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How To Choose The Best Testing Method For Your Custom Software

Every testing method is good in its own way to find out the errors and bugs in a software. For example, one of the advantages of using structure-based techniques is that the method is better in finding out the malicious codes in the program and other harmful agents.

However, if there are some missing chunks of the specification in the code, specific techniques are to be used to bring out the errors. For the pieces of code missing in the custom web development from the specification, only specific techniques can highlight it. Here are the main goals of testing that will help you determine which methods for testing are best for your software testing.


Objectives Of Testing

If the objective of testing is simply to have confidence that the software will perform well as per the typical operational tasks, then ‘use cases’ would be a feasible option. If you are aiming for a thorough testing, then more advanced and detailed techniques should be preferred.

Models Used In System Development

Since the choice of testing methods for offshore software development is based on the models used for system development, it will be a deciding factor as to which testing techniques can be used. For example, if the system contains a transition diagram, then transition testing would be a better technique to use.

Content Of Documentation

The choice of testing techniques is affected by the requirement specifications, whether it is available or not. The content and description of the documentation also affects the choice of testing.

Accessing The Risks

The more the risk, the greater is the need for advanced and formal testing. For complex processes, commercial risk are influenced by quality issues. Here a thorough testing is more apt. For time-to-market issues, elementary testing is reasonable.

Administrative Requirements

Some firms have administrative standards and certain guidelines that impacts the testing techniques. Testing for high integrity systems requires a certain level of tools, depending on the level of integrity required in the testing tool.

Your Budget And Deadline

The deadline of the project will always affect the kind of testing techniques that would come into play. When you have more time, you can go for more complex techniques. Likewise, when you are running short of time, you will be limited to the best known testing methods by you.

The Knowledge And Experience Of The Tester

The skills and expertise of the tester about the system and testing techniques will clearly impact the choice of testing methods. This knowledge and experience will determine what kind of procedures the tester would be comfortable in and determine the testing of the system.

Xicom Technologies, now in London

xicom-ukThe software development industry is expected to grow three times by the end of the year 2020. If you are also planning to get yourself a customized software, website or a mobile app then you need to hire someone who can provide you exactly what you need. Xicom Technologies, a leading software development firm has a proven track-record in offering app development, tech consulting, & IT outsourcing solutions.

Started in 2002, we have till now invested 14+ years in this sector. In all these years we have been able to improve and expand ourselves in an excellent manner. It all began from a small office in New Delhi, India and just a handful of experienced and skilled professionals, within few years we were able to open our offices at several international locations. We recently came up with our new office on Daws Lane, London, United Kingdom.

The reason behind opening an office in the UK was easily reach out to European markets in a better manner. Our new office is located at the center of the city so that our clients can quickly reach out to us for a face to face discussion. With our localized approach you will never feel like that you are hiring an offshore company.

Our productivity and level of customer engagement helped us gain good amount of national and international customers. Our company is backed up by a strong and trustworthy team of 350+ full-time & part-time developers. Today Xicom Technologies has become one of the leading names in the software development industry.

The experts working at Xicom have a right blend of creativity and technical knowledge which allows them to offer a wide range of software design and development solutions. Our professionals can go an extra mile just for the satisfaction of your clients. Being professionals we strive hard and focus on building a transparent environment by deploying each & every resource efficiently.

Given below are the few special features of our company:

  • We offer 24/7 technical support. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
  • We concentrate more on providing robust solutions as per the client’s requirement.
  • Xicom assists its clients in deploying a software or an app that adheres to ISO 9001 processes.
  • We gained market reputation by delivering quality services that too at affordable prices.

About Company

Xicom Technologies Ltd is a CMMI Level-3 & ISO 9001: 2010 certified offshore software development company which is headquartered in the New Delhi, India. It has over 350+ well-experienced and skilled developers who can deliver innovative, secure and stable IT solutions to small and medium size enterprises spread across different geographical boundaries. Xicom has over 500+ clients engaged in diverse business verticals.

