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New App to Add Enemies On Facebook

All of us who use Facebook (and I don’t think there would be many who could say they don’t have an account) would be familiar with concept of adding friends on it. However, there is a new app now that allows users to identify and show people, food, things, food or anything else as “enemies”. The “EnemyGraph” is a newly launched Facebook app that is not developed by any organization or web development company but by a professor and two students from the University of Texas at Dallas.

The app was released on 15th march and allows users to share anything having a Facebook presence as an enemy. People, organizations and institutions with liberal views and thinking have shown special interest in this app and the list includes some famous names such as Rick Santorum, Fox News and Westboro Baptist Church. Dean Terry, who is a professor and the person who conceptualized the application, says that the story coverage of their app by media has played a major role in popularizing the app and initiating the much awaited and usually not discussed things about the nature of social networks and Facebook in particular.

Terry says “One thing that has always struck me is the enforced niceness culture. We wanted to give people a chance to express dissonance as well. We’re using the word enemy about as accurately as Facebook uses the word friend.”

Further he adds that the application has much wider and effective implementation. He explains that organization and business are always looking to collect information about social media users and base their finding on the things that they like or support. However, The EnemyGraph would now help them in collecting data regarding the things, situations or anything else that users don’t like and could base their future products and services on the findings.

Currently, organizations hire an offshore software development company and acquire solutions that would help them in gaining as much information about user’s behavior and likes. Now this app will help them in understanding exactly what things users don’t like and formulate their products accordingly to get maximum benefits for their business.

Their main attempt is to provide users with a chance to express dissonance rather than the long held presence of enforced niceness over social media. This is not the first attempt by Terry to do something really innovative for the social media users and give more choices to them. Previously he had teamed up with Griffith last year and created a Twitter service called Undetweetable which allowed twitter users to uncover their deleted tweets posthumously. The project was shut down by twitter as it started gaining popularity. Terry expresses his concern that the EnemyGraph application may also have similar fate.

Impact of Facebook App Development On Businesses

Facebook is, without any doubt, one of the most heavily visited social platform over the internet. The huge traffic brings loads of new and exciting opportunities for all businesses. Businesses and organizations can easily acquire attractive and effective Facebook applications that can enhance and boost their business.

Let us see how Facebook application development can impact a business:

Branding Benefits: Give your business exposure to a platform where soon 1 billion users will be navigating. Yes, Facebook has estimated 1 billion users by august this year.

Client Engagement and Awareness: Facebook application development provides a highly effective tool through which businesses can keep their clients informed of all the latest and relevant information about their services. New products and services can be easily conveyed to them over a place where they are most likely to hangout on a regular basis. This helps in creating loyalty in your costumers towards your brand.

Lead Generation: If you can effectively convey your message to such a wide audience then chances of generating business leads are greatly increased. Including some entertainment and attractive features on the app would further help in lead generation.

Customer Feedback: Clients and customers can leave their comments and suggestions about your services and products via your Facebook app. These suggestions will be very helpful in formulating your future business strategies. Make sure that feedbacks could be easily given by clients over your application.

Organizations and businesses can always hire an experienced software development company having expertise in Facebook application development and procure business centric Facebook applications for their businesses.

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