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Mobile App Trends in 2021 That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Mobile App Trends in 2021

The mobile app development industry is one domain that keeps on refining every single day, so you need to keep yourself updated if you want to have an out of the box application. According to the latest report by Statista, mobile apps will generate 189 billion us dollars in revenue by 2020. Also, by the end of 2020, there will be around 258 billion apps downloaded annually, and by the next year, there will be 7 billion app users in the world.

So if you have not started your app yet, you are missing a big opportunity. If you are a mobile app developer or if you are willing to get a feature-packed and advanced mobile application for your business, this blog is a must-read for you. Here we will talk about the top trends of a mobile app that you need to keep in mind while you’re developing your app for 2021. So Let’s begin:

Cloud-based or SaaS mobile apps

We all know that the users’ internal storage in their mobile devices is not enough, so we need to use cloud computing so that our data is hosted on cloud servers. It is easily accessible and not hard on the user’s device, and the user’s device does not have to take the burden of all the data that we are sharing through our apps.

The Emergence of Beacon Technology

The first technology of 2021 that will be trending is beacon technology. Beacon is a kind of lighthouse. It repeatedly transmits a signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible lights, though it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of letters numbers transmitted on a regular interval of approximate 1/10th of a second.

A BlueTooth equipped device like a smartphone can see a beacon once it is in range. It is much like a sailor looking for a lighthouse to know where they are. Now beacon can be used much better if it is embedded with IoT technology. It can be used in hospitals, fire stations, and almost everywhere. So if you have never heard about this beacon technology, I would suggest to go to Google and start working on it and this is something very new and not many people know about it.

The Wearables

When I name wearables, I talked about smartwatches, oculus, and Microsoft HoloLens, and many that you can imagine. According to a report, the variable market has jumped 35 percent in the year 2020. The arrival of the variable devices in the market removes more dependency on smartphones and gives the mobile app develop the ability to explore the entire ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Voice Optimization

The third trend that is going to a big hit for the mobile app in the year 2021 will be artificial intelligence. In the past three to four years artificial intelligence & machine learning has been the buzz and so will it continue in 2020-21. There are many mobile apps in the marketplace of the apple store and Google play store for android are filled with AI.

With great libraries like TensorFlow and others, mobile app development companies in India are creating some really magnificent applications that are based on Android and iOS. I would personally suggest exploring this niche as if you are a mobile app developer, web developer, or coming from any different domain; artificial intelligence is going to be of the utmost importance in the coming years. So keep yourself abreast with it.

There is Alexa, Siri, and so many other apps that are using voice searches in today’s world so that users don’t have to type and don’t have to do it manually. When you go grocery shopping, your app is going to tell you this is what you’re missing or why not buy two bottles of milk already because you don’t have any at home. Artificial intelligence is critical, and you need to incorporate it in your apps machine learning, artificial intelligence, and voice optimization.

Android instant apps

The next on this list is android instant apps. This was launched by Google in the year 2016. To simply put, instant apps can be considered as trials for many apps that users can get to access without downloading them. These are very few sizes and can help a user to actually look into your application even before installing. This can help you increase your downloads and you must be looking into this field.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The next trend on this list is AR and VR. The game pokemon go almost took everyone’s interest. Now it depends if it was available in your country or not. So if you are a creative guy who likes to work in a 3D environment and all you should be exploring AR and VR technology in the year 2020 with respect to mobile app development and believe me this list does not end there are many more in the market. As in let’s talk about the chatbots. India is the second country after the United States which develops the chatbots.

This AR & VR technology can be incorporated in shopping stores, websites, design, and anything because we can see that AR and VR are being the next big thing. These technologies are changing how we live to change and how we behave. We can be in one place in the world and experience as is what’s happening in the other part of the world. So you need to incorporate AR and VR into your apps.

Natural language processing

Now if you are interested in natural language processing which is again a part of machine learning and artificial intelligence, this field is going to be really helpful for you. Almost all applications and websites these days have an option for automated chat. If you are willing to make your interest in this chatbot, you will not only land into mobile app development you will also have a glimpse of the AI and machine learning that will help you build a better career.

5G Technology

With the 5G technology in 2021, things will change. The better internet speed gives accessibility of the internet to many people. It will increase your possibilities to explore the applications in a much better way than in the year 2020.

5G technology is 10 times faster than the existing technology that we have. Developers have to keep in mind that we need to have an intensive data environment because 5G helps us share more media, more pictures, and more videos at a very fast speed.

Internet of things

The Internet of things will be again on boom in the year 2021. Imagine you have an app that feeds your dog even if you’re not at home. So your dog is hungry. There’s a device connected to your WiFi and it alerts the dog with the laser or something. Then, it feeds your dog so you can use IoT in multiple manners e.g. in security, database management, buying & selling, shopping, and online experiences. Everything is going to change this year and onwards.

Why Does Google Think PWA is the Future of Mobile Apps and Will Boom in 2021?

Google thinks mobile applications are dying and for most businesses, not good investments. While people use mobile apps on average for about two hours and 20 minutes a day. Almost all of that time is usually spent on the user’s three favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, etc. The reality is that less than one in every 10,000 apps that are developed has ever been profitable.

Getting people to use a mobile app is insanely expensive. In the year 2016, the founder of Selio which is a local marketplace application publicized that to get the active user on their mobile friendly site it costs less than one-tenth of what it costs to get somebody to download their app, open it, and use it. In addition, using Selio numbers getting 10,000 people to try an app would cost you about $40,000 in the marketing costs.

Google thinks they have a solution and they are calling them progressive web apps. Also, these are apps that are created on a new mobile development framework called Firebase. They are calling these progressive web apps as you get an almost identical app like experience on your mobile browser. Things like push notifications, instant loading, more security than mobile apps, and the same look and feel like a mobile application. If you want to check out a progressive web app that uses firebase and feels like an application even though it’s a website visit You’ll see that it’s totally smooth even though it’s a mobile website.

The implication for entrepreneurs and smart professionals here is that it might not be a good idea to spend tons of time and energy developing mobile applications. On average they cost about one hundred and forty thousand dollars and four months to build if you need full features on all platforms. So maybe you can shortcut the whole app world and just get people to use a well-designed mobile website.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you are not incorporating these five trends in your apps then you are missing out on a lot. Let me know what are your thoughts on the trending technologies of mobile app development in 2021 in the comment section below.

If you are a business owner and want to have the latest mobile application that is integrated or supports above mentioned technologies, you need to hire mobile app developer having expertise in these technologies. An advanced mobile app can help you stay ahead in the competition and you can have an edge among your competitors.

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