Contact Information:

Daws House, 33 – 35 Daws Lane London, NW7 4SD, United Kingdom

Phone :  +44.20.8906.6761

The Most Applauded Software Development Trends of 2012

It is almost time to bid adieu to the year 2012. The year has been quite crucial, especially for the software development industry. There have been several breakthroughs. Some technologies have been shelved while several new technologies have emerged. Those who have been associated with a software development company you are probably aware of the numerous ups and downs that the industry has faced through the year. Talking about the technologies that trended in 2012, the list is quite long, but some technologies have left a mark like none other. These can be referred to as the trend setters of the software development arena that took the development processes to a higher plane. This post discusses the top five software development trends of 2012 that were accepted by the community with arms wide spread:

1.) Cloud Security: After the introduction of cloud technology in 2011, there weren’t many takers of the technology at the initial stages. In 2012, however, there was a sudden surge in the popularity of cloud. Several cloud operators forayed into the limelight and launched their solutions. Most IT consumers have either started using cloud or are planning to migrate to cloud in the near future. Accessing, managing and storing data in cloud has taken special precedence.

2.) Data Analytics: The need of using analytics and gathering the right form of data was not felt until very recent. With social media emerging as a strong online marketing tool, marketers are now realizing the importance of using analytics and data to target the right set of audience.

3.) HTML 5: HTML 5 represents the fifth edition of HTML that are the recognized standards established for the right publication of content on the World Wide Web. The main role of HTML 5 will be to support multimedia content on meekly powered devices such as tablets and smart phones, keeping in mind the changing preferences of the internet users. Though the technology is still under continuous development, it’s demand for low-powered internet enabled devices is increasing four fold.

4.) Agile ALM: As the need to save on both time and development cost increased in 2012, Agile ALM gained immense popularity. Developers started working in collaboration in order to deliver efficiently and quickly. The demand of web based tools such as ALM’s and IDE’s also saw a steep increase in order to support agile methodologies.

These were the trends that took the year 2012 by sweep. As the New Year 2013 begins, it’s time watch out for some more engaging software development outsourcing trends.

The Best Coding Tips For Programmers

Coding is one of the most critical aspects of web and software development. It would be not entirely wrong to coin it as the soul of a web development project. All the functionalities and features of a web application are controlled by codes written for each function. Whether you provide PHP web application development, .Net development, Java web development or any other web development services, you will be required to write code for each and every one.

However, it has been observed that most amateur developers (even some experienced ones) tend to write their code without thinking much. This kind of impulsive coding is not considered appropriate for developing quality solutions. Mentioned below are some of the best coding tips and practices for all web application development professionals.

Avoid Rewriting The Code And Try To Rework It: Most of the developers find it easier and appealing to just clean the system and start writing their own code based on the knowledge that they have gained till then. This might not be the best practice for writing code as there is another more effective and easier way of doing it. Try to work at one piece at a time. Understand them from inside and then change them right from the core. Try working on one piece at a time and you would do great.

Understand The Requirements Before You Start Typing: Even before you type a single line of code, it is required that you first understand everything about the solution. Make sure that you have grasped the idea correctly and could imagine exactly how the solution would work. It has been observed that most of the amateur developers end up creating poor solutions that do some part of the required function as they started working on the project without completely understanding the requirements.

Start From Small And Then Build Upon It: Never jump upon complex solutions immediately. Programmers working in a software development company should understand that solutions are developed through simple ways and not by making things complex. Start with small things and then build upon them. It would be better to use iterative development methodology.

Evaluate Your Ideas By Consulting Experienced Developers: A developer having more experience than you in software development services is likely to have already came across the kind of situation that you are dealing with. Try out your ideas and concepts on such developers before you move forward with them. Further, search articles and blogs related to your project’s complexities in order to get proper information.

Coding of a web application development solution holds huge importance in the success or failure of a project. This makes it very important for developers to take it very seriously and conduct it with proper care.

Tips to remember while starting project with an IT outsourcing company

Outsourcing is unavoidable for businesses and organizations in current market scenario. The tough competition and diminishing margins leave little choice for them other than to outsource their non core business activities and requirements to an offshore service provider.

IT requirements are the most outsourced process by business and organizations as developing solutions in-house is very costly and requires a lot of time to set-up and actually start developing the solutions. However, most of the organizations and other clients complain that they are not able to get the desired solutions from their development partner. This is because they actually don’t know how to deal with an IT outsourcing company and how to move forward with the project.

