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Top Reasons Why eCommerce Stores Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Top Reasons Why eCommerce Stores Should Invest In Mobile App Development

There is one of the simplest ways to increase the sale and return on investment of your eCommerce app. Do you want to know what that way? Well, just create a feature-packed mobile app for your online store integrating various latest technology like IoT, AR, VR, and Blockchain. And, the best part is that it is pretty easy to implement.

In this blog post, we discuss:

  • Why can’t you avoid mobile app development for your online store?
  • How can you improve the features and productivity of your app?
  • What are the recent stats and facts of the mCommerce industry?
  • How much business can you generate after having your own mCommerce application?

Let’s find out the answer to all these questions in this blog

Nowadays, a large number of customers are choosing mobile applications to shop their favorite products rather than hit the brick and mortar stores. With online ordering services growing rapidly and becoming popular among the customers, more and more people agree that they save lots of their time and money while doing so. 

If you run an online store that allows your potential customers to shop online, there are a plethora of things that you can do in order to improve their overall experience and enhance your overall sales. One of the best things that you can consider doing is creating a feature-packed mobile application for your eCommerce Store that your target customers can use.

Ecommerce Annual Growth Forecast

In the year 2016, the king of the search engine Google published the research, which shows that approximately 58% of mobile users use their smartphones to monitor prices, discounts, review reviews, offers, compare services or products, and even purchase products. In addition to this, 66% of these people use their smartphone devices to make a purchase once a week and even more frequently. 

Hence, it may appear that about 38% of mobile purchases are not high enough so as to focus on mobile phone devices. But every e-commerce business owner must remember that their clients first call their smartphones to monitor available offers and then return to the desktop. 

With all these statistics in mind, some new questions arise: Is not the responsive website a better alternative to a mobile application, or is it a web app that’s adaptive enough to do the e-commerce tasks? Well, this may be enough for you but not more than that. In this article, we will cover the main pros that retailers may have due to a mobile app.

Here are some reasons why your eCommerce company needs a mobile application?

eCommerce company needs a mobile application?

The first and foremost reason is the increasing use of mobile phone devices and, therefore, business mobile applications. Second, mobile applications can be integrated and adapted well to the e-commerce site, regardless of the platform on which they are designed. That’s why more and more businesses hire outsourcing software companies to have their own mobile app. 

In addition to this, all kinds of companies with their custom mobile applications have succeeded at a great speed because it is easier to make a deal with a fewer touch on the screen. In addition to these, there are a plethora of other reasons to enter the field of electronic commerce.

Customers loyalty to your brand

The m-Commerce mobile application reduces the distance between your potential customer, the brand and the products, putting it first. A mobile phone device is an inevitable tool today, and buyers are usually used to switching between various mobile applications when and where they find some free time to spend. 

Even if the buyer does not interact or click in his mobile application, he or she will definitely notice his presence with the blinking icons in the list of mobile applications. Although it seems of little importance, it works magically to turn the buyer into your product or service, and if your product or service has any added value, it will strengthen your brand in a definite way.

In addition to this, custom mobile applications help you build a strong relationship with your potential customers. Yes, what keeps it well is the user experience that it can provide in a very innovative way to its potential customers. A well-designed custom mobile application serves the purpose of the identity of your brand. That’s why many businesses hire mobile app developers from a reputed brand to create a feature-packed eCommerce mobile application.

Best customer commitment

The success of any online store depends on how to create a communication bridge between its potential customers and products. Click on icons, today’s offers, discount offers, new arrivals, etc. It is one of the best ways to attract your potential customers to your online commerce store. 

The communication with your potential clients is still alive and lasts much longer than any unwanted or cumbersome calls to the customers, it is one of the top ways to strengthen your virtual presence among customers. Once the buyer installs your m-Commerce application, you have the opportunity to interact with them through various modes, such as push notifications in the smartphones.

