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Real Time Virtual Apps Coming In Mobile Application Development

If there is really something that is making the world go upside down, it is of course the advancements in mobile app development, especially the coming of dynamic smartphone apps such as Virtual Reality (VR) apps and Augmented Reality (AR) apps as well. The perspective of the world can be changed easily with the help of AR and VR apps that offer full-on entertainment combined with productivity and usefulness to its users. The objects can now be visualised as how will they seem in the real-life without even being there! Not only VR, every mobile app development company is coming up with apps that are integrated with the AR technology.

You must have heard about the smartphone apps that lets you create the virtual world using your smartphone apps. Very less would have heard about the watch apps that are integrated with AR, there are sports wristbands and more! These are the e-commerce apps that now support virtual try-ons so that it is possible to see how a product looks on the user before he spends money on buying it. No wonder, all tech freaks are amazed by the advancements in mobile application development


All you need to know about using a try-on watch apps on smartphone

These types of apps have prerequisites which one needs to follow for the best results and optimum performance of the apps. A paper is attached to the wrist which has a QR code on it and it must be scanned for the best results. You will just need to point your phone’s camera in that direction and after the app camera processes the QR code, variety of styles and designs start to appear on the wrist where the paper is tied on the wrist like a wristband. It’s a kind of wristband which attracts the app to show the watches and thus, here you see technology advancing at a fast pace in mobile application development which brings kinds of surprises with every app.

Not only the story ends here, you can see the angles of the watch easily and examine it closely as well as know about all the details and prices of the watches before you checkout and end up purchasing it through the same app. Brands like Rolex have set benchmarks that should be followed by other brands as well. One can go ahead and hire an expert mobile app development company for an app that would give an edge in this competitive world for sure.


Online Clothing apps with VR integration in e-commerce

As apps become the very essence of the popularity of the smartphones- whether these are Android apps or iOS apps, the clothing retail industry is digging deep into interesting ways to lure the customers all around the world just with the use of an app that would entice the users of the smartphones to buy the clothes after they have tried and tested it on themselves just with a click on their smartphone app. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s a sure fact that these type of apps are gaining momentum among the smartphone users and will be more popular in the future as well. Till now, there are a few brands that have already launched these types of apps.


Make up industry following in the virtual makeover apps for users

No doubt that makeup industry holds billions of turnover around the world and it is the most profitable market right now. Easy to say, it is a hot market giving 50-100% profit over the investment. So, to give something different to their app users, Lakme has come up with virtual makeup app to try on the new products or the existing products that are launched by them. Integrated with payment and checkout gateways means that the user can try the makeup products on their face virtually and then buy it asap! Such a great marketing tactic, just satisfying the needs of the users of the brand will help bring a lot of profit for sure! Every mobile app development company has now certified and expert developers who know it well how to create such type of apps for their high-end users with high-quality.


Trying on shoes before buying is a dream come true for the people

This is a time for 3D visualization and a virtual trial management solution for retail and e-commerce. These virtual matching solutions are promoted by strengthening social shopping experience at home, in the store and on the move. High level of virtual reality makes virtual experience more powerful.


How does the virtual app works? What is it used for?

Traditional network users have purchased products from multiple ecommerce mobile apps that enable app users to experience new shopping level with the introduction of AR technology. Likewise, the new idea of ​​using shoes with smartphones leads the user to a different level. With this technology, its design allows customers to digitally photograph their feet. The purpose of this AR trial is to make accurate decisions before users buy shoes and sizes.

That’s why the app can capture the 3D shape feet with three images, so you can try almost any shoe. The actual goal of these apps is to provide accurate size of the footwear to increase the level of satisfaction. The real goal is to provide users with better service through this revolutionary new AR app made by an expert mobile application development company. We know that there are basic problems when purchasing shoes online, but before trying the final decision, the user wants to try the shoes and know whether it is right or not. This is more than just a general shopping experience. Brands and retailers from Adidas to Zara retailers are moving towards AR’s future.
As a result, real-world users will further increase their engagement to a new level where they can experience digital entertainment and advertising.

This shows how the shoes look with their feet before a user purchases shoes online. Practically every function to try sneakers is what the user needs. These apps give exactly what the users want.



It can be easily said that almost every industry today is influenced by the AR technology that is integrated into the apps these days by the mobile app development company to gain new high-end clients as well as create some unique app solutions for them.


About Author
Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra

Aman is a business consultant and strategic leader bridging the gap between technology and client satisfaction. With 15+ years of knowledge, innovation and hands-on experience in providing consultations to startups, agencies, SME's and large enterprises who need dedicated development and technology partners. He has also lead to the delivery of countless web development and mobile app development projects with 100% client satisfaction.

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