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How PWAs Can Drive More Business for Small Businesses and Startups?

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Progressive web applications or PWAs are a type of application software delivered through the web and built using popular web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They can work on any platform that uses a standard web browser. The functionality of PWAs includes push notifications, working offline and device hardware access, enabling creating user experience similar to native applications on desktop and mobile devices

PWAs are actually a type of webpage or website or web application hence there is no requirement for developers or the users to install the web apps via popular mobile App stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Although web applications have been available for mobile devices right from the start but they have been slower, had less features and been used less than native apps. But PWAs changed all this.

Google Created the Term PWA

Google Created the Term PWA

Actually, in 2015, Google created the term PWA and launched its concept and technology behind it. They have found out that growing millions of mobile users around the world need more memorable and better experiences. That’s why Google, Microsoft, and other companies are now leveraging PWAs to encourage businesses to create better mobile experiences.

As we said PWA is an app or like web development solutions that run in the browser and displayed as a website without having any need to be installed from any app stores. Also note that PWAs offer a full-screen experience, are easy to install and stay on the user’s home screen while in use.

Some of the leading companies which use PWAs are – Flipkart, AliExpress, OLA, BookMyShow, OLX, Voot, MakeMyTrip, Twitter, Forbes, Pinterest, Tinder and more. These companies come from different industries and business domains.

Mobile E-commerce is Increasing

Today being accessible on mobile is an important thing and PWAs are playing an important role in boosting business for small and medium-sized companies around the world by leveraging this. Not only businesses but PWAs also offer benefits to customers.

We have some more food for thought for you to get even more motivated and inspired to start developing PWA for your small business and get a chance to earn more revenue. Yes, look at the below information and the graph that follows.

Mobile retail commerce sales as percentage of retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2016 to 2021:


In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce, up from 58.9 percent in 2017. Emerging e-commerce markets in mobile-first economies are a major driver of this trend. 

let’s now talk about the amazing benefits which PWAs offer to SMEs:

Benefits of Progressive Web apps (PWAs) for small business owners & Startups

Faster Loading Time

PWAs are actually progressive. This modern technology enables apps to load better when the visitor visits the page again. This device-level caching brings many advantages as the users are not burdened with large data transmissions and also their interactions are enhanced immensely.

Hence, when a user returns to the page or when he makes multiple visits to a PWA then they get immediate loading through caching content, and the rest of the content is displayed progressively. This technology makes the web experience of users as goodas they get that on desktop computers. Hence, so many small businesses are looking for web development services to build their PWA and avail of this benefit.

Works in Offline Mode Even when There is no Internet Connection

Offline Mode

PWAs have a reliable caching mechanism that can easily manage offline requests and process them when there is no internet connection. Hence, it allows businesses to provide high performance without depending upon the internet connectivity.

This means that big business brands and companies can rely on PWAs even if there is poor internet connectivity and save their brand image as users will always be able to access their site irrespective of the internet connection. The leading software development services know how to implement this feature in the PWAs they are developing.

Customers can Quickly Access PWA through Home Screen Icon

Users can add PWAs icons on their home screen when they install the applications onto their devices. After a small instant download, users can use the PWAs with native app-like experience by opening the apps from their home screen. Hence, PWA can offer the same accessibility and visibility as the native apps offer.

Also, the businesses can customize the web app’s appearance to users, letting them define the home screen icon, the theme color of the address bar of browsers and more. There are many benefits of this personalization for the businesses as their icon will reside on the home screens of millions of users who can really enjoy the customizable app-like experience.

You just need to hire web app developers who are experts in developing PWAs and they can build PWA for you with this feature.

Easily Spread your Message Using Push Notification

When we talk about push notifications then native apps are better placed then web applications. But using PWAs, businesses can overcome this barrier as using PWAs they can send push notifications to the web app visitors or users easily. These notifications look similar to that which are sent with native app notifications and empower businesses to communicate with a large web audience by offering many benefits.

When you will talk to a leading software development company that also develops web applications then they can build such a PWA for your small business which provides you with all the benefits of push notifications.

One-Click Online Payments

One Click Online Payments

It has been seen that most of the online users prefer simple and secure payment processes while they are accessing the internet through web or app. That’s why PWA’s here have the upper hand as PWAs are powered with highly secure and simple to use payment process using web features making the lives of the users much easier.

The web payment functionality in PWAs uses already stored address and payment details rather than any need to fill all of the details again in the web page leading to payment gateway. As this is a developed module which is native in the web browser hence the check-out process is quick, simple and secure for all users.

