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Why Hire Android App Developer For Video Integration In An App?

We all have heard about the fact that a single picture is equal to one thousand words. This also holds true for any mobile app that is made interesting by the visuals or the videos that can be integrated into the app by the professionals of iOS app development or Android app development. There are ways by which the videos are put into the apps so that the app is made more exciting for the users and that is made more informational also.

Visuals are liked by the humans and they love to see the things and learn about them rather than just read the boring stuff. It’s important to improve the  integration of the premium videos to the app and thus, enhance the user-experience, and distinguish the brand from competitors. A mobile app can do a lot of things, and the one who invests into the app with a new concept must know well how to choose the app’s internal features.

Here are some of the exciting reasons that you should consider so as to choose the best iOS developer or a company which has had experience in creating such similar apps:

1. Enhancement of User-Interface of the app

Use of videos into the app helps the developer make the app more interesting. People are visual creatures and want to watch videos instead of boring stuff. A video can be of any type- such as an informational video or a detailed video about the product or even an ad that can be made exciting about the app brand. It helps in establishing identity of the project.

User-interface of the app is increased to a very high level with any kind of video integrated into the app. For instance: when we talk about the electronic appliances such as microwave, or even a fridge, installation guide videos can be inserted into the app according to every product inserted into the app catalogue by the iOS developer that you hire for your app.

2. Videos are a trend in much demand

It is always a great thing to see the videos in the app which make the users stick to the interesting content so that they keep coming for more. Mobile videos are necessary to be put into the app because of the fact that the statistics show clearly that an app with all text doesn’t attract as much users as the app with more visual content does.

So, hire Android app developer with enough experience in handling the integration of videos without any flaws and errors. According to Statistics, most consumers around the world use mobile applications to access mobile videos. It is advisable to invest money into hiring the best of the developers for this feature of the mobile app.

3. Marketing Video in the App Store or Play Store

There is such a great news here that will really push you to make efforts for the video that you have always postponed to tomorrow or rather never do it. A great video with amazing installation process guide and the navigation videos and the use of features will help the potential and prospective users of your app know about your app in a fraction of 30-second video.

This is simply not possible with a screenshot or many screenshots step-by-step. Take for instance: If you are a mobile app developer who has created a gaming application and you still want to lure the prospective users of the app, you can’t tell about them about the game without making a video and show them to impress them in just a few seconds of the video.

4. Social media Promotion of the app with video

Social media is the way how people like to spend their time these days and without taking into account the importance of social media in between. If you don’t promote your app before the launch on social media, you are losing a lot of prospective app users for sure.

One doesn’t need to promote the things on other levels when social media is taken into account. There is a way that one should use to promote the app on social media and with a video, the promotion becomes even more easier. Moreover, if you integrate videos into the app, they are liked and shared by the app users to the social media but hire iOS app development with a lot of skill and expertise so as to get a perfect video integrated iPhone app.


A lot of time, effort and money is spent on building an app with videos in it, so never put these resources in danger by hiring unprofessional mobile app developers for your app project.

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