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Top 12+ Mobile App Plug-Ins That Will Make Your App Successful in 2021

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Believe it or not but our lives have become so dependent on mobile apps that imagining a day without it would seem barbaric and abrupt. Starting from locating a cafe in a nearby place, to communicating with our loved ones at far places – the mobile app has become an integral part of our lives. A research done by Statista shows some most popular categories on the Apple App Store by share of availability. These numbers clearly tell us that the average time a person spends on their phone has been rising as the time is passing by. Thus, why not grab this opportunity and bring out a good fortune in your vanity.  How? Well, obviously by constructing a solid mobile app that provides the user with all the facilities and the vital things that are needed in the journey. One of those is plugins. Mobile App Plugins will not only save hard-earned money of yours, but it would also help you to construct an app efficiently if you are not trained or technically skilled. Therefore, by no doubt, mobile plugin apps will be the most cost-effective and excellent option to go for. Hence, here are some of the most important and Top Mobile App Plug-Ins that would help you make your app successful. What are the Advantages of Using Plugins in the Very First Place? Before we dig into the topmost plugins you would love to know why you should use them at the very first place: It is

Mobile App Development: Why App Testing is Important in the Development Process?

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Undoubtedly, with the increasing number of smartphone users, mobile applications are now recognized as the most potential platform for businesses to promote their brand and to identify new business opportunities. On one side app stores are jam-packed with the abundance of mobile applications, on the other hand, with the 90% of mobile time spending on mobile apps, businesses are madly craving to make a mark in the industry with the launch of their eCommerce mobile app.  There is no surprise in this fact that businesses can generate a considerable volume of leads and can take their business to the new heights with the small investment in mobile app development. However, according to the various studies, the bitter reality is 80-90% of mobile apps launched in app stores are uninstalled just after the single-use. Besides, the survey revealed that the average mobile apps tend to lose around 77% of daily active users only within the three days of its installation.  This is what exactly puts the businesses in a big puzzle that what exactly they need to make a successful app. What is the secret mantra of building a mobile app in 2020? Well, the journey of success starts with discovering the mistakes responsible for the app failure! The reason can be anything: the development process, design, technology, irrelevant monetizing method, incorrect app launch time or else. But, the survey report is saying something else, here are the stats and facts they have discovered for the app failure: It was projected

How much does it cost to develop an app like Instashop.

How Much Does It Cost To Create an App Like Instashop in 2020 2

Digital transformation and the upsurge of mobile applications for on-request food delivery has become a focal point of consideration. According to a research led by Forbes, it is evaluated that grocery apps utilization will increment practically by half people (50%), and individuals will order food from the online grocery store and food apps. The stats details show online shopping for food deals in the US from 2012 to 2021 has assessed to reach about $29.7 Billion in 2021. Consequently, with these figures and details, it is very apparent that the sale for these online apps would increase and shine in the coming years. A great example of such an app is Intashop. InstaShop is an application that manages to deliver grocery goods right to your doorstep inside 60 minutes. Their fundamental point is to “bring the grocery store comfortable”. This Dubai-based organization is a piece of Jabbar Internet Group.  This application is structured splendidly, consistent and effective. These apps construct by effectively reasonable features and can be utilized regularly.  The application has more than 20 classifications of basic food item items, running from ordinary items like dairy, eggs, vegetables, organic products to infant care, body care items, paid ahead of time revive cards, and so forth. Thus, building an app like this can be a bit challenging but not difficult. And the cost of constructing such an app can be a bit alluring. The Android app development company can take these below tips before moving forward. On-Demand Delivery Model According

Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out in 2019

Mobile app trends 2019

Right now we are in the middle of 2019 and witnessing a spectacular rise in the number of mobile users worldwide thanks to the affordable prices of new smartphones and also due to increase in the interest of mobile users in using smartphones and mobile apps installed on them. Smartphones these days have fast internet access which has led to people spending more time online as compared to a few years ago. Studies have revealed that about 90% of the time which people spend on smartphones is actually spent on mobile apps rather than websites. Therefore, mobile app development has become an effective way to reach a large number of users and potential customers. But the mobile app industry and technologies around it are evolving rapidly and we have seen new trends and improvements almost every year and many businesses who opted for app development based on them have got huge benefits. As per, the total number of smartphone users is expected to reach about 2.5 billion in 2019 from 2.1 billion in 2016. The mobile apps are installed on these smartphones hence the number of mobile apps is also increasing at a very fast rate.  Right now the number of Android apps on Google Play Store is about 2.6 million while there are about 2.2 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store. So many businesses are now keen to know what’s new on the technical front and what are the innovative technologies that will define the future

How does Augmented Reality boosts business with mobile app development?

Probably, Augmented Reality (AR) in the arena of mobile app development has quickly seeped than any other technology that we have witnessed in the app development sphere. The young generation is obviously attracted to using apps which have attractive AR features and gives a complete new experience to the user of the app. What is Augmented Reality (AR) and how it’s integrated into the apps? Augmented reality or Expanded reality is generally introduced into the apps to give a third dimension to the app. In this, it is generally the added reality or a kind of digital information on the top of the reality- hence the name augmented or added reality, meaning something extra added to reality to make it interesting and more exciting. We are quite sure that this technology has attracted so many consumers at the very onset and there is unmatchable growth in the demand of the AR inclusive Mobile App Development services. Why AR technology is sure to become popular with mobile apps? If we have a look at another related technology, VR technology that needs special VR headsets that becomes a hassle for the consumers to buy as well as it is expensive. Therefore, most of the people tend to avoid the expenses that come from buying VR headsets. One doesn’t need to buy AR or any special devices to use AR sets only smartphones are enough to enjoy the special features of AR technology being integrated into the mobile apps. The users get real-time