By this, businesses also get lots of benefits as they can offer different payment options which work on different devices and web browsers. Most of the companies which provide quality software development services or web application development services can help you to integrate the best payment gateways into your PWAs.

Lower Development Cost and Easy Maintenance

PWAs are an affordable option for the small businesses which are looking for affordable mobile presence as developing and maintaining PWAs are much cheaper than developing native apps for Android and iOS devices which take lots of time to develop and are expensive too. Hence, PWAs are especially highly popular among startup companies.

Estimates say that PWAs can be at least 75% cheaper than native apps. To develop a native app, you need two development teams having developers with different skill sets which results in a higher cost for project development. PWAs means that actually, you are getting two apps for the price of one. After building the PWA you just need to maintain one codebase.

Today more than 50% of search queries originate from mobile devices, therefore, Google also started preferring mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, PWAs can help companies drive higher mobile traffic by providing users the features which use less storage, less data usage and offer faster load time.

No Need To Wait For Approval From App Stores

If you go by the PWA way, then you won’t have any need to wait for approval from the App Stores like Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In case of native apps, you have to go through this long process when you want to launch an app and also remember that there is a huge competition in the app stores as right now there are about 1.8 million apps are in the Apple’s App store and about 2 million apps are in the Google’s Play Store.

Google or Apple could reject your app for any number of reasons or delete it later from their respective app stores for not continuing to meet their quality standards and for not following their app store guidelines. Also, studies say that one in four users will use your app only for one time and there are so many people who don’t want to download any app consciously.

If you build your PWA then once your app gets discovered by the users when they come across it through your website or social media page, then they will use it again and again. Your PWA app will always on, always updated and can easily be saved on the mobile home screen while giving the same accessibility as given by any native mobile app. Also for PWA, you don’t need to take anyone’s approval. You can release it as soon as it is complete or developed. This leads to the easy discovery of your app.

No Need To Share Your Revenue with the App Store Owner

The top app stores i.e. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a rule that the app owners have to share a part of their revenue from the app which they earn from app-based purchases. This can hamper your creativity and motivation levels. Here PWAs are beneficiaries as they provide you full freedom and independence and you don’t need to share your income with anyone.

When you have to deal with app retention then PWAs have an upper hand over the native apps as in case of PWAs you keep all revenue to yourself and thus you can send customized push notifications informing customers about your new product launches, send offers or discounts i.e. to keep them engaged more and more with your PWA which ultimately will increase your sales and even customer satisfaction levels.

How PWA is Right For Your Small Business?

pwa small business

We have just told you all the benefits which PWAs offer to small and medium-sized businesses over the native mobile apps. Now let’s check what the actual PWA user says after using it.

Magento the leading E-commerce platform in this press release reveals that one of its users, John Webber who is the Founder of Carved says that, “mobile is an extremely important channel accounting for over 70% of our overall traffic and 40%+ of our sales and our investment in PWAs has not only transformed the buying experience for our customers, but it’s made a tremendous impact on our bottom line allowing for a 33 percent reduction in bounce rates and 75 percent increase in our mobile conversions.”

Hence, if small businesses want to grow their business then PWAs can help them a lot as they will give them regular visitors, repeated customers, ways to send real-time updates and notifications by working perfectly on Chrome, Firebox, and Opera web browsers. If right now you have a website, then you can easily migrate your website into PWA and for that, you need a team of experienced and skilled developers.


By now, you must have become aware of the various benefits that PWAs offer to small businesses and startups. PWAs have the ability to take care of the major requirements of a startup firm. If you now agree to try it for your business, then first thing is to contact an experienced team of developers from any of the top website development company, who can understand your requirements and can build a PWA or a progressive web app for your business.

By using PWA, you will always stay ahead of your competitors. To build your PWA you can even hire software developers who work on a freelance basis but in this case, you have to make sure that they are experienced and reliable partners. Another option is that you look for the software development companies which provide “rent a coder” or “Dedicated Development Team” for hire. For many businesses, this can become the cheapest option among all.

Xicom has extensive experience in developing fast and efficient PWAs and it is fully capable of providing expert PWA development services through its team of over 300 expert developers and designers. You can hire app developers from Xicom with full confidence. You can contact us for high quality services and check our portfolio to access the quality of our past projects and to convince yourself. You can take the final decision based on your requirements but one thing is sure that developing PWA for your business will open the door of success for you.


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