Here are some of the most effective tips that will help clients in working with the IT outsourcing company:

Hire someone local: It is always better to have someone on your side who originally belongs to the country you are outsourcing to. Make sure the person understands the dialect spoken in that very region of the country as usually there are many languages and dialects in a country. If the person is from another country then make sure that there isn’t any cultural or long standing cold war between your guy’s country and the country you are outsourcing to.

Invest some time on them: The people working at the other end are also human beings like you and they also need some nurturing and time to feel comfortable and attached. Take out some time to give an occasional call or you can even visit them if it is feasible.

Give task in packets: If your project is big or very complex then make sure that it is not served as a whole to the IT outsourcing company. First get a well formulated and thorough documentation of specifications and requirements. Then break the project into milestones and further divide it into yet smaller packages. Now you can start assigning the task to the service provider one by one. This will allow you to judge the quality and performance of the service provider before they go too deep into the project and you have spent a lot of time and money.

Know the team working on your project: It is a common business practice to assign a mixed team consisting of expert resources, ok resources and raw resources. It is your responsibility to make sure that this business practice does not get the best of you. Ask for resumes of people assigned to your project and have a brief interview if possible.

Single point of communication: The guy that you assign in the first point of this post should be the one and only point of communication between your company and the other software development company. The more people you include in communication, the more people you will have pointing at each other in case of some fault or misunderstanding. It is better to have a single point of communication through which all the communication happens.

We hope that this post would have been informative to you and would help you in better management of your IT projects. We will soon be coming up with more informative and interesting posts for you.

New App to Add Enemies On Facebook

All of us who use Facebook (and I don’t think there would be many who could say they don’t have an account) would be familiar with concept of adding friends on it. However, there is a new app now that allows users to identify and show people, food, things, food or anything else as “enemies”. The “EnemyGraph” is a newly launched Facebook app that is not developed by any organization or web development company but by a professor and two students from the University of Texas at Dallas.

The app was released on 15th march and allows users to share anything having a Facebook presence as an enemy. People, organizations and institutions with liberal views and thinking have shown special interest in this app and the list includes some famous names such as Rick Santorum, Fox News and Westboro Baptist Church. Dean Terry, who is a professor and the person who conceptualized the application, says that the story coverage of their app by media has played a major role in popularizing the app and initiating the much awaited and usually not discussed things about the nature of social networks and Facebook in particular.

Terry says “One thing that has always struck me is the enforced niceness culture. We wanted to give people a chance to express dissonance as well. We’re using the word enemy about as accurately as Facebook uses the word friend.”

Further he adds that the application has much wider and effective implementation. He explains that organization and business are always looking to collect information about social media users and base their finding on the things that they like or support. However, The EnemyGraph would now help them in collecting data regarding the things, situations or anything else that users don’t like and could base their future products and services on the findings.

Currently, organizations hire an offshore software development company and acquire solutions that would help them in gaining as much information about user’s behavior and likes. Now this app will help them in understanding exactly what things users don’t like and formulate their products accordingly to get maximum benefits for their business.

Their main attempt is to provide users with a chance to express dissonance rather than the long held presence of enforced niceness over social media. This is not the first attempt by Terry to do something really innovative for the social media users and give more choices to them. Previously he had teamed up with Griffith last year and created a Twitter service called Undetweetable which allowed twitter users to uncover their deleted tweets posthumously. The project was shut down by twitter as it started gaining popularity. Terry expresses his concern that the EnemyGraph application may also have similar fate.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing activities have been prevalent since more than a decade now. In the past decade, organizations started realizing that they cannot do everything on their own and it is better to outsource the non-core activities rather than struggling to manage them in spite of lack of knowledge, expertise and resources. There are many advantages of hiring a software development company and outsourcing your IT work to them. Some of the most prominent benefits that attract organizations in developing countries for outsourcing their IT work to offshore locations are:Outsource Software Development

Cost savings: The most important factor that attracts organizations towards software development outsourcing is the cost benefits offered by it. Organizations save the money that would have been otherwise spent on infrastructure setup and employee hiring. Further, maintaining a development centre and the related resources is also very costly.