Easy to enter the retailer

Technology has simplified the process of online purchases. Generally, just a few clicks from review to cart are pretty simple. In addition to this, the products are shown to buyers as per their previous visits, behavior, and preferences. 

This is the element that usually attracts online store owners in order to develop e-commerce mobile applications. Today, the development of mobile e-commerce applications in order ensure better performance and user experience is being implemented by the businesses.

Convincing features that stimulate an online purchase

Today, you can benefit from the creation of e-commerce mobile applications for mobile phones of businesses and, therefore, you can integrate the type of various features that you want in the mobile e-commerce application. 

On the other hand, you can also access the built-in functions of mobile phone devices and can improve the user experience. For instance, with the GPS function, you can make some of the best deals available in the buyer’s area.

Strong virtual presence through social media participation

M-Commerce makes it easy for users to share their products on social networks. When your products or services are shared on various social media channels through catalogs, reviews, and recommendations, your virtual position is usually strengthened.

Some Important Features of Ecommerce Mobile App

Important Features of Ecommerce Mobile App

Now let’s find out some of the most crucial features of your eCommerce mobile applications.

The most popular and most researched features in developing custom mobile apps include

Convenient & Secure payments

Depending on the target group and the market, the definition of relevance may vary. Western European countries are in love with debit cards, while easterners love cash. Poland is an exception to one of the most advanced financial and banking systems in the world. 

Running an app in the U.S. without a PayPal connection and the ability to use a debit card would be a suicide. When you hire Android app developers, you can ask them to make your payment integration secure by adding PCI and DSS compliance.

Maximum Stability and credibility

Although the e-commerce feature is not an advantage in itself, it needs to be stable and guide the customer through the purchase without any failure. The application that freezes during payment or cannot process any useless order. What’s more, unstable and unreliable applications hurt the brand’s reputation.

Easy to search and filter

When it comes to searching thousands of products on a website, providing users with multiple search options, filters, and the ability to find and explore the offer can be crucial. Despite this, 72% of websites fail to forecast their e-commerce website search. Shining in this category is the best way to create a premium customer experience.

Good recommendation system

In its simplest form, recommendation engines rely on automation. Modern recommendation systems are built by setting multi-dimensional vectors that describe each product and customer by applying machine learning algorithms. A good recommendation engine in the app is fictionally armored – 35% of what consumers buy on Amazon and 75% of what they see on Netflix came from the recommendation.

Build favorites & wishlists

Users can wait for a discount or have no money to buy at a particular moment. But they might want to save a specific product to search in more easily in the near future. This is the point of building a wishlist in the eCommerce mobile app. Some mobile apps, especially from major retailers, support building multiple wishlists.

Omnichannel Model

The modern client expects a retailer to offer a unified experience in each and every channel – 98% of the Americans switch between smartphone devices on the same day. And companies that adopt a comprehensive strategy in order to provide this, see customer retention rates of 91% greater compared to the year they do not.

Analytics & data collection

The eCommerce mobile app enables companies to collect more data or information than any other channel by literally being present all the time in the pocket of users, it provides data about the daily routine and user habits. Hence, it is pretty easier to build a customized marketing strategy that is personalized in order to meet the specific requirements of the consumer.

Let’s Summarize it

So, in this blog, we have seen various reasons why you have to have a mobile application if you are running an online store. Some of the primary reasons are:

  • It helps you target the global audience.
  • It increases the online visibility of your brand and business.
  • It helps in creating strong brand recognition.
  • It makes it easy for your potential customers to reach.
  • It allows you to communicate with your potential customers and interact with them.
  • It also keeps the clients engaged with your services or products.
  • Quick updates to your customers about your products and services regarding discounts or sales through the push notifications.

Therefore, we can say that a mobile application is crucial for any online store and it can enhance your customer base threefold. But, you should be a good mobile app development company to create the app for your online store. If you like my story and think that it helps you, family and friends, don’t forget to like and share.

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