this era, people access apps for their every single need! And, the excessive use of smartphones has led to the expansion of the food delivery market with skyrocket. So are you also thinking to join the league? Yes, it is a right time to give a tough competition to the leading food delivery apps like Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato and more, by having a food app that offers a wide range of restaurants and cuisines options

Can PHP Programming Complete the Jigsaw Puzzle of Back-end Development?

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In the world of online businesses, and technical studies, some words resonate in our daily lives just like the way social greetings do. “Back-end” and “front-end” being the two distinct things have always been a massive part of every developer’s life. It has not only contributed in terms of design, structure and user interface, but without these two structures, an app or the web service would never be able to have two large parts. And if we focus on back-end development only then application, updates and maintenance are one among many things that are taken into consideration. Of Course, because it is divided into three parts: server, application and database; back-end would require every possible solution for its development. PHP is one of the several successful choices that the businesses and the developers tend to make. Mainly due to the reason that it is PHP programming language is fast and consists of features that other words doesn’t.  So, can PHP be one among those languages that can be trusted blindly for the back-end development? Can it be an excellent choice for back-end developers? How can it be beneficial of the back-end developers if it is the first choice of there’s? Thus before you hire web developers, let’s find out what does PHP has to offer you: Why PHP for Back-end Development? For the developers who have just entered this field – it is confusing for them to decide which programming language would be beneficial for them. Thus, providing you with

Top 7 Reasons: Why Should you Choose Java Programming Language for Mobile Application in 2020?

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No surprise, in this technology-driven world, the mobile app development industry is growing at the fast-paced. You know why? With roughly 5.5 billion smartphone users in use globally today, making mobile application development a most booming market in the world. The simple reason behind the increased demand for app development industry is the rapidly rising number of smartphone users and businesses. Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the US Department of Defense’s “Innovation Board,” says “Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions”.  If you have also realised the revolutionizing business trends and looking forward to developing a user-friendly application, then it’s time to pick the best programing language to create an app that quenches the needs and demands of your targeted audience. However, when it comes to mobile app development solutions, I often receive questions like “Which is top programming language to learn? Is Java a right programing language to learn? How good the Java programing language for beginners? Or shall we start with python, C# or C++ at the starting phase?  Hold on! The simple answer to all your questions is, Java is the ultimate programming language to learn. No matter what level of experience you have, Java is the popular choice to build high-performance mobile applications. But in the context of beginning programming or choosing Java as the first mobile application development language, my significant opinion is “it’s simple and easier to learn and understand by all level of developer”. Sometimes, people argue that Python, C++

Reasons why BlockChain technology is Attracting Businesses Today!

blockchain tech

It won’t be wrong if I say that block-chain technology has evolved since the introduction of Bit-coins (the first electronic cash system) in the year 2008.  And as the years are passing by; more and more businesses are adopting this practice. To disrupt and transform their business model; global supply chains, financial services, health-care, government and every other industry is adopting it.  The use of block-chain has advanced the technology, and has accelerated unbelievably.  It not only solves the financial purposes, but it also tends to grow in uncountable facets of human society. To prove this point here are some stats that clearly shows the adoption of block-chain, and the revenue that it has been producing. The size of the market of blockchain was $400 million in 2017, and right now it is more than$500 million, and is expected to grow as the years would pass. Investors have made an investment of $1 billion in this technology within a period of 5 years in Venture Capital investment. The financial service industry has spent $1.7 billion on the technology. Thus, blockchain has to be exciting new alternative of the traditional currency, centralized banking and many other transaction methods. The fact that it makes a business potentially appealing and efficient is enough for the organizations to adopt it.  So, now we are left with the question – what is driving this exponential growth? What are the factors that are affecting the market? Is it really helpful for my business? How exactly can

The Best & Easy E commerce Platforms For Your Next Business Idea | 2020


Realizing your business objective is not a walk of cake – irrespective of how many entrepreneurs, in-corporations, fast-track companies or posts go viral within the executive community defining every know-how of the hockey stick growth. But, the fact that matter is: “The dedication to customer experience, market strategies, operational efficiencies, and the team of people you create are the reasons to make your business successful”. So, the unique combination of all these factors unlike any other e-commerce app development solutions out in the market will ever prove beneficial to your brand.“In the flooded option of sea for your online business, the biggest is which pipes you install”. That is, selecting the right e-commerce platform powers your business and brace it for long-term and scalable growth. While the best fit for mid-size growing business, this technology is typically provided by Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce CLoud Commerce. “ Selecting one sure-shot from these 4 platforms is where you can unlock the performance”. Basically, this decision has far-ranging implications for your customer, employees, and the sales graph. For Customers It keeps customer engaged with your brand and similarly reduce friction of getting the product they need. For Employees Provide a lending hand to the employees who plan and implement campaign strategies. For Sales Graph Being the bottom line, the sales growth chart and the cost of maintenance and installation is significantly impacted. Here, in this blog, I have clutched the comparison and explanations for choosing the right e-commerce platform that will help you

Latest UI Design Trends For Web App Development To Follow in 2020

design trends

It is quite hard to believe, but 2020 means we are inching to the final chapter of the decade. Since the last decade, the internet has reinvented the way everyone used to live their life. You have witnessed the changing internet has brought and even seen the reign of mobile from making a ring to tapping the phone for everything. All the thanks to the leading web app development company. Moreover, you have seen the introduction of emerging technologies like IoT (Internet Of Things), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, AR/VR. Amidst all the breakthrough technologies and trends and transformation by now , the most promising has been web design trends. It seems like UI design trends will be a massive hit in 2020 as it will bring the right blend of technology and aesthetic like never before. So, it’s right time we pause and analyze what it has brought for designers and web app development solutions in 2019 and what web design trends to expect in 2020. But, before you start with your half-hearted Google search to find the best web design trends in 2020, we love to share this information so that you know what to look for in a new website. 2020 will redefine website design trends with 3-D Graphics, Minimalism, A Touch Of Personalization Of Interactions, Visual Storytelling, Button-less Interactions 1. Integration of 3D Graphics The hottest buzzing word in recent years is the integration of several 3-D graphics into web and mobile interfaces. Moreover, 3D elements in