Quality solutions: A software development company can offer much better and reliable solutions compared to the in-house solutions. They have proper knowledge, experience and resources to complete the work in time and accurately.

Extra funds for core activities: By outsourcing their work, clients save a lot of money which can be invested in various core functions of the organizations and thus enhance their performance.

World-class technology: Developing software solutions is the core function of software development companies therefore it is mandatory for them to maintain a state of the art development center with all the latest and popular technologies. With these technologies they can deliver a highly reliable and unique solution that can help clients in boasting their performance.

Focus on core activities: By outsourcing their IT requirements organizations can save a lot of time and focus on their core business activities. With extra resources and time, organizations can perform much better and enhance their business.

There are many more benefits of hiring a software development company from offshore locations but the above mentioned ones are the most important ones. Today, software development outsourcing is a very common practice in organizations and businesses. This requires them to be very careful while hiring the software development company for their business requirements.

Impact of Facebook App Development On Businesses

Facebook is, without any doubt, one of the most heavily visited social platform over the internet. The huge traffic brings loads of new and exciting opportunities for all businesses. Businesses and organizations can easily acquire attractive and effective Facebook applications that can enhance and boost their business.

Let us see how Facebook application development can impact a business:

Branding Benefits: Give your business exposure to a platform where soon 1 billion users will be navigating. Yes, Facebook has estimated 1 billion users by august this year.

Client Engagement and Awareness: Facebook application development provides a highly effective tool through which businesses can keep their clients informed of all the latest and relevant information about their services. New products and services can be easily conveyed to them over a place where they are most likely to hangout on a regular basis. This helps in creating loyalty in your costumers towards your brand.

Lead Generation: If you can effectively convey your message to such a wide audience then chances of generating business leads are greatly increased. Including some entertainment and attractive features on the app would further help in lead generation.

Customer Feedback: Clients and customers can leave their comments and suggestions about your services and products via your Facebook app. These suggestions will be very helpful in formulating your future business strategies. Make sure that feedbacks could be easily given by clients over your application.

Organizations and businesses can always hire an experienced software development company having expertise in Facebook application development and procure business centric Facebook applications for their businesses.

Xicom: Among the top 100 best places for work in India


As of 10th December 2011, we have been informed that an independent group of global software organizations has placed us among the top 100 companies for work in India. In an independent survey conducted by the group, Xicom technologies secured a position in the list of top 100 companies where local and international clients can outsource their software projects. Xicom was placed in the list based on the following reasons:

Client Satisfaction: Xicom strives to deliver complete client satisfaction in all its endeavors and has succeeded in doing so till now. It is our prime aim to deliver satisfying solutions that are feasible and useful for our clients.

Management Skills: Xicom in-houses highly talented and experienced project managers who make sure that each project is given equal priority and clients are provided smooth and comfortable services. Our engagement models are designed to provide clients with maximum value for their money. We follow some of the most popular and proven management skills in all our departments.

Employee Satisfaction: At Xicom technologies, each employee is a family member and we have the best interest for each member of our family. Employees are provided a comfortable and highly motivating environment to work in with a close watch on the performance of each. Required personals are given training and sessions until they are ready for their best performance. Performance bonus and timely increments are offered to keep them motivated.

Company Growth: Xicom has grown from a modest beginning to the top web development and Software Development Company in the past 10 years. Currently Xicom is growing at a rate of 200% business growth per year. Xicom also hold the top position in web development and mobile application development sector over Elance with 100% recommendation from its clients.

Expansion in business: Xicom started with one development center in the beginning but today it owns and manages 3 well equipped software development centers in New Delhi, the capital of India. Xicom caters to more than 500 business clients located across different geographic locations all over the world. The business now serves clients from US, UK, Australia, Europe, Japan, Middle Eastern countries and Asian countries.

Our placement in the top 100 companies list simply means that we are among the top notch companies deploying offshore software development services and which make us trustworthy enough so that clients can outsource their projects without fear or hesitation. Customer satisfaction comes first for us and we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to deliver it.


Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Xicom is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore software development and web application development company with a strong team of 150+ highly skilled IT experts, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SMEs across the world. Let's Work Together!