Important Reasons to Build Your Own Radio Station Mobile App

This article is about why you should develop your own Radio Station mobile app. Therefore, you must be thinking why you need to develop a radio station app when so many of the people have many other ways to get worldwide news, to watch videos and movies and to listen to music both local and international. But the recent trends indicate that radio is far from going out from the picture. Since old time, radio has been used worldwide and so many people still have very good memories listening to it. There was a time when there was no TV or Internet and radio was the only medium for knowing so much information and for entertainment purposes. Whether it was listening to the radio news or the live radio cricket commentary or listening to music people have unique and beautiful memories about it which you can’t compare with anything else including TV. The first radio stations were set up in 1920 and by 1923 there were around 450 radio stations in US alone. As we are living in a digital world so radio stations first went on to go online and then with the advent of mobile applications, they became popular through mobile apps. Now you can tune to a radio station using its particular mobile app. This is the reason why there has been a sudden surge in the demand for iOS Application Development and Android app development as more number of people are looking to build mobile radio

Real Time Virtual Apps Coming In Mobile Application Development

If there is really something that is making the world go upside down, it is of course the advancements in mobile app development, especially the coming of dynamic smartphone apps such as Virtual Reality (VR) apps and Augmented Reality (AR) apps as well. The perspective of the world can be changed easily with the help of AR and VR apps that offer full-on entertainment combined with productivity and usefulness to its users. The objects can now be visualised as how will they seem in the real-life without even being there! Not only VR, every mobile app development company is coming up with apps that are integrated with the AR technology. You must have heard about the smartphone apps that lets you create the virtual world using your smartphone apps. Very less would have heard about the watch apps that are integrated with AR, there are sports wristbands and more! These are the e-commerce apps that now support virtual try-ons so that it is possible to see how a product looks on the user before he spends money on buying it. No wonder, all tech freaks are amazed by the advancements in mobile application development   All you need to know about using a try-on watch apps on smartphone These types of apps have prerequisites which one needs to follow for the best results and optimum performance of the apps. A paper is attached to the wrist which has a QR code on it and it must be scanned for the

Top Tools to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

This is an era of mobility and billions of people are now using smartphones and the mobile apps on daily basis across the world. To beat competition, every business now wants to have a mobile app. But building an app is a costly and intensive process, both in terms of time taken and financial resources required. Many times it happens that although you want to build a mobile app but you don’t have enough budget to build an expensive app or you want to get to market quickly to cash the opportunity. What should you do now? Should you trim app features or look elsewhere to speed up the application development process? In this article, we will discuss about the top tools which you can use to speed up your app development process so that you can release your mobile app quickly to the market with lesser cost for building an app. The tools which we will discuss now also help you to speed up your project development and as your project will be completed in lesser time hence you can spend more time on fixing the bugs and implementing features. Let’s start Parse Server The first tool about which we will discuss is Parse Server. It is an open source cloud back-end with lots of additional services like databases, push notifications, user management and file storage etc. It works like given below:- First you have to create an instance of Parse Server on a popular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) like Heroku.

How mHealth Apps Are Improving the Patient Experience?

How mHealth Apps are Improving the Patient

Till recently, hospitals used to be uncomfortable places for patients as their experience in hospitals regarding treatment options, consulting doctors and running around used to be very stressful. Today with the use of digital solutions in hospitals the situation is improving quite fast. As healthcare industry is focusing on digital solutions, it is not only transforming the patient experience but also improving patient’s medication and the rate of curing any disease. Healthcare professionals and hospitals are working on various ways to improve the patient experience through various engagement processes in order to meet he expectation of digital-savvy patients.   Actually this is the right time for Android App Developers to jump in and create healthcare mobile apps as Android is the leader in app development market. It is also good time for the healthcare services to extend and improve their digital strategies. The patient experience is one of the top priority for healthcare services providers and also it leads to growth and profitability for these hospital services. For successful patient engagement there should be access to the right tools and technology. Patients now a days spend lots of time on their smart phones and smart devices hence now healthcare initiatives are focusing more on enhancing the patient experience through delivering personalized communication via mobile apps.   No doubt, mobile apps are the future of digital services in the healthcare industry. Patients are looking for simple and user friendly tools from their providers. Mobile apps are effective tools for engaging and

Why Hire App Developer for Professional Diet and Nutrition App?

The world is getting digitised and it has surely made an impact on the lifestyle of the people around the world. This is the reason why more and more smartphone users are looking for the apps that has unique functionalities and features to keep them fit and fine. This is possible by using an app built by a professional app development company only.   If any unprofessional mobile app creator are hired for building a nutrition and diet app, then the app creator will not be much liked by the smartphone users at all! Health is taking a backseat in the lives of the people these days and it is the apps that the people expect to use in the times of busy schedules. Therefore, these diet and nutrition apps are getting popular among the smartphone users. No doubt about the fact that it is exercise and gymming that are really efficient in achieving body goals really fast. But, without maintaining healthy diet and nutrition in the food that we eat, it is almost impossible to see the benefits of gymming. After all, it is the most important thing that will only multiply the benefits of exercise routine.   General Features of a diet and nutrition app are as following When a diet and nutrition app is built by an expert mobile app creator, it should have certain features that are as following. These are actually the generalised features that must be there in every app. Diet